b-Vibe Rimming Plug Petite

Last week I arrived back to a lovely little surprise from Lovehoney, a swanky new b-Vibe Rimming plug which they’d kindly sent me as part of their on-site review programme. I told myself I’d try to keep it pithy, as not everyone wants to read an essay before buying a sex toy, but then I found that I had so many things to say about it that I failed rather spectacularly on that front.
If you’d like to read what I thought of it then head below!

When I first heard that someone had made a rimming plug I’ll admit I was a little sceptical about the idea, but also rather excited as I’m a sucker for something new and off the beaten path.
Of all the things I’ve tried of late this plug is easily one of the most unique, thanks to the inclusion of rotating beads in the neck, which actively stimulate the anus. We all think of this region as an erogenous zone – hence the existence of analingus as an increasingly popular sex act – and yet most anal toys tend to ignore it entirely, in favour of focussing predominantly on internal stimulation. It’s impressive how effective the action of the beads actually is, and as soon as you turn it on you can immediately feel the little bumps moving around, as different points of pressure traverse the sphincter. It’s a fascinating sensation, half tickling, half massaging, and all very stimulating. You can even gently clench the muscle to apply extra pressure and increase the feeling, and happily the plug is powerful enough to withstand this without the motor stopping.

The plug can be operated in two different ways, and with differing results. Using the button on the base you can cycle through nine different pre-set patterns. Some of these use only the rotary motor, while some incorporate the plug’s internal vibrating motor as well, and a couple have it vibrating alone. The other way to use it is via the included remote. The remote allows you to independently set the pattern for each motor, so you can couple one rotation speed you like with your favourite vibration mode. The remote also allows you to adjust the strength of the vibrations to your preference, though they’re always at their highest when you operate it via the button, so you can only really adjust the intensity down.

The remote is actually a good piece of kit. It feels a little light and flimsy, but it has good signal strength, so you can still control the plug under a couple of layers of clothing, or with it a reasonable distance away. The only downside with the remote is that there are so many combinations of settings that it can be easy to get a little lost, which did make me miss the visual display you get from wireless toys that can be operated via a phone app, as with some of We-Vibe’s newer products.

The vibrations from the plug aren’t the strongest in the world, but it would be wrong to try to compare them to something like a prostate massager. They act to complement the rotary action and they do so well, creating a really pleasant all round sensation. On some occasions I did find that all the sensations seemed to blend together, making the rimming feature of the plug feel less apparent, so it can be nice to use it with the vibrations disabled.

In terms of noise the plug isn’t all that discreet. The vibrating function is almost whisper quiet inside the body, but the mechanical action of the rimming feature does make quite a noticeable whirring sound, limiting where you can use it. Behind a closed door and you’re perfectly safe with it, but out in public and you might get a few strange looks. 

This plug is classed as being the “petite” version, but I think it’s probably the perfect size, and I say that as someone who does generally enjoy toys on the larger end of the scale. What I like about this plug especially is the insertable length, because at 4 inches it’s really comfortable for every day wear. The main body is long enough that the bulb of the plug can nestle up against the entire prostate, but it doesn’t go so deep that it runs the risk of poking you anywhere uncomfortably, especially if you try to use it in a seated position.

The one area I wouldn’t mind it being a little bigger is in terms of girth, because I do appreciate that sensation of greater fullness, and the addition of a thicker neck could increase the intensity felt from the rimming action. As it stands though I’m happy with the size and it’s sufficient to still feel really good.

The plug itself is really easy to take care of. It’s made from velvety-soft seamless silicone which you can sterilise after use, and the magnetic charging port is a breeze to use.

I’ve had a lot of fun with this toy and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for something new. Many thanks to Lovehoney for sending it to me for review, and you can go grab one right now from Lovehoney.co.uk or Lovehoney.com

Fun Factory The Boss Dildo

It’s been a little while since my last review for Lovehoney, but this month they’ve been in touch and have very kindly sent over The Boss dildo from Fun Factory for me to try out.
Lovehoney has also just launched a brand new category on their website, Sex Toys for Gay Men, and it’s a really convenient way to help find what you want. Considering the hundreds – if not thousands – of different products Lovehoney has in stock, it’s nice to have a readily curated selection of all the things a gay guy might want to play with, so go check it out!
Now onto the review below.

