Tenga Lovers Egg

Steve and Roxy over at the wonderful DIY Orgasms sent me a Tenga Lovers Egg as a gift over Easter, and much to my chagrin I’ve only just got around to reviewing it.

The “Egg” is a wonderful new concept in the world of male masturbators, from the Japanese manufacturer Tenga. Unlike other products which are bulky and attempt to imitate anatomical orifices, the Tenga Eggs focus instead on being compact and versatile.
The Tenga Eggs come in a hard plastic outer shell which pops open at the centre, a bit like the toy in the middle of a Kinder Surprise. Most of Eggs have a white shell, but the limited-edition varieties such as the Lovers Egg come in black. The shells themselves are plain, but all the information is printed on plastic shrink wrap which keeps the toy hygienically sealed. Inside the shell is the toy itself which sits on a special plastic insert to help hold its shape, and in the middle of the hollow insert is a sachet of water-based lube, providing everything you need in one convenient package.
The Egg itself is about 2″ in diameter and made from a lovely soft stretchy type of TPE, which feels a lot like the material used inside the Tenga Flip Hole. At the base of the Egg is a 1/2″ wide opening which easily expands to accept the girth of even the thickest penis, and gives a nice snug fit around the shaft. The Egg is around 2 1/2″ in length, so once you’re inside it it completely covers the head of the penis as well as all the sensitive areas of the inner foreskin, such as the frenulum, before you’ve even begun to stretch it. The material is able to stretch up to an impressive 12″ in length, allowing you to stimulate the whole shaft with what appears to be quite a small toy, though I’ve never tested it to quite that extreme. The texture inside the Lovers Egg is a selection of quite closely-spaced heart-shaped nubs, both large and small. These are moulded nicely into the surface and are very distinct and pronounced.
The Egg has a wonderful feeling during use; I’d describe it as being almost like a second foreskin. The way it glides over the head of the penis, and the ability to apply pressure from the outside, gives a truly natural feeling, only with the added element of the internal texture to provide extra stimulation. All the little nubs along the inside of the Egg are wonderful at tickling and teasing the head of the penis, the only slight downside is that the more you stretch it the less you feel of the texture, as the raised areas simply move further apart and you’re left rubbing against the smooth material in between. For this reason I don’t like to do big long strokes with the Egg, and instead I make shorter motions to essentially massage the head of the penis, which is very satisfying. The Egg offers a lot of control over how you use it, both in the ability to choose how much to stretch it, and how much pressure to apply, so for this reason I think it would be a great toy to use with a partner as well as solo, as it’s the perfect way to spice up the humble hand-job.
The Tenga Eggs are advertised as being single use product due to the delicate nature of the material, but really they needn’t be. If you’re careful when using them and not overly aggressive then the product should stay intact and be able to be reused. This is a definite plus, because for the price it’s going to be a relatively expensive masturbation session if you only use it once. It’s important when re-using the toy to only use water-based lube to protect the material. I’ve used mine half a dozen times and it’s showing no visible signs of wear and tear yet.
Obviously if you’re intending to reuse the Tenga Egg then you’ll want to wash it, and luckily this is a breeze. Thanks to the super-stretchy material you can simply turn the Egg inside out, then hold it under a tap to rinse away any lube and bodily fluids. I’d avoid the use of any soaps, just because the material is delicate and they may reduce the life of the product. The best way I’ve found to dry it is just to pop the protective plastic insert  back into the Egg while it’s inside out, which enables you to leave it standing up somewhere until all the moisture evaporates. Afterwards you just need to return the Egg to its normal configuration and store it inside the shell.
I would happily recommend the Tenga Eggs to anyone; I think they’re a fantastic product, and great to throw in the suitcase when you’re going away.
The Tenga Lovers Egg is available from these fine retailers:

UK & Europe: SexToys.co.uk, and Lovehoney UK.

North America: Lovehoney USA and  Babeland