Male Power Cobra Print Jock Strap

This week Lovehoney have sent me a pair of underwear to review for them.

The Cobra Print Jock Strap comes in two sizes, a S/M and a L/XL. I went for the S/M and it definitely leans more towards the medium end. The waistband fits comfortably around a 30″ waist and doesn’t cut in at all or even come close to creating the dreaded “muffin-top” look. I found that the elastic hadn’t actually stretched much at all, and while there didn’t seem to be any risk of it falling down it was only gripping ever so lightly. There’s plenty of stretch in the waistband to accommodate larger people, but anyone with a smaller waist would probably find it too big. The straps around the buttocks are quite loose and don’t really grip at all. They sit flush against the skin whilst standing, but if you bend over or sit down then they fall away from the body and simply hang there limply. Again, if you have larger thighs to match a larger waist then they’ll be fine, but for smaller people they’re not ideal.
The pouch at the front is made from a subtle cobra-print fabric. It’s slightly shiny on the outside and will catch the light and appear to almost shimmer. The fabric feels quite thin but it’s completely opaque and protects the modesty of the wearer. The pouch has a seam running down the front but it’s not uncomfortable, or even really noticeable, and the whole fabric really feels quite soft against the skin. The cut of the pouch is a little narrow and doesn’t follow the contours of the crease between where the thighs meet the body, but it’s very spacious in the front so there’s plenty of room for everything without it being too tight. I found that if you pull both the waistband and the leg straps taut at the back then the pouch does in fact change shape and take on a more figure-hugging appearance, like the product photo, so the garment is definitely going to be more flattering on people at the top end of the size range. The waistband itself is just a 1.25″ thick strip of black elastic with the Male Power logo embossed into it, so it’s quite discreet. The buttock straps are unusually thin for a jock strap, they’re more like spaghetti straps at only 10mm thick, and they don’t offer any lift or support to the region.
Even though jock straps are traditionally thought of as athletic garments clearly this one is just for decorative wear more than anything. It’s quite fun to put on just for the novelty factor, even though the silhouette isn’t the most flattering when it doesn’t fit as well as it could. It’s probably not something you’d use for everyday wear, but I did put it on and wear it around town while I was trying it out, and I found no problems.
The care instructions state that the underwear is to be both machine washed and tumble-dried on a cool setting, which may mean a special cycle just for your delicates if you’re used to typically doing everything on hot.
The jock strap is made in the U.S.A. and to what seems to be a high standard: there are no loose threads nor problems with the fabric, so I’m pleased with the quality.
On the whole I think it’s a nice garment, but I’m not a big fan of the in between sizes. I think had I been able to get it in a proper small then I would have been much more satisfied with the fit, and the overall appearance would have been improved. I’d recommend only buying it if you fit the upper limit of your given size range, otherwise you may be disappointed. 
You can buy the product from Lovehoney