Doc Johnson “Super Big Guy”

It’s testing time again at, and this time the folks there have sent me the Super Big Guy from Doc Johnson to test. This is a butt plug that I’ve been excited about for a while, as it reminds me of a jumbo version of one of my favourite plugs, the Tantus Tulip. Check out the review after the jump!

The Super Big Guy is 6 1/8″ long with 5 1/2″ of that being insertable. It has a circumference of 5 3/8″ for most of its length, expanding to 7″ at its widest point. Quite clearly it’s not a plug for a beginner and it’s aimed more at the advanced end of the market, but Doc Johnson also do two smaller versions to fit the needs of everyone.
The Super Big Guy has a fairly unusual design, and while it is technically a butt plug the long elongated shape of it gives it more the qualities of being a cross between a plug and a dildo. This is part of what appealed to me about it, the thought of being able to wear something dildo-like long-term as a butt plug. It comes in a choice of two colours: charcoal, and the one I picked which I affectionately refer to as “Smurf Blue” as that’s what I’m reminded of every time I look at it. The plug starts off with a rather blunt end at the top of the shaft, and while it is slightly rounded it has no taper to it whatsoever. The shaft section extends down at a uniform thickness for around 3″ before it begins to flare out similarly to the Tantus Tulip, and over the next inch it expands to its widest point. Below the widest point is a rounded section, similar to the underside of the bulb on a standard plug, which joins onto the neck. The neck itself is slightly narrower than the main shaft at only 4 5/8″ in circumference, and it extends for a length of 1″ before connecting to the thick, wide, base.
The Super Big Guy is made entirely from a platinum silicone like a number of Doc Johnson products. It’s a really high quality material which is odourless, non-porous, and completely body-safe. Unusually the silicone that’s used in this product is much firmer than that which Doc Johnson typically make their toys from. I was expecting something completely different when I got it, but it’s really stiff and hard to bend, and not at all easy to compress either, so it’s definitely something worth noting. The toy is constructed very well out of a single piece of silicone, so there are no mould-lines present anywhere along the surface.
Inserting the Super Big Guy may require some preparation because of how blunt it is, as well as its being rather thick. You definitely want to be relaxed and have enough lube on hand, and it might also help to have a tapered toy handy to use as a warm-up. Once you’ve got the end safely inside, the smooth surface of the shaft allows it to seamlessly slide deeper into the body. The thickness of the toy begins to give you a pleasantly full feeling as well as a nice stretch. If you squeeze against the plug at any point with the anal muscles then the firmness of the material is quite apparent, but it doesn’t feel uncomfortable in any way. As you push the plug deeper inside you begin to notice just how rigid it is, and it really doesn’t conform to your body in any way, instead forcing the body to adapt to the shape which feels a little strange. Once you get to the flared portion you can just pause and prepare to tackle it. What’s great about the straight shaft is that it stays where you leave it; normally with a conical plug as soon as you stop pushing it into the body any pressure from a tightly stretched sphincter will just force it to pop back out again, but this doesn’t happen with the Super Big Guy so you can relax and take your time. Although in terms of circumference the next section seems quite that bit larger, it’s not actually that hard to insert thanks to the tapered angle, but this is with the proviso that you’ve inserted that size before. If you’re completely new to a 7″ circumference then the taper from the 5 3/8″ shaft is going to seem rather steep and rapid, and you may fail to get past it. Another advantage of the straight shaft is that you can thrust with it as you try to get over the widest bulge, steadily inserting a little more with each stroke; this works especially well if you’re squatting over the plug. It’s also fun to keep thrusting after you’d conquered the widest point, just to enjoy the feeling of it popping in and out. Once you finally have inserted the whole thing I discovered that there was a slight problem. Before you can get all the way down to the base of the plug the blunt end of it begins butting up uncomfortably against the top of the rectum. The result of this is that the sphincter sits half on the top of the neck, and half on the base of the bulge, instead of entirely on the neck, which means that the sphincter can’t fully contract down to the size of the neck, and is left stretched open preventing the plug from being held securely in place. Any casual relaxing of the muscle back there and the plug is liable to start slipping out, so you find yourself constantly clenching to hold it in place. As much as I’d like to walk around wearing it it just isn’t practical. The other issue pertaining to the length is that it’s impossible to sit down whilst wearing the plug, as any extra pressure on it only causes a painful feeling deep inside the body. Even though everyone’s anatomy is slightly different, from my standpoint it would have really helped if the plug was at least 1/2″ shorter at the tip, just so it could fit inside better. Once the plug is fully inserted the rigidity of it also becomes even more apparent and even less comfortable. If you can tolerate it for a while then you become gradually less aware of it, but at the outset its presence is quite hard and unforgiving. Unfortunately the Super Big Guy offers no real prostate stimulation despite its size, either during thrusting or wearing. The plug is very easy to remove thanks to the rounded portion at the top of the neck, and also because the thick base doubles as a strong handle to use to pull on. The downside of the base is that I didn’t find it especially comfortable to wear; it’s quite large and quite hard, and just felt like a big lump jammed between the buttocks.
As silicone is also one of the most hygienic and non-porous materials a sex toy can be made from cleaning is an ease. The plug can be washed with antibacterial soap and hot water, sprayed with a specialist toy cleaner, as well as being boiled, wiped down with a 10% bleach solution, or being popped in the dishwasher. Remember to only use water-based lubricants with a silicone toy.
The packaging for the Super Big Guy is of a very simple plastic clamshell design, and is a little too bulky to be convenient to store the toy in on a day-to-day basis.

Overall I’m slightly disappointed with the Super Big Guy, it’s a nice well-built toy with a good shape, but the material is just too firm for my tastes and it’s a little bit too long.

The Super Big Guy is available from along with its smaller cousins.