Zolo Pocket Pool Straight Shooter

Last week I reviewed the Zolo Cup, Zolo’s answer to the Tenga Cup, and found out that it came up a little short. This week I’m going to be reviewing another Zolo product, also kindly provided by the folks at Bondara, the Zolo Pocket Pool, which is more or less a Tenga Egg. You may be sensing a pattern here.
Whereas last week I did pretty much a direct back-to-back comparison with the Zolo and Tenga cups, in this case I reviewed my Tenga Egg back in June of 2012, so we’re going to have to rely mostly on my memory when ascertaining which is superior.

The Pocket Pool is by no means an original concept, something which I had been quick to praise Tenga for in the past, but where I have to give Zolo credit is in the branding. There are 6 different Pocket Pool options to choose from in total, each packaged inside a black plastic sphere, and wrapped up in colourful cellophane to make them look like billiard balls. Where the notion of Tenga’s “Egg” comes off as a little goofy, there’s something a bit cooler about the Pocket Pool, both with its appearance, the innuendo in its name, and the laddish connexion to a popular pub game. I can imagine it superficially having a broader appeal, especially to male shoppers buying for themselves.
Once you peel off the cellophane and crack open the black ball you’ll find inside a wobbling white ovoid resembling a hard boiled egg, almost like a reverse Kinder Surprise. The toy itself is a thin, stretchy, textured sleeve, made from what appears to be TPE, and it comes perched atop a little plastic cone into which a small 5ml sachet of lube is tucked. In total the sleeve is about 2″ wide, and comparable to the Tenga Egg in size.
Each of the Pocket Pool variants has a different texture on the interior surface, which can be easily seen by flipping the sleeve inside out to reveal the raised pattern. For the most part they’re quite dissimilar to the designs found inside the Tenga Eggs, offering up a little variety, but they seem equally prominent in depth which is reassuring. The Straight Shooter that I was sent has what’s described on the Zolo website as a “wheel texture”, and indeed it does rather remind me of a child’s pinwheel that you see being sold at the beach. The raised areas are arranged almost in a spiral, and packed quite closely together, giving a nice first impression when you run a finger across them.
The base of the sleeve has a 1/2″ wide orifice which serves as the access point into the toy, and the easiest way to make use of it is to enlarge it with your fingers and pull it over the tip of the penis. The soft material is incredibly stretchy and able to fit over a penis of almost any size, and once on it completely covers the glans, along with the sensitive areas of the inner foreskin, giving a snug yet comfortable feel.
You will want to (need to) apply lube to the inside of the sleeve before using it, whether that be from the sachet provided or some of your own, but it doesn’t take more than a few drops to give a sufficient coating. This time around I decided to use my own lube, after my experience with that included with the Zolo Cup, but it’s a personal preference. 
Kevin Warhol modelling the Zolo

My initial impression of the sleeve once it was on was that it felt very much like my recollection of the Tenga Egg, and gave that feeling of a secondary foreskin hugging the head of my penis. It’s a pleasantly natural and realistic feeling, which I find is always a good starting point with any masturbator. Once you begin to play around with it the natural feeling continues, and the sleeve glides comfortably across the surface of the glans as the material stretches out. It’s possible to stretch the sleeve down almost the entire length of the shaft if desired, but I found this to be unnecessary, and that the Pocket Pool was much better suited to being used primarily to massage the head and top third of the shaft where the most erogenous tissue lies. The advantage to the sleeve being thin and flexible is that you can apply as much external pressure as desired during use, and it’s this combination of stretching the material and squeezing it that makes the internal texture come to life. It’s not the most stimulating sensation in the world – nor would you expect it to be – but amidst that natural and foreskin-like masturbatory experience, you can really pick out many of the little ridges as they pass over the glans, and especially where they tickle the frenulum. It’s a enough to give a satisfying little boost to your everyday hand-job, and make it that much more enjoyable with these extra points of interest to feel. 

One thing I really did like about the sleeve was the density of the texture, because it meant that the bumps stayed quite close together during use, allowing them to be felt more. One of the things I was less fond of with the Tenga Egg I tried was that the texture seemed to spread apart too much when it was stretched, leaving my penis rubbing against smooth sections of the material at times, but that didn’t appear to be the case with the Straight Shooter.
For me the Pocket Pool works well as a toy for prolonged use, one, because it isn’t too intense, and two, because it’s entirely enclosed when it’s on, so the lube doesn’t evaporate and you needn’t stop to reapply. It allows you to edge for a sufficiently long time to make the most of it, and then when you are ready to finish up it catches all your ejaculate, leaving you mess free and avoiding any real clean up.
The Pocket Pool sleeves are intended to be single-use, just like the Tenga Eggs, but honestly I’m in no rush to throw mine out yet. The material is a little thin and fragile, so I can see it tearing if you try stretching it to some real extremes, but it’s also pretty well made, so provided you rinse it out after use and exercise a little care I see no reason why you shouldn’t be able to prolong its life to several uses.
So, down to the important business, would I recommend the Zolo Pocket Pool? This time I’m going to have to say a resounding “yes.” It may not be the original, but it’s just as good as the Tenga Egg, and right now at Bondara they’re a pound less at only £6.99. It’s a fun toy which feels really good, makes masturbation a bit more interesting, and it’s got some nice branding to go with it. It’s a great thing to chuck in a suitcase for a weekend away, or just to treat yourself to a little something different.
You can buy the Zolo Pocket Pool Straight Shooter, and the rest of the range, from Bondara.

