Sasha Grey Large Glass Butt Plug

After sticking almost exclusively to silicone for so long, I felt it was high time I broadened my material horizons, and that’s where the Sasha Grey glass butt plug came in!
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The Sasha Grey large is part of Doc Johnson’s new range of glass butt plugs. Aesthetically it’s quite a stunning piece to look at, made from an opaque black-pigmented pyrex glass. What’s unusual about the plug is its proportions; the over all length of the plug is 4 3/4″, with 4 3/8″ being insertable. Of this insertable length a significant portion is taken up by the neck, which measures in at 1 3/4″ long. The bulb itself is very short and stubby, with a sharp taper. The distance from the tip to the widest point is a mere 1 3/4″, and when you consider that the widest point has an impressive diameter of 2 3/8″, you realise that this plug is definitely only for the more advanced user.

The construction of the plug is generally good. The surface is smooth and uniform, with no anomalous lumps and bumps present, and no moulding artefacts either. Where it is let down, however, is by the presence of several shallow scratches along the surface. These in no way impede the plug’s performance, but they do detract somewhat from the appearance.
When it comes to using the plug you really need to have had prior experience with a plug of this size. The sharp taper absolutely precludes this from being a suitable training tool for those looking to move up from something smaller. Probably the best way to insert the plug is to first warm up using another plug with a more gentle gradient, like the Super Big End. Once you’ve loosened up and made a path for it, the Sasha Grey will slip in much more readily, without the need to worry about the taper. For the sake of thoroughness I did attempt to insert the Sasha Grey large without any prior preparation, and I can confirm that it is indeed possible, though it does take longer this way and requires more patience. Despite its size the plug is actually  quite comfortable to insert, if done correctly. The smooth glass body helps it to glide inside, along with plenty of lube, and as soon you pass the widest point you feel a definite pop as the plug is sucked inwards. On a couple of occasions I did notice some slight discomfort initially after the plug was inserted, seemingly emanating from the pointed tip. This vanished quite quickly as the plug settled into place, but it’s worth exercising a little caution at this early stage, and not being too enthusiastic with forcing it all the way in. The length of the neck allows for a nice amount of play with the plug; contracting the muscles will pull it in all the way down to the base, while relaxing them shifts the plug downwards and causes a good portion of the neck to protrude. Being that it is a large plug it feels filling, but not as filling as I expected. I have to put this down to the fact that the main body is comparatively short for a plug of its thickness. If you find longer plugs uncomfortably filling, but still like to be stretched, then this plug is really suited to you. If on the other hand you really appreciate a very full feeling, then this plug might disappoint in that area. For this reason I didn’t find that the plug stimulated the prostate as well as I might have hoped for either. The final part of the plug is the circular base, which sits comfortably between the buttocks. I had some doubts about how pleasant it would feel to have a solid circle of glass pushing into the skin, but I can happily say that I had no complaints about the matter. The base also doubles as a very good handle for when the plug needs to be removed.
Compared to other materials glass toys have some rather unique properties, shared only by their cousins the metal toys. To start with, and this almost goes without saying, glass toys are hard. There’s no give, no flexibility, glass is simply unforgiving. Nothing is there to cushion the plug, and it makes your body conform to it, rather than the other way around. This really comes down to a matter of personal preference, some people like their anal toys a little more soft and friendly, while others enjoy the authoritative feeling of something rock hard. If you have enough anal experience to take the size comfortably, then the firmness of the material shouldn’t come as too much of a shock. The second thing to note is that glass is heavy, but what I discovered is that while it feels heavy in the hand, it doesn’t feel heavy in the body. The weight of a metal plug is something you’re always conscious of, as gravity tries to tug it out of the body, but the weight of the glass isn’t quite sufficient enough to replicate this effect. The Sasha Grey may weigh more than a silicone plug of a comparable size, but when wearing it this difference isn’t apparent. Lastly glass is great for temperature play. It lacks that natural chill that metal maintains at room temperature, but if you put it in the fridge or warm water prior to play, then it holds onto that level of cold/warmth when you’re using it.
One thing to note if you’re planning to wear the plug for an extended period, is the difference between the diameter of the bulb and the diameter of the neck. The neck is only 1 1/4″ wide, and this has a couple of consequences. Firstly, on a positive note, once the plug is inside there’s absolutely no risk of it inadvertently slipping out again. With the muscles contracting down around the narrow neck, the plug is held securely in place, and it can be worn whilst walking around without worry. Secondly, the plug can actually prove rather difficult to remove if left in place for too long. After the initial big stretch the muscles come to rest around the significantly narrower neck, and will begin to steadily tighten up again over time. Trying to remove the plug under these circumstances is neither easy nor comfortable. The underside of the bulb is fairly blunt, leaving only an inch between the widest point and the neck, thus requiring rapid muscle expansion. Couple this with the hard unforgiving glass and you could be in for an ouch or two.
When it comes to caring for the Sasha Grey butt plug things couldn’t be simpler. Absolutely any lube can be used safely with it; water-based, oil-based, silicone-based, you name it. Cleaning is also breeze, as glass is a non-porous and durable material it can be fully sterilised by wiping over with a 10% bleach solution, or boiling for a couple of minutes. It’s even dishwasher safe. Even if you choose to only wash it with antibacterial soap and hot water, you can rest assured that it won’t harbour any unpleasant odours.
On the whole I’m pretty satisfied with my purchase of the Sasha Grey, and it makes a lovely addition to my collection. I did have some trouble deciding between the medium or the large for my first glass toy, and I’m very happy that I went large.

You can buy the Sasha Grey from Lovehoney in Large, or Medium if you’d prefer.