Tenga Air-Tech Gentle / Regular / Strong comparison

I’ve been a little inactive on the review front lately, and to make up for it I’m going to be doing a little something fun today: comparing all three of the new Tenga Air-Tech masturbators, courtesy of my long-time friends at SexToys.co.uk

This is exciting for me because typically when there’s a range of toys to choose from you never see them all reviewed by the same person, and often I find it quite difficult to decide what’s going to be the right one for me to buy when I’m piecing together different people’s opinions and experiences. I had that very problem with the Tenga 3D, and I ended up picking poorly. I’m hoping that by me looking at the Air-Techs all at once I’ll be able to offer some continuity.

The Air-Tech is Tenga’s latest iteration of their popular original Deep Throat Cup masturbator, and the twist is that for the first time they’re now re-usable. This is big news for a brand that predominantly focusses on disposable single-use toys (with the notable exception of the Flip Hole line), and this is achieved by replacing the interior structure of the toy with a removable sleeve made entirely from TPE, rather than the combination of TPE and foam that was fused inside previous models. The trade-off that comes with this however is the price, you’re looking at around double the cost of the originals, but that’s still around a third of the cost of a Fleshjack or a Flip Hole, so in my mind this is an excellent deal notwithstanding.
From the outside the Air-Techs are very much like their predecessors, duplicating their form in size and construction. The whole toy is 6 1/8″ tall by 2 1/2″ wide, which last time I compared to a beer can, and which I still feel is the most convenient way to convey how they feel to hold. The outer shell is made from a single piece of hard plastic in a vaguely hourglass-style design, giving a comfortable groove to wrap your thumb and fingers around whilst holding it. Again the toy is accessible only via an end cap at the base which pops on and off, and it features a small vent hole at the top.

Unlike the Deep Throat Cups the Air-Techs do not come pre-lubricated, which is understandable as they’re a multi-use product, but instead Tenga includes a sachet of lubricant tucked within the channel of the toy, which is always handy to have.

The Air-Tech is available in three different options, each of which features not only a different coloured case, but a different tightness and internal texture too. The white one is the “Gentle” and the loosest of the three, the red is the “Regular”, and the black is the “Strong” which is supposed to be the tightest and most intense texture. I’ll discuss their differences and how they feel individually in just a little bit.

One of the other innovations common to all the Air-Techs is what they call the “Airflow Structure.” The exterior of the removable sleeves features a spiral of ribs which are designed to channel air out of the plastic case via the vent hole as soon as a penis is inserted into the sleeve, and in the process create a sensation of suction during thrusting. The suction can then be adjusted by covering the vent hole with a finger to restrict airflow, much in the way that one would tighten the end cap of a Fleshjack. The only problem with this is that I found that when I covered the vent hole entirely I could neither insert my penis into the toy, nor pull it out again if it was already inside, because there was no other point for air to enter or exit the case, and this movement of air is necessary for the Air-Techs to function correctly. The only way to really adjust the suction is to try to carefully cover only part of the vent hole with your finger, and while this works it can be a little fiddly. With the vent hole left completely uncovered I didn’t really notice any increased sense of suction in the Air-Techs compared to my experience with the Deep Throat Cup, so I’m not entirely convinced of the effectiveness of the Airflow Structure, but one thing I must point out is that the toys get very noisy during use, with air whistling and wheezing out of the vent holes with every thrust.

Air-Tech Gentle

The Gentle, as the name might imply, is marketed as the least intense of the three, so I decided what better place to start than at the bottom and work my way up. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect beforehand, because normally when presented with a choice such as this my instinct would be to go right down the middle and pick the “Regular” one, as perhaps like most people I neither consider my penis to be particularly over-sensitive nor under-sensitive. As it turned out I was almost immediately taken aback by how good this Air-Tech felt.

