Gun Oil H2O

I was looking for a new water-based lube to try out recently, and being a big fan of Gun Oil’s signature silicone product I decided to grab a 5ml sachet of Gun Oil H2O last time I was ordering toys.

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In terms of how slippery and long lasting it is, the Gun Oil H2O has to be the best water-based lubricant I’ve tried thus far.

Unlike a lot of water-based lubes it isn’t very viscous, instead having a thin watery consistency, which seems to add to its performance. I found it worked exceptionally in combination with a FleshJack, with one small application at the outset being all that was required. The only downside is that it’s not ideal for use with things such as butt plugs, as it doesn’t stay where you apply it, but thankfully Gun Oil produce a gel-style variant to take care of that.
As it’s water-based it’s not a problem to rinse off both yourself and your toy once you’re done, and can easily be cleaned from any fabrics it may come in contact with, without leaving a mark.
One thing I will say about the sachets, is that they’re very difficult to open. I resorted to scissors, being unable to tear into it, so if you were looking for a sachet to pop alongside the condom in your wallet, just in case of impromptu sex, then I’d bear that in mind. There’s nothing like prolonged fumbling to kill the mood, after all.

U.K. readers can buy Gun Oil H2O from, Nice ‘n’ Naughty, or Esmale where you can get an extra 10% off by using the code ‘INCEND10’ at the checkout.