Doxy Number 3

A few years ago a new company popped up in the South West of England, offering what was to be a rival to the famous Hitachi Magic Wand, and that company was Doxy. By any measure the Doxy Wand immediately took the Internet by storm, with every blogger raving about it, cam performers adding it to the top of their wishlists, and eventually that success spawned the all-metal Doxy Die Cast, and the innovative Doxy Don (formerly Skittle) – which I had the pleasure of reviewing back in 2015. 
Late last year Doxy revealed the third in their line of vibrating wands, the aptly-named Doxy Number 3, an all-metal bodied wand in the vein of the Doxy Die Cast, but in a new compact shape, and I knew that it was finally time for me to try one out. 
A couple of e-mails later and Doxy have very kindly sent me a Number 3, and today I’m finally going to review it!

I’m not a complete stranger to vibrating wands, having reviewed the Palm Power way back in 2013, but it’s safe to say that they’re a category of toy of which I own the fewest pieces. I am, however, completely taken in by the sheer power that can be delivered by something running on mains power, and that’s why I was so excited to try a Doxy. 

The Doxy No.3 is a serious piece of kit; it has a 7 1/2″ solid brushed-aluminium body, topped with a shiny metal collar, giving it a feeling of real clout whilst retaining a sleek and attractive appearance. It’s capped with a solid metal head, largely covered in a velvety-soft matte black silicone, but with a band of shiny metal left exposed at the bottom to mirror the collar of the shaft. In all it comes in at a total length of just over 10″, with a circumference around the head of 5 3/4″, and a total weight of around 340g. It may be the compact model, but it still has plenty of substance to it. 
The Doxy is powered by mains electricity, and has a generous 3m cord which allows it to reach even the most awkwardly-placed socket in a bedroom. It also features one of those handy plugs with the interchangeable prongs, so they can be swapped out and replaced depending on which locale you’ll be using the toy. The package does only contain the correct prongs for the region you buy it in however, so if you want to take it travelling you’ll have to make your own arrangements there. 
The Doxy is operated by three buttons located slightly below the mid point of the body. There’s an on/off button, a (+) to increase the power, and a (-) to lower it again. As well as a constant vibration mode, a pulsating mode can also be accessed by holding the power button down for a couple of seconds whilst it’s turned off. For me the button placement is quite convenient, whether you be holding the wand with your thumb pointed towards the head, or with it flipped 180 degrees and your thumb pointed towards the cord. One nice feature is that the buttons light up when the toy is turned on, so they’re a little easier to locate if you’re using the wand in dim ambient lighting.
The wand itself packs a serious amount of power. Even on the lowest setting you can feel that sheer force as it turns on, and from there you have several other levels to move up into. One thing which did surprise me a little is that the No.3 isn’t all that rumbly. It’s definitely more a middling sort of vibration on the buzzy to rumbly scale. I can’t really comment on how this compares to previous Doxys, and if it’s merely a consequence of downsizing the wand, but I was expecting a deeper vibration. As with many toys I found that the lowest power setting had the most rumbly quality to it, compared to the higher ones. 
In terms of use the Doxy really is a joy. You can start off in a very teasing fashion, just running it over the outside of the underwear, and already those vibrations start to have an effect and rouse what sleeps within. Moving it all around the genitals, and along the perineum, can continue to produce an effect without any direct contact with the erogenous zones, just allowing the vibrations in the surrounding areas to filter through. Using it straight against the penis is where it really shines though, running it up and down the length of the shaft, slowly encircling the head, and most importantly held up against the frenulum, or stroking it. With the Doxy pressed against the frenulum you could easily achieve climax in mere seconds if you really wanted to, such is the strength of it, but ultimately most will find greater pleasure in drawing the experience out. This is also where the pulsing mode comes into play, because this is absolutely my favourite way to use the No.3. With the Doxy pressed up against the frenulum, and pulse mode activated, the rhythm of vibrations into the penis feels fantastic, and further more you can adjust the interval between each pulse using the buttons, allowing you to ramp up the speed as you approach climax, for even better effect. Interestingly the Doxy does have more of a rumbly quality to it in this mode, as each time it stops and starts in between a moment of ramping vibration strength, it gives off a judder which can be felt deeper into the tissue. 
Another way I found that it’s quite nice to use the Doxy is around the anus. Just gently pushing it up against the external muscle makes the entire thing quiver and tingle, and feels quite lovely. It almost makes you wish there was a way to use it internally, and as luck would have it I’ve seen photos of a prototype cap for the No.3 by Nexus, which would turn the Doxy into a prostate massager, and frankly I love that idea. 
The Doxy can of course be used for non-sexual purposes, merely as an all-purpose massager. Pressing it into various areas of the body, especially around the back and neck, does feel quite soothing and therapeutic, so I’d definitely recommend trying it. 
One thing people may be concerned with is the weight of the Number 3, due to the all metal body, as I have heard stories of people’s arms growing tired whilst using the Die Cast. I have to say though that I never experienced any problems, and found the Doxy quite comfortable to use the entire time. 
With regard to noise, the Doxy is louder than many other vibrators; something which naturally comes with being a mains powered toy, but the volume of it is acceptable. In my experience it can be heard faintly on the other side of standard modern bedroom door, but not through a thin partition wall, especially if there’s furniture up against it, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about using it if you’re sharing your accommodation. 
I have to say, on the whole I do really like the Doxy Number 3. The only slight drawback for me is that it’s not more rumbly, as those are the vibrations I crave more than any other. The Doxy does an absolutely fantastic job though, and has many uses, and has delivered many great orgasms in the process of testing it. I would have no hesitation is recommending it to any of my readers.
Thanks so much to Doxy for sending me one to review, the Number 3 is available from: Lovehoney UK, Lovehoney EU, Lovehoney US, Lovehoney Australia,, and SheVibe