The Boss is one of those products which rather aptly explains the need for sex toy reviews. One quick glance at it and on the surface it’s a fairly unassuming dildo to behold, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that its performance mirrors this. After all, what’s a dildo with a mostly straight shaft and a ridged head going to do that a dozen others before it haven’t already, right? Well cast aside your assumptions for a brief moment and allow me to show you how appearances can be deceiving.
I don’t know about you, but when I hear “The Boss” I think of Tony Danza sitcoms, Springsteen, and pointy-haired characters from Dilbert. I also realise that I’ve just made a slew of references which make me seem twice my age. Calling a dildo The Boss though does give it quite a lot to live up to, and while typically you’d be a fool to put much weight in what a company names a product, you can’t help but have certain feelings evoked by the term. It’s a dildo that says it’s going to take charge and get the job done, or perhaps even have you whacked Sopranos style, so already there are certain expectations whether you want them or not. 
The Boss is only my second Fun Factory dildo after I reviewed the Tiger five years ago, and it couldn’t be more different. It features a design far closer to something anatomical, and much lighter on texture, catering to those who prefer more realism in their toys, and indeed it even comes available in a flesh tone in addition to the black.
In terms of size the Boss is 7″ tall, with just over 6 1/2″ insertable, and an average girth of 5 1/4″. It’s definitely more of an intermediate dildo, and may require a warm-up toy for some.
Looking at the Boss you’d naturally assume that the prominent ridge below the head is going to be the sweet spot, dragging its way across the prostate for maximum stimulation, but taking a cue from my experience with the Tantus Adam, I flipped it around and started off using it in the opposite direction. I wasn’t sure quite what to expect when I first inserted the Boss, but I wasn’t at all prepared for the impact that the shape of the shaft would have. It doesn’t look as though it particularly deviates that much from being straight, with only a faint hint of an S-shape, but as you lower yourself down onto it you can distinctly feel each turn back and forth, like your body is a carriage riding along rails. It’s a journey which follows a similar story internally, and as the shaft goes deeper you can feel it wave and undulate, bumping up against the prostate in the process. It’s entirely unique and unexpected, and once you begin thrusting with it and building up a steady rhythm, that’s where it really comes into its own. That wave-like shape, bumping up and down against the prostate with every thrust in and out, creates a strong massaging action which feels wonderful and very stimulating. At the same time the angle and shape of the head help it to find its way deeper into the body, allowing you to comfortably slide down the whole length of the shaft and make the most of every inch. 
One of the keys to why the Boss works is the firmness of the dildo. Usually with silicone toys my mantra is “the softer the better” but in this instance the fact that it’s a little stiffer helps it retain its shape enough during use that you can really feel it. It’s still flexible enough to provide comfort and bend around inside you when need be, but they’ve managed to strike a balance that preserves the impact of the curves. It’s one of those dildos that I could ride for an extended period of time, because it creates enough sensation to keep me interested in what’s going on, and it’s also gentle enough on the insides to prevent soreness. 
In my experience the Boss does only work in this one particular orientation. Eventually I did flip it around to see how that ridge would fare against my prostate, and there was surprisingly less sensation from it than I had imagined. Something about the way the dildo is curved means that the head just glances off the prostate without the ridge having any real chance to press into it. I can’t say that I’m disappointed by this however, because I got more than enough pleasure from using it one way around, and that’s not something you can say about every dildo. Had it worked both ways then that would just have been an added bonus. One thing to bear in mind is that these products are unisex, so the way which didn’t work for me might be more suited to the opposite gender. 
If I had to pick one slight niggle about the Boss, then it would be finish on it. The dildo has a matte texture to it, and while it does feel soft and velvety, it’s still not my favourite. It produces more drag than a shiny dildo, and requires additional lube to compensate. It’s something I can definitely feel the difference between. It’s by no means anything close to a deal breaker, but if I had my way it would be shiny every time, so bear that in mind if you’re sensitive to texture.
The Boss has definitely been a lovely surprise for me and far exceeded my expectations. What looked as though it was going to be just a pleasant regular dildo proved to be real winner on the prostate, and earned the right to its name. The sensations it delivers have a real unique flavour to them and are quite exquisite, and so I would have no hesitation in recommending the Boss. Fun Factory has done a superb job here.
Many thanks to Lovehoney for generously sending me the Boss to Review. It’s available from their UK website, and don’t forget to check out their new category, Sex Toys for Gay Men!

