24/7 Anal Stretching Ring

Last month I got a surprise package in the post from my German friends over at Meo.de, containing none other than one of their very own anal-stretching rings. As it happens this is a product that I’ve been aware of for quite a while, so I was especially pleased to discover that I now had one of my own to try out.

The Anal Stretching Ring from Meo is at its heart a rather stylish-looking butt plug, but what sets it apart and makes it that little bit special is that it has a hollow channel running all the way down the centre of it. In this regard it’s actually very similar to the Perfect Fit Tunnel Plug that I reviewed back in 2013, with the main difference being that this is made from a high grade aluminium alloy rather than TPR. Because of the similarities it’s quite useful to drawn comparisons between the two for the purposes of this review. 
The 24/7 Anal Stretching Ring comes available in a total of six different sizes, aimed at every level of experience. I was sent the “small” which actually has a 6 1/4″ circumference, so you can fully imagine just how much bigger things get by the time you’re up to XXL. It really is only small in the relative sense, and not a beginner toy by any means. Size wise it is actually almost identical to the Tunnel Plug, which is both convenient for me and this review, and for anyone considering making a direct trade up from a TPR toy to a metal one. In terms of its other dimensions it has a total insertable length of  2 3/4″, split between a generous 1 1/4″ long neck and a 1 1/2″ long bulb, and it has a 4 1/2″ circumference around the neck itself.
The general shape of the plug is a bit like a funny little doorknob. The actual bulb is almost entirely spherical, save for the flattened tip which is absent due to the hollow passage running through it. The shape is certainly something to bear in mind as the lack of taper will have an impact on how easy it is to insert. Aesthetically it’s a very attractive toy, and it mirrors the roundness of the bulb with a completely circular flared base. 
The plug is machined from one solid piece of high-grade aluminium, and it’s manufactured to a very high standard. The curves are all perfect, the edges are safe and rounded, and the surfaces all feel beautifully smooth. It really is a great quality piece, and because it’s metal it has that reassuring weightiness to it. The finish to the plug is some sort of black coating applied to the metal which gives it a very sleek appearance, and elevates it from that dull grey which is typical of aluminium. 
When it comes to using the plug I’m going to suggest that most people are going to want to go for a warm-up toy first, and this is strictly down to its shape. The thing about round toys in general is that they have no taper, so there’s nothing to gently dilate the sphincter as you insert it, and the result is quite a rapid expansion of the muscle instead. This almost goes double for a round toy which is completely blunt in the section where what would be its tip is missing. As always I did endeavour to see if it was possible to insert without a warm-up, and indeed it is. With a toy of this size, and my level of experience, I was able to get it in on the first occasion without too much fuss, but I really wouldn’t be that confident if I was going one size up, so my advice still stands. What was interesting to me though is that I found the Stretching Ring far easier to insert under these conditions than the Tunnel Plug. One might be tempted to think that the soft flexible toy would be the easier and more comfortable one to use, but actually the rigidity of the Stretching Ring does far more to aid insertion by holding its shape as it pushes through the muscle. 
Once you’ve got over that initial hurdle of starting the insertion it goes in very comfortably, just as with any other plug, and soon as you pass the mid point of the bulb the remainder seems almost to be sucked into the body. The big advantage of a metal plug here is that you can use a silicone lube with it, and nothing rivals the slickness of a thick silicone anal lube on a smooth metal toy. Inside the body the plug does feel extremely comfortable to wear, and immediately you can feel that extra weight that comes with a metal toy, yet it still feels very secure. The stubby design places the bulk of the toy just beyond the anus, and not deeper inside the rectum, so you feel the full extent of it nestled right up against the prostate, and the girth does give a reasonable sensation of fullness, though the size queen in me craved a little more. The neck of the plug is long enough that it leaves plenty of room for the sphincter to rest against, so it’s not sitting on the underside of the bulb and generating that sensation that it may slip loose at any second. The girth of the neck is also such that it allows the muscle to relax again a little after stretching over the bulb, but it still holds it open enough to give a nice sensation and aid with removal again afterwards.
If you’re considering wearing the plug long term then the base of it is pretty unobtrusive. It fits comfortably between the cheeks without digging into the flesh, it can’t be seen under clothing, and all importantly you can sit down on it. 
The key feature of the Stretching Ring is the hollow down the middle, and yet I still haven’t entirely figured out the purpose of yet, but that might just be because I haven’t been exposed to much of the kink world yet. I’m sure it has plenty of uses for people in the know, so I’ll just leave it at that. The flip-side to this though is that it can be a liability. If you’re wearing something that holds you open like this then you want to make certain you’re completely empty and clean at the time, lest you ruin your favourite pair of underwear. Luckily Meo do have a solution for even this, in the form of a little rubber stopper for the hole which is sold separately.  
Overall I have to say that I really do like this plug. It’s a great stubby little shape, its really well made, and you get those wonderful sensations of weight and temperature variation which come only with metal. Compared to the Tunnel Plug this has to be the one I prefer by far; while the other felt more like a bit of a novelty the Stretching ring is a serious piece of equipment, and not only that but it’s easier to use. I can’t claim to fully understand the purpose of the passage, but psychologically it is interesting to think about the notion of not so much being plugged up, but rather being constantly stretched wide open.
I’d be very happy to recommend the 24/7 Anal Stretching Ring, and many thanks to Meo.de for sending it over. You can grab it from them right now.