So Divine Wicked Game Magic Wand

A couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail on behalf of So Divine, a new sex toy brand that’s recently launched in the UK, and they asked if they could send over some products for me to review.
This time around I’m going to be looking at the Wicked Game Magic Wand, and it’s one that I’ve been eager to try out, so let the review commence!

The Wicked Game is So Divine’s first wand-style vibrator and, as it would happen, only my second. Aside from the Palm Power Massager which I reviewed four years ago, I don’t have a lot of experience with vibrating wands, but they’re something I’ve always liked the idea of. What sets wands apart from other vibrators is that they’re renowned for their sheer power, and as a known power-junkie myself that’s right up my alley.

The Wicked Game is in many ways your standard sort of wand vibrator, but at the same time it has a little bit of a trick up its sleeve, one that you probably wouldn’t expect just from looking at it, but I’ll get to that shortly.

In terms of design the wand has a lovely ergonomic shape, and feels very comfortable and natural in hand. At 9 1/2″ in total length it’s pretty long, but because it’s also quite slender and lightweight it doesn’t feel that big overall, and remains easy to wield. The whole thing is covered in a layer of body-safe silicone which seals away the electronics, making it waterproof, and has a velvety-soft matte finish which feels pleasant to the touch. There’s no discernable squish to the silicone as it’s only a thin layer, but it feels more luxurious than a bare plastic.
Near the top of the wand are two metal electrodes which protrude from the silicone, and this is where the magnetic charging cable connects. The cable plugs into a USB port, but what I really like is that they actually throw in an adapter too, so you call plug it into a wall socket rather than a computer. This is the first time I’ve encountered a company that does this, so it’s a nice touch.

The wand contains two separate motors located at opposite ends of the body, and these can be operated alternately, but not simultaneously. The head of the wand is designed for external stimulation, while the tail of the wand can be inserted, so it’s a little like getting two toys in one. If you do plan on inserting the tail of the wand, then it’s worth noting that the circumference around the widest point is 4 7/8″, so it’s not for beginner anal play.

