Doc Johnson “The Groove”

I was in the mood for something slender for a change in contrast to my other toys, and also something with a really bumpy surface, almost similar to anal beads, and this is what I found.
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The Groove by Doc Johnson is a great toy which manages to combine dildo, butt plug, and anal beads all in one convenient product.
It comes packaged very nicely in a cardboard box with a plastic insert to cocoon it inside. The first thing I noticed when I removed it from the box was that it had this wonderfully sweet fruity smell to the silicone. 
The toy itself is 7″ in length, with 5 bulges of differing sizes down the shaft, the largest being 1.5″ in diameter, and the smallest at the tip being about the width of a finger. It’s made entirely from Doc Johnson’s proprietary platinum silicone blend, which is one of my favourite materials. The silicone is smooth and flexible, making it incredibly comfortable to use, and the surface of the toy is free from any mould lines. One of the things I like most about the material is the way in which it absorbs the heat from the body whilst it’s inside, so as you begin to withdraw it you’ll notice this lovely feeling of warmth emanating from it.
The shape of the toy makes it suitable for all; with a little water based lube the first three bulges will slide in with ease, and then there’s the two larger ones to look forward to, or work up to as the case may be. Because of the narrow and flexible tip it makes it far easier to insert this toy deeper than other toys of a similar length, thus living up to its name as ‘prober’, bending around into new territory inside. For this reason it makes a great tool to train yourself with to accept longer items than you might be used to. The combination of the flared base, smooth neck portion, and wide final bump allows the toy to act in the manner of a butt plug. Once fully inside you can leave it there both comfortably and securely for as long as you please. The best way to experience the bulges along the shaft is when it comes to removing it. By really clenching your muscles before pulling it out you can feel every satisfying bump along the way, then relax yourself to reinsert it and repeat.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this, whether you’re looking to start out with something not too intimidating, or if you’re already confident you can handle the widest part, and are just looking for something bumpy to enjoy yourself with. It’s a quality product at a great price.