Fun Factory Duke

The Fun Factory Duke is a prostate massager that I’ve had my eye on for a while; I really like the idea of a wearable prostate massager and perineum stimulator that can be used hands free, but I haven’t had much luck with similar products such as the Rocks Off Bad Boy, so I was eager to try out the design of the Duke.

The Fun Factory Duke is made from silicone, but unlike similar products, such as the Rocks Off toys, it’s made from a soft silicone and exhibits the qualities that you’d typically expect from a silicone toy. The material is nice and bendy and flexible, and can be moved around without too much effort, it also has a good amount of give in the surface so you can squeeze and compress it. The surface of the material is matte which gives it the slightest amount of drag, but it feels lovely and velvety to the touch, without any hint of texture. The silicone portion is formed from two halves, giving it a mould line running the entire way around, but this is incredibly subtle and can barely be seen or felt by the finger, let alone when it’s inside you.
The Duke is quite a strangely shaped toy in design, and looks a little like an S depending on how you hold it. The toy has three main areas: a bulge at the tip which is designed to sit deeper inside the rectum to create a fuller feeling and anchor the toy there, a rounded nub which puts pressure on the prostate, and an arm which sits along the perineum to stimulate it. Inserting the toy at first can be a little fiddly and requires you to guide the tip inside because of how bendy the portion below it is. Once the tip is inside the rest slides in comfortably and smoothly; because the widest section is no more than 1 1/4″ it’s very easy to snake the toy into the body, even for someone who isn’t experienced with anal play. When the main portion of the toy, excluding the bulge at the tip, is inserted around halfway you’ll feel the end of the arm-section touching up against the perineum. As the silicone is so flexible the arm will bend to fit around your body as you push the Duke in the rest of the way, and eventually will sit completely flush. The downside is that because the arm is so flexible it doesn’t apply any pressure to the perineum, but it is a nice length and does rest against the most sensitive portion of the perineum, right behind the scrotum. When the The Duke is fully inserted it feels really comfortable, and almost as though it’s natural for it to be there. There are a few downsides to the design of the Duke however: because of the absence of a neck in the design the Duke naturally wants to slip out of the body to a degree, and this means that it’s difficult to maintain a firm pressure against the prostate. You only want to use a small amount of lube, preferably as little as possible, as if you apply it liberally then it’ll really start to slide out quickly. The arm portion also helps to pull the Duke out; by virtue of it being stretched elastically it forms a lever action against the perineum as it tries to regain its natural shape. You’re going to find yourself never wanting to relax your sphincter completely in order to keep some pressure there holding the toy within the body, and you will need to occasionally push the toy back inside. This can be a bit of a nuisance, especially if you wanted to use it during intercourse with a partner. If you choose to use the toy in a seated position in order to keep it in place then the downside is that as soon as the base of the Duke touches whatever you’re sitting on, then all the vibrations immediately get transmitted downwards and into that, and you feel them far less inside the body.
The vibrations are created in the toy by Fun Factory’s own German-made bullet. The bullet is 2 1/2″ long and 7/8″ wide, and slots into a hole in the silicone portion. The hole for the bullet is located in the portion of the toy which is inserted into the body, rather than in the arm that stimulates the perineum as with Rocks Off toys, which is a welcome feature as it directs the vibrations right where you want them. Unfortunately the size of the bullet and the depth of the hole means that the bullet only sits in the lower half of the portion designed to stimulate the prostate, and so the strongest vibrations will be occurring at the region where the sphincter holds onto the toy, rather than at the prostate itself. The size of the bullet, being short and fat, means that it’s the only one which can be used with the Duke as nothing else will fit. Personally I wish they had used a more traditionally shaped bullet as I would like to have had the option of using my We-Vibe Salsa with the toy as an alternative. The bullet has 6 functions, 3 speeds and 3 vibration patterns, and is operated by a button located on the side. The button has to be one of the worst features as it’s completely unresponsive; when you press it it doesn’t move at all, and you have to hold it down for a full second before it does anything, so it can be difficult to tell if you’ve pressed it firmly enough to activate it. The other issue is the location of the button, it’s very hard to access when the toy is inserted, and you end up with a finger pressed between the side of the toy and your left buttock as you try to feel around to press the thing. You begin by holding the button down for a second which turns the bullet on at its lowest speed. This speed unfortunately is pretty worthless and can barely be felt so you’ll want to quickly change up to the next one. Cycling through the various options takes only a brief press of the button which is much more convenient, provided you remember to press it firmly enough each time. The second power setting is strong enough to be felt and is pleasant, but it’s the top setting which is where the toy really comes alive and gets quite enjoyable. If you turn the toy on when it’s outside the body then you can see and feel just how well the vibrations travel throughout the silicone, but there is an issue with this. If you turn the toy on to its highest setting and touch the portion which is supposed to press against the prostate, then the vibrations feel pretty strong there, but then if you hold the toy by the portion where the bullet is located then you instantly notice a reduction in vibration strength up at the part which touches the prostate. You can imagine that every time you clench to try to hold the toy inside the body all the vibrations are going to go straight to the sphincter and reduce the sensation against the prostate. The three vibration patterns are disappointing because bizarrely they all appear to be at the lowest vibration strength. The first pattern is an ordinary sequence of short evenly spaced pulses at a medium speed, the second is the same but at a fast speed, and the third reminds me of a steam train pulling out of the station, the way the pulses start slowly and steadily building up. Of the three patterns the third was definitely my favourite to use. Typically I enjoy patterns, but in the case of the Duke I shunned them in favour of the constant mode as I needed the power that it offered. The vibrations themselves feel more rumbly than they do buzzy, so they penetrate the prostate quite well provided the power is on high enough. The vibrations give a pleasant sensation throughout the region, but nothing which felt like it would drive me to orgasm. To turn the bullet off again when you’re done the button needs to be held down again for a second.
When it comes to cleaning the toy the bullet must be removed first as it isn’t waterproof. The silicone portion can then be washed or sterilised depending on your preference. The bullet is very easy to remove as the silicone around it is thin and stretches.
Happily the bullet is quiet enough that the Duke could be used whilst someone was in the next room, or stood outside of your door.
The bullet is rechargeable and uses a magnetic charger that comes with the toy. The charger is slightly odd as it doesn’t sit flush with the toy, but the magnets are really strong and hold the charger in place, so the connectors make a strong contact and it charges without worry. In this regard it’s miles better than the charging system of the We-Vibe Salsa. Reassuringly the charger also lights up to let you know that it’s working. The bullet will last for only 30 minutes on a single charge, which is a little disappointing.

The Duke Comes inside a lovely presentation box made from cardboard, and which also features a clear plastic viewing window at the front. For some reason when I opened mine it was very dusty inside, with particles stuck all over the silicone of the toy which appears to attract this.

Overall I have to say that I’m rather disappointed with the Duke due to the high hopes that I had for it. In my opinion it’s probably the best toy of this design, and in this price range, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone over any of the Rocks Off toys that I’ve tried, but objectively it still isn’t that spectacular. I really like the creative thought and innovation that Fun Factory have put into this toy, but it just has some flaws which need ironing out.
If you’d like to try the Duke then you can buy it from these fine retailers:

UK & Europe: Lovehoney UK.

North America: SheVibe, Lovehoney USA, and NiteTimeToys.