Zolo Cup Personal Trainer

A couple of weeks ago Peter from Bondara got in touch and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing one of the new Zolo products they had in stock. Zolo wasn’t a brand that I was familiar with before, but it’s an American company (with products manufactured in China), that specialises in a series of male masturbators very similar to those on offer from the Japanese company Tenga. I hate to use the word “knock-off” but that is immediately what sprung to my mind when I saw them, so it remains to see whether they’ve managed to take Tenga’s idea and improve upon it in some way, or if indeed it’s just a poor imitation. I reviewed the Tenga Cup a few days ago, so let the comparisons begin!

Like the Tenga Cups the Zolo Cups are a range of single-use disposable masturbators, and there are seven to chose from in total, each with a slightly different internal texture. I was sent the “Personal Trainer” unit which claims to be able to help you “Improve your performance in the bedroom” and “train yourself to last longer,” a little bit like their answer to Fleshjack’s Stamina Training Unit.
The Zolo is a similar size to the Tenga cup, measuring in at 6 1/4″ tall by 2 5/8″ wide, again putting it in that sort of beer can territory. It has a slightly more basic design to the outer casing, with the plastic shell being largely cylindrical, only broken up by 5 shallow grooves running around it, and these are spaced out in such a way to give you a convenient place to rest your fingers for a comfortable grip. The interior is filled with an entirely unknown material, but which I’m guessing from the look and feel is a slightly sticky form of TPE. I’ve checked the side of the packaging, the manufacturer’s website, several different retailers’ pages, and I’ve even tweeted to Zolo, but still I haven’t found an answer about the material, so make of that what you will. Like the Tenga again it’s built as a self-contained unit with only a cap for access at one end and a vent hole at the other, so there’s no taking it apart.
When I popped the cap off for the first time I was surprised to discover that the Zolo doesn’t actually come pre-lubricated, which was one of the features I really liked about the Tenga as it makes it instantly ready to go as soon as you want it. Instead the Zolo comes with a 10ml sachet of lubricant crammed into its cavity for you to gingerly pull out, then tear open and squirt into the chamber. It doesn’t sound like a lot of lube, or indeed look like that much in the sachet, but once you’ve emptied it all into the cup it actually proves to be quite a generous amount.
Inserting myself into the Zolo for the first time was a little uncomfortable because I discovered a ring of dry foam packed directly behind the orifice, and this scraped over the head of my penis before I got deep enough to to reach the nice lubey TPE part. I found I could only get about a third-halfway into the Zolo before I got stuck, so I removed my penis and the ring of foam promptly popped out with it. I double checked the packaging to make sure I hadn’t missed some instruction to remove it, but there was none, and I decided to leave it out anyway, despite the orifice now hanging loosely like a limp slice of wafer thin meat. The second insertion was much more successful; no more discomfort and I managed to get in all the way, though I didn’t feel as though I was in as deep as with the Tenga, and the loose material around the orifice had popped out and stretched down my shaft like a hungry pair of lips. Like with the Tenga the Zolo does feel similarly snug when you’re fully inside it, and if you let go of it it will pop right off the end of your penis, but it should still be usable for people with a broad range of penile girths.
The inside of the cup does feel quite nicely lubricated once you’ve got the full sachet emptied in there, but the word I find myself drawn to is “sufficient.” The lubrication is sufficient to use the toy, but it’s definitely not there in such liberal quantities as with the Tenga, nor is it of such a slippery consistency. The lube feels quite thick and quite gummy to the touch, so while it does lubricate you don’t get quite such a slick motion. Personally I would have preferred to use a lube of my own, one of a good quality that I trust, such as Give Lube, or Gun Oil, as I feel that would have given a better result. The other issue I found is that lube does tend to leak out of  it during use, possibly because I had to remove the foam pad, so I found a lot of it congealing in my pubic hair.