The wand is operated by a trio of buttons located near the middle of the body, and are easily accessible whichever end of the wand you are using. Holding down the power button in the centre for 2 seconds turns on the toy, and this is confirmed by a small blue LED lighting up. Pressing the arrow button pointed towards the head activates that motor and starts it vibrating on the lowest setting, while pressing the arrow pointed towards the tail end switches to that motor, and you can flick back and forth between them at will. With a given motor selected you can cycle through the various settings by repeatedly pressing the corresponding arrow button. There are 3 power levels in all, and 7 patterns to choose from.
In terms of how the wand actually performs in use, the word “lacklustre” comes to mind, and that’s a real shame, because up until I turned it on I was actually really liking the Wicked Game. The vibrations are incredibly shallow and buzzy, especially in the tail end where they seem to get lost inside the toy and barely emanate out. Using it inserted I could barely feel anything of note, and while I don’t expect to get Lelo Loki levels of intensity from something that costs under half the price, I did expect more. The vibrations felt more akin to those of a butt plug powered by a £10 battery-operated bullet, than something that was coming from a rechargeable toy, and regrettably they had no impact on my prostate. The patterns were more noticeable than the constant vibration, but at most they simply felt like an intermittent tingling sensation around the sphincter. Even attempting to move the wand around into different positions had no effect, and in fact the physical sensation of the wand’s contoured shape felt more pleasurable inside the body than anything produced by the motor.
The head end fares a little better, but only marginally. Here the vibrations do translate more, and you can feel an added degree of strength, but as soon as you place them up against your erogenous zones it’s another damp squib. The majority of the settings are simply so buzzy that none of the vibrations penetrate into the tissue or have a significant impact. Holding the wand against my penis I simply felt bored most of the time, and even my erection began to waiver. The only setting I liked was the very lowest power level, because that at least had a little more rumble to it, but I couldn’t describe the sensation it produced any more enthusiastically than as “nice.” I wagered I could probably produce an orgasm from that setting, but trying to get any satisfaction out of the wand is a real effort, and that’s not really the result you want from a sex toy. It certainly wasn’t what I was anticipating, judging by my experience with wands in the past.
The one saving grace is that the wand is pretty quiet, but that would seem to be more a symptom of its lack of power than anything.

I have to say that on the whole the Wicked Game magic wand is a disappointment, and it started out with so much promise. It’s a good-looking, well-built toy, that incorporates quality materials and modern charging technology, but its functionality is just poor. The fact that it tries to do two things and can’t get either right is simply insult to injury. You can’t help but think that it would have been better if they’d simply concentrated on one area and really nailed it, rather than attempting to double the features.

It probably comes as no surprise, but I’m not going to be recommending the Wicked Game magic wand. Even at its price point I don’t see the value, and I’d suggest saving your pennies for something with a little more punch.

Thanks to So Divine for providing the wand, and you can find it on Lovehoney.

Palm Power Massager

I was having a little chat with the lovely Sam from Simply Pleasure the other day, and she asked if I’d be interested in trying out one of the Palm Power Massagers. I’ve never used a vibrating wand before, but I’ve been hearing great things about the Hitachi and the like since forever, so I was definitely keen to give this a shot. As always, check out the review below.

