b-Vibe Rimming Plug Petite

Last week I arrived back to a lovely little surprise from Lovehoney, a swanky new b-Vibe Rimming plug which they’d kindly sent me as part of their on-site review programme. I told myself I’d try to keep it pithy, as not everyone wants to read an essay before buying a sex toy, but then I found that I had so many things to say about it that I failed rather spectacularly on that front.
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When I first heard that someone had made a rimming plug I’ll admit I was a little sceptical about the idea, but also rather excited as I’m a sucker for something new and off the beaten path.
Of all the things I’ve tried of late this plug is easily one of the most unique, thanks to the inclusion of rotating beads in the neck, which actively stimulate the anus. We all think of this region as an erogenous zone – hence the existence of analingus as an increasingly popular sex act – and yet most anal toys tend to ignore it entirely, in favour of focussing predominantly on internal stimulation. It’s impressive how effective the action of the beads actually is, and as soon as you turn it on you can immediately feel the little bumps moving around, as different points of pressure traverse the sphincter. It’s a fascinating sensation, half tickling, half massaging, and all very stimulating. You can even gently clench the muscle to apply extra pressure and increase the feeling, and happily the plug is powerful enough to withstand this without the motor stopping.

The plug can be operated in two different ways, and with differing results. Using the button on the base you can cycle through nine different pre-set patterns. Some of these use only the rotary motor, while some incorporate the plug’s internal vibrating motor as well, and a couple have it vibrating alone. The other way to use it is via the included remote. The remote allows you to independently set the pattern for each motor, so you can couple one rotation speed you like with your favourite vibration mode. The remote also allows you to adjust the strength of the vibrations to your preference, though they’re always at their highest when you operate it via the button, so you can only really adjust the intensity down.

The remote is actually a good piece of kit. It feels a little light and flimsy, but it has good signal strength, so you can still control the plug under a couple of layers of clothing, or with it a reasonable distance away. The only downside with the remote is that there are so many combinations of settings that it can be easy to get a little lost, which did make me miss the visual display you get from wireless toys that can be operated via a phone app, as with some of We-Vibe’s newer products.

The vibrations from the plug aren’t the strongest in the world, but it would be wrong to try to compare them to something like a prostate massager. They act to complement the rotary action and they do so well, creating a really pleasant all round sensation. On some occasions I did find that all the sensations seemed to blend together, making the rimming feature of the plug feel less apparent, so it can be nice to use it with the vibrations disabled.

In terms of noise the plug isn’t all that discreet. The vibrating function is almost whisper quiet inside the body, but the mechanical action of the rimming feature does make quite a noticeable whirring sound, limiting where you can use it. Behind a closed door and you’re perfectly safe with it, but out in public and you might get a few strange looks. 

This plug is classed as being the “petite” version, but I think it’s probably the perfect size, and I say that as someone who does generally enjoy toys on the larger end of the scale. What I like about this plug especially is the insertable length, because at 4 inches it’s really comfortable for every day wear. The main body is long enough that the bulb of the plug can nestle up against the entire prostate, but it doesn’t go so deep that it runs the risk of poking you anywhere uncomfortably, especially if you try to use it in a seated position.

The one area I wouldn’t mind it being a little bigger is in terms of girth, because I do appreciate that sensation of greater fullness, and the addition of a thicker neck could increase the intensity felt from the rimming action. As it stands though I’m happy with the size and it’s sufficient to still feel really good.

The plug itself is really easy to take care of. It’s made from velvety-soft seamless silicone which you can sterilise after use, and the magnetic charging port is a breeze to use.

I’ve had a lot of fun with this toy and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for something new. Many thanks to Lovehoney for sending it to me for review, and you can go grab one right now from Lovehoney.co.uk or Lovehoney.com

Odeco Hedone

This September I’ve been sent a funky vibrator/prostate massager from Odeco to test out.

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The Hedone is a vibrating prostate massager from the Chinese manufacturer Odeco, and if you’ve ever held any negative thoughts about Chinese manufacturing then this is a toy which will change your mind.

The product comes packaged in a lovely presentation box which sets the tone of quality from the very start. A thin outer cardboard sleeve depicting the product slides away to reveal a sturdy plain black cardboard box beneath. The inner box is very discreet and wouldn’t arouse suspicion were you to discard the sleeve and keep it by itself. The lid of the box slides off completely and inside is a foam-padded interior which safely houses the toy, the charger, the manual, and also a handy cloth toy pouch giving you another option for toy storage if you don’t want to use the box.