The inside of the Gentle is lined with a spiral texture which is actually quite subtle. It’s enough that you can tell from the feeling that there’s there’s some sort of ridging there, rather than it being completely smooth, but not enough that I could have actually identified what that texture specifically was without looking at the cross-section diagram. The central channel itself undulates and has a varying thickness, but the overall tightness of the toy was something that I found quite comfortable as someone who has an above average girth. With the toy well lubricated I was able to slip inside of it without needing an excessive amount of force, and once fully inserted it felt quite snug, but without exerting too strong a squeeze. With the first few slow thrusts you can feel that changing tightness within the channel, as well as the shallow fins of the spirals rippling over the head of the penis, and as you increase this to a more vigorous speed it becomes very pleasurable. What I love about the Gentle is actually how natural it feels; the whole combination of the texture, the tightness of the channel, it’s all perfectly balanced and comes together to give this wonderful sensual massaging feeling to the head of the penis as you thrust with it. It glides smoothly back and forth and gives nothing but pleasure with each stroke. I almost had to tear myself away and move on to the next one, because it felt so good that I could have kept edging myself with it for hours. I’d go so far as to say it’s an unparalleled level of satisfaction in this price bracket.

Air-Tech Regular

After how much I enjoyed the Gentle the Regular had a bit of a tough act to follow, and again I wasn’t sure what to expect, because I almost felt like I’d just found the right foot for my glass slipper and yet I was still continuing the search.

The interior of the Regular is quite different to that of the Gentle, this time opting for clusters of round bumps along a channel that’s otherwise mostly smooth, and each of these little bumps is quite readily identifiable during use. The channel is also notably tighter, requiring a greater degree of force to insert oneself into it, and once it is on as far as it will go it does have a tendency to want to shoot right off again if you’re not holding it in place firmly. During thrusting the little round bumps feel quite firm and pronounced, and they do a wonderful job of stimulating the frenulum as they slide up and down the underside of the head of the penis, but elsewhere they have a slightly different effect. As the bumps catch the corona of the glans, because they’re so relativity firm there is some mild discomfort, and likewise there is a slight sense of chafing in some areas of the shaft skin, exacerbated by the added friction caused by the tighter channel. On the whole though the toy does feel pleasurable to thrust with, and as you build up a good rhythm it drowns out the modest sensations of discomfort, but it just lacks the natural feeling that the Gentle has. In a way it’s also a little boring in comparison, having a largely smooth channel punctuated by clusters of bumps, and in terms of sexual stimulation I wouldn’t really consider it to feel any more intense.

Air-Tech Strong

And finally onto the Strong. This is supposed to be the tightest and most intense of the lot, so had I saved the best for last?

The Strong incorporates quite an interesting internal structure, which probably isn’t completely apparent from the diagram I’ve included, but the lower half of the channel is covered in lots of little raised squares, much like the Tenga 3D Module. Beyond that it has a couple of tight rings followed by a slightly wider chamber, giving it the most varied texture of all three Air-Techs. In terms of tightness it really does increase this over that of the Regular, despite bringing back the undulating channel seen in the Gentle to mitigate it slightly. Even with plenty of lube it did require a significant amount of pressure to insert myself into the toy, but it was doable, though the issue of the toy wanting to go shooting off with the Regular was amplified here. When it came to thrusting with the toy there was a lot more going on than with the Regular, and those textured squares felt pleasurable all around the full circumference of the head – including the frenulum – and the sensation of tightness was quite obvious and heightened this. There was some slight chafing along the shaft, specifically around the inner lining of the foreskin, but I found it less bothersome than with the Regular. One of my favourite points in the texture was towards the end, where the two tight rings were situated, and as the head passed through these the ridges did a great job of stimulating the corona. The pocket at the end, despite appearing to have texture itself didn’t really add much, as once the head had fully passed though the rings there was no further to go, leaving it sat stationary here. The Strong doesn’t have that natural feeling of the Gentle, but it definitely couldn’t be described as boring like the Regular either. It’s a little too snug to be my ideal, but it’s intensely stimulating and definitely enjoyable.

After considering all three my runaway favourite has to be the Gentle, followed by the Strong, and then with the Regular in final place, just going to show how my instinct to pick the middle option wouldn’t have served me well. What I haven’t said yet is who I think each of the models would be best suited to, so let’s look at that now.