The central channel of the Zolo is textured, and like with Tenga it’s not the same texture throughout, but rather separate and distinct areas each with its own assortment of bumps or ridges as it may be. One of the nice features of the Zolo is that is actually has a cutaway diagram of the internal texture printed right on the side of the case so you can refer to it during use, and this was especially convenient for me as a reviewer when I was trying to figure out exactly what I was feeling at each depth. The inside of the toy is very soft and feels comfortably pleasurable as you’re thrusting away with it, but I found the textures much less discernible than with the Tenga, which came as a surprise to me as this is supposed to be the “Personal Trainer” model. I was expecting something with a much stronger sensation, delivering a sort of stimulation that I’d have to work hard not to react too, but instead it was just a mellow feeling of the head of my penis being gently massaged by something altogether non-distinct. My favourite area of the texture is right at the very start, where there lies a series of small ridges, and these are easily identifiable. The ridges mostly give pleasing stimulation to the corona of the glans, with some occasional reaction from the frenulum. Beyond these are a series of bumps, and every now and then you’ll feel one tickle the frenulum satisfyingly if you have the Zolo orientated just right, but otherwise it’s easy to miss them as they’re slightly too spaced out. The rest of the channel is supposed to have a few bumps and ridges along it, but from what I could tell it might as well have been smooth, not that there’s anything wrong with smooth; my first Fleshjack had no texture and I still enjoy giving it a whirl on occasion.

I found that my preferred way to thrust with the Zolo was to focus on the entrance to the toy, with lots of short strokes to catch the ridges and bumps, only occasionally going the full depth to add some variety, and this was actually pretty satisfying and pleasurable. Like with the Tenga it’s not over-stimulating, in fact it’s even less stimulating than the Tenga, so you can carry on for a long while with it, and you still get that lovely feeling of something soft and slippery massaging the head of your penis with each stroke. It’s definitely better than just a hand alone, and despite the build up being quite relaxed, after a sufficient amount of time spent edging with the Zolo it delivered quite the powerful orgasm, so there’s no complaining about that.

In terms of suction it works pretty much the same way as the Tenga; I don’t see that either one has a real advantage over the other, so I might as well just repeat my thoughts verbatim from the other review. In fact the only real difference is that the Zolo makes more of a farty noise compared to the Tenga’s slurpy sound, but I feel like I’m really lowering the tone with this sentence. The vent hole in the top of the Zolo allows for air to escape during use, and its other purpose is for creating suction by covering it with a finger during the out stroke. This actually works surprisingly well, and you do get a strong sucking sensation from it, but in the process it diminishes the amount of texture you can feel, so it’s a trade off.

I have to say that on the whole I actually like the Zolo cup, but I’ve also reached the conclusion that there is no doubt that it is indeed a Tenga knock off, and on every point the Tenga just edges out ahead of it and beats it. So then, would I recommend it? Well for this one we’re going to have to talk about price. If it were in fact a cheaper knock off then I’d be sat here saying to you “go ahead, buy it! Save a couple of quid and you won’t mind the drop in quality for that price.” The fact is though that it’s not. The folks over at Bondara currently sell the original Japanese-made Tenga Cup for a bargain price of £9.99, while the Zolo Cups are all £11.99. For me that makes it a no brainer, buy the Tenga and get something better for less money.

Thanks to the folks at Bondara for sending me the Zolo Cup to review. You can check it out on their website, along with the rest of the range, and you can also buy the original Tenga Cup there.

Tenga Deep Throat Cup Cool

Recently I was lucky enough to win myself a new limited edition “Cool” Tenga Deep Throat Cup from SexToys.co.uk, via a little summer competition they were running on Twitter. I was planning to add it to the review bank at some point, but then another company got in touch with me and asked me to review a very similar product from a different brand, so I decided I might as well do this properly and compare the two. I’m going to start with a general review of the Tenga first, because it is the original, and then we’ll see how the other one holds up in a subsequent post in a few days time.

The Deep Throat Cup is part of Tenga’s range of single-use disposable products, which also includes the Tenga Eggs, but while the two are quite similarly-priced the Cup is that much more robust and incorporates a solid shell, like a miniature Fleshjack.