The manual for the toy is rather basic and contains what I would consider to be “awkward” English, i.e. not written by a native speaker, but it’s still legible and explains adequately how to charge the toy. It also has the slightly annoying habit of referring to the toy as “she” and “her” rather than simply “it”, but that may just be a personal peeve.

The insertable portion of the toy is made completely from medical-grade silicone, making it soft and flexible, while the handle is made from a hard ABS plastic with a silicone coating, giving the whole toy the same velvety feeling. Because everything is silicone you know that it’s completely non-toxic and body-safe, as well as being odourless. For a high-end toy you couldn’t pick a better material.

The construction of the Hedone feels very solid and durable, and like it was built to last, which is something that you’d expect from a product in this price range. It also feels quite weighty, slightly more so than similar products such as the Lelo Billy. There is the faintest of mould lines visibly running along the length of the insertable portion, but it isn’t raised at all and can’t be felt to the touch, so it won’t impact use. Reassuringly the whole toy comes as one completely sealed unit.

The Hedone has a lovely design and is very attractive to look at with its unusual shape and dusky black colour. At the far end it has a big bulbous tip measuring 11.5cm around, which sits up against the prostate. The tip is connected to a slimmer shaft of only 8cm in circumference, which is curved in order to angle the tip into the right position. The whole shaft has a completely smooth surface along the top, but on the underside is a row of five subtle bumps. At the near end of the shaft is a nub which sits against the perineum and prevents the toy from being over-inserted, thus making it completely anal-safe. Measuring from this nub down to the tip, the insertable portion comes in at 4 1/2″ which is comparable to something such as the Lelo Billy. Beyond the nub is the handle portion of the toy which takes the form of a loop through which a finger can be placed during use. On the top of the loop are the buttons to operate the toy as well as the charging charging port. In total the toy measures in at a combined length of 7 3/4″ from end to end.

The Hedone has three motors in it which is quite unusual for any toy. At the end is a big rumbly motor “A” which feels really strong and powerful, comparable to that of the Lelo Billy. In the middle is a slightly buzzy motor “B”, and in the nub near the handle is motor “C” which is very buzzy. Motor “A” targets the prostate and it can really be felt there. The vibrations are directed in precisely the right place and are intense enough to penetrate deeply into the prostate for a really satisfying and pleasurable sensation. Motor “B” is located in the part of the shaft where the sphincter rests, so this is where it stimulates and the sensations can be quite pleasant like a tickle or a tingle, but stronger. Motor “C” is intended to stimulate the perineum, but it is extremely buzzy and hard to detect any real vibrations coming from it. For the most part the Hedone is quite quiet when turned on, both inside and outside of the body. Interestingly each motor makes a different pitch of sound when it operates, so you can identify it by ear alone. While motors “A” & “B” are quiet at all intensities, when the toy is turned up to maximum motor “C” unfortunately becomes quite noisy, similar to the sound of a phone vibrating against a hard table.

The vibration function is operated by three sealed buttons on the top of the toy which are very responsive and easy to use. There is a power button which must be held down for a couple of seconds initially in order to turn the toy on, and also a “+” to increase the vibration intensity and a “-” to decrease it. The power and “-” buttons have a red light which flashes when you press them, but the “+” does not. The Hedone has 10 different vibration patterns which I will describe below, and these can be cycled through by pressing the power button repeatedly. As there are so many patterns cycling through to find your favourite one can be time consuming. One annoying fact is that as soon as you change pattern it resets the power level to zero, so then you have to crank it all the way up to maximum again. If you’re at a point where you’re really enjoying the feeling and you just want a different pattern to help push you over the edge, then having the intensity drop to zero can really spoil the moment, and you then have to try to build back up to that point again once you’ve adjusted the power. Another strange feature is that changing the power level interrupts the pattern sequence, so every time you press “+” or “-” it returns whichever pattern you’re on to the start of the sequence.