Until October 31st you can get £10 off any purchase over £45 at Lovehoney, simply by using this link.

Fleshlight Quickshot Boost

Happy December everyone, and this month I’m back with an all-new Fleshlight review, courtesy of the folks at Lovehoney. A few weeks ago Fleshlight unveiled their brand new product the “Quickshot” and naturally I wanted to give it a whirl, so I got in touch with my friends at Lovehoney and they kindly agreed to send me one to review. Believe it or not this is actually the first new Fleshlight mastubator I’ve reviewed in almost three years, since the Sword back in January 2013.

Catch the review below!

The Quickshot marks the most significant change to Fleshlight’s masturbator design since the company’s inception back in the 90s. It eschews the traditional large bulky case for something much more compact, and akin to some of the other “pocket pussys” you see on the market. The first time I saw it though, I couldn’t help but think back to a viral video from last year where a lady by the name of “Auntie Angel” taught the world how to turn a grapefruit into a sex toy, and gave everyone watching it a good laugh in the process. I like to think of the Quickshot as the professional evolution of that concept.
The Quickshot is available in two difference versions: the Boost and the Vantage. The difference between them is largely cosmetic, with the Vantage having a clear case and a clear insert, while the Boost has a black case and a metallic-grey insert, but there’s also a slight difference to the texture. One of the first things that came to my mind is how sticky the clear inserts tend to be, so the Boost seemed to be the safer option on that front, but I can confirm that this isn’t actually the case. Interestingly the grey insert appears to be just a clear Superskin with a lot of tiny metallic particles mixed in with it, rather than being a proper solid colour like the traditional Fleshlight-pink, but I’ll talk more about that later.

The basic design of the Quickshot looks a bit like a barrel, and with its caps on it measures 4 3/8″ tall by 2 3/4″ wide, making it the sort of size you can conveniently store in the top drawer of your bedside table. With an end cap removed it does look a lot like a traditional Fleshlight, only sans the anatomical orifice, so if you prefer the more discreet Flight approach then it’ll appeal to you. The Quickshot does in fact have two end caps, both of which are intended to be removed during use, and the orifices are identical on each side, though this does seem a little bit like a missed opportunity to incorporate some variety. In the absence of the caps the body of the toy is reduced to essentially a band of black plastic, with the Superskin insert held inside rather like an elongated doughnut. The openings in the insert are around 3/4″ of an inch in diameter, promising to be nice and snug, and this size continues through the internal canal of the toy, with the exception of the textured areas. The texture is formed by intermittent horizontal ridges laid out in groups of three, and punctuated occasionally by a shallow nub between the rows. It’s something of a unique texture compared to the others that I’m familiar with, seemingly crafted especially for the Quickshot.

