Fun Factory Tiger

When I first saw the Fun Factory Tiger I knew that I couldn’t pass up something which was both such a lovely shade of scarlet, and which had such an intriguing texture, and now I’m happy to say that it’s part of my collection.

The Tiger is one of those dildos which blurs the line between phallic and non with its attractive and unusual design. It measures in at 7 5/8″ in length, with around 7″ of that being insertable, making it a good size but without being excessive. The shaft of the dildo is covered by a series of raised sections which provide the texture in the toy, and which also give the decorative appearance of mimicking tiger stripes. For the most part the dildo looks as though it could be simply a tiger tail, but when you hold it at the right angle you’ll notice that the stripe right at the tip is shaped differently to the others, and it sticks out like the coronal ridge on the glans of a penis, thus defining that area of the dildo as a head and giving it a degree of a phallic quality. The Tiger isn’t actually that thick on the whole and varies between a circumference of 4 5/8″ around the flat areas and 5″ around the ridges, but this increases to 5 1/4″ at the base of the shaft. The ridges themselves aren’t overly pronounced, especially when compared with a toy such as the Tantus Echo, and give a much more subtle texture overall. The shaft of the Tiger has a gentle curve to it which flicks up a little more towards the tip, and which adds something extra to both the appearance and the function of the toy.

Like many Fun Factory products the Tiger is made from silicone, one of my favourite materials, and one of the safest substances a sex toy can be made from due to its non-porous nature. The Tiger has a smooth glossy surface, and the material has a nice amount of flex in it, as well as plenty of give in the surface when it’s squeezed. As can be expected from a Fun Factory product the quality of construction is impeccable; there are no mould lines to be found anywhere on the toy, nor defects along the surface. All in all it’s a really nicely made piece.

One of the more disappointing aspects of the Tiger is that Fun Factory have essentially ruined the base in their latest model. Before the base was thick and sturdy, and even incorporated a simple suction cup which is always a welcome addition to any dildo, but now the base is thin and flimsy, and bends far too easily. It’s almost as though Fun Factory have done the opposite of most manufacturers during their product revisions. In the case of Tantus people complained that the bases on some of their dildos were too thin, so they responded by making them bigger and stronger. With Fun Factory people praised thick sturdy bases and the suction cups, so they decided to take those features away. It really doesn’t make sense to me; for the sake of saving a little material they’ve spoilt what was once a decent base. The strange almost-triangular shape of the base should mean that the dildo will still work well in an O-ring harness due to the broad width of it.

The Tiger is a really nice dildo to use and feels comfortable at every stage, especially if you’re using it anally. The tip isn’t too large and so it slips into the body without the need for too much force, and the the give in the surface of the material feels gentle against the muscles. The stripe at the tip which is similar to the coronal ridge isn’t quite pronounced enough to give any sort of a “pop”, and in fact the whole dildo glides quite seamlessly into the body thanks to the smooth surface of the silicone. Once the dildo’s fully inserted you can appreciate how it bends around and conforms to your insides, so you won’t experience a nasty poking sensation anywhere like you might with a more rigid material. For a textured dildo I daresay that I found the Tiger a little on the boring side as the ridges do feel very subtle. Whether you’re thrusting by hand, or squatting over the dildo and riding it, while you can definitely feel that there’s texture there, it just isn’t a very strong feeling. I’ve grown to prefer a slightly more intense feeling, and I judge everything against the Tantus Echo, and unfortunately the bumps on the Tiger just don’t compare. If you’re not too crazy about texture, or you’re just looking for something start out dabbing in texture with, then the Tiger could be an excellent choice as it won’t overwhelm you, but if you want a full on bumpy ride then it’s probably going to fall short of that. In terms of prostate stimulation I found that the Tiger didn’t have a lot to offer there either. Neither the slight upward curve of the tip, nor the ridges along the shaft, made any significant impact on the prostate, and the relatively narrow girth of the shaft made it all to easy for it to glance away from the sweet spot without exerting a necessary amount of pressure.

The packaging for the Tiger is regrettably disappointing. It comes in two parts: an outer cardboard box which contains some information about the product and has a couple of viewing-windows cut out of it, and an inner plastic piece. The cardboard part is nice enough, if a little flimsy, but the problem is that the plastic portion doesn’t hold the toy properly. It’s not a moulded insert like you get with Tantus products, so instead the dildo just rattles around inside it and bangs against the sides. Unfortunately it makes the whole thing seem rather cheap as a result. It’s definitely the sort of packaging that you’d chuck straight into the bin, and not the sort you’d keep for long term storage.

The dildo is very easy to clean after use. Like any toy it can simply be washed with anti-bacterial soap and hot water, but as it’s silicone and non-porous it’s also able to be sterilised. This can be done by popping it into the dishwasher, wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution, or by boiling it in a pan of water for a couple of minutes. When caring for your silicone dildo it’s also important to only use water-based lubricants.

On the whole the Tiger is a bit of a mixed bag; it looks lovely, it’s well-made, and it’s constructed from quality materials, but the base is flimsy, the packaging looks cheap, and as comfortable as it feels inside the body it just fails to deliver the sensations I desire. If you want a high quality toy which is a little more interesting than something completely smooth, but still not overly textured, then I’d recommend the Tiger. If you’re really craving texture then I’d give the Tiger a miss.

You can buy the Fun Factory Tiger from Nice ‘n’ Naughty and SheVibe