Fleshjack Sword

If you’re a regular reader of my blog then you’ll probably have gathered by now that I’m a big fan of my Fleshjacks, so much so that I already have three of them (an Ice, a Vortex, and a Flight). You’d be forgiven for thinking then “why does he need another?” It’s a legitimate question, and in fact it took something special to make me want to expand my collection further. With the celebrity-endorsed Fleshjack Boys models, and downsized Jack’s Soda products aside, the Sword (and it’s anatomically female counterpart the Blade) is the first real major design variation to the tried and tested Fleshjack product, and naturally this piqued my reviewer’s curiosity.

In many ways the Sword is like your standard Fleshjack product, featuring a patented SuperSkin sleeve with an orifice at one end, a textured canal running through the middle, and all housed within a separate outer case. What makes the Sword different though is actually largely down to the case, so I can’t think of a better place to start.
The case for the Sword measures 8″ in total while the cap is on, making it significantly shorter than a traditional Fleshjack. The design of the case is modelled on the hilt of a Japanese katana, and it’s constructed from a soft blue plastic which can easily be squashed and bent about, thereby giving the Sword its unique feature. At the large end is a cap which pops off rather than unscrewing, and its shape is similar to that of a cricketer’s box, or athletic cup. At the opposite end of the case is no cap, but instead a simple plug to allow for drainage, and 4 small ventilation holes which wheeze like a dog’s chew toy when the Sword is squeezed. The Sword can be stood upright on this end, though it is slightly unstable and prone to wobble around a little. The body of the Sword isn’t cylindrical, with a cross section closer to triangular, and the body is also quite narrow, measuring only 2 1/2″ across in one direction, and 3″ in the other. The shape and size combined make the case of the Sword quite easy to hold onto, while the textured detailing adds a nice amount of grip. On the whole the Sword looks rather attractive to behold, and quite distinctive, marking a departure from the discreet torch-like appearance of the traditional models.
When you pop the cap off you’re greeted by your first glimpse of the Superskin sleeve which comes in the traditional pink. Like most Fleshjacks the Sword features a larger quantity of material around the opening, and this gradually slims down along the length. The Sword features an anal opening moulded into an egg-shaped section of material. Either side of the orifice is raised to mirror the edges of the buttocks, then in a valley in the centre is some realistic creasing to denote the wrinkling around a tightly-puckered anus. The access to the interior of the sleeve takes the form of a narrow vertical slit, rather than the small round hole which is usually found on the anal models. Just below the opening is a nice piece of extra detailing, in the form of a slightly raised line of material which depicts the raphe along the male perineum. It makes for quite an attractive and inviting orifice, even with the unusual egg-shape of the material.
The Sword comes with its own unique texture not found in any other Fleshjack model, and that sounds pretty exciting, right? Well, unfortunately it didn’t quite work out that way, at least not for me. If you look at the image I’ve included then it certainly seems like pretty interesting design, which lots of ridges in various shapes, sizes, and spacings, but when it comes to actually using it none of that really seems to matter. The interior of the Sword feels incredibly nondescript; with the Vortex you can feel the raised spirals gliding over the head of the penis, with the Flight you can feel the narrow portions of the canal which divide the different chambers, and the nodules which massage the frenulum, but with the Sword it’s very difficult to actually identify any area specifically during use. I’ve sat there with the cross section of the texture on the screen in front of me, whilst sliding my penis slowly back and forth through the Sword, and asking myself the question “was it that bit that I felt just then?” The answer typically was one of great uncertainty. Unfortunately the texture just doesn’t stand out in any way, and this is especially apparent if you’ve previously experienced something as fantastically stimulating as the Flight. In a way it even feels less intense than the Original texture, because rather than the ridges adding tightness, the recesses add more of a feeling of looseness. So far this is coming off as a fairly negative assessment, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit disappointed by what I felt, but I’m going to throw a curve ball here and say that I actually still like the Sword. Despite everything I’ve said, the bottom line is that the texture does feel good, and it’s still a pleasure to use in spite of any shortcomings. Frankly when it comes to Fleshjack products you’re not going to find one which isn’t pleasurable, but when you’ve reviewed a few you start to build up preferences and certain expectations, and the texture of the Sword didn’t quite mesh with those. The one thing which does appeal to me about the texture of the Sword is that’s it’s great for edging. With some of the other textures they’ll drive you wild and push you into climax much sooner than you intended, but with the Sword you can ride the wave for much longer and reach orgasm more on your own terms. I found it especially enjoyable to really prolong the experience and extend the satisfaction for a greater period.