The patterns are as follows:

1. A constant
2. B constant
3. C constant
4. C-B-A medium length pulses
5. A-B medium length pulses
6. A-B-C long slow pulses
7. A-B-C medium length pulses
8. ABC rapid simultaneous pulses which don’t reach full strength
9. ABC simultaneously, increasing in strength from low to highest power, but cuts off immediately after reaching max.
10. Rapid pulses of all three, but with timing slightly offset

While there is a good variety of patterns the problem with it is that the patterns all seem to involve creating different sequences of the three motors, rather than the sort of patterns you find in a toy with only one motor. The one motor you really care the most about when using it is motor “A”, as that’s the one stimulating the prostate, motor “B” is nice but not that important, and motor “C” is almost irrelevant in that you only know it’s on as you can hear it rather than feel it. The patterns I liked most were 4,7 & 10, and I did find these enjoyable to use, but what I really would have liked would have been to feel motor “A” by itself vibrating in a series of different patterns, rather than just feeling all three motors jumping around and vibrating in a different order. It’s almost as though the designers over complicated the device. On paper it sounds really good to have 3 motors instead of just one, but in practice it makes it harder to achieve a good selection of patterns.

When it comes to using the toy the bulbous tip will make it slightly more tricky to insert for those who aren’t used to it, but lucky the velvety surface holds lube very well which aids the process. Once it’s inside it’s a very comfortable toy thanks to the flexible silicone shaft, and the tip nestles up nicely against the prostate. The only downside to the flexibility is that you can’t direct or angle the tip into the prostate more firmly in the same way as you can with the Lelo Billy, as the shaft simply bends when you apply pressure laterally. One of the best features of the Hedone has to be the loop handle as it makes it so much easier to thrust with the toy, whether you’re pulling it deeper into the body or back out again, it makes both actions easier. The other advantage of the loop is that you don’t accidentally hit the buttons while holding it.

The toy is rechargeable and only takes 2 hours to charge up to maximum. The plug for the charger is a little bit tricky to get into the toy. You must insert the end of the plug through a small hole in the silicone, and the manual says to do it “gently” but it requires some force which had me slightly worried as I didn’t want to break it. The manual says to insert it until you feel a “subtle click” but I wasn’t aware of one, you just need to push it in as deep as it will go. After that is done everything works fine; the lights around the buttons flash to indicate that it’s charging, then go constant when it’s finished.

Because of the charging port the Hedone is only splashproof  rather than waterproof, so when you’re rinsing it under the tap you want to make sure to keep any water away from that hole. The toy can be sterilised as it’s silicone, but only by wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution, as it wouldn’t be clever to attempt to boil something electronic and non-submersible.

Overall I really like the Hedone for its bulbous tip, its flexible silicone body, and its strong vibrations. These things make it a strong contender against the Lelo Billy. The downsides really are that the selection of patterns could be better, one of the motors is unnecessary and noisy, and it’s annoying having the vibration strength decrease when you switch patterns. It’s still a quality prostate massager though, and depending on how you intend to use it it could be just the thing you’re looking for.

The Odeco Hedone is available from Simply Pleasure.