The Gentle – best suited to those with a thicker penis; Tenga don’t have a U.S. (Ultra size) model of the Air-Techs available yet, so the larger canal can more comfortably accept greater girth. Likewise it’s good for anyone who prefers less of a squeezing sensation. In terms of sensitivity it’s perfect for anyone with an average level of sensitivity, I really wouldn’t restrict it to just people who worry about being too sensitive; I know that the head of my penis is less sensitive now in my mid-20s than when I started masturbating in my early teens, and the Gentle has more than enough sensation. It’s also ideal for those who want a natural sensation from their masturbators. I’d suggest that it’s probably going to be less suitable though to men who are circumcised and typically require a lot of pressure and friction to stimulate themselves, and also to anyone with a considerably below-average girth.

The Regular – best suited to those with an average penis girth, or who prefer a slightly more snug grip from their masturbators. For guys who think that the head of their penis may be a little more desensitised, but who really enjoy stimulation specifically along the frenulum region. To be avoided by those who prefer a really slick masturbator and find any hint of friction/chafing unpleasant.

The Strong – best suited to anyone who prefers a tight gripping masturbator with a lot of varied texture. To those who really enjoy exploring the unique sensations of something manufactured, rather than something that feels realistic. Great for anyone with a thinner penis who needs that smaller channel to provide them with stimulation. Least suited to guys with a thicker penis as it’s a real squeeze in there.

As a final point, if your girth is over 5 3/4″ in circumference then I’d suggest holding off until a bigger version comes available, as you’re looking at too tight a squeeze in any of them then.

Once you’re finished with the Air-Tech it’s quite easy to clean ready to use again in the future. You simply pop the TPE sleeve out of the plastic case, rinse it out, and leave it to dry. The instructions even suggest that you can use soap on it and turn it inside out (unlike with a Fleshjack), which aids matters. If you simply rinse it out then the inside can be very slow to dry as it’s only open at one end, so I found it helped to turned it inside out and dab it off with a paper towel. As the insert is removable you can also pre-heat it before use in a basin of warm water, but I found it heats to your body temperature pretty rapidly during use anyway. Actually getting the insert back into the case when you’re done can be a little fiddly, just due to the shape of the thing, as that narrow section of plastic around the middle hinders your ability to get the first part of the sleeve past it. There is of course also the option to use the sleeve without the case if you wish, though I didn’t try it this way myself.

For me what’s quite interesting about the Air-Tech range is actually how they’ve designed the interior textures compared to the Deep Throat Cup. The Deep Throat Cup had a little bit of everything going on inside it; there were bumps, there were ridges, there was something I can’t quite describe at the end, and I rather liked that assorted medley of sensations all in one toy. The Air-Techs conversely stick more closely to a single texture each, with the spiral Gentle, the bumpy Regular, and only the Strong breaking out from that a bit. Personally I don’t have a problem with a continuous texture throughout, but it’s something to bear in mind.

So, what’s the verdict going to be on the Air-Techs? Well honestly I’m a fan, and it’s the Gentle one that really won it for me. This whole range of toys is well made, reusable, affordable, and instead of just being one-size-fits-all it actually has targeted products for different people. So long as you buy the right one I think you’re going to be happy, because they all feel good in their own right, but the Gentle is my favourite. This is the one that I think feels the absolute best and which has no drawbacks in my eye. It’s the one that I’m going to keep using, and the one that I’d feel most happy recommending to most people out there. It’s also the one I foresee myself sending to people as gifts. The only possible drawback is that the Airflow system is a bit of a dud, but I only really care about that because they mention it so much as a feature, otherwise I wouldn’t have given it a single thought.

I have to thank SexToys.co.uk for sending these to me to review, and if you’d like to pick one up and try it out then be sure to use my discount code below and save yourself 10%.

Minna Life Limon

A couple of weeks ago Em over at SexToys.co.uk got in touch with me and asked if I fancied reviewing anything for them. They’re one of my favourite retailers, with whom I’ve worked a lot in the past (and even received their coveted Seal of Approval), so of course I said yes and went off on a hunt through their “what’s new” section to find the perfect item.
I realised that I hadn’t reviewed anything of the vibrating variety recently, so when I saw the Minna Life Limon I knew that it would be just the ticket. As always you can find out what I thought below.