Silicone Cum Stopper

It’s February already and I’m back with another review for my German friends over at Meo.de. This week I’m going to be looking at something a little bit different in the form of the Silicone Cum Stopper. It’s essentially a combination product designed to be worn on the penis: part glans ring and part urethral plug, offering you the full experience of both. As always head below for more.

The Silicone Cum Stopper is quite an intriguing little product, and as so often is the case that’s what originally drew me to it. I’ve dabbled with urethral play over the years, but I’ve never had anything before which was truly wearable in that respect. Indeed one of the drawbacks of typical urethral play is that it always seems to take up a hand; whether it be a full length sound or just a plug, you always need to hold them in place lest they pop out of their own accord, and that can restrict what else you’re able to do at the same time. The idea of a toy which takes care of that for you is something which definitely appeals to me.
The basic design of the toy really isn’t all that complex. You’ve got your basic 1 1/4″ wide O-ring designed to fit over the head of the penis, and out of the 12 o’clock position comes a horseshoe-shaped hook with an 8.5mm wide ball on the end, which is to be inserted into the urethra. The hook is rather sensibly angled slightly inwards, so it follows the natural contours of the head of the penis, allowing for a better fit.
As name suggests the Silicone Cum Stopper is unsurprisingly made of platinum silicone, and this is especially important when it comes to urethral play, as you want to be using a material that can be sterilised so as to minimise the chance of any infections. Like all silicone it’s not the most stretchy material, but it’s elastic enough that you can easily expand it to double its diameter when putting it on or taking it off. It comes available in a simple choice of red or black, and it has a nice smooth finish to it. It’s not a shiny high-gloss surface, but it’s such a subtle matte that there’s no discernible texture to it, unlike with the Oxballs sounds I reviewed a few years ago.
Using the Cum Stopper is a pretty straight forward affair as you might imagine. You simply stretch the silicone ring wide enough to pass the head of your penis through it, then release it so that it nestles closely behind the corona, and with the hook lined up with the frenulum on the underside of the glans. The final step is to apply a little sterile lube to the tip of the hook (I would recommend Meo’s own “Very Deep” for this purpose) and then slip it into your urethra. 
The glans ring feels quite snug around the shaft, but not uncomfortably so. Like any cock ring it acts to hold blood inside the penis, but in this case only the head rather than the full shaft, so you may notice some increased plumpness to the glans, or a deepening of the colour. The urethral plug section offers quite a subtle sensation, it’s not that thick, nor does it go that deep, and it lacks the cold hardness of a steel toy, so it feels rather unobtrusive. It just gently tickles the inside of the head as it makes small motions back and forth across the sensitive urethral lining. It’s similar to how I imagine it must feel to have the jewellery from a Prince Albert piercing inside you. The act of the glans ring being in place can be to inhibit the movement of the foreskin, causing it to remain retracted even during masturbation, which can lead to a modification of your technique for better or worse depending on how you choose to look at it. One downside though is that the external portion of silicone from the hook blocks access to the sensitive frenulum region, making it difficult to stimulate. I did find that a lot of the time the hook didn’t want to stay inside my penis, and it would spring straight out of my urethra, forcing me to reinsert it, or attempt to hold it in place with a finger during masturbation. Part of this is in no doubt due to the flexible nature of the silicone; were it a rigid toy then it would stay in place, but there’s also a good likelihood that its ability to stay in place is affected by the shape of the user’s penis. Unfortunately knowing whether or not it’s going to stay in place for you is something you can only find out by actually trying it. 
In terms of whether or not I found that wearing it enhanced my sexual experience, I’d say that the effects were probably negligible. When the hook stayed in my urethra it was nice, but it was also too subtle to make a real impact. The pressure from the glans ring and the extra blood trapped inside the head really didn’t cause me any extra sensitivity, and while adapting my masturbation technique was novel, the blocked access to the frenulum made it more difficult to deliver the sensations I wanted.
Overall it’s quite a fun little toy, and I feel inspired to try more products in a similar vein, but I don’t really see myself using this particular one all that much in the future. 
Thanks to Meo.de for sending me the Silicone Cum Stopper, and you can buy it directly from them.

