Dual-Density Dilemma

My two favourite dildos at present are probably my Pierre Fitch dildo by Fleshjack, and my Max O2 from Tantus. The thing is I like them for quite different reasons, and I’m starting to wish that someone would think to combine the aspects.
My love of the Fleshjack dildos stems largely from a mental place, and also a visual one. Many dildos are penis-shaped, but to me there’s a difference between being penis-shaped and being an actual penis. When I look at a Fleshjack dildo I know that it’s not merely a generic phallus carved by an artist, but it’s the replica of a real penis, the penis of a porn star, a penis that has had vast quantities of hot steamy sex. Every inch, every beautiful detail belongs to living breathing man, and for me this is an incredible turn-on. It’s the closest I’m likely to ever get to handling this impressive organ that I’ve seen in films, and it’s that unique selling point that draws me to the product, and indeed to others in the Fleshjack range.
My love for the Max O2, on the other hand, is purely physical. This is a dildo which delivers realism from a completely different angle; it feels real to the touch. Most of the time when you buy a dildo, whether an expensive one or a cheap one, whatever it’s made of it just feels nothing like a penis. In hardness or in softness, a dildo typically is uniform throughout, and comparatively a real penis has variety. Whilst erect  the shaft of the penis becomes firm and rigid, to hold its shape, while the engorged head remains soft and spongy, acting like a cushion in its ability to be gently compressed. Somehow Tantus have managed to capture this in their O2 range; by combining soft material on the outside with firm material on the inside, they’ve created a dildo that feels real, and just begs to be squeezed and manipulated. That in itself makes it a turn-on and a joy to use.
Shall we just imagine how things would be if these two products could be merged into one. A dildo which not only looks like one of the finest penises in porn, identical down to the slightest detail, but which also feels exactly how that penis should feel, being soft and hard in all the right places. It would absolutely tick every one of my boxes, and I dare say that from my perspective it would be the perfect dildo. All that remains is to hope that someone makes one, but I wonder if it would ever happen. The two products seem to target different markets, while Fleshjack are good enough to make their dildos from silicone, most porn-actor-replica products are made from materials of a lower grade. They sell largely on the novelty of who they’re modelled on, with less focus on quality. The dual-density O2 dildos on the other hand sell exclusively on the idea of quality, they’re high end dildos for people who really care about what they’re using, and want the maximum experience. The question is, how much cross-over is there between the two markets? I know I’d snap up such a product instantly, and probably wouldn’t leave the house for a week, but just how much of a niche am I?

Edit: Since the time I wrote this Fleshjack have started making their dildos out of a new, softer silicone, similar to that used in the Tantus Pack ‘n’ Play No. 1, and consequently they feel even more realistic. I’m not certain that this entirely invalidates my point, as the dual-density dildos still maintain a uniquely lifelike feeling, but I am perhaps in less of a hurry now to see my idea become a reality.