Rocks Off Butt Boy

The Butt Boy is my fourth toy from Rocks Off; in the past I unfortunately haven’t been all that impressed with their products, but I liked the shape and the design of the Butt Boy enough that I wanted to try it, and I felt like giving them another chance.

The Butt Boy is a dual butt plug and perineum stimulator, modelled after the other prostate massagers that Rocks Off manufacture in this range. The plug portion of the Butt Boy has a length of 3″ from the tip to the widest point, and a thickness of 2″. It doesn’t appear especially large in person, and the gradient is quite gentle, but a 2″ diameter should be a red flag for a beginner. Anyone planning on tackling the Butt Boy really wants to have had prior experience with smaller anal toys before they do so. The underside of the bulb of the plug isn’t very rounded, and in fact has quite an angular corner where it sharply narrows down away from the widest point. Stemming on from the bulb is the neck of the plug, which is a mere 1/4″ long, and incredibly short compared to the majority of plugs on the market. The neck is only 3/4″ wide, which allows it a good amount of flexibility in this region. The perineum stimulator portion of the Butt Boy extends from the neck of the plug at a 90 degree angle, and is 3″ long. It looks a bit like a handle and can be used as such. On the top it has three raised nodules designed to press against the perineum, and at the end is an opening where the RO-80mm vibrating bullet is inserted. On the whole I think it’s a pretty attractive piece to look at.
The Butt Boy is made from silicone, but like with all Rocks Off toys it’s an especially firm silicone, quite different to what you’d expect from a Tantus toy, or something by Doc Johnson. Squeezing the toy reveals that it’s quite difficult to compress, and that there’s very little give in the material. The surface of the toy is matte, but it feels slightly more rough than it does velvety, and it’s also marred by the presence of a raised mould line running the full length. Compared to the Bad Boy the surface of the Butt Boy is smoother and less rough feeling.
Inserting the toy isn’t the most comfortable experience; while the gentle taper aids the process, the matte finish creates friction along the way, and the firm material does nothing to cushion the entrance as the sphincter expands. It fails to slip inside with a level of ease that would be desirable. Once you insert the plug up to the widest point, the sharp angular corner doesn’t provide the most pleasant feeling for the muscles to glide over, and one of the mould lines in this area caused a noticeably scratchy feeling. With the plug fully inside it becomes apparent that the short neck is a problem; 1/4″ in length just isn’t enough space for what is required. Most plugs have at least an inch of neck on them, and this is because that roughly corresponds to the thickness of muscle between the outside of the anus and the rectal cavity. Anything less that means that the muscles have nothing to contract and rest against, and instead they must rest against the underside of the bulb, which keeps them dilated. The result is that the plug doesn’t sit securely inside the body, and constantly feels as though it’s half hanging out, no matter how much you try to try to contract the muscles to further pull it in. It also prevents the widest point of the plug from getting in deep enough to provide a pleasantly full feeling, and nudge up against the prostate. The perineum stimulator, I found, was quite a nice addition to the plug. I enjoyed the sensation of something resting between my legs, as opposed to the standard base you get with a butt plug. I did find a number of problems with it, however. The first was that it didn’t apply enough pressure. The 90 degree angle meant that it only sat resting against the perineum, it really could have used a more acute angle in the construction to create a pleasant pushing sensation. The second was that due to the shape of it, only about 2″ of the total length came into contact with the perineum, while the final inch was wasted. The third and final problem I found was that it was too short. For me the most sensitive region of the perineum is closer to the base of the penis, so it really could have used an extra inch of length, so as to get closer to stimulating that point.
The other feature of the Butt Boy is that it vibrates. The vibration is powered by the RO-80 bullet, which can be removed and used separately if desired. The bullet is held in place very snuggly and can be difficult to extract without a lot of twisting, tugging, and wiggling, as the tight fit forms a vacuum inside. The entire toy is waterproof, so removing the bullet during routine washing isn’t a necessity. When the bullet was inserted and turned on, the vibrations did seem to travel the length of the toy, to the point that I felt a tingling inside, but none of which seemed to cause any pleasurable sensations in the prostate, even after prolonged usage. The part of the toy which vibrates the most strongly is the perineum stimulator, as that’s where the bullet is located. By the time the vibrations travel from the source, through the length of the toy, and into the body they seem to weaken to a fair degree, being absorbed and dampened along the way. The vibrations felt quite nice against the perineum, but it was really nothing special, I would have much rather been able to feel the vibrations actually inside the body. The Butt Boy would have worked much better in my opinion if instead of having the bullet hole in the perineum stimulator, they had instead located it in line with one of their Assberies toys, so the bullet went right inside the plug itself. The functions of the bullet are very limited, with the only options being off, or on and vibrating constantly at one speed. There are no varying speeds or patterns of pulsations to choose from, which is disappointing. The bullet is generally quite easy to operate whilst inside the toy, as the shape puts the button in an accessible position, and the bullet is quiet enough that no one will hear it in the next room. As part of my tests I did replace the bullet with a We-Vibe Salsa, to see if this improved things. While it did create a much stronger vibrating sensation, the position of the bullet still meant that the vibrations didn’t get deep inside the body and up to the prostate where I wanted them.
The packaging for the Butt Boy is rather nice, it comes inside a sturdy black cardboard box, with a clear plastic viewing window at the front. Inside the box the item is clipped securely into a plastic tray adorned with the manufacturer’s logo. It’s a convenient place to store the toy when not in use, as the material is prone to attract dust.
Cleaning the Butt Boy is a simple affair. As it’s silicone it’s non-porous and can be sterilised, either by wiping down with a 10% bleach solution, or by placing in a pan of boiling water for a couple of minutes – but do remember to remove the bullet first. Alternatively you can simply rinse with hot water and anti-bacterial soap, or use a handy toy wipe.
Overall I feel that the Butt Boy is a significant improvement over the Bad Boy, but it was still a bit of a disappointment for me. With a few design tweaks it could be a decent product, but as it stands I’m unlikely to use it that much.

You can buy the Butt Boy from Honour