So Divine Wicked Game Magic Wand

A couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail on behalf of So Divine, a new sex toy brand that’s recently launched in the UK, and they asked if they could send over some products for me to review.
This time around I’m going to be looking at the Wicked Game Magic Wand, and it’s one that I’ve been eager to try out, so let the review commence!

The Wicked Game is So Divine’s first wand-style vibrator and, as it would happen, only my second. Aside from the Palm Power Massager which I reviewed four years ago, I don’t have a lot of experience with vibrating wands, but they’re something I’ve always liked the idea of. What sets wands apart from other vibrators is that they’re renowned for their sheer power, and as a known power-junkie myself that’s right up my alley.

The Wicked Game is in many ways your standard sort of wand vibrator, but at the same time it has a little bit of a trick up its sleeve, one that you probably wouldn’t expect just from looking at it, but I’ll get to that shortly.

In terms of design the wand has a lovely ergonomic shape, and feels very comfortable and natural in hand. At 9 1/2″ in total length it’s pretty long, but because it’s also quite slender and lightweight it doesn’t feel that big overall, and remains easy to wield. The whole thing is covered in a layer of body-safe silicone which seals away the electronics, making it waterproof, and has a velvety-soft matte finish which feels pleasant to the touch. There’s no discernable squish to the silicone as it’s only a thin layer, but it feels more luxurious than a bare plastic.
Near the top of the wand are two metal electrodes which protrude from the silicone, and this is where the magnetic charging cable connects. The cable plugs into a USB port, but what I really like is that they actually throw in an adapter too, so you call plug it into a wall socket rather than a computer. This is the first time I’ve encountered a company that does this, so it’s a nice touch.

The wand contains two separate motors located at opposite ends of the body, and these can be operated alternately, but not simultaneously. The head of the wand is designed for external stimulation, while the tail of the wand can be inserted, so it’s a little like getting two toys in one. If you do plan on inserting the tail of the wand, then it’s worth noting that the circumference around the widest point is 4 7/8″, so it’s not for beginner anal play.

The wand is operated by a trio of buttons located near the middle of the body, and are easily accessible whichever end of the wand you are using. Holding down the power button in the centre for 2 seconds turns on the toy, and this is confirmed by a small blue LED lighting up. Pressing the arrow button pointed towards the head activates that motor and starts it vibrating on the lowest setting, while pressing the arrow pointed towards the tail end switches to that motor, and you can flick back and forth between them at will. With a given motor selected you can cycle through the various settings by repeatedly pressing the corresponding arrow button. There are 3 power levels in all, and 7 patterns to choose from.
In terms of how the wand actually performs in use, the word “lacklustre” comes to mind, and that’s a real shame, because up until I turned it on I was actually really liking the Wicked Game. The vibrations are incredibly shallow and buzzy, especially in the tail end where they seem to get lost inside the toy and barely emanate out. Using it inserted I could barely feel anything of note, and while I don’t expect to get Lelo Loki levels of intensity from something that costs under half the price, I did expect more. The vibrations felt more akin to those of a butt plug powered by a £10 battery-operated bullet, than something that was coming from a rechargeable toy, and regrettably they had no impact on my prostate. The patterns were more noticeable than the constant vibration, but at most they simply felt like an intermittent tingling sensation around the sphincter. Even attempting to move the wand around into different positions had no effect, and in fact the physical sensation of the wand’s contoured shape felt more pleasurable inside the body than anything produced by the motor.
The head end fares a little better, but only marginally. Here the vibrations do translate more, and you can feel an added degree of strength, but as soon as you place them up against your erogenous zones it’s another damp squib. The majority of the settings are simply so buzzy that none of the vibrations penetrate into the tissue or have a significant impact. Holding the wand against my penis I simply felt bored most of the time, and even my erection began to waiver. The only setting I liked was the very lowest power level, because that at least had a little more rumble to it, but I couldn’t describe the sensation it produced any more enthusiastically than as “nice.” I wagered I could probably produce an orgasm from that setting, but trying to get any satisfaction out of the wand is a real effort, and that’s not really the result you want from a sex toy. It certainly wasn’t what I was anticipating, judging by my experience with wands in the past.
The one saving grace is that the wand is pretty quiet, but that would seem to be more a symptom of its lack of power than anything.