The Palm Power massager is a mains-powered vibrating wand from BMS Factory, the Canadian company behind the Swan, Leaf, & Lux product lines, as well as the renowned PowerBulletâ„¢ vibrating motor.
What’s surprising about the toy is actually the size of it, because despite looking like quite a hefty piece of equipment in photographs, it actually does fit into the palm of your hand. The whole thing is about 7 1/2″ long, and when you have your fingers wrapped around the nicely curved base of the handle your thumb comes to rest right on the power button near the top, so it really is ideal to hold. The head of the wand measures in at near to a 1 1/2″ diameter sphere, but don’t be fooled by the size because it really does pack a punch. 
The wand is made largely from a hard grey ABS plastic, with a soft matte finish which provides ample grip when holding it, as well as a couple of hot-pink accent pieces, including a removable silicone end cap. It’s a slightly odd colour combination, and looks almost as though they borrowed a few ideas from the Jimmyjane colour palette. Personally I might have designed something a little more muted, but in this case I’m not overly concerned with appearances.
The Palm Power has only one button, and is operated by what the manual refers to as the “Press and Hold” system. You press the button once to turn the toy on, you hold it down to increase the power level, then you press it again to turn it off. It’s a pretty simple system and it works well without overcrowding the small handle. One thing which is nice about how it works is that there aren’t incremental power levels, so instead of picking between pre-defined strengths you can set the intensity to any point on the scale between zero and maximum. I wouldn’t have minded if they’d included another button or two, because the two possible things which can go wrong during use are: a.) you try to increase the power just slightly and accidentally turn the wand off completely, or b.) you increase the power by too much, then have to turn it off and start again at the beginning to find where you were. Another button or two could solve this, but honestly I’m really nitpicking here as for 99% of the time it works fine how it is.
When the Palm Power is turned on it’s amazingly powerful, and truly rumbly too, even at low speeds. My first reaction was to flit between thinking “wow, so much power can come out of something so small?” and “so this is the difference between mains power and battery toys!” If you’ve ever looked at a small wand before and jumped to an assessment along the lines of “it looks like a child’s toy, what can it really be expected to do?” then dispel that pre-judgement from your mind, because you’re in for a surprise. What’s interesting about the toy is how differently it performs depending on the intensity you have it set at. When you first turn it on you find that you get quite a bit of feedback, and the handle vibrates just as much as the head, causing your arm to judder around. Once you get it right up to the high speeds it’s only the head which moves, and the handle feels calm and almost entirely motionless. There’s a curious point right in the middle where you can switch back and forth between the two actions; if you press the head firmly against the body then it can cause the handle to start vibrating, but if you then move the wand away and squeeze the handle it sends the vibrations back into the head. It’s one of those cases where you can tell that the behaviour is down to physics, and it would probably take engineers quite a while to eliminate it from happening, but it’s not that bad. Personally I lean towards the higher power settings, but if you prefer to play on low then a little shaking in the arm shouldn’t be to bothersome.
Power inevitably does bring with it increased noise, so when you’re up close with it it can come across as a little loud compared to other toys. What’s good about it is that it’s a pretty standard vibrating noise, and not some terrible rattling sound. I can safely say that leaving it 1m away from a closed door, and standing on the other side of it, it can only be heard ever so faintly. This really surprised me, but it’s obviously the type of noise which doesn’t travel, so I wouldn’t worry too much about people in adjacent rooms hearing your sexual exploits, unless you’re the one making the sounds rather than the toy.
There are two main ways you can use the Palm Power: as an actual body massager, and of course as a sex toy.
It almost seems strange to review it in its capacity as a body massager, and maybe this is why I can sense that this paragraph will be short. The simple fact is that it really works. I’ve never used a massager such as this before, but those strong rumbly vibrations I mentioned earlier really do penetrate deep into the muscle tissue of the body. All you need to do is press the tip into the muscle you wish to massage, crank up the power, then just relax and feel how soothing it is. I’d be highly inclined to suggest it to anyone who has a lot of muscle tension, or who has a partner who could benefit. A few minutes spent feeling the vibrations rippling through your body is enough to make anyone feel better. If you want to double the action then you can move the head around the muscle at the same time, and use a firm pressure in a circular motion to massage manually alongside the vibrations.
As a sex toy the Palm Power in it’s basic form is somewhat limited in how you can use it, because it is essentially restricted to being an external vibrator, but as soon as you start using it and feeling its power then the last thing that will be on your mind is what it can’t do. Massaging the head and shaft of the penis with the wand is quite an intense experience; there are some vibrators which feel pleasant enough but which still take a while to get you off that way, but this certainly isn’t the case. With the Palm Power turned up to full strength, and applied to just the right spots, I could have climaxed in seconds if I’d allowed myself. That’s just how effective it is. Of course rarely does anyone want to cum that quickly, most of the time you want to draw it out for a good long session, and this is perfectly possible with the Palm Power too. Changing the power settings is always one option, and a low vibration is better for sustained steady titillation. It’s also about where precisely you apply the wand. With a little bit of water-based lube applied to the tip you can slide it wherever you want it, so instead of focussing mainly on the more sensitive parts of the penis, around the head and frenulum, you can work lower down on the shaft, only occasionally making contact with the most erogenous regions. You don’t have to use a lube, the silicone head does slide quite nicely over the skin, but there is a degree of drag which not everyone will appreciate.
Another thing which is fantastic about the Palm Power is that a selection of interchangeable heads are available for it (sold separately), and I was lucky enough to be given these to test out as well. There are two sets, the Palm Body and the Palm Sensual, each containing two different heads, and I’m going to be awkward here because I prefer one from each. The pink silicone cap easily pops off the head of the wand, and one of the attachments slips on securely in its place. The new heads are all made of 100% silicone, but what’s interesting is that they feel different to the standard cap. They’re quite a firm silicone, but the surface of them feels softer, more velvety, and slightly more luxurious. It made me wish that the standard cap was a little more like this, not that there’s anything wrong with the way it is currently, it just shows that there is room for some slight improvement.