I first became aware of Minna back in 2013 when they launched a crowd-funding campaign for the Limon – which at that time was a rather novel thing to do – and though everyone and his sister seems to have jumped on the crowd-funded sex toy bandwagon since, this is actually the first one I’ve got my hands on. I remember watching the pitch video initially and being intrigued by its claims, because in the world of sex toys innovation can be incredibly hit and miss, and yet here was a little start-up offering to bring something new. Now nearly two years down the line I’m relishing the opportunity to see if it really does live up to the hype.
With the arrival of the Limon the question is what do you get for your money, and if you’ve spotted the image at the top of the review then that should give a pretty good idea right off the bat. I was seriously impressed by the packaging for the product when I first saw it, because it all comes bundled up in this lovely little cardboard tube, complete with tasteful branding, and it’s clear that effort has been put into the design. It looks classy, it looks elegant, and not at all cheap, and I love this approach that treats vibrators no differently from any other electronic gadget. Inside you find the Limon itself, a USB charging cradle for it, a small cloth storage pouch, and a multi-language instruction manual. The storage pouch is an especially nice touch in my eye, as it helps keep the dust at bay when you toss it back into your toy drawer after use.
The Limon is available in two different colours, and despite it being a translation of “lemon” neither of them has anything citrussy about them. There’s a predictable pink, and then an absolutely delightful shade of teal that I chose for myself. It is a slight shame that there’s no yellow Limon just to complete the theme, but the teal is so lovely that it makes for more than adequate consolation.
(Artistic Impression)
The Limon itself is designed as a pocket-sized external-use vibrator, which doesn’t immediately jump out as being especially innovative, even with its cute lemon-shaped silicone shell. You have to scratch below the surface though to find out the secrets that the Limon holds, because it’s the technology inside it and the way it’s operated, that makes it stand out from the crowd. Unlike traditional vibrators the Limon doesn’t come pre-programmed with a selection of different speeds and patterns, all available to be cycled through at the touch of a button. The Limon has none of that, and in fact when you press its singular button on the front that merely turns it on and greets you with a glowing green light. What makes the Limon unique is that it’s pressure sensitive, and this is how it’s controlled. Two of the sides of the Limon are soft and squishy, and when you squeeze them the Limon starts to vibrate. The harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibrations feel, and this gives you an amazingly direct control over the vibrator and opens up new possibilities. Not only can you precisely adjust the strength of the vibrations, but you can also make your own patterns by rhythmically squeezing the toy, and it’s incredibly effective and simple to use. Instead of having to cycle through settings like you do with other toys, you can get exactly what you want, right when you want it, all in real time, and it puts you firmly in control. Another great feature is that it actually allows you to record your own patterns onto its memory and play them back to yourself, so you can develop the perfect rhythm to get you off, and then just sit back and enjoy it without manually inputting it into the toy each time.
The vibrations produced by the toy are of quite a deep rumbly variety, especially when compared to something like the Jimmyjane Form 2 which feels almost buzzy in comparison. What’s interesting about the vibrations is that while strong they have a softer more mellow nature to them, rather than that intensity you feel from the surface of others such as both the We-Vibe Tango and the Form 2. The vibrations feel as though they’re emanating from deeper within the toy, and then radiating out from the teat of the Limon, rather than being produced right in that spot, which gives a slightly different ‘colour’ to how they feel. 
When you apply the Limon to the penis the vibrations are instantly stimulating and penetrate effectively into the shaft. At first this “softer” feeling vibration appeared a little different to what I’m used to, but in direct comparisons with other toys I found it matched their power, but that I actually preferred how the vibrations felt against the sensitive skin. What’s great about the method of control is that it allows you to vary the rhythm of the pattern, just how you would vary the rhythm of thrusting during sex. You can start off just teasing yourself with the toy, moving the smooth silicone surface all over the glans with just a low vibration dancing around, but when you’re ready to climax you can put the tip of the Limon up against the frenulum and gradually increase from a slow mild pattern of vibrations, to a fast sequence of strong bursts of vibrations, and the ensuing orgasm does not disappoint.
There are a couple of minor downsides to the controls. The first is that when you squeeze the toy some of the vibrations get absorbed into your fingers, so in order to operate it you actually diminish some of the power. This can easily be fixed by saving your favourite pattern into the toy so you needn’t hold it so firmly. The second is with regard to anticipation; because your brain knows precisely when you’re about to make the vibrations stronger it comes as no surprise to the body when it feels it, in the way that it does with a pre-set toy, and this lessens the impact somewhat. Again you can get around this by programming in a pattern, but actually this is why I think the Limon would make a fantastic couples toy, because you can take all that precise control and use it to deliver tailored pleasure to someone else.
The whole quality and construction of the Limon is superb too, and it’s made with body-safe silicone and has no nasty raised mould-lines sticking out where they shouldn’t be. It has an inbuilt power indicator which tells you how much charge the battery has left. When you press the power button if it vibrates thrice it means the battery is great, twice it’s half full, and once then you should think about charging it. In my experience though the battery life lasts a long time, but when it does need a top up it’s a simple as popping it onto the magnetic cradle, and the benefit of this system is that you get a fully waterproof toy too.
I have to say that I really have been thoroughly impressed by the Minna Life Limon, so hats off to the guys who designed it and followed through with their own self-belief enough to make and sell it. It’s a lovely powerful rumbly little vibrator, which uses an ingenious control system which I just love. It’s the ideal toy for single guys and gals, and especially couples of any persuasion. I’m not sure it’ll replace my We-Vibe Tango in all applications, but lately it’s been the one I’ve been most keen to reach for first. I would happily give this toy my recommendation. 
You can pick one up right now from SexToys.co.uk