The whole Cup is 6 1/8″ tall by 2 1/2″ wide – making it not all that much bigger than a beer can if you want to imagine how it is to hold – and you get pretty much all of that height in insertale length. The outer shell is made from a single piece of hard plastic in a vaguely hourglass-style design, giving a comfortable groove to wrap your thumb and fingers around whilst holding it, and the interior is lined with soft-stretchy TPE, much like that used in the Tenga Eggs and Flip Holes. Because the Cup is built as a completely self contained unit it’s not intended to be taken apart, so the only access into it comes in the form of the end cap at the bottom, and a small vent hole at the top.
The Deep Throat Cup comes pre-lubricated ready for instant use, which is a rather handy feature. Once you remove the cap at the end you’ll notice that not only have they lubricated inside the toy, but also all around the orifice, so there’s no need to lubricate your penis prior as it’ll slip right in with ease. In the “Cool” edition they’ve used a special cooling lubricant which gives you a nice whiff of menthol as soon as the Cup is opened.
I found that upon first insertion the Tenga Cup felt quite snug around my penis. The head passed easily though the stretchy material of the narrow 3/8″ wide orifice, and into the first chamber, but as I pressed on to the full depth there was a definite feeling of resistance. It’s a slightly odd feeling to describe, because I wouldn’t call it “tight” – there wasn’t that sense of tightness that you get from some masturbators, where there’s an strongly stimulating sensation of an elastic material squeezing and almost strangling your penis, instead there was just a general feeling of pressure around the shaft, trying to force it back out of the hole. A sort of “snug” feeling, for lack of a better word. Interestingly when I did let go of the Cup the whole thing popped off the length of my penis, but I have to say that this “snugness” doesn’t actually adversely effect the use of the toy in any way, at least it didn’t for me, am I am quite thick, though if you’re someone who’s pushing around 6″ in circumference then it could be another matter.
The inside of the Cup is very liberally lubricated, so you get a nice slick and slippery passage down the full length of if, and that definitely helps when you’re using a firmer stroke in one direction to overcome that “snugness.” The cooling lubricant has a fairly subtle effect and does feel quite pleasant, but I was expecting something a little stronger, with a noticeable tingle or refreshing chill like I’d had from other lubes and even shower gels, so perhaps it’s a little disappointing on that front. It’s still a nice sensation to have just for a change though.
The soft TPE which forms the central channel of the Cup is textured, and separated into different chambers each with their own choice of bumps and ridges. I won’t bother explaining them too much because I have a diagram which does a far better job of illustrating what you can expect. I recommend starting quite slowly when thrusting, because then you can really identify all the different areas and lumps and bumps that you’re feeling. I almost like to think of it like Braille for the tip of your penis; rubbing the head over all these textured areas and trying to tell a story. The Deep Throat Cup is especially good for long strokes, because then you get the whole spectrum of sensation all in one. It may not be the deepest toy, but from end to end the head goes on quite the journey of stimulation, so I wasn’t really bothered that an inch or so of shaft couldn’t fit inside. The whole texture gently brushes and massages the head all around with every stroke and feels great. My favourite area has to be where all the nodules are in the middle, because these work absolute wonders on the frenulum, and nothing gets me off more than having that region stimulated. Eventually when it does come time for shorter strokes that’s the part of the texture that I focus on. The Chamber at the end is a funny one, because it has different textures on different sides, and what I like about that is that it means you can rotate the toy when you’re using it to find the one you like the most, or just for a bit of variety.
When it comes to thrusting with the toy at speed the individual textures become somewhat lost, and they’re just not prominent enough to be discernible. I don’t think that this is necessarily a bad thing though, because the textures all just seem to meld together into one very pleasurable blur, rather than you losing them. What I like about the Deep Throat Cup is that it’s not over-stimulating; it delivers a lot of enjoyable sensations, but it doesn’t overpower you and have you needing to stop every few minutes for fear of cumming too early. You can carry on for a reasonably long time, allowing things to slowly build up, until you’re ready to let loose.
I mentioned at the start that there is a vent hole in the top of the Cup, and this allows for air to escape during use, and in fact if you bend over it you’ll be able to feel little menthol-scented puffs of air coming out. The other use for it though is for creating suction by covering it with a finger during the out stroke. This actually works surprisingly well, and you do get a strong sucking sensation from it, but in the process the toy starts making quite noisy slurping sounds. Personally I don’t like too much suction as it diminishes the amount of texture you can feel, so it’s a trade off.
After sitting here and going through all the points of what I like so much about the Deep Throat Cup, the biggest downer is that it’s a disposable toy, because not only would I recommend it, but I want to use it again. The truth is though, I think you probably can use it again. Mine certainly didn’t start falling apart after once use, and it still has plenty of lube inside, so I’m going to hang onto it. The only thing you have to be careful about it not ejaculating inside it, because washing it out would be tricky, and I don’t imagine it would air dry well either.
I have to say that I’m really impressed with the Tenga Deep Throat Cup. It may not have that pillowy lifelike feel of a Fleshjack insert, but it has a soft comfortable interior with a stimulating texture, and honestly it’s the best thing I’ve ever put my penis in for under £12. In fact I’ve had more expensive toys which I liked less. If you want to try out a great little masturbator, but don’t want to shell out for the expensive ones yet, then I really recommend one of these. Use it for a week and you’ll be a complete convert.
The Tenga Deep Throat Cup Cool is available from SexToys.co.uk and Lovehoney.

Tenga Flip Hole White

The other day I received a quite unexpected message from the people at Tenga. It turned out that they’d seen my review of the Flip Hole Red, and appreciated my honest assessment so much that they wanted to offer me an original White Flip Hole to try out as well.
There are currently different four different Flip Holes available – White, Black, Red, and Silver – each with its own completely unique texture inside. Apparently the White is the most popular all round choice in the series, so I’ve been really looking forward to the opportunity to compare and contrast it with the Red. You can get a quick run down on the differences between them all here.
Now that the package has made its way to me straight from the neon lights of Tokyo, you can catch the review after the jump! 

