Give Lube Silicone+

A few months ago I reviewed Give Lube’s Premium Aqua Gel, and it instantly became one of my favourite lubricants. Give Lube have finally released their long awaited silicone lube, the Silicone+, and once again they  kindly sent me a couple of bottles to review.

Give Lube Silicone+ is a dermatalogically tested, CE marked, medical lubricant made from a blend of three silicones: Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, and Cyclomethicone. As well as being colourless, odourless and unscented, it’s free from parabens, glycerin, and oil, and suitable for all types of sexual activity. Unlike the Premium Aqua Gel it contains no aloe vera, panthenol, or in fact any other ingredients beyond the three silicones.

The Silicone+
 is available in two sizes, the mini (30ml), and the regular (100ml), and comes in identical bottles to the Premium Aqua Gel.

The lube has a fairly thin runny consistency, the same as Gun Oil, and isn’t thick or gel-like in the way that some other silicone lubes are. It spreads easily and provides a good coverage, but it does have a tendency to drip if you’re not careful. Rubbing a drop of it between my thumb and forefinger revealed how lovely and slippery it really is, much more so than any water-based lubed I’ve encountered.

I’m not one who typically uses lube for masturbation, but the Silicone+ did make for a nice change of pace. Everything was more than adequately lubricated and I felt as though I could have kept going almost indefinitely without needing to apply more. Personally I preferred the feeling of Premium Aqua Gel for masturbation as it felt a little more natural compared to the slightly greasy feeling of the Silicone+, but both were enjoyable and have their own merits.

The Silicone+ never really dries out in the same way as water-based lubes do, but the more you rub it into the skin the more it spreads out, until you’re left with a very thin coating all over which retains its slippery feeling. The only way to remove this is to wash it off with soap and water, at which point it rinses away incredibly easily. Unlike a water-based lube there’s really no way to reactivate a silicone lube, so if you do find that things aren’t moving as freely as they were before then the only solution is to add more from the bottle, but the lube lasts so long that at most you’ll need only a couple of applications during a marathon session.

As it’s a silicone-based lubricant it’s not recommended that you use it with Fleshjacks or silicone sex toys, but you can perform a patch test on the underside of your silicone toys to assess the compatibility. It’s perfectly safe to use with glass and metal toys though, and with latex condoms.

Testing the lube with insertable toys, I discovered that I only needed to use a couple of drops. I experimented with my Metal Worx Teazer butt plug, and with a little squirt of lube spread across the toy, and some on the body, it slipped in like a charm. There was no friction or dragging as it was inserted, and once the lube was inside the body it felt completely fine. The lube adhered to the surface of the metal toy very nicely and created a good coating. Interestingly as the metal plug heated up to my body temperature so did the lube, but thankfully as it was silicone it didn’t evaporate, and in fact felt even more slippery when warm.

One area where the Silicone+ clearly beats the Premium Aqua Gel is in taste, as it has none. There’s no more bitterness to worry about here if you’re going to be using it during oral.

Interestingly much like the Premium Aqua Gel the Silicone+ underwent a reformulation which delayed its introduction to the market. Originally the Silicone+ was intended to also contain aloe vera, but it was removed as it interfered with the gliding properties of the lube. While I am impressed that they went ahead and took that decision in order to make their product better, I’m also a little surprised, because Gun Oil lists amongst its ingredients aloe extract and vitamin E, and the two products feel very similar in their properties.

As I said in my previous review, one thing I really love about Give Lube is that it’s a local British company, based in Bristol. Personally I’m very into localism, and I try to support companies as close to home as much as possible. So many of our sex toys and lubricants originate in the United States – you only have to look at how proudly Doc Johnson, for example, stamps “Made in America” on every box – so it’s nice to get behind people looking to pioneer something in the U.K.

Overall I am quite impressed with the Silicone+ but maybe not as much as the Premium Aqua Gel. It’s a very good silicone lubricant, but it lacks that something special that the Premium Aqua Gel had, possibly through the absence of those ‘caring’ ingredients. I can still happily recommend the Silicone+ though, it’s a fine high quality product, and quite reasonably priced.

Give Lube Silicone+ is available from in the Regular size, and in the Mini.

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