Male Power Leopard Pouch Short

Time for another Male Power underwear review!

The Pouch Short is a low-cut “trunk” style of men’s boxer brief, which is made from a 90% polyester 10% Lycra blend.
The shorts are very comfortable to wear; the fabric feels incredibly soft, and it’s also lovely and stretchy. The fit is nice and snug around the legs and the bum where you want it, but the elastic in the waistband is not overly tight, and does not dig in uncomfortably or create any hint of a “muffin-top” which is good, especially if you’re looking to strip them off someone without a struggle. With this product you can buy the size that you normally would and feel confident that it will fit, whereas with other Male Power items I’ve reviewed I’ve wondered if I would have been better trying a medium instead of my usual small. At the front of the shorts is a special pouch to accommodate the genitalia. Because the material is quite soft and stretchy the pouch doesn’t offer much in the way of support, and allows everything to hang freely, almost as though nothing is being worn. Men who typically wear briefs may dislike the lack of support, while men who typically wear boxers may prefer the free feeling. The pouch has a seam down the front of it, but it’s not noticeable when you’re wearing the shorts, as like everything else it’s very soft and not scratchy at all. They’re definitely the sort of shorts you could happily lounge around the house in, or wear as sleepwear, due to the level of comfort they provide.
The underwear creates a rather attractive silhouette on the wearer due to its figure-hugging nature. It clings to the cleft of the buttocks and shows each cheek separately defined, while at the front the pouch does much the same, creating a more revealing look than just a general bulge. If the wearer becomes aroused then things can become quite graphic as the stretchy fabric clings ever tighter in its attempt to constrain what’s held within. The fabric is quite thin but it’s not at all sheer, and will protect the modesty of anyone who might be concerned.
The fabric features a leopard print on the front and back, and on the inside as well as the out. It might not be the most en vogue of patterns at the moment, so unless you have an especial affinity for leopard then it can be good as a gag/novelty item, or just for role-playing some cheesy lothario from the Seventies. If you look carefully in the pattern then you can see that they’ve actually included the face of a leopard in several places throughout the print, which I thought was rather a nice touch.
The care instructions state that the underwear is to be machine washed separately on a gentle, cold water, cycle. This seems like a little bit of a hassle to go to, putting on an extra load of laundry just for one pair of underwear. Thankfully the underwear can be tumble dried on a low heat.
The shorts are made in China and to what seems to be a high standard: there are no loose threads nor problems with the fabric, so I’m pleased with the quality.
The underwear comes packaged in an attractive black cardboard box, which has the effect of making the underwear appear to be more expensive than it is. On the front of the box is a photo of a model wearing the garment, the same one as on the product page, along with the company logo and the name of the item. On the reverse are some photos of other products in the same range, including a thong, a jock strap, a pair of briefs, and a loin cloth all in the leopard pattern. The presentation is really nice, so if you wanted to wrap the box up and give it to someone as a surprise gift then that would work well.