Using the Quickshot is very straightforward and requires no special preparation other than a bit of waterbased lube. It’s worth applying a squirt of lube to the exterior of the orifice, as well as internally, just harking back to my earlier point about the material being quite sticky, as this’ll aid with initial insertion. The Superskin is a wonderfully soft and stretchy material, and you can feel it expand as you enter the toy, but it still feels very snug. The thing that restricts just how much the insert can adjust to accommodate you is the diameter of the plastic band, as this is where the toy feels tightest. I’d go as far as saying that anyone with a girth above 5 1/2″ should probably consider another toy, as that’s about the max it can take before you find yourself getting into difficulties. [Update: see my review of the Vantage for a less-tight Quickshot]. There are a number of techniques you can employ to make the most of the toy’s design: you can focus entirely on the head of the penis, leaving it in the toy at all times, you can employ long strokes so that the penis goes in one side and pops out the other, or you can use the toy mainly around the shaft, occasionally teasing the head. It’s also very well suited as a couples toy if you wish to incorporate it with a blowjob. The texture of the Boost is fairly enjoyable during thrusting, but if I’m honest I wasn’t all that blown away by it. The issue is that these little individual ridges get pushed over as soon as the penis makes contact with them, and then if you’re quite girthy they just get squashed into the side of the canal. It’s just not possible to feel them all that much, so while it does feel good, it feels good in the way that the smooth Fleshlight feels good, rather than in the way that the dozens of nubs inside the Flight can drive you wild. Occasionally part of one of the ridges, or one of the shallow nubs, will catch you right on the frenulum and feel extra good, but you have to play around with your technique to achieve this consistently. What is pleasant though, and a unique point for the Quickshot, is that sensation of the head emerging out of the end of the tight orifice, and then being pulled back through it in reverse. It’s definitely not an imitation-sex toy, but for a masturbatory aid it’s an enjoyable step up from using your hand.

In terms of prolonged use the Quickshot does have some drawbacks over the traditional Fleshlight, namely with regard to lube. Because the Quickshot isn’t a closed environment, a significant area of your lube-covered penis will be exposed to the air at any time, where the moisture will rapidly evaporate. The longer you use the Quickshot the more times you’ll need to reapply lube, because it does get quite stubborn when things aren’t slick enough, and that tightness and the texture create a lot of friction together. It’s not a huge deal, unless you’re very frugal with your lube, but it can disrupt your rhythm a little, and after a number of reapplications things can start to get a little messy. The other thing to consider is that when you climax with the Quickshot you’ll want a tissue handy, as it doesn’t catch anything in the way that a regular Fleshlight would, but that does bring me onto my next point.

One of my favourite things about the Quickshot is that it’s so easy to clean, and that’s not something you’ll hear anyone say about Fleshlight’s other masturbators. It’s as simple as popping the SuperSkin insert out of the plastic case, submerging it in a basin of warm water, and agitating it a little to remove any lube etc. After that it’s just a matter of leaving the insert somewhere to dry before you reassemble it, and it dries ever so quickly thanks to the open-ended design and relatively short body. It has to be the most hassle-free product that Fleshlight have come up with, and that’s a major selling point for it. You’re able to use it as frequently as you like because there’s no need to worry about the clean up afterwards. As much as I love my other Fleshjacks, there’s always a debate that goes on before getting one out “do I want a really good wank enough to go through the washing, cornstarching, and days of mould-preventing ventilation afterwards?” On the subject of cornstarch, it’s entirely optional with the Quickshot. As I mentioned earlier the material is sticky, but it still pops back into the case easily enough that it’s not a big deal. Personally I don’t bother.
Overall the Quickshot Boost is a nice little toy, and I love the fact that they’ve incorporated all the Fleshlight technology into something so convenient and much more accessibly-priced. For me it would benefit from having a slightly larger version to reduce the snugness, and I can picture some textures that I’d prefer, but these things aren’t deal-breakers [Update: the Vantage model solves these issues]. If you want to upgrade your masturbation session to something beyond just your faithful hand, then the Quickshot is a great way to do that without a lot of hassle and without breaking the bank. For those reasons I’d definitely recommend it.
Thanks to Lovehoney for providing me with the Quickshot, and you can grab one now from their UK store, or their U.S. one.