I thought I’d start this review today with a quick look at the packaging for the Flip Hole. This isn’t something which ordinarily I’d do, but when Lovehoney sent me the Flip Hole Red to test for them it didn’t come with any packaging, only a polythene sandwich bag with it inside, so I’d like to take this opportunity to fill in any gaps in my previous review.

The Flip Holes come packaged in a simple clear-plastic cylinder, slightly larger than the toy itself, and sealed up with cellophane to prevent tampering. The two end pieces are quite thick and solid, with recesses in them to hold the product in place, while the central tube section is thinner and more flimsy, and has the name of the product printed on it. It’s actually a really nice piece of packaging because not only is it fairly minimal, but it displays and showcases the product well, while also being a convenient place to store it. The end caps of the tube pop off nice and easily, and there’s an adequate amount of room between the Flip Hole and the sides of the packaging to allow you to get your fingers in there and lift it out.

Along with the Flip Hole itself the packaging also includes a small instruction pamphlet clipped beneath the base cap, as well as three phials of different lubricants which sit behind the Flip Hole in the tube. What I love about this is not only do they include lubricant so you can use the product straight out of the box, but they give you a selection to choose from, and the re-sealable phials resemble test tubes from chemistry lessons at school. In this regard it’s far superior to the 5ml sachets of “Fleshlube” which come with every Fleshjack. I’m going to concentrate on the product itself for now, so I’ll leave a thorough review of each of the lubes for a later date.

The Flip Hole has a rather unique design in the world of male masturbation aids, and one which sets it aside from many of its competitors. It comes in two pieces, the main body of the toy, and a separate end cap which plays an integral part in how the toy functions. Both the case and the cap are made of a solid ABS plastic, which in this instance is white. The main case of the toy features two long oval-shaped windows cut out of each side, revealing the translucent TPE material which lines the interior. Because of these windows you can actually touch the TPE whilst you’re using the toy, which is slightly unusual but not really an issue. Strangely enough on my Flip Hole Red I noted that the TPE felt very sticky, but this wasn’t the case at all here, which makes me slightly wonder what happened to the Red one before I got it, but I digress. If you look closely at the windows you’ll notice that within the TPE is embedded a thin sheet of plastic on each side, and this protrudes through the surface in the form of six white buttons. The purpose of these “buttons” is to allow you to squeeze them and apply pressure to the penis whilst using the Flip Hole.

What’s unique about the Flip Hole is that the body of the case can actually be opened in half along a hinge at one end, and here’s where the end cap comes into play. The cap has two long arms which extend up the sides of the case to lock the two halves together. When the toy isn’t in use you place the cap over the opening to protect it, much like you would with any other masturbator, but when you are using the toy you slide the cap onto the opposite end, so that that it leaves the opening free but still holds the case firmly together. It’s a rather clever design in my opinion.

Looking at the Flip Hole overall it is quite an attractive little toy, and vaguely space-age in appearance. It’s also quite a compact device, and smaller than your standard Fleshjack. In total it’s only 7″ in height, and around the circumference it measures 9″, making it something which is comfortable to hold in one hand, as well as being easy to grip onto.

The key feature of the Flip Hole is undoubtedly it’s aforementioned ability to be completely opened up and unfolded into two halves, and this is something which naturally carries with it its own set of pros and cons. My experiences with the Flip Hole Red left me rather sceptical about the merits this design feature, and I came down more heavily on the ‘con’ side, so it should be interesting to see how my opinions may have changed as I go through the various aspects again.

The first big benefit to having a mastubator which opens is when it comes to applying lube; instead of having to try to squirt some through a tiny aperture, you can simply unfold the Flip Hole and spread the lube copiously over the interior. It makes it much easier to get a nice even coverage over the whole length, and into every nook and cranny of the texture.

The second big benefit is almost the reverse of the first, because it involves washing it. Cleaning the Flip Hole couldn’t be more simple: you simply open it, rinse out the inside, then leave it open until it dries. It’s so much less hassle than cleaning a Fleshjack, and it dries faster too. You can even balance it on the arms of the end cap to use it like a drying rack.

The first issue you’re likely to encounter surrounds the orifice of the toy. The opening is only 2cm in diameter, which isn’t incredibly wide to begin with, but this then only extends into the toy for a depth of 2cm before it’s completely blocked off by a solid section of material which acts like a diaphragm. When you insert yourself into the toy, instead of the material stretching to accommodate the girth of the penis like it would with a Fleshjack, it stretches slightly, then the two halves split apart, and the material around the opening bursts outwards and down the shaft. As is happens this doesn’t actually affect the performance of the Flip Hole, but it does look unusual, and gives you the impression that it’s not supposed to happen. There is a benefit to that diaphragm-section, however, at that’s that it does prevent any lube or bodily fluids from escaping through the orifice of the toy once you’ve withdrawn your penis.

