Vixen Creations Randy

Ever since I bought the Tantus Max O2 and realised how wonderful dual-density dildos are I’ve been wanting to try out a VixSkin product. I decided that the Randy would be a good option as I tend to like things on the thick side, but also because it’s quite short and would eliminate any redundant shaft length.

The Randy is the thickest dildo that Vixen make, and also one of their shortest. It measures in at 6 3/8″ with 5 3/4″ insertable, so while it may appear to be on the small side in terms of length, it is in fact an average penis length, only with proportions which suggest otherwise. The widest part of the dildo is at the head which measures a whopping 6 7/8″ in circumference, making it a toy really suited to the more experienced user. It narrows a little to 6 3/4″ around the middle, and finally gets down to 6 3/8″ just above the base.

The dildo is of a realistic/phallic design, but it isn’t especially detailed unlike most VixSkin products. It features a nice plump glans with a flared coronal ridge, while the shaft is mostly smooth with no veining or such. The underside of the junction between the glans and the shaft is quite flat, with no detailing of a frenulum, keeping things simple. The shaft itself features quite a prominent upward curve which makes the dildo look as though it’s leaning backwards when stood up. The Randy comes in three colours, I selected the “vanilla” which is rather darker than Tantus’s “cream” and much closer to a skin tone. It actually matches my pale complexion rather well.

The dildo is made of Vixen’s VixSkin material, which is a dual-density silicone much like the Tantus O2. The Randy has a firm silicone core coated with an outer layer of soft silicone. Unlike the Tantus O2 line the VixSkin dildos have a much thicker layer of soft silicone which covers the whole dildo equally, rather than just having a predominately soft head. The core runs through the length of the dildo, but stops two thirds of the way through the head, leaving the tip completely soft. The soft outer material is incredibly squishy and can easily be manipulated and stretched about to a significant degree. The surface of the material is smooth and shiny, but it does feel slightly tacky to the touch which is normal. The VixSkin silicone is a really nice material and is completely odourless and body-safe. The quality of construction really is impeccable on the Randy; the entire toy is made without the presence of mould lines or defects in the surface of the soft material.

The base of the dildo incorporates an incredibly simple suction cup embedded into it rather than just being flat, which is a really great idea in my opinion, and I don’t know why more manufacturers haven’t followed suit. Despite being of such a simple design the suction cup works really well and I’d had it stuck firmly to bathroom tiles and wardrobe doors without it falling off. On my particular model the cup is a little lopsided; on one side the depth of the cup at the edge is 3mm, while on the other side it’s only 1mm. The proximity to the surface on that side is a slight worry, as were it any more shallow it wouldn’t be able to maintain suction well, but happily it hasn’t proved to be a problem. The base also allows the dildo to be used with an O-ring harness if desired. It’s a good 3 1/2″ wide and thick enough not to be floppy, so you can feel confident that it will be held firmly.

When it comes to using the dildo initial insertion can be somewhat tricky if you haven’t warmed up first with another toy, not only because of the size of the bulbous head, but because of the squishy material. If you’re starting with a very tight sphincter, then the more pressure you put onto the dildo tends to just stretch the soft material around, instead of driving the dildo into the body. It’s possible to accomplish insertion this way, but it requires more perseverance. If you’re warmed up before you start then insertion really is a breeze, and it feels incredibly comfortable due to the thick layer of soft silicone which acts as a cushion all around. Because the material is so soft there is unfortunately no sense of a “pop” as the sphincter passes over the coronal ridge of the glans. The length of the dildo makes it quite suited to anal use, as due to the relative shortness of the rectal cavity you don’t end up paying for inches of material which don’t get used. It’s almost possible to insert the dildo and sit down with it inside, almost as though you were wearing a butt plug, though in my case I found it just slightly too long considering the thickness. Once the dildo is all the way inside the body it really does feel incredibly filling, especially if you’ve gone as deep as possible. Thrusting with the Randy is a unique experience because it’s frictionless, something that I’ve never experienced with a dildo before. Somehow the combination of the smooth surface, the thick layer of soft material, and a good lube all add up to create a situation where practically nothing can be felt in the sphincter as the dildo glides completely seamlessly in and out of the anus. The predominant sensation is merely of a fullness inside the rectum coming and going with each thrust. I found this a little jarring at first as personally I enjoy that feeling of physically knowing that something’s sliding in and out. This awareness of a lack of sensation is more noticeable the more you think about it; the dildo almost feels too soft inside the body, and like a jelly. Other than feeling filling the presence of the dildo really doesn’t provide a great deal of stimulation, you know that something is there but that’s it, it’s all very nondescript. If you’re inclined to clench against the dildo while using it then you’ll find that it’s not easy to hold onto, the thick layer of soft material just absorbs the pressure and shifts around, so you don’t get that firm knowledge of knowing exactly where the dildo is inside you. This area really is a mater of opinion though, as many of these points could be viewed as a positive, especially by people who loathe all forms of drag, but personally I find myself preferring the thinner layer of soft material that Tantus use. Vixen do actually make a regular silicone version of the Randy, and given my experience I think that this one may have been better suited to me.

You are somewhat limited in the positions in which you can use the Randy; squatting over the dildo and riding it is rather awkward due to the strong curve in the shaft, and the fact that you have to squat low due to the relatively short length, but it is possible and can be enjoyed this way. My favourite position is actually to take advantage of the suction cup and use it stood up. Just thrusting your hips back and forth and feeling the head popping in and out of you can be a nice sensation, and if you position the dildo at just the right height then the curve of the shaft will have the bulbous head pressing up against the prostate with each in stroke. The dildo can of course also be enjoyed while lying your back or side, and the base makes for a nice handle to hold the dildo with while thrusting. The Randy feels incredibly robust when it’s being used, especially if its getting bent around a lot as you’re thrusting against it on a wall. Despite the soft outer material the firm core allows it to really take whatever you throw at it and still bounce back. I have no doubt that it’s durable enough to last for a long time.

The Randy comes packaged in a clear cylindrical tube and is wedged in place quite tightly. Getting inside the tube and removing the dildo is actually quite simple if you know the trick. Before you remove the cap you want to squeeze the tube slightly just below it to allow some air under it, then it will pop off with ease. As you pull the dildo out you want to squeeze the tube firmly in the middle to change the shape and allow the wide base enough room to move. Both these tricks also help when replacing the dildo and the cap when you’re done. The tube doubles as a handy storage container in the long term, so it’s worth hanging onto.
Cleaning the Randy is like cleaning any other silicone product, and helpfully it includes some instructions for this on the tube in case you need extra guidance. You can wash it with anti-bacterial soap and hot water, use a toy wipe or toy cleaner, or you can sterilise it by boiling it in hot water for 3 minutes or wiping it over with a 10% bleach solution. The VixSkin material really is a dust magnet, so you’ll probably want to rinse it before each use, even if you do store it in the tube. Remember that because VixSkin is silicone never to use a silicone lube with it.
Overall I find this a dildo that’s hard to judge, because ultimately the quality of the product is fantastic, it just didn’t appeal to me personally. When it comes to dual-density dildos I much prefer the Tantus O2 approach where less is more, and with this particular dildo shape I think I make have been better off with the regular silicone version. I definitely intend to try another VixSkin dildo in the future, just to make a full evaluation.
The Randy is available from the fine folks at SheVibe.