Fleshlight Shower Mount

Is it really August already? How the summer flies by. I was very fortunate this month that Lovehoney contacted me and asked me to review the all new Fleshlight Shower Mount for them. It’s a pretty self-explanatory device which allows you to stick your favourite Fleshlight / Fleshjack to a wall, but in case you’re in need of a little more explanation here’s a very NSFW video of a sexy man demonstrating how to use it.
Catch the review below.

The Fleshlight is quite easily one of the best male sex toys on the market today, as well as being one of my personal favourites, but possibly the only area where it’s let down is by the fact that you have to hold it during use. The need for it to be held somewhat limits its applications by restricting it to more of a masturbation device than something to thrust into and simulate sex, but now the people at Fleshlight have finally come up with a clever solution.
The Fleshlight Shower Mount is an adjustable suction cup which screws onto the base of most Fleshlight models in place of the existing small end cap. It’s quite a simple device on the whole and has three main features: firstly the cap section which connects to the Fleshlight can be screwed into place as tightly or loosely as you desire, allowing you to adjust the suction within the Fleshlight, just like you would with the standard end cap. Secondly, the Shower Mount has a hinge in the middle which allows you to alter the angle at which your Fleshlight projects from the surface that you’ve affixed it to, according to your personal preference. The hinge moves through around 130 degrees, so you can thrust into the Fleshlight horizontally, up vertically, up diagonally, down diagonally, or anything in between. The hinge is adjusted by loosening and tightening a small plastic nut, so once you’ve selected your perfect angle there’s no worry of it shifting at all. Thirdly, the most important feature of the whole device is the suction cup itself, and this is good size at 3.5″ in diameter. The suction cup works by first wetting it and placing it against a smooth surface, then by rotating a small slider to lock the suction cup into place. Once engaged the suction cup holds really firmly, even with the weight of the Fleshlight on top of it, and it can withstand a good amount of vigorous thrusting without being knocked off.
Although the device is called the “Shower Mount” it can be used anywhere that you have a smooth surface available, such as on the door of a mirrored wardrobe if you really want to watch yourself in action, on a floor-to-ceiling window of a skyscraper if you’re feeling like an exhibitionist, and even on laminate flooring if you’d prefer not to use it in a standing position. As long as the surface is smooth then it’s fine, but probably the biggest advantage to actually using it within the confines of the bathroom is clean up, as once you’re done fluids are likely to drip out of the end of the mounted Fleshlight, depending on the angle you’ve set it to, so better for that to run down the shower tray than onto carpeting. If your surface isn’t completely smooth then don’t worry, as the Shower Mount can handle a small amount of unevenness in the surface of a glazed tile without falling off, but it really does need to be a full sized tile – mosaics aren’t going to work. When you are finally done with the toy it does actually come away surprisingly easily, despite how firmly it was held only moments prior. You simply rotate the slider into the unlock position, then pull on the small tab on the suction cup to peel it away from the surface.
On the whole I have to say that I’m a really big fan of the Fleshlight Shower Mount; I wasn’t sure that I could like my Fleshlights any more than I already do, but this little device just went ahead and improved them, and I’m definitely going to be getting a lot of use out of it. It opens up a whole new world of hands-free pleasure with your favourite masturbation aid.
One slight downside is that the Shower Mount isn’t compatible with the clear Fleshlight cases. It mentions this on the packaging and at first I didn’t believe it so I felt compelled to test it out for myself. It transpires that the end of the clear case is ever so slightly larger than that of the other colours, enough that it won’t readily screw onto the Shower Mount. The Shower Mount does now come with an adaptor to make it compatible with the Flight though.
I’d definitely recommend the Shower Mount to anyone who owns a Fleshlight; it’s great if you’d prefer to thrust into your toy, it can be used in a wide variety of locations and holds extremely firmly, and it can be adjusted to whatever angle suits you best. 
The Fleshlight Shower Mount is available from Lovehoney UK, and Lovehoney USA.