Tenga Deep Throat Cup Cool

Recently I was lucky enough to win myself a new limited edition “Cool” Tenga Deep Throat Cup from SexToys.co.uk, via a little summer competition they were running on Twitter. I was planning to add it to the review bank at some point, but then another company got in touch with me and asked me to review a very similar product from a different brand, so I decided I might as well do this properly and compare the two. I’m going to start with a general review of the Tenga first, because it is the original, and then we’ll see how the other one holds up in a subsequent post in a few days time.

The Deep Throat Cup is part of Tenga’s range of single-use disposable products, which also includes the Tenga Eggs, but while the two are quite similarly-priced the Cup is that much more robust and incorporates a solid shell, like a miniature Fleshjack.

The whole Cup is 6 1/8″ tall by 2 1/2″ wide – making it not all that much bigger than a beer can if you want to imagine how it is to hold – and you get pretty much all of that height in insertale length. The outer shell is made from a single piece of hard plastic in a vaguely hourglass-style design, giving a comfortable groove to wrap your thumb and fingers around whilst holding it, and the interior is lined with soft-stretchy TPE, much like that used in the Tenga Eggs and Flip Holes. Because the Cup is built as a completely self contained unit it’s not intended to be taken apart, so the only access into it comes in the form of the end cap at the bottom, and a small vent hole at the top.
The Deep Throat Cup comes pre-lubricated ready for instant use, which is a rather handy feature. Once you remove the cap at the end you’ll notice that not only have they lubricated inside the toy, but also all around the orifice, so there’s no need to lubricate your penis prior as it’ll slip right in with ease. In the “Cool” edition they’ve used a special cooling lubricant which gives you a nice whiff of menthol as soon as the Cup is opened.
I found that upon first insertion the Tenga Cup felt quite snug around my penis. The head passed easily though the stretchy material of the narrow 3/8″ wide orifice, and into the first chamber, but as I pressed on to the full depth there was a definite feeling of resistance. It’s a slightly odd feeling to describe, because I wouldn’t call it “tight” – there wasn’t that sense of tightness that you get from some masturbators, where there’s an strongly stimulating sensation of an elastic material squeezing and almost strangling your penis, instead there was just a general feeling of pressure around the shaft, trying to force it back out of the hole. A sort of “snug” feeling, for lack of a better word. Interestingly when I did let go of the Cup the whole thing popped off the length of my penis, but I have to say that this “snugness” doesn’t actually adversely effect the use of the toy in any way, at least it didn’t for me, am I am quite thick, though if you’re someone who’s pushing around 6″ in circumference then it could be another matter.
The inside of the Cup is very liberally lubricated, so you get a nice slick and slippery passage down the full length of if, and that definitely helps when you’re using a firmer stroke in one direction to overcome that “snugness.” The cooling lubricant has a fairly subtle effect and does feel quite pleasant, but I was expecting something a little stronger, with a noticeable tingle or refreshing chill like I’d had from other lubes and even shower gels, so perhaps it’s a little disappointing on that front. It’s still a nice sensation to have just for a change though.
