Advanced Master Gauge Pump

Recently I was sent an assignment on EdenFantasys to review the Advanced Master Gauge Pump by California Exotics, and having never tried a penis pump before I decided to accept. Penis pumps are typically used by those suffering from erectile dysfunction or by those wishing to attempt to enlarge their member, neither of which have ever been an issue for me, but it seemed like a good opportunity to try something new.

The Advanced Master Gauge Pump is a mid-priced penis pump by California Exotics, and it comes in a selection of three colours, red, clear, and grey, and unsurprisingly I elected to go for the red version.

The pump is a large, sturdy, piece of apparatus constructed from a combination of ABS and polycarbonate plastic, and stands at a total height of 12 1/2″ inches. The cylinder of the pump is designed to accommodate a penis of up to 9″ in length, and it has an internal diameter of 2 1/2″, which should be more than enough space for the average individual. 
The cylinder is transparent aside from a red tint, and has nice thick walls to give it sufficient strength to withstand the pressure. Around the exterior of the cylinder are several decorative grooves which run vertically and help to add grip whilst it’s being held. On the front is an embossed measurement scale in both inches and centimetres; I compared the scale to a tape measure and it appeared to be slightly inaccurate as both the inches and centimetres were larger than they rightly should have been. 
At the top of the pump is a gauge which allows you to keep track of the pressure inside the cylinder. Strangely the needle inside the dial was not at zero when the pump arrived and there appeared to be no way to correct it. It’s unlikely that you’re going to be looking at the gauge to obtain a numerical value, so it’s still possible to compare the initial position of the needle with where it ends up, without having it starting at zero. The needle in the dial moves anticlockwise which I found slightly unusual, but perhaps it’s intended to indicate that the pressure inside the cylinder will be in negative territory compared to the exterior atmospheric pressure.
The pump is operated by a simple pistol-grip handle which is connected by a 16″ red silicone hose. The pump handle is wonderfully easy to operate and only requires one hand to do so, allowing you to hold the cylinder in place with the other. To operate the pump handle you simply pull the two pieces together as though you were pulling a trigger, or making a fist with a piece of exercise equipment. The part of the handle where you place your fingers has a grooved design for increased comfort and to prevent accidental slippage. The length of the hose is sufficient to give a good freedom of movement with the hand whilst using the pump.
On the base of the cylinder can be attached an optional black silicone “doughnut” which comes included. This piece has a 1 1/4″ hole in the centre of it through which the penis is inserted, but it is stretchy enough to accommodate any size. The purpose of it is to help seal the cylinder and improve suction, especially for people with more pubic hair.
Directly above the dial for the gauge is a quick release button which when pressed allows air to rapidly re-enter the cylinder and restore normal pressure. This is needed for when it is time to remove the penis from the pump, and also as a safety feature in case you become over excited with the pumping and end up in a painful situation.
Using the pump is quite a straight forward affair; as I have some pubic hair I elected to use the silicone “doughnut” to ensure good suction. I found that the best way was to first remove it from the base of the cylinder, then stretch it over my flaccid penis. To make sure that it’s fully sealed it’s useful to apply some water-based lubricant around the edges where the skin meets the silicone, to prevent any air from leaking in here. The next step is to pop the cylinder over the penis and reattach it to the silicone piece, which is accomplished quite easily. Next I began pumping; the pump feels slightly stiff so it is a little like giving your hand and forearm a workout, but it doesn’t require a great deal of pumping to get the desired result. The seal at the base was strong, and while initially I held the cylinder firmly against my pubic bone, after I began pumping I felt the skin around the base of the penis tightening against the silicone, thus preventing any air from leaking in. It’s a rather unusual sensation feeling your penis being sucked up into the tube and becoming erect without being aroused, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. I stopped pumping once I had achieved what appeared to be my standard erection size, and I felt quite satisfied with the simplicity of using the equipment, then I decided to go a little further. I kept pumping until it began to feel like a strong throbbing erection, and the sensation was rather enjoyable, especially if I repeatedly let a little air in and then pumped again. You can instantly tell if you’ve over pumped as a subtle ache all across the surface of the penis sets in, so you know then to allow some air back in. You can see the penis very clearly inside the cylinder, and just judging by the measurement scale I appeared to gain an extra 1/4″ at one point when I really pumped hard. One of the advantages of the silicone piece is that you have some movement with the cylinder as it isn’t stuck directly to the pubic mound, and you do have access to the base of the penis. This access is sufficient to allow you to slip an adjustable cock ring around the base of the penis and the testicles, and tighten it to keep in all the blood after you remove the pump.
Overall I’m really pleased with the Advanced Master Gauge Pump. It’s a quality piece of apparatus, and while it’s probably not something I’d include in my everyday sex life it’s definitely fun to play around with, and probably even more so with a partner.
You can buy the Advanced Master Gauge Pump from and EdenFantasys.