Lovehoney Lubricants

The folks over at Lovehoney are awfully sweet, and this Christmas they sent me a lovely selection of samples of their new lubes and toy cleaner, bundled up with a couple of storage pouches, and all packed into one of their fancy new gift boxes. I felt the least I could do to say thanks would be to write a short review, so let’s take a quick look at the range after the jump!

There are four different types of lubricants in Lovehoney’s new range, all which come in similarly attractive and colour-coded packaging. The bottles all contain 100ml, which is a really handy size for keeping in a bedside drawer, a side pocket of a bag, and especially for when travelling.

The Delight is a silk lubricant which comes in a squeezable tube. It’s quite a thick water-based lube with a pearlescent-white appearance. When you start to play with it the texture reminds me a little of hair conditioner. It’s quite a slick lube to begin with, but the more you play with it the more it thickens up, so it doesn’t last as long as the other three. It gets borderline tacky towards the end, but once it’s dried it gets absorbed completely into the skin, so there’s no residue to worry about. It feels like quite a rich lube that will nourish the skin in the process. I’m not quite sure what the primary purpose of this lube is, but I rather enjoy it with insertable toys as it adheres to them well. I find it too thick as Fleshjack lube, and not long-lasting enough as a masturbation lube.

The Enjoy is a water-based lubricant enriched with aloe vera and extracts of ginseng. It comes in a nice easy-to-open bottle with a cap that pops down allowing you to pour the lube wherever you like through a small spout. It’s a pretty runny lube which makes it great for use with a Fleshjack, and this is my favourite application for it. It’s also good with smaller insertable toys, but it doesn’t adhere that well to the surface of most common sex toy materials, so it’s not ideal if you’re trying to get an even application over something with a large surface area. It’s a good lube for oral because it has little to no taste; I detected only a very very slight bitterness from the aloe, and then a subtle aftertaste which reminded me of licking the back of an envelope, so nothing that’s off-putting. It terms of duration I was pleased with how long it lasted, especially inside a closed environment like a Fleshjack.

The Discover is an anal-lubricant which I found to be almost identical to the Enjoy. It has a couple of different ingredients on the label, but in terms of how it behaves there’s no discernable difference. Unfortunately for an anal lube it is very runny, and the one thing you expect about anal lubes is that they’ll be thick. If you’re trying to use it with anal toys then it just doesn’t stay in place that well, but again like the Enjoy it’s great with a Fleshjack. The only two minor differences I could identify were that the taste was slightly stronger, and that it dried up a little faster. The Discover is a good lube on the whole – for general-purpose use – but it’s probably my least favourite of the bunch.

The Release is a masturbation lubricant designed for men. It’s an oil-based lube which comes in a squeezable tube like the Delight. It comes out as quite a thick, creamy, white solid, which rather reminds me of E45 cream, or a similar moisturiser. Once you start to rub it into the skin it quickly melts with the body heat and becomes a really slippery fluid. Despite being oil based it doesn’t feel overly greasy, which is great, and just feels as though it’s moisturising the skin. It works really well for masturbation, allowing the foreskin to slide smoothly back and forth over the head of your penis, and the hand to glide up and down the shaft. If you’ve never tried lube for masturbation before then the Release is a great one to start with. The oil based formula helps it to last for a really long time without drying up, so reapplication isn’t necessary. The only thing you need to be careful with is that you keep it away from latex condoms, as the oil content will damage them. I’m actually tempted to use it with some of my anal toys because of how thick it is. Once you’re done with the lube you don’t even need to wash it off, because the almond oil, aloe vera extract, and vitamin E will all be absorbed by the skin of the penis and help to nourish it and keep it in tip-top condition.

Alongside the lubes Lovehoney were kind enough to send me a sample of “Fresh” their new toy cleaner. The cleaner comes in a handy spray bottle and is really simple to use. You just squirt a little all over the surface of your toys, leave it for a minute, then rinse it away and your toys will be left clean as a whistle. It’s a great product to have on hand to ensure that everything stays hygienic, and the formula is safe to use on the vast majority of toys, barring those which expressly warn against using anything other than water. Despite the name “Fresh” and the lime green bottle, the product is actually odourless, and doesn’t possess the zesty hints of citrus which you might expect, but this is great for anyone sensitive to perfumes.

It would be remiss of me not to briefly mention the other goodies I got. Lovehoney sell toy pouches in two sizes now, the large measures 33cm x 14cm and the small 20cm x 14cm. The small is great for butt plugs and other short toys, while the large will fit most dildos, except the truly long double-enders, and anything with really oversized balls. They’re really good quality satin bags, and they don’t leave lint on your toys. If you’re just buying one or two for your most prized pieces then the price of £3 doesn’t seem so bad, but if you have a collection like mine, exceeding 70 items, then that would soon add up. I’d love to see them stock them in bulk packs at a discount, as then I’d snap up a load instantly.

Lovehoney also do beautiful gift boxes now, with a selection of designs to choose from. They’re absolutely perfect if you want to surprise your lover with a new toy or some new lingerie from Lovehoney, as presentation plays a big part.

I have to say a big thanks to Lovehoney for sending me all this as it was greatly appreciated. Lovehoney has always been a store than I can recommend using without reservation, so go check them out and sample some of their new products for yourselves.