Texture aside, how does the Sword perform in all as a unit, with the case and insert coming together? Applying lube to the Sword is a relatively painless process, simply squirting a bottle over the opening will cause it all to run into the centre and drip through the slit to coat the inside, then you can begin to use it. Sliding the penis into the Sword is pretty trouble free, and despite the anal opening being tight there’s relatively little resistance from it as the material expands. The first thing I began to notice as I entered the Sword was that the soft case actually began to bulge out at the sides in order to accommodate the penis within it. This didn’t strike me as especially problematic, though I was fairly certain that the case was soft so that it could be squeezed rather than stretched. I have quite a good girth, which could be a contributing factor, but it’s nothing extra ordinary, so at this point I would just offer a word of caution to those men with exceptionally thick members. Once inside the Sword it feels comfortable, it’s not excessively tight or anything and the natural inclination is the start squeezing the case to see how much pressure can be applied. The insertable length of the canal is around 7 1/2″, so a little longer than the Flight. This is a size which should suit the majority of men, but if you’re longer and you like to go as deep as possible into a toy, then the Sword might not be your best choice. A useful thing to do at this point is to pop out the stopper at the end of the toy and squirt in some more lube from the other side, it also gives you a good chance to judge how near you are to the end. If you spot the end of your penis peering at you from the edge of the sleeve then you might want to slide it back a little to make more room for the lube before replacing the cap. Once you get thrusting with the toy you notice that unfortunately there’s no suction, as the 4 air holes in the base completely ruin this, and this does rather add to the feeling of ‘looseness’ which I was describing earlier. These ventilation holes also make the toy the most noisy Fleshjack yet, so you will need privacy to use it in. Trying to cover up the air holes with a hand is very awkward, but if you do manage it then the sucking sensation can feel rather nice, though the soft case does collapse in on itself during the out-stroke. If you really love a lot of suction in your Fleshjack then this probably isn’t the one for you. While thrusting you can start to test out what difference it makes being able to squeeze the case, and it’s actually less than you might imagine. Because the case is larger than your hand, when you squeeze pressure seems to mainly come from two sides, rather than equally around the penis, and the SuperSkin largely absorbs the pressure anyway. It’s different enough to be of interest, and slightly novel compared to a regular Fleshjack experience, but it doesn’t especially make the Sword feel any tighter, nor does it improve the sensations from the texture. It’s not like squeezing your penis with a bare hand, or through the surface of a thin cheap masturbator; you don’t experience that level of feedback. As thrusting became more vigorous with the Sword it did highlight one flaw with the design, and that’s that the sleeve does not stay inside the case that well. A few strokes into some more energetic usage and I noticed that the material at the pointed side had popped out of the front of the case, so I had to stop and stuff it back it. When this happened it didn’t really affect the performance, it just looked strange, and unfortunately I had to keep doing it. The design of the case just doesn’t seem to have enough of a lip at the top to really anchor the sleeve within it. Aside from this the performance of the toy was otherwise good and satisfactory.

In the past I’ve written a guide to Fleshjack Maintenance, so I won’t repeat myself, but I will mention a few peculiarities to the Sword. The first point is that the Sword is messy; usually with Fleshjacks a simple rinse of the inner canal will flush out any bodily fluids, but when I removed the sleeve from the Sword I found that there was quite a lot of mess coating the inside of the case and the exterior of the sleeve. This means you’ll probably want to wash it as soon as you’re done, instead of the lazy approach of standing in on its end to drain and then washing it later. The second point is that the sleeve is very hard to get back into the case when you’re done. Something about the shape of it, the material of the case, the lack of a cap on the other end, all just means that the sleeve doesn’t slip straight back in. It takes a lot of pushing, prodding, shaking, and jiggling to get things back to how they should be. Even though it’s a pink sleeve a coating of corn flour will definitely help in this instance.

Overall the Fleshjack Sword is a really hard product to sum up, because it makes changes to a tried and tested design which don’t improve it at all, but I don’t hate it. Aesthetically it’s really attractive, but it’s harder to clean, it lacks suction, and the texture is nothing special, yet a part of me still likes it, maybe the part of me which likes things which are new and different. It’s a Fleshjack which is definitely worth trying, I’m glad that I did to satisfy my curiosity at least, but if you had to pick one Fleshjack, and only one, to have, then this wouldn’t be it.
If you want to give the Sword a whirl then you can grab it straight from Fleshjack.