The next issue is that the toy isn’t airtight and it tends to leak out air all along the divide between the two halves. This has two consequences: one, you don’t get a strong sensation of suction like you do with some other masturbators, and two, that it can be quite noisy and produce a lot of popping, squelching, and reverberating sounds.

The inside of the Flip Hole has a 6″ long cavity, and as I mentioned at the start each colour has a different interior texture. I can wholeheartedly say that I like the texture of the White immeasurably more than the Red. My first issue with the Red was that it had no real canal built into it, so it felt like my penis was simply being squashed between two halves of material, and this had the effect of only stimulating the top and bottom of it. The White is completely different in this regard, when you look at the material you can clearly see that it has a central groove running along it, with material extending upwards from the surface, and this has the effect of stimulating all around the penis, both the top, bottom, and the sides. The result is much much more satisfying. If I were to really focus on everything then I would probably say that you get a slightly less all-encompassing feel than you do with a Fleshjack, but it’s not something that you’re actually going to be focussing on during use, and it won’t even draw your attention unless you’re specifically looking for it. It really does give you great all-round stimulation.
The other thing I love about the White is actually the details of the texture itself. For me the Red was just bland and felt like bumps, bumps, and more bumps, none of which delivered any overly satisfying sensations. Again the White is far superior in this regard and I really enjoyed what it had to offer. The array of ribs and nodules all produce a wonderful feeling, which varies from light brushing and tickling to a deep massaging sensation. I found it all very pleasurable, whether I was thrusting with long slow strokes, or more quickly. One of the neat things around the Flip Holes is that there’s a slightly different texture on each side, and you can definitely differentiate them during use. The differences can be a little subtle but it’s enough to offer variety, so if you’ve become slightly too accustomed to one side you simply withdraw yourself, flip it, and start again. The fact that it’s not quite the same is something which your brain immediately picks up on, and it pulls you back into the experience. I especially like part of the texture which they call the “end orb” and this feels truly fantastic along the frenulum, especially right when you’re ready for climax. This observation contrasts with the Red which I found almost indistinguishable from side to side.
When you’re in the midst of using the Flip Hole quite a surprising amount of the inner material does bulge out of the windows on either side of the case. In this way the material tends to largely displace itself rather than stretching to make room for what’s inside. Because of this if you want to get a significantly tight sensation then you will need to squeeze the aforementioned “buttons” on either side. This process actually works very effectively, and the ability to adjust the pressure is an enjoyable feature to have on hand. I found that it far outperforms the functionality of the soft-case Fleshjack Sword in this regard, and offers more versatility. It’s quite fun to play around with and experiment where and when to add the pressure, and to what degree. It does require a certain level of continuous adjustment during thrusting though, if you’ve found a level of pressure that you like best and want to try to keep it constant.
The Flip Hole White delivers a far more natural sensation than the Red. I’m not sure that I could go as far as saying that it feels realistic, but whereas the Red felt vaguely alien the White gives sex-like sensations more akin to those produced by other high quality masturbators. Either way end result is very enjoyable no matter how you try to classify it.
The toy is perhaps a little more awkward to warm up than a Fleshjack, because the material inside is permanently attached to the hard outer case, so you need to submerge the whole thing in a basin of hot water. Personally I wouldn’t bother as they never seem to hold their heat for long, and it just creates more hassle and mess.
On the whole I have to say that I really love the Flip Hole White, and it’s almost a relief to be able to utter those words. Possibly the most disappointing thing about the Red was actually the fact that it was disappointing. The Flip Hole design always seemed to me like it had a lot of potential, and now I’m glad that I’m finally able to say that I like one. It’s truly amazing how much difference a change in the design of the texture can really make. I can safely say to anyone that I give my full recommendation to the Flip Hole White. It feels absolutely fantastic to use and it’s so easy to clean afterwards; it’s definitely a serious rival to the Fleshjack on all fronts. If you’re thinking about a Flip Hole then start with this one!
Big thanks to Tenga for sending this one to me; you’ve given me a whole new level of faith in your brand.
The Flip Hole White can be purchased from these fine retailers:

UK & Europe: Lovehoney UK, and Esmale.

North America: SheVibe, Lovehoney USA, and NiteTimeToys.

Tenga Lovers Egg

Steve and Roxy over at the wonderful DIY Orgasms sent me a Tenga Lovers Egg as a gift over Easter, and much to my chagrin I’ve only just got around to reviewing it.