Keep Burning Shaft Dildo

This week I have a brand new sponsor, the lovely folks at Meo.de – your premiere source of sex toys in Germany – and they’ve kindly sent me a couple of things to review for them. The first up is the Shaft dildo from Keep Burning, a brand I’ve been impressed by in the past, so let’s see if this one lives up to its reputation. 

The Shaft dildo is a bit of a departure for me from the type of dildo I normally go for as it’s all about the length, but much less so the girth. That’s one of the things that actually drew me to it in my quest for variety, and it’s quite a lovely dildo to behold as it stands towering above all others in the vicinity, holding its head aloft seemingly craning for the sky.

In terms of shape the dildo is fairly regular, beginning with a nice compact set of balls at base which act almost like a solid paperweight and stabilise the whole thing. The shaft extends vertically upwards, being both perfectly straight and uniform in size. At the top it’s capped off by a nice tapered head which flares out a good way from the shaft below, giving a strongly pronounced ridge.
With regard to dimensions we’re looking at a 9 1/2″ total length, with 8″ insertable, so whichever way you look at it that’s a lot of dildo. The girth measures in at a modest 4 3/4″ around the shaft, increasing to 5 1/4″ right at the corona of the head, which gives some perspective on just how prominent it is.

The Shaft dildo is made from 100% platinum silicone, which is a fantastic odourless body-safe material, and one which I always recommend. The silicone is a little on the firmer side as it needs sufficient rigidity to hold its shape with such long thin shaft, but its still got enough give in it that you can easily compress the surface with a gentle squeeze. It comes in just one colour, black, and the finish on it is neither wholly matte nor wholly gloss, but rather it has this subtle “leather” texture to it which is really quite nice and precisely what you would expect from that name.

When it comes to using the dildo it’s nice and easy to insert thanks to the tapered head and its narrow nature. It doesn’t require a lot of force to get it inside, nor any sort of warm up toy beforehand, just a good dollop of lube and you’re good to go. It passes comfortably through the sphincter, and as you slide over the coronal ridge you get that telltale “pop” sensation as the head goes fully inside. Naturally it doesn’t feel that filling as it works its way further into the body, but it’s still a pleasant sensation, and you can pick up on a little bit of that leather texture which adds some additional interest. One of the benefits of the dildo’s shape is that it’s able to go quite deep, and not just because it has the length to enable that, but because the slenderness of the shaft helps it to snake around inside the body. If like me you generally struggle with longer toys, and find that there’s a point beyond which they will simply go no further, then this dildo can help to advance beyond that. Admittedly I cannot manage the whole thing, but it has made good progress beyond my usual capability which is encouraging.
Like most dildos the highlight of use comes down to the thrusting, and the prominent ridge on the head helps to deliver some enjoyable sensations. It’s not the most amazing prostate toy I’ve experienced, but you can definitely feel that ridge hitting the right spot, and thanks to the flexibility in the slim shaft you can really bend and angle the dildo so it pulls that ridge right into the prostate on each stroke. It’s not without effort, but if you get your technique right then you can really work it to its fullest potential. Because of the length of the dildo, and the hefty pair of balls at the base, it’s especially suited to being ridden. When you squat over it you don’t need to go down quite so low as you might with other toys, and it stays perfectly stable in the process without toppling over. You can, of course, thrust manually with it, and this works just as well, with the balls acting as a nice handle to grip onto. 
It’s a good little dildo for people who don’t want too much girth, especially on the more beginner end of the spectrum, and also for people who are looking to experiment with a few inches beyond the norm. In this respect it’s quite versatile, and throw in its ability to hit the prostate reasonably well and you have yourself a good all round dildo. I’d be quite happy to recommend it to anyone looking for a dildo that fits these specific requirements, though personally I’m still going to favour the shorter and thicker ones.
Thanks to Meo.de for sending me the Shaft dildo, and it’s available to purchase from their website right now.