Doc Johnson “The Original”

Em over at was rooting around in the warehouse again for things to give away, and I was lucky enough to be able to snag this lovely silicone dildo made by Doc Johnson.

There are actually three variants to the toy as you can see in the image. There’s the standard model of The Original – which I have, The Original Vac-u-Lock, and The Original Vibrating, so I’m going to spend a little time talking about the differences between them in the review.

The Original is quite an unassuming dildo to look at, which can often be deceptive in a toy. It’s a realistic/phallic dildo with a completely straight 7 1/2″ long shaft. At the tip it has a nice rounded head with a 5 3/8″ circumference (1 5/8″ diameter). Because of the thickness and the bluntness of the head it’s not really suited to anal use by a beginner. The top side of the shaft is covered quite densely in an assortment of raised veins; there’s a thick dorsal vein running vertically down the length of the shaft and several smaller veins branching off it in a horizontal direction and meandering around. Altogether their appearance is a little ugly, perhaps due in large to the sheer abundance of them. The underside of the shaft is completely smooth; it features some detailing of a frenulum where the shaft means the head, and it has a central ridge running vertically downwards below this. The circumference of the shaft is 5 1/4″, putting it at only slightly narrower than the head, and giving the whole dildo a very streamlined shape.

The Original is constructed exceedingly well and made in one single piece, meaning there are no mould-lines to be found anywhere along the surface, nor any defects. It’s made from Doc Johnson’s 100% platinum silicone which is a lovely material and one of my favourites. It’s completely body-safe, non-toxic, and odourless too. Like all Doc Johnson silicone toys it has shiny finish as opposed to a matte one, so it feels lovely and smooth when you run your fingers along it.

When using the dildo it can be worth having a warm-up toy on hand first as the blunt head does stretch you quite quickly, but provided you go slowly and have some prior experience with toys of this size then it isn’t entirely necessary. Once the tip of the dildo is inside the rest follows with ease thanks to the streamlined shape and the smooth finish which create a seamless gliding action. There’s no sense of a “pop” or a bump when the muscle passes over the coronal ridge of the head as it isn’t sufficiently pronounced when compared with the thickness of the shaft. The dildo feels incredibly comfortable inside the body thanks to the material; the silicone is flexible enough to gently bend around inside the body and conform to your own shape, and it has enough give in the surface that you can tightly squeeze against it with the anus and feel only a cushioning effect rather than any discomfort. As the shaft slides in you can begin to feel the texture of the veins and it’s a wonderfully pleasurable experience. Somehow they’ve managed to strike the right balance between not being so subtle that you can barely feel them at all, and not being so pronounced that they verge on causing discomfort in the way I experienced with the Goliath. The veins are raised up enough and rounded on the surface so that not only do they provide a mere element of interest during thrusting, but they generate a satisfying level of stimulation as they ripple over the sphincter, that makes you crave long, deep, thrusts in and out in order to experience the sensation to its maximum potential. Because one side is textured and the other isn’t, it gives you the option of rotating the dildo and varying where you feel the stimulation the most. To increase the feeling of the texture you can clench against the dildo whilst thrusting, and this makes the veins appear to stand out more, without having an impact on the dildo’s movement. Even when gripping the dildo tightly the texture at no time begins to feel too intense, so it can be enjoyed both ways. The size of the dildo – namely the thickness – does mean that it feels pleasantly filling inside the body, and should satisfy those who enjoy something a little above the average. Because The Original has no curve to it it wouldn’t strike you as being the best dildo for prostate stimulation, but I still found it to be surprisingly satisfying in this regard. The bulbous head and the textured shaft press up and rub against the prostate with every thrust, in a way that’s almost guaranteed to have you moaning out in pleasure. One of my most liked qualities of The Original is that like many silicone toys, after prolonged use it will heat up to your own body temperature, thus creating a more natural feeling.

The base of the dildo is the one area that I can find a flaw, because really there isn’t a base, the shaft just finishes abruptly. It has a flat underside so you can stand the dildo upright, and even use if in this position if you’re careful, but really you can’t do much else with it. Because there’s no flared base it means that technically the dildo isn’t considered anal-safe, though at 7 1/2″ long it’s going to be more than most people can insert there, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that point. The second issue is that the lack of a wide base means that it isn’t harness compatible, so it’s no good if you and your partner are into pegging, etc. If neither of these things bother you then The Original could be the right toy, but if they do then the great thing is that you don’t have to look far for another option. The Original Vac-u-lock solves both these problems; it’s the same dildo only is has a wide anal-safe base which is also compatible with an O-ring harness. The other feature it has is the hole in underside of the base, this is designed for use with the Vac-u-lock harness system, but you can also insert a bullet there to make the dildo vibrate, or you can plug in a special suction cup and use the dildo in the shower. Personally, for these reasons, I think that The Original Vac-u-lock is the better option, but it all depends on individual preferences.

Packaging for the toy depends on when it was made; older stock has a cardboard-box-with-plastic-insert combo, the same as The Groove and The Tool. I have this and find the plastic part quite useful to keep and store the toy inside. The newer stock has a simple clamshell design but this is a little bulky in the long term and is better to just be recycled.

As The Original is made from silicone it’s very easy to clean and care for. You can wash it safely with water and antibacterial soap, and use toy wipes or toy cleaner like you would with anything else, but as the material is non-porous it can also be sterilised. This can be done by boiling the dildo in hot water for a couple of minutes, wiping it over with a 10% bleach solution, or popping it in the dishwasher on the top shelf. Remember to only use water-based lubes with silicone toys.

I have to say that overall I really like The Original and that it’s surprised me a lot. It’s probably not a toy I would have chosen to buy just based on appearance alone, but it goes to show that sometimes with dildos appearances can be deceiving. It’s made from a great material and provides some really satisfying and stimulating sensations. I would definitely recommend The Original, but of the three variants I’d say go with the Vac-u-lock, just for the extra features, as they’re bound to come in handy, I know I wish I could stick a suction cup on mine and use it in the shower.

Unfortunately no longer stock this dildo.

The Original is still available from EdenFantasys, as is the Vac-u-lock version, and the vibrating option.