The Palm Body kit contains two attachments specifically designed for use when massaging the body: the Palm Finger – “two pointed edges to relax every muscle in your fingers and palm” and the Palm Arm – “two rounded edges glide over your arm for a truly magnificent massage.”

The Palm Finger is one of my favourites, and not for the reason for which it’s apparently intended. It has two little prongs at the end, which stick up like bunny ears on a rabbit vibrator, and these really focus all the vibrations from the wand at their tips, seeming to amplify the intensity further. I gather that you’re supposed to use it on the hands and fingers, but I didn’t get much out of this; where it really comes into its own is on the genitals. I’ve always been curious about those two-pronged vibrators like the Jimmyjane Form 2, and this pretty much satisfies the question of whether or not that design is effective. Running the two prongs up and down the shaft of the penis is blissful, having them lodged beneath the head and straddling the frenulum. I dare say that using the Palm Power like this is better than using it without. If you could only pick one attachment then this would be the one which I recommend.

The Palm Arm is an attachment which really is best suited for use on the body. Because of its shape it also focusses the vibrations from the wand at its tips, but because they’re so far apart it makes it impractical for genital use. On the other hand it does feel rather nice to run attachment over the forearms and biceps, so it does fulfil its intended purpose, though I’m not altogether certain that I’d acquire a vibrating wand with the express intention of massaging arms. If you do have a penis as thick as a forearm, then perhaps you could re-purpose it, but I’d still maintain that the Palm Finger is more suited in that capacity.

The Palm Sensual kit contains two attachments specifically designed for sexual stimulation, though more female sexual stimulation I hasten to add, but at least one of them is good for a man. The first is the Palm Below – “rounded flexible neck for G-spot stimulation” and the second is the Palm Dual, which looks a little like a miniature version of the Silver Swan.
The Palm Below is my second favourite attachment, because it can be used like a prostate massager. It has a nice flexible neck, so you can comfortably insert the end of it into the anus, then have the head of the wand sitting against the perineum. The downside to the attachment is that the vibrations don’t travel through it quite as well as in the Palm Body pieces, so rather than the vibrations becoming focussed right at the tip, instead they remain strongest down closest to the wand. The result is that you feel vibrations mostly strongly outside the body along the perineum, but enough do travel through the silicone to deliver pleasant sensations to the prostate. It doesn’t stimulate the prostate as well as some specialist prostate massagers, but it’s definitely nice to have this option and versatility with the product.
The Palm Dual I must confess I haven’t used. The shape of it and flexibility of the material just makes it impractical for a male body in terms of trying to insert the ends anywhere. The tips do again help to focus the vibrations, however, so you can use the ends for more pin-point accuracy during external stimulation if you wish. Other than that there really isn’t a great deal to say.
The Palm Power utilises one of the same type of universal power adaptors as the Silver Swan, but the two aren’t interchangeable due to the use of different voltages, as well as having dissimilar plugs which connect them to the products. I still find the whole design of them to be rather ingenious however. The adaptor comes in two separate parts: there’s a transformer connected to the power lead which plugs into the toy, and then there’s a selection of different prongs which clip onto the transformer, depending on where in the world you want you use it. There are four different attachments in total, one for the UK, EU countries, Australia / New Zealand, and North America / Japan. Each of the sets of prongs clips on really firmly to form a secure unit, and it’s a simple button push to pop them back off again and switch them. For added peace of mind the button is located in a position where it can’t be pressed while the charger is plugged into a socket, so there’s no chance of accidentally separating it while live current is flowing. The design is convenient in two ways, firstly because you can buy the product anywhere and know that it’ll work when you get home without the need for adaptors, and secondly because you can customise the adaptor when you’re planning to travel abroad on holiday. 
The power cable for the toy is nearly 2.5m long, which is great for a mains-powered product as it gives it gives you a lot of distance to utilise while still being tied to the nearest socket. What’s slightly unusual for a mains-powered toy is that the power lead isn’t wired into it and can be detached. I rather like this though, because it means I can neatly put the wand away into my toy drawer, then wind up the lengthy cable and store with all of my other adaptors. Conveniently the plug actually has “Palm Power” printed on it, which makes locating it amongst my drawer of cable spaghetti so much easier, compared to every other toy and its generic charger.
The Palm Power is not waterproof, so you want to be careful when cleaning it. What’s good is that the end cap is removable, so you can wash it separately then replace it when it’s dry. If you make a mess with lube all down the handle then you’ll have to try to carefully wipe it up with a damp cloth, when it’s unplugged of course.
The packaging for all the Palm Power products and accessories is a nice simple clear plastic box, which can be recycled. I’m really not going to go into too much detail in an already essay-length review. Suffice it to say it’s tasteful and serves its purpose, but you probably won’t choose to keep it. You don’t get any sort of pouch to keep the wand in so you might want to buy one yourself.
In summation I would most certainly and wholeheartedly recommend the Palm Power Massager, especially with the attachments. It’s a great little toy which manages to be incredibly powerful, pocket-sized, and not too noisy. It’s well worth adding it to any collection, for sexual use or otherwise.
The Palm Power is available from Simply Pleasure.