Simply Pleasure, click here

LELO Billy

After my disappointment with previous prostate massagers I wasn’t ready to give up yet, and this ergonomic creation from Swedish luxury sex toy designer Lelo happened to catch my eye.
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The Billy is Lelo’s first toy insertable toy aimed at men, and for many years has been by far the best vibrating prostate massager I own, but that aside it doesn’t come entirely without its own set of negatives.
The product comes presented in some rather nice packaging; the glossy outer box features a very minimalist design with the words “Lelo Homme” printed discreetly on one side, and on the reverse is a simple photograph of the item itself set against a white background. The feeling it manages to exude is a cross between something from an haute couture fashion label, and an expensive piece of stylish electronics such as a smart phone. Inside is another matte black box, with the word “Lelo” embossed on a lid which lifts off. Within this second box the contents are arranged somewhat less desirably than with other Lelo products, such as the Insignia range. They sit loosely in the box, rather than having their own moulded depressions to rest securely inside, but this is perhaps a minor niggle, as overall the box provides a good place to store your massager when not using it, even if you choose to discard the outer box for any reason.
One of the first things I noticed about the toy was how small it actually was, much more than you would imagine from the photos. It’s actually the smallest toy in my collection, with 4” of insertable length and a 3.5” circumference, or 1.1” diameter. Because of the size it’s an ease to insert, and thus suited perfectly to a beginner in this field. For someone more experienced with larger toys there’s the distinct possibility that this product won’t leave you feeling as full as you would typically desire, and so I’d recommend that on any occasion in which you intended to use the Billy, not using anything larger first, so as to avoid the direct contrast.
The product is very solidly constructed; the handle is moulded in two pieces from a hard white plastic, with the buttons placed centrally on one side. The insertable portion has a gentle upward curve to it, and is coated in a soft silicone, but is completely inflexible. Despite this rigidity it actually feels very comfortable once inside the body. The silicone coating is available in two colours, an ultramarine blue, or an earthy raspberry colour, which like its name “Bordeaux” is reminiscent of an aged wine. Between the handle and the lower portion is a circular guard piece moulded from the silicone, which prevents the item from being accidentally inserted too far.
When using the Billy the functions are operated by the buttons on the handle, which can be a little fiddly. Due to the shortness of the handle and its position during use, it is a struggle to actually see any of the buttons, and their close proximity to each other combined with their similar shapes also makes it difficult to tell what you’re pushing by touch alone. The buttons are laid out in a cross shape, with left and right controlling the strength of vibration, and up and down changing the rhythm. You’re unlikely to alter your settings by accident as it takes more than a quick touch of the button to change anything, and instead you must hold the button down for a fraction of a second and release before it will take effect. Holding down two of the buttons simultaneously for a couple of seconds will lock the controls, preventing accidental activation of the toy when not in use.
The massager has variable vibration strength settings, allowing you to ease yourself into things, but I only ever found myself wanting to use the highest one. The top setting produces really quite strong vibrations, but there were times when I found myself craving more than was available. There are also a number of different programmes to choose between. The first one is a constant vibration, which tends to be the only option in many other prostate massagers on the market, and which does nothing for me. The other options deliver patterns of pulsations, varying the length of each pulse, and the pause in between as well. This is where the Lelo Billy really comes into its own and delivers some fantastic sensations. There are four to choose from, two slower and two faster. One of my favourite settings is the slowest one, as the vibrations it creates manage to mimic the sensation of a long deep thrusting motion, which is guaranteed to drive you wild. The fastest setting is one of my least favourites as it seems to lose some of its power in a compromise to achieve the speed. The other two are great in their own right, and it’s fun to switch between them during use to add some variety. One of the downsides is that you can’t cycle through the different settings; they’re arranged in a linear fashion, so once you reach the last one you have to go back down through the others in order to return to the first. Depending on the setting, the vibrations aren’t the quietest I’ve encountered, but it’s still at a level where it’s highly unlikely that anyone could hear it in an adjoining room.
Due to the protrusion of the handle there aren’t too many positions you can use the Billy in, you’re pretty much restricted to lying on your back or side, as sitting on it would not be possible. Conceivably you could use it during intercourse, but you would need to hold it in place with your muscles, as the size and shape of it leave it somewhat prone to slipping out if the soothing vibrations give you the urge to relax back there.
The Billy seems to work well as a hands free device, where the aim is to stimulate the prostate alone, but I’ve yet to achieve the elusive anally induced orgasm. Despite feeling as though I was close on occasion, there didn’t seem to be quite enough power to drive me over the edge, but I’m certain that with time it could be achieved. The effectiveness in this circumstance seems to increase if you’re already aroused by some form of visual stimulus, rather than starting with the device from a completely unaroused state. Having the massager in place also goes a way to improving a regular orgasm, by adding a whole wave of new sensations.
The product is completely rechargeable and requires no batteries. A handy white light around the buttons flashes during charging, and a 2 hour charge is said to deliver 4 hours of use, though I’m certain I’ve surpassed this mark. Unfortunately the charger it comes with is of a traditional design, unlike something such as an electric toothbrush, and therefore the toy is not waterproof. This means the need for caution when washing it. The instructions also recommend not using any alcohol based products on the toy, which rules out the majority of sex toy cleaners, except the one sold by Lelo themselves.
As an added accessory the Billy comes with a small travel pouch to store it in, made seemingly from a polyester material, or similar man-made fabric.
Overall I’m very pleased with the Lelo Billy, and would be inclined to recommend it, but scoring becomes a little difficult when considering the value-for-money. It’s clearly marketed as a luxury item, and the price reflects this, but when you’re spending that much, you could quite reasonably expect it to be waterproof, to be a somewhat larger than it is, and to have a little more power behind the highest vibration level. For those reasons I was tempted to knock a star off, but in the end I declined, and elected to rate it on performance alone. It isn’t perfect, but nothing is without its flaws, and in the end it’s up to the individual to decide its worth.

The Lelo Billy is available directly from Lelo, and from the following retailers around the world:

UK and Europe:  SexToys.co.ukLovehoney, Simply Pleasure, and Bondara

North America: Shevibe