The “Egg” is a wonderful new concept in the world of male masturbators, from the Japanese manufacturer Tenga. Unlike other products which are bulky and attempt to imitate anatomical orifices, the Tenga Eggs focus instead on being compact and versatile.
The Tenga Eggs come in a hard plastic outer shell which pops open at the centre, a bit like the toy in the middle of a Kinder Surprise. Most of Eggs have a white shell, but the limited-edition varieties such as the Lovers Egg come in black. The shells themselves are plain, but all the information is printed on plastic shrink wrap which keeps the toy hygienically sealed. Inside the shell is the toy itself which sits on a special plastic insert to help hold its shape, and in the middle of the hollow insert is a sachet of water-based lube, providing everything you need in one convenient package.
The Egg itself is about 2″ in diameter and made from a lovely soft stretchy type of TPE, which feels a lot like the material used inside the Tenga Flip Hole. At the base of the Egg is a 1/2″ wide opening which easily expands to accept the girth of even the thickest penis, and gives a nice snug fit around the shaft. The Egg is around 2 1/2″ in length, so once you’re inside it it completely covers the head of the penis as well as all the sensitive areas of the inner foreskin, such as the frenulum, before you’ve even begun to stretch it. The material is able to stretch up to an impressive 12″ in length, allowing you to stimulate the whole shaft with what appears to be quite a small toy, though I’ve never tested it to quite that extreme. The texture inside the Lovers Egg is a selection of quite closely-spaced heart-shaped nubs, both large and small. These are moulded nicely into the surface and are very distinct and pronounced.
The Egg has a wonderful feeling during use; I’d describe it as being almost like a second foreskin. The way it glides over the head of the penis, and the ability to apply pressure from the outside, gives a truly natural feeling, only with the added element of the internal texture to provide extra stimulation. All the little nubs along the inside of the Egg are wonderful at tickling and teasing the head of the penis, the only slight downside is that the more you stretch it the less you feel of the texture, as the raised areas simply move further apart and you’re left rubbing against the smooth material in between. For this reason I don’t like to do big long strokes with the Egg, and instead I make shorter motions to essentially massage the head of the penis, which is very satisfying. The Egg offers a lot of control over how you use it, both in the ability to choose how much to stretch it, and how much pressure to apply, so for this reason I think it would be a great toy to use with a partner as well as solo, as it’s the perfect way to spice up the humble hand-job.
The Tenga Eggs are advertised as being single use product due to the delicate nature of the material, but really they needn’t be. If you’re careful when using them and not overly aggressive then the product should stay intact and be able to be reused. This is a definite plus, because for the price it’s going to be a relatively expensive masturbation session if you only use it once. It’s important when re-using the toy to only use water-based lube to protect the material. I’ve used mine half a dozen times and it’s showing no visible signs of wear and tear yet.
Obviously if you’re intending to reuse the Tenga Egg then you’ll want to wash it, and luckily this is a breeze. Thanks to the super-stretchy material you can simply turn the Egg inside out, then hold it under a tap to rinse away any lube and bodily fluids. I’d avoid the use of any soaps, just because the material is delicate and they may reduce the life of the product. The best way I’ve found to dry it is just to pop the protective plastic insert  back into the Egg while it’s inside out, which enables you to leave it standing up somewhere until all the moisture evaporates. Afterwards you just need to return the Egg to its normal configuration and store it inside the shell.
I would happily recommend the Tenga Eggs to anyone; I think they’re a fantastic product, and great to throw in the suitcase when you’re going away.
The Tenga Lovers Egg is available from these fine retailers:

UK & Europe: SexToys.co.uk, and Lovehoney UK.

North America: Lovehoney USA and  Babeland

Tenga Flip Hole Red

This month the kind folks over at Lovehoney sent me the Tenga Flip Hole Red to try out. I was very excited by the prospect of this, because as a big Fleshjack fan I’ve been eager to try out a Tenga product by way of comparison, and also because it does look undeniably stunning in my favourite sex toy colour, red.

The Flip Hole is the top of the line masturbator offered by Japanese manufacturer Tenga. It’s intended to be a durable multi-use product, and rival to the American-made Fleshjack. What’s interesting about the Tenga Flip Hole masturbators is that the colour of the case isn’t simply a matter of aesthetics, each one in fact has its own completely unique texture inside.

The Flip Hole is quite compact, standing at 7″ in total, and with a 9″ circumference, so it’s easy to grip onto and feels nice to hold in the hand. It’s made of two separate pieces, the major of which is the main body of the toy. The body is made from solid plastic, with an oval-shaped viewing window cut out of each side. These windows allow you to see and feel the soft clear material which the interior of the masturbator is made from. The problem I found with this is that the material is very sticky in nature, and I wasn’t too keen on having to touch this during use. The simple solution to remove the stickiness is to dust the area with a thin coating of corn flour, much like you might with a Fleshjack, but it’s an inconvenience. (Update: this stickiness was not present in the later White Flip Hole that I reviewed, and I believe it may have been a result of the way the product was treated before I was sent it to review, as I received it sans packaging and it may well have been exposed to a cleaning solution.) Inside the material on either side is embedded a thin sheet of white plastic, which protrudes from the surface in the form of six buttons. These “buttons” can be squeezed during use to apply pressure. The other piece of the Flip Hole is the end cap, which serves a number of functions. When the Flip Hole is not being used the cap covers the soft orifice and protects it from damage and also dust, but when the Flip Hole is being used the cap fits onto the opposite end of the toy, and helps hold the two halves of it together.