Metal Worx Curve

Ever since I reviewed the Metal Worx Teazer this summer I’ve been dying to try out some more pieces from this range, and my new friends over at Simply Pleasure were generous enough to send me a Metal Worx Curve to test out. Find out how I got on with it after the jump!

The Metal Worx Curve is one of those toys which I really enjoy writing the review for, simply because it surprised me. I’ll be honest when I say that despite how much I like the design of it, initially I was sceptical about how effective it would be during use, and without spoiling the review let’s just say that it  does the job.

The Curve is a toy which fits into the category of a “wand”, much like the Pure Wand or Fun Wand by njoy, as it doesn’t quite fit the parameters of a traditional dildo. It’s very much a toy of two halves, fused together in an “S” shape, with each performing very different functions. The first end is not dissimilar to anal beads, comprised of 4 bulges gradually increasing in size, and curling up like the segmented tail of a scorpion. The second end, which following on I will designate as the “head” is much more simplistic, and features a strongly curved shaft with a large sphere on the end.

In total the Curve measures around 11 1/4″ from end to end when you factor in the curvature. The ball at the head end has a circumference of 4 1/8″, and at the tail they increase from 2 5/8″, to 3 1/8″, then 3 3/8″, and finally 3 5/8″. The shaft of the Curve is quite slender, and while it does vary in thickness slightly it has an average circumference of 2″.

The Curve is made entirely from highly polished steel which gives it a rather stunning appearance, as well as making it quite a heavy and sturdy toy. Unlike some products, such as my njoy Pure Plug 2.0, it’s not made from a stainless steel, and you can actually tell this from a slight difference in the colour. This doesn’t alter its properties in any significant way, except perhaps when it comes to caring for the toy, and I’ll mention that briefly later. One of the best features about metal is how well it conducts heat, which naturally makes it perfect for temperature play. In this regard it is many times better than glass, which is another popular material for this. When you pick the Curve up at room temperature you get the impression that it’s already cold, which is handy if you enjoy low temperatures as it reduces the need to wait while it chills in the fridge. If cold isn’t your thing then simply holding the Curve in your hands for a few seconds will be enough to bring it up to a more comfortable temperature. Personally I don’t consider the Curve to the the type of toy you’d want to use for temperate play as it’s more of an interactive toy, and therefore different to how you might slip a cold plug into your body and leave it there, but this might just be an individual preference so it’s great that you have the option. Because the Curve has quite a slender design it does change temperature more quickly, so it will suck heat out of the body and warm up rapidly during use. If you really want to keep it cold then it’s handy to have a bucket of ice water nearby, as a quick dunk in there will have it back down to frigid temperatures in no time. Similarly if you like your temperature play at the other end of the spectrum, a dip in a basin of hot water will also do the trick.