The soft TPE which forms the central channel of the Cup is textured, and separated into different chambers each with their own choice of bumps and ridges. I won’t bother explaining them too much because I have a diagram which does a far better job of illustrating what you can expect. I recommend starting quite slowly when thrusting, because then you can really identify all the different areas and lumps and bumps that you’re feeling. I almost like to think of it like Braille for the tip of your penis; rubbing the head over all these textured areas and trying to tell a story. The Deep Throat Cup is especially good for long strokes, because then you get the whole spectrum of sensation all in one. It may not be the deepest toy, but from end to end the head goes on quite the journey of stimulation, so I wasn’t really bothered that an inch or so of shaft couldn’t fit inside. The whole texture gently brushes and massages the head all around with every stroke and feels great. My favourite area has to be where all the nodules are in the middle, because these work absolute wonders on the frenulum, and nothing gets me off more than having that region stimulated. Eventually when it does come time for shorter strokes that’s the part of the texture that I focus on. The Chamber at the end is a funny one, because it has different textures on different sides, and what I like about that is that it means you can rotate the toy when you’re using it to find the one you like the most, or just for a bit of variety.
When it comes to thrusting with the toy at speed the individual textures become somewhat lost, and they’re just not prominent enough to be discernible. I don’t think that this is necessarily a bad thing though, because the textures all just seem to meld together into one very pleasurable blur, rather than you losing them. What I like about the Deep Throat Cup is that it’s not over-stimulating; it delivers a lot of enjoyable sensations, but it doesn’t overpower you and have you needing to stop every few minutes for fear of cumming too early. You can carry on for a reasonably long time, allowing things to slowly build up, until you’re ready to let loose.
I mentioned at the start that there is a vent hole in the top of the Cup, and this allows for air to escape during use, and in fact if you bend over it you’ll be able to feel little menthol-scented puffs of air coming out. The other use for it though is for creating suction by covering it with a finger during the out stroke. This actually works surprisingly well, and you do get a strong sucking sensation from it, but in the process the toy starts making quite noisy slurping sounds. Personally I don’t like too much suction as it diminishes the amount of texture you can feel, so it’s a trade off.
After sitting here and going through all the points of what I like so much about the Deep Throat Cup, the biggest downer is that it’s a disposable toy, because not only would I recommend it, but I want to use it again. The truth is though, I think you probably can use it again. Mine certainly didn’t start falling apart after once use, and it still has plenty of lube inside, so I’m going to hang onto it. The only thing you have to be careful about it not ejaculating inside it, because washing it out would be tricky, and I don’t imagine it would air dry well either.
I have to say that I’m really impressed with the Tenga Deep Throat Cup. It may not have that pillowy lifelike feel of a Fleshjack insert, but it has a soft comfortable interior with a stimulating texture, and honestly it’s the best thing I’ve ever put my penis in for under £12. In fact I’ve had more expensive toys which I liked less. If you want to try out a great little masturbator, but don’t want to shell out for the expensive ones yet, then I really recommend one of these. Use it for a week and you’ll be a complete convert.
The Tenga Deep Throat Cup Cool is available from SexToys.co.uk and Lovehoney.

