Vixen Creations Maverick

I’ve had my eye on the VixSkin Maverick for a while, it’s girthy, shapely, dual density – basically everything I look for in a dildo, but when I saw that it was available in neon green suddenly I had to have it.

The Maverick is one of the larger dildos that Vixen make, both in terms of length and thickness. It measures in at 7 3/4″ with 6 3/4″ insertable, so while it may not be especially alarming in this regard, it’s a little bigger than the statistical average penis size. The widest part of the dildo is at the head which measures an impressive 6 1/2″ in circumference, and from there it narrows a little to 6″ around the middle, maintaining that thickness uniformly down to the base. At the very least the girth makes it a toy that’s best suited to someone who enjoys, and has experience with, larger toys.

The dildo is of a realistic/phallic design, and is especially beautiful to my eyes. If someone were to attempt to design the perfect penis then aesthetically the Maverick would come very close. It features a nice plump glans with a flared coronal ridge, and there’s even a small groove to mark the meatus. Directly below the glans, and connected to it by a subtle frenulum, is a raised area intended to represent a retracted foreskin. It is one of the more unusual foreskin details that I’ve seen on a dildo, lacking the characteristic wrinkling that is typical, and instead taking on the form of a ridged band which looks almost as though someone wrapped a scarf around the shaft. The shaft itself features a prominent column running vertically along the underside, from the base up to the foreskin, and with the exception of the head the whole surface is slightly textured to give a skin-like appearance. The shape of the shaft includes a slight upward curve which starts around the midpoint, and makes the dildo look as though it’s leaning backwards when stood up. The Maverick comes in a wide selection of colours, both realistic skin tones and more fanciful options. I went for the bright neon “Fluor-a-Green” option because I’m a big fan of more interesting-looking toys. My initial reaction when I took it out of the packaging was to think that if the Incredible Hulk had a penis, then this is probably what it would look like, or at least so I imagine.

The dildo is made of Vixen’s VixSkin material, which is a dual-density silicone much like the Tantus O2. The Maverick has a firm silicone core coated with an outer layer of soft silicone. Unlike the Tantus O2 line the VixSkin dildos have a much thicker layer of soft silicone which covers the whole dildo equally, rather than just having a predominately soft head. The core runs through the length of the dildo, but stops just under halfway through the head, leaving the tip completely soft. The soft outer material is incredibly squishy and can easily be manipulated and stretched about to a significant degree. The surface of the material is smooth and shiny, but it does feel slightly tacky to the touch which is normal. The VixSkin silicone is a really lovely material and is completely odourless and body-safe. The quality of construction is truly impeccable on the Maverick; the entire toy is made without the presence of mould lines or defects in the surface of the soft material.

The base of the dildo incorporates an incredibly simple suction cup embedded into it rather than just being flat, which is a really great idea in my opinion, and I don’t know why more manufacturers haven’t followed suit. Despite being of such a simple design the suction cup works pretty well and I’d had it stuck quite firmly to bathroom tiles and wardrobe doors without it falling off. It can be a little tricky to operate at first though, as it has to be pushed down very firmly in order to establish strong suction, and this isn’t always easy due to the soft outer layer of material stretching around when you apply force. The base also allows the dildo to be used with an O-ring harness if desired. It’s a good 3 1/4″ wide and thick enough not to be floppy, so you can feel confident that it will be held securely.

When it comes to using the dildo initial insertion can be sightly tricky if you haven’t warmed up first with another toy, not only because of the thickness of the bulbous head, but because of the squishy material. If you’re starting with a very tight sphincter, then the more pressure you put onto the dildo tends to just stretch the soft material around, instead of driving the dildo into the body. It’s possible to accomplish insertion this way, but it requires a little patience. If you’ve warmed up before you start then insertion really is a breeze, and it feels incredibly comfortable due to the thick layer of soft silicone which acts as a cushion all around. Because the material is so soft there’s not quite so much a sense of a “pop” as the sphincter passes over the coronal ridge of the glans, but you’re still aware of it happening and it feels enjoyable. The length of the dildo may be slightly too much if you’re intending to insert it all anally, but thanks to the wonderfully squishy tip you can avoid any discomfort in trying to do so. There’s no unpleasant poking sensation when the head buts up against the top of rectum, as the material cushions it all, so you just feel slight pressure. Once the dildo is all the way inside the body it feels pleasantly filling, especially if you’ve gone as deep as possible. Thrusting with the Maverick is a truly delightful affair, and also incredibly pleasurable. Thankfully it manages to lack that eerie frictionless experience that came with the Randy, and there’s just the right level of awareness of something sliding in and out of the body. The size of the head and the ridges do a great job at stimulating you inside, and whether you decide to enjoy it slow and gently, or hard and fast, you can feel it rubbing up against the prostate and delivering some intense sensations. If you’re inclined to clench against the dildo while using it then you’ll find that it’s very comfortable to do so as the thick layer of soft material just absorbs the pressure, but the inner core provides enough firmness to give the reassurance that something substantive is  being held there.

You have a wide variety of positions in which you can comfortably use the Maverick. The weight and shape of it make it great for just lying back and thrusting by hand. Squatting over the dildo and riding it is also a great option, and thanks to the sturdy base it stays upright really well. The slight curve in the shaft means that  you may have to direct it inside first with your hands, but after that it’s smooth sailing. One of my favourite positions is actually to take advantage of the suction cup and use it stood up. Just thrusting your hips back and forth and feeling the head popping in and out of you can be a nice sensation, and if you position the dildo at just the right height then the curve of the shaft will have the bulbous head pressing up against the prostate with each in stroke. The Maverick feels incredibly robust when it’s being used, even when it’s getting bent around a lot as you’re thrusting against it on a wall. Despite the soft outer material the firm core allows it to really take whatever you throw at it and still bounce back, and I have no doubt that it’s durable enough to last for a long time.

The Maverick comes packaged in a clear cylindrical tube and fits quite snugly within it. Getting inside the tube and removing the dildo is actually quite simple if you know the trick. Before you remove the cap you want to squeeze the tube slightly just below it to allow some air under it, then it will pop off with ease. Doing this also helps when replacing the cap after you’re done. The tube doubles as a handy storage container in the long term, so it’s worth hanging onto.

Cleaning the Maverick is like cleaning any other silicone product, and helpfully it includes some instructions for this on the tube in case you need extra guidance. You can wash it with anti-bacterial soap and hot water, use a toy wipe or toy cleaner, or you can sterilise it by boiling it in hot water for 3 minutes or wiping it over with a 10% bleach solution. The VixSkin material really is a dust magnet, so you’ll probably want to rinse it before each use, even if you do store it in the tube. Remember that because VixSkin is silicone never to use a silicone lube with it.

Overall I think that the Maverick is a fantastic toy and it gets my full recommendation. It looks great, it feels amazing, and basically it’s everything you could ever want in a dildo.

The Maverick is available from SheVibe and UberKinky in a selection of flesh tones.