When it comes to using the Curve the two different ends serve quite separate purposes, at least as far as I’m concerned. The tail end is what I think of as the warm up end. It has a narrow tapered tip which slips very easily into the body, and the individual bulges act like anal beads as you gently pop them in and out of the sphincter and enjoy that sensation. The first three are very easy to insert, but I found the fourth to be a little more tricky, due to the combination of the curve in the shaft and the rigidity of the material. If and when you do put the fourth inside I’d suggest exercising a little caution, as when the muscle slips over the widest point you will feel the Curve being sucked into the body, and if you don’t have it positioned quite right then that sucking action can pull the hard metal tip into your soft delicate insides quite forcefully and cause discomfort. The tail is definitely more the foreplay side of the Curve, as using it largely just teases the anus and helps it to relax and loosen up, but it doesn’t really provide and stimulation deeper inside the rectum. Once you’re done and you decide to flip the toy around you’ll soon discover that the head side is the main event. The ball on the end slides into the body very easily, especially if you’ve already warmed up with the other side. Despite it being a hard and rigid toy it still feels very comfortable during insertion, but it’s also important to know how to relax. With the ball inside it seems to almost immediately find the prostate, and because the prostate is situated in quite a shallow location adjacent to the rectum you won’t need to insert much of the shaft in order to stimulate it. The shape of the toy causes it to curve upwards between the legs into a very accessible position, so you can grip onto the tail section like a handle without having to reach that far to grab anything. As soon as you begin even the slightest of thrusting with the Curve you’ll notice immediate and unmistakable prostate stimulation, and it really took me by surprise. As you thrust the curve of the shaft directs the steel ball on the end firmly into the prostate, and it gently rubs back and forth across the surface of it, mimicking the motion you might use when trying to stimulate the prostate with fingers, only it’s more effective because of the large surface area of the ball. I really wasn’t expecting it to be so effective; most toys seem to only produce incidental prostate stimulation, or at least they require a fair amount of experimentation to get the knack of using them in that way, but with the Curve it was instant. Because of the position of the prostate you really only need shallow thrusts to target it, and this allows you to move from a slow motion to quite a fast one, depending on which suits you best. If you want to feel a firmer pressure on the prostate then it couldn’t be simpler than just pulling the Curve upwards and towards you while thrusting. One sure fire way to tell that the Curve is doing its job is from the spontaneous erection which suddenly pops up after a couple of strokes back and forth across the sweet spot. I’m really not exaggerating when I say quite unequivocally that the Curve is the single most effective non-powered toy that I’ve ever used for prostate stimulation. It’s almost impossible to go wrong when using it as it hits the right spot every time, and avoids frustrating time wasted as you try to figure out where it is and how to stimulate it with other toys, so it’s especially worthwhile for the less experienced in this field. Using the Curve has to be the closest I’ve come to achieving a prostate orgasm yet, and that’s really saying something as my prostate is pretty stubborn. I’m fairly certain that with perseverance I’m going to be able to achieve it with this toy.

You can’t review a Metal Worx toy without talking about the packaging. The Curve comes in a heavy duty case, the style of which you might expect to see bands taking their expensive electronic equipment on tour inside. The corners are all constructed from a lightweight metal, while the side panels are made from a textured black plastic which almost resembles carbon fibre. The lid is hinged on the back and has a firm clasp on the front. Inside the case is foam padding, with a groove cut out into which the Curve fits. I have to say that the Curve doesn’t stay in place quite as snugly as my Teazer does, and I can hear it fall out of place when I turn the case upside, but it’s not a huge concern for me. The case definitely does help to give the Curve the appearance of being precious and expensive, as well as being a great place to securely store it when not in use. The only downside is that the case is a little bulky if you’re short on space, measuring 11 1/4″ x 4″ x 3 1/4″.
The Curve is very easy to clean as metal is a highly durable and non-porous material which is able to be sterilised. You can wash it with antibacterial soap and hot water, wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution, or boil it in water for a couple of minutes. Just be sure to dry it thoroughly when you’re done as it’s not stainless steel, so there is the potential for rusting if you’re not careful. One other thing is that metal does show up fingerprints, so depending on how fussy you are you may find yourself polishing it before putting it away.
Overall I would highly recommend the Curve to anyone looking for a great prostate toy. Don’t be fooled by the unorthodox design, when it comes to anal stimulation the Curve really couldn’t do a better job, and is truly worthy of the investment.
You can buy the Metal Worx Curve from the fine folks at Simply Pleasure.
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