Tantus Echo Handle

It’s the March round of sex toy testing over at SexToys.co.uk, and this month I was chosen to review the Echo Handle from Tantus. It can be amusing the way things turn out sometimes; a while back I was sent the Goddess Handle to review by another company, and I liked it so much that I bought an original Goddess to go with it. This time around I’ve been sent the handle version of a toy which I already own and love, the original Tantus Echo. It’s nice to have a matching set of these toys, and given how much I like the idea behind putting handles on dildos, I’m very eager to see how it performs.


Read More

Price Matching!

It’s been a while since I last wrote a guide, but after I recently got myself a fantastic deal on a dildo through price matching I thought that it might be a good topic to cover.

It may surprise you to know that world of sex toy retail is a highly competitive industry. With sex toys at a record level of social acceptance, and more men and women buying them than ever before, new stores are popping up every day all vying for your precious business.
Different stores will try to attract your custom in different ways. Lovehoney, for example, aren’t always the cheapest, but they more than make up for it by having the greatest returns policy in the world. You can buy something from them, use it for a whole year, and they’ll still allow you to return it for a full refund if you decide you don’t like it any more.
Other stores will try to entice you with a price guarantee; if you find an item they sell cheaper elsewhere then they promise to match this price. I used to use this service a lot when first started buying toys in 2011, and it’s especially good if you happen to have a discount code to use at the same time, thus knocking another percentage of the cost off the order.
I know a couple of stores which offer this service, and they handle it slightly differently, so I’ll talk you through both. Be sure to keep reading if you want to know how to get a great deal on some Fleshjack Boys dildos and more!


This is the first website I know of which offers a price matching service, and it’s one which I’ve used extensively in the past. They follow quite a simple procedure to obtain your price match: you go to the product page of the item you’re interested in, click on the small red price match button, then fill in a short form telling them where the item is available cheaper. Afterwards a customer service representative will get back to you, and provide a link to add the item straight to your basket at the new lower price. It’s as simple as completing the payment process after that, and you’re only ever charged the lowest amount.

SexToys.co.uk always have a lot of great offers going on, with discount codes available through their website, Facebook, and Twitter, offering up to 30% off sometimes. If you can shop around for a bit to find a lower price, then combine the price match with a discount code then you can make some fantastic savings, and it’s free shipping on even the smallest order.


This is the most recent website that I’ve carried out price matching on, and they handle things slightly differently to SexToys.co.uk. Once you’ve found a UK site which sells the item cheaper, you want to go to the product page on SexShop365 and add the item to your basket, then head straight to the checkout. At checkout, as you’re going through the payment process, you’ll see a box labelled “notes for customer services” and here you want to tell them that you are price matching, and provide the link to the website where the item is cheaper. When the order is processed they’ll beat the cheaper price by £1, and throw in a free bottle of lube as well, and of course it’s free shipping too!

What can be slightly confusing, if you’ve never used the service before, is how they process the payment. Initially they charge you the full amount of the item, as shown on their website, then they immediately refund to you the difference from the price match. It all happens very quickly, as you’ll see if you check the time codes on your bank statement, and when the order dispatches you’ll get a note on an e-mail receipt confirming the amount of the successful price match. 

If you’re a big fan of Fleshjack products, like I am, then you can get a great deal by price matching the following items at SexShop365:

One of the really important things to remember about price matching is that not only are you getting a fantastic price (and free lube) but you also have the confidence and peace of mind of knowing that you’re shopping with a trustworthy and reliable store. This is one of my top reasons for doing it, beyond the ordinary savings.

I hope this has proved useful, and feel free to tell me about any of your successful price matches in the comments below!

Tantus Silicone Anal Beads

What better way to kick off February than with a review for an all new Tantus toy, kindly provided to me courtesy of the wonderful folks at SexToys.co.uk. Of all the things in my now-vast toy collection anal beads aren’t something that I’ve had a lot of experimentation with, so I was rather pleased when I got the news that I’d be testing out this particular piece. Check out the review after the jump!