I have to say that on the whole the Wicked Game magic wand is a disappointment, and it started out with so much promise. It’s a good-looking, well-built toy, that incorporates quality materials and modern charging technology, but its functionality is just poor. The fact that it tries to do two things and can’t get either right is simply insult to injury. You can’t help but think that it would have been better if they’d simply concentrated on one area and really nailed it, rather than attempting to double the features.

It probably comes as no surprise, but I’m not going to be recommending the Wicked Game magic wand. Even at its price point I don’t see the value, and I’d suggest saving your pennies for something with a little more punch.

Thanks to So Divine for providing the wand, and you can find it on Lovehoney.

So Divine Wild Thing Booty Plug

A couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail on behalf of So Divine, a new sex toy brand that’s recently launched in the UK, and they asked if they could send over some products for me to review.

The first one I’m going to be looking at today is this bejewelled butt plug, so head below to see what I thought!

I’m someone who has a lot of butt plugs, butt plugs in every size, shape, and material you could imagine. Butt plugs that vibrate, butt plugs that conduct electricity, butt plugs that jiggle as you walk. You get the picture. The one thing I don’t have, however, is a butt plug adorned by a diamond. Well, that is until now.

So Divine has just released their take on the crystal butt plug, by launching a trio of new “Booty Plugs” made from 100% body-safe silicone. Each plug features the same fundamental design, but they come in three different sizes, catering to people of different experience levels. There’s the ‘Sweet Sensation‘ – the smallest, the medium-sized ‘Bootylicious‘, and the ‘Wild Thing‘ – the largest of the lot. 
As you might have guessed I am of course looking at the largest option, but despite being the biggest in the range, the Wild Thing is actually quite a modestly-sized plug. It measures in with an insertable length of 3 1/2″, and a circumference of 5 1/8″ around the widest point, so it’s quite similar in proportion to the Butnik from last week, or the Ryder.
The basic design of the Wild Thing is, well, butt plug shaped. There’s not too much you can say about that, though the bulb itself does have a little more of a teardrop quality about it than your standard conical plug. The impact of this, aside from visually, is that it reaches its widest point more rapidly than otherwise, so that’s always something to bear in mind. Beyond the bulb the plug has a slender yet generous neck, and of course is finished off by a nice wide base which houses the signature jewel, waiting to be seen by all it as it sits nestled between the buttocks
One of the things which makes the So Divine Booty Plugs unique is that the jewel in the base is removable and interchangeable. The plugs each come with three differently coloured acrylic gems, one in clear, one in amethyst, and one citrine, which can be swapped out according to preference. The gems each have a silvery backing attached to make them appear more reflective (and because otherwise the refractive index of plastic would let you see straight through to the plug beneath), and they do look quite attractive in place, though not especially sparkly. My favourite has to be to amethyst-coloured gem, as the soft lavender tone complements the deep purple hue of the plug nicely. 
Something that’s slightly unusual about the Wild Thing is just how firm it is, and I was immediately struck by this. It’s made from a very dense, solid, silicone, with almost no give in the surface, the type that typically you’d see used on the coating on a toy, rather than comprising it entirely. The closest comparison I can think of is with the Lelo Bob, and actually for this particular application it’s perfectly suitable. The silicone itself has a lovely velvety-soft finish to it, and is free from any mould lines, so I’m very impressed by the overall quality of construction. 
In terms of using the plug I really have no complaints about the Wild Thing. It slips into the body easily thanks to its smooth finish and tapered shape, and once inside it feels really comfortable. There’s a slight sensation of fullness from the bulb, while the muscles relax around the slender neck, and the base feels really unobtrusive between the cheeks. It’s comfortable enough that you can wear it around for an extended period of time, and I even managed to fall asleep with it in, so if you fancy leaving the jewel on display there for someone, then there’s nothing to prevent that. When you are done with it I’m happy to say that it comes out again just as easily as it went it, which is always important for anything you might be wearing for a long time. 
I have to say that the Wild Thing is definitely a fun little novelty. It’s probably not something I would have gone out and bought myself, but I quite like the idea of the interchangeable gems, and being able to bejewel my own butt. It’s also a really comfortable and well made plug, which are the most important things, so I’d be happy to recommend it.
Thanks to So Divine for sending over the Wild Thing Booty Plug. They’re currently available from Lovehoney.