TitanMen Big Stuff

The lovely people at SexToys.co.uk sent me one of these to review last month. I was looking for an anal dildo that was on the thicker side, and this certainly did not disappoint.
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When it comes to the largest version of this product, the name “Big Stuff” is almost an understatement, as it truly is a colossus of black rubber. With an average diameter of 2.3″, and a circumference of 7.5″ at the head, it’s almost the thickness of a beer can, yet ultimately more filling than any drink.
Made from Doc Johnson’s “Silagel” material – a type of PVC – the product is very solidly constructed, with a hefty weighty feel to it, and a smooth exterior free from mould lines.

Although shaped to resemble a penis, the tip of the toy is actually quite blunt, meaning the prior use of a tapered butt plug will be a necessity for most, in order to gently open the way, and handily Doc Johnson also sell one of these in the corresponding size. With preparations taken care of, the shape of the toy is enough to allow for comfortable insertion, provided you have plenty of lube on hand. If you liked the full feeling of the butt plug, then the extra length of the dildo will really take it to another level. Directly below the tip of the toy are two wide ridges, which are pronounced enough for you to feel them during use. This area gives the dildo more interest than something which is purely smooth, as you can slide up and down against the ridges and enjoy the sensations they produce. Further down the dildo the shaft bends, which is something I found slightly problematic. The sheer thickness of the toy renders the material quite inflexible, so the shape doesn’t change at all while it’s inside you, and that shape can prove to be quite awkward. When trying to get the toy in deeper, especially for the first time, the angle of the toy doesn’t seem to naturally want to follow the shape of the body, so there is a period of twisting it around and trying to position it so as to encounter the least resistance, rather than having it uncomfortably poking you in the bladder.  While I’m certain the bend isn’t a problem on the smaller models, it just seems to be a little too much to be practical on the large one, and adds what is essentially an obstacle, rather than a feature which enhances it. Had the shaft been significantly straighter, I feel it would have worked better. The base of the product is concave – much like the underside of a champagne bottle – so if you place it on a smooth flat surface and push down it acts much like a suction cup and holds it in place.

Like all Silagel products the Big Stuff does have something of a plasticy odour about it; it’s not overly unpleasant, and is tolerable, but it’s still noticeable, and strong enough to leave its aroma in an entire drawer or cupboard if you store it outside its original packaging.  Standard water-based lubricants don’t adhere to the surface quite as well as with other materials, so I found myself using somewhat more than I would on other toys, just to get an even coverage over a comparable area. For this reason I’d recommend pairing this toy with a thicker cream style lubricant.
On the subject of the packaging there isn’t a great deal to say, it’s just a simple clear plastic shell which does its job of holding the item in place, but there’s really no hiding what’s inside. I found it quite convenient to store the toy in when not in use.
Overall I’d have to say I’m pretty pleased with this dildo. Like all Doc Johnson products it’s well made and built to last. The one niggle I found with it isn’t a deal breaker, and something I’m certain can be worked around with perseverance.
You can buy the Big Stuff from SexToys.co.uk, and it also comes available in two smaller sizes.