There are two main varieties of anal beads available on the market today, those that feature individual beads connected together by a thin cord, and those moulded out of one single continuous piece of material, of which these are the latter. Each has its own pros and cons, but from a personal standpoint these are the type which I favour.
The Tantus anal beads are made entirely from 100% platinum silicone and are available in the singular colour choice of black. As with all Tantus products the beads are manufactured to an exceptionally high standard, free from any mould lines or defects, and are intended to last indefinitely. The surface of the beads incorporates a smooth shiny finish which reduces drag, but which does have the propensity to attract dust, so you many wish to rinse them prior to use. Silicone is a great material for a toy such as this, and indeed any toy, because it’s completely body-safe, odourless, and non-porous. It’s by far one of the most superior materials you can buy.
The beads are 9″ in total length, with around 8 3/4″ being physically insertable. The design features a straight shaft with six equally-spaced bulges located along it, followed by a smooth 1 1/2″ long neck section similar to that which you might find on a butt plug, and topped off by a very thin base. The base is flared and measures 2 3/8″ wide, making it perfectly safe for anal play. The top-most bulge is the smallest with a circumference of only 2 7/8″, while the others are all slightly larger at 3 3/8″, and the spaces in between are significantly narrower at only 2 1/4″.
One of the first things you’ll notice when it comes to using the beads is just how floppy they are, but this is simply down to the long and thin nature of the design, and the silicone is identical to that used in other Tantus products. This property plays a factor when it comes to inserting the beads as you’ll want to guide them in from the tip, rather than trying to push from the base. The surface of the beads holds lube very nicely and that first bulge will enter the body ever so easily, accompanied by a small ‘pop.’ Because the beads aren’t too wide, and the material has a nice amount of give in the surface, insertion feels very gentle on the sphincter and even the most inexperienced beginner shouldn’t feel any discomfort. The rest of the bulges are much the same story as the first, and despite the slight increase in size it doesn’t feel noticeable on the way in, just provided that you stay relaxed. What may come as a surprise is just how easily the whole 8 3/4″ can be inserted into the body; typically after 5″ or so of a toy you’ll feel the tip poking somewhere inside, but the wonderful flexibility of the material and the relatively narrow tip helps the beads to snake all the way up through the rectum and into the sigmoid colon. Usually trying to get anything that deep inside the body requires a degree of experience, but these beads are very adept at finding their own way and avoiding any resistance, so you might even not notice how far you’ve gone until you suddenly realise that you’re sitting right down on the base. The advantage that these solid-form beads have is in achieving that depth, whereas the beads on a string are liable to just bunch up in a coil inside the rectum, never going much further. Once the beads are fully inserted the sphincter comes to a rest along the smooth neck portion of the toy, and this helps to hold it inside the body. If you wanted to you could leave the beads there as though they were a butt plug and walk around like that without them coming out.
Anal beads are designed primarily as an active toy rather than a stationary toy, and its with a mind to removing them more than it is inserting them. The beads come out just as easily as they went in, and this time the base can be used as a handle to pull on in the process. As the beads come out you get a series of little pops as the sphincter passes over each bulge, but they’re not a major event. The downside to the solid-form beads is that the sphincter doesn’t close completely between each bulge like it would if there was a string there, so instead of going from closed to open as the beads are withdrawn, it goes from slightly open to slightly more open, which lessens the impact. For the more novice anal user the sensation that it delivers will probably be enough to feel quite satisfying, but a more experienced user would likely desire a larger ‘pop’ that can only come with a thicker toy.
One of the slight downsides to the toy is that once you’ve removed it you can’t stand it upright anywhere on its base. The floppiness of the material causes it to immediately droop to one side, shifting the centre of gravity, and causing it to topple. Either you re-insert it again as soon as you’ve removed it, you take it to the bathroom to wash it, or you clear an area where it’s safe to lay down a lube-covered toy. 
Overall I’d definitely recommend the Tantus Silicone Anal beads, especially to the more novice end of the market. It may seem exceptionally long, but it’s really not a size queen toy and shouldn’t feel intimidating. If you are someone who likes it big then you can probably tell by the measurements that it’s not going to be thick enough to feel filling, but it’s still useful for experimenting with depth when those larger toys just wont go that far.
You can buy the Tantus Silicone Anal Beads from SexToys.co.uk.
For those outside the UK they’re also available directly from Tantus.