Both the strengths and the weaknesses of the Flip Hole lie in its one key feature, the ability to completely open it up by unfolding it into halves along a hinge at one end. This seemingly clever adaptation unfortunately causes as many problems as it solves.The first issue surrounds the orifice of the toy. The opening is only 2cm in diameter, which isn’t incredibly wide, but this only extends into the toy for a depth of 2cm, before it is completely blocked off by a section of material which acts like a diaphragm. When you insert yourself into the toy, instead of the material stretching to accommodate the girth of the penis like it would with a Fleshjack, it stretches slightly and then the two halves split apart, with the material around the opening bursting outwards and down the shaft. This doesn’t affect performance, but it does look unusual, and like it’s not supposed to happen. The next issue is with the interior of the Flip Hole itself. Inside it has a good 6″ long cavity, but when using it you don’t get a sense of the penis being fully enveloped. There is sensation on the top of the penis, and on the bottom, but none along the sides. Due to the way the raised texture is laid out there’s no real canal moulded into the material, and combined with the propensity of the two halves to divide towards the edges, the overarching sensation is that of having your penis being sandwiched between two halves of something, rather that it being fully encompassed. The final drawback is that the toy leaks air all along the divide, reducing the sense of suction that you get when using it. The benefits of having the toy open up are obvious when it comes to applying lube; instead of having to squirt some through a tiny aperture, you can simply open the Flip Hole and spread lube copiously over the interior. Likewise when it comes time to remove any lube from the inside you can simply open the Flip Hole up and rinse any fluids from the inside under a tap, without the worry of submerging it. In this instance the end cap can also be used as a drying rack to balance the toy on.

The texture of the inside of the Flip Hole is very bumpy; the best way I can describe it is with an unconventional analogy. It’s a little like when you’re driving down the motorway, and you drift out of lane, and all of a sudden you feel a bumping rumbling sensation throughout the vehicle, as the tyres rapidly hit against the row of cat’s-eyes. This is immediately what I thought of when thrusting into the Flip Hole, and my penis travelled across the closely-ribbed interior surface. The material inside is lovely and soft, so even though it is very bumpy it never felt as though the sensation was too intense. I have to say that I wasn’t especially crazy about the texture. One of the selling points of the Flip Hole is that there’s a different texture on either side, so you can vary the experience depending on which way up you use it, but from my perspective the difference wasn’t that great, and it all felt like a variation on a theme – bumpy. I found long deep thrusting with the toy not to be satisfying; my best experiences came when I found an area of the texture that I liked best, and I just massaged the head of the penis with it in that region employing short strokes. Using the Flip Hole did feel nice, as using any such toy would, but it didn’t feel special or amazing. The texture didn’t tickle, tease, or titillate any part of my penis, in fact it wasn’t very memorable at all, and all the lumps and bumps just blended into one.
During use of the Flip Hole quite a surprising amount of the inner material does bulge out of the windows cut out of either side of the case. In this way the material displaces itself rather than stretching to make room for what’s inside. For this reason if you want to get a significantly tight sensation then you will need to squeeze the aforementioned “buttons” on either side. This works quite effectively, and the ability to adjust the pressure is an enjoyable feature compared to a standard hard-case Fleshjack. It does require a certain level of constant adjustment during thrusting though, as you endeavour to keep the balance of the pressure just right.
The Flip Hole isn’t a toy which pretends to offer any sense of realism, as should be apparent just from looking at the texture. The whole design is geared towards functionality, rather than replication, so it feels nothing like sex. It’s not even a case of whether it feels better or worse, it just feels very different, and ultimately it’s a personal preference whether one likes that difference or not.

The toy is perhaps a little more awkward to warm up than a Fleshjack, because the material inside is permanently attached to the hard outer case, so you need to submerge the whole thing in a basin of hot water. Personally I wouldn’t bother as they never seem to hold their heat for long, and it just creates more hassle and mess.

As was touched on earlier the Flip Hole is very easy to clean. You want to avoid using soaps with the delicate material, so a simple rinse under hot water will suffice. As the inside can be left open to the air any moisture can more readily evaporate, and it dries faster than a Fleshjack. There’s also no need to cover every inch in corn flour, which significantly reduces maintenance time.
I have to say that on the whole I’m rather disappointed with the Tenga Flip Hole. Being a fan of Fleshjacks, but hating having to clean them, I felt sure the Flip Hole would be the answer to my prayers, and that I’d love it, but sadly it wasn’t so. It’s a well-built quality product, but I just didn’t enjoy the texture at all, and some of the design features seemed to act like a double-edged sword, helping and hindering in equal measure. I wouldn’t write off the Flip Hole completely, however, as it may just be a case that I haven’t found my perfect match yet. In fact I’ve since reviewed the White and came to a much different conclusion.
The Tenga Flip Hole is available in red and other colours from Lovehoney UK and Lovehoney USA.