Doc Johnson Gapers

When I first began exploring anal play I was quite dismissive about the idea of inflatable butt plugs. They always seemed like such flimsy things, and I couldn’t quite understand how they could be any good considering how easy it is to compress and change the shape of anything filled with air. As my journey into anal play progressed I gradually found myself coming back to the inflatable toys. The problem I had found was that no toy was ever quite the right size. Some of my favourite toys left me wanting just that bit more girth, and others proved simply too much. I knew that there was a sweet spot and I was determined to find it, but it became apparent that the only way would be if I had something I could adjust, and inflatables re-entered my consciousness.

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The toy arrived quite unexpectedly one morning after a kind soul had purchased it for me off my wishlist. It comes in a clear plastic box with some information tastefully printed on the outside. You can clearly see what’s within, though it looks rather like a strange juicer with the end of a blood-pressure monitor attached to it. The only thing I really took from the packaging was that the toy was made in China, and out of latex. The first fact surprised me somewhat, as usually Doc Johnson products have “proudly made in the U.S.A.” or some variant, plastered all over the packaging. The second fact barely registered, as I’ve never had any problems with latex before, but it’s worth noting for people who do.
I was eager to try the product out, so after giving it the cursory new toy wash, I liberally applied some of my favourite water-based lubricant and slipped it inside. As the Gapers has a rigid central core, and is only 1.4″ thick when deflated, it went in without a problem. Immediately I noticed an unusual warm sensation inside all around the toy, which gave me the urge to push it back out. To be on the safe side I removed it and covered it with a condom before continuing, which seemed to solve the problem. I’m not entirely sure what to make of it, but I’d advise the condom approach to anyone worried that they may be sensitive to certain materials.

With the plug back inside it actually rests quite comfortably, no differently to any other plug. The one downside I found immediately is that the air hose comes directly out of the base of the plug, meaning you can’t use the plug in a seated position.

The plug inflates very easily with the use of the hand pump. You can adjust how much it inflates by by how hard you squeeze, so a series of gentle pumps will lead to a gradual size increase, whereas a couple of firm pumps will have you feeling full quite rapidly. If you over-inflate the plug, then there’s a quick release valve on the pump, which rapidly expels the air and returns you to comfort. As you inflate the plug it takes on an ovoid shape with the widest point around the middle, which I found caused a fuller feeling at a smaller size, than with a traditional conical shaped butt plug, where the widest point sits just inside the sphincter.

Inflating the plug is a very unique experience, much different to inserting an object of a predetermined size.  You get a real sense of the pressure building against the prostate with every pump, and as you have complete control you can pump it just beyond your limit, then release the air, and repeat this to experience the sensation. It’s also quite different having something in there which isn’t solid. I found my body was less content than with a traditional butt plug. With a traditional butt plug you can really feel weight and firmness of it, and squeeze against it with your muscles to hold it in place. With the Gapers you have a big squishy air-filled void inside you, which merely compresses in response to any pressure from the body. I found I had to work a little bit harder to persuade my body to allow it to stay there, and not try to relax and force it out.

It’s possible to remove the plug from the body while still inflated, depending on how big you’ve made it. At smaller sizes it is more squishy, and therefore less useful for trying to stretch the muscles when removing it. At larger sizes it becomes more turgid, and thus less likely to change shape when you push it out, forcing the muscles to expand instead. The plug can reach over 4″ in diameter when inflated, and became reminiscent of the girl from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, who swelled up like a purple berry. One of the benefits of the toy is though, that you can enjoy that very full feeling inside, without having to go to the trouble of training your muscles to allow you to push something large inside.

So far when using it I haven’t gone much over 2″ in diameter, but I’m enjoying testing my limits, and having that full feeling deeper than my other plugs offer.

Aside from the questionable material, over all I’m very pleased with this toy, and am having a lot of fun experimenting with it. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for controlled anal play.

You can buy the Gapers from, or SexShop365.