Lovehoney Lubricants

The folks over at Lovehoney are awfully sweet, and this Christmas they sent me a lovely selection of samples of their new lubes and toy cleaner, bundled up with a couple of storage pouches, and all packed into one of their fancy new gift boxes. I felt the least I could do to say thanks would be to write a short review, so let’s take a quick look at the range after the jump!

There are four different types of lubricants in Lovehoney’s new range, all which come in similarly attractive and colour-coded packaging. The bottles all contain 100ml, which is a really handy size for keeping in a bedside drawer, a side pocket of a bag, and especially for when travelling.

The Delight is a silk lubricant which comes in a squeezable tube. It’s quite a thick water-based lube with a pearlescent-white appearance. When you start to play with it the texture reminds me a little of hair conditioner. It’s quite a slick lube to begin with, but the more you play with it the more it thickens up, so it doesn’t last as long as the other three. It gets borderline tacky towards the end, but once it’s dried it gets absorbed completely into the skin, so there’s no residue to worry about. It feels like quite a rich lube that will nourish the skin in the process. I’m not quite sure what the primary purpose of this lube is, but I rather enjoy it with insertable toys as it adheres to them well. I find it too thick as Fleshjack lube, and not long-lasting enough as a masturbation lube.

The Enjoy is a water-based lubricant enriched with aloe vera and extracts of ginseng. It comes in a nice easy-to-open bottle with a cap that pops down allowing you to pour the lube wherever you like through a small spout. It’s a pretty runny lube which makes it great for use with a Fleshjack, and this is my favourite application for it. It’s also good with smaller insertable toys, but it doesn’t adhere that well to the surface of most common sex toy materials, so it’s not ideal if you’re trying to get an even application over something with a large surface area. It’s a good lube for oral because it has little to no taste; I detected only a very very slight bitterness from the aloe, and then a subtle aftertaste which reminded me of licking the back of an envelope, so nothing that’s off-putting. It terms of duration I was pleased with how long it lasted, especially inside a closed environment like a Fleshjack.

The Discover is an anal-lubricant which I found to be almost identical to the Enjoy. It has a couple of different ingredients on the label, but in terms of how it behaves there’s no discernable difference. Unfortunately for an anal lube it is very runny, and the one thing you expect about anal lubes is that they’ll be thick. If you’re trying to use it with anal toys then it just doesn’t stay in place that well, but again like the Enjoy it’s great with a Fleshjack. The only two minor differences I could identify were that the taste was slightly stronger, and that it dried up a little faster. The Discover is a good lube on the whole – for general-purpose use – but it’s probably my least favourite of the bunch.

The Release is a masturbation lubricant designed for men. It’s an oil-based lube which comes in a squeezable tube like the Delight. It comes out as quite a thick, creamy, white solid, which rather reminds me of E45 cream, or a similar moisturiser. Once you start to rub it into the skin it quickly melts with the body heat and becomes a really slippery fluid. Despite being oil based it doesn’t feel overly greasy, which is great, and just feels as though it’s moisturising the skin. It works really well for masturbation, allowing the foreskin to slide smoothly back and forth over the head of your penis, and the hand to glide up and down the shaft. If you’ve never tried lube for masturbation before then the Release is a great one to start with. The oil based formula helps it to last for a really long time without drying up, so reapplication isn’t necessary. The only thing you need to be careful with is that you keep it away from latex condoms, as the oil content will damage them. I’m actually tempted to use it with some of my anal toys because of how thick it is. Once you’re done with the lube you don’t even need to wash it off, because the almond oil, aloe vera extract, and vitamin E will all be absorbed by the skin of the penis and help to nourish it and keep it in tip-top condition.

Alongside the lubes Lovehoney were kind enough to send me a sample of “Fresh” their new toy cleaner. The cleaner comes in a handy spray bottle and is really simple to use. You just squirt a little all over the surface of your toys, leave it for a minute, then rinse it away and your toys will be left clean as a whistle. It’s a great product to have on hand to ensure that everything stays hygienic, and the formula is safe to use on the vast majority of toys, barring those which expressly warn against using anything other than water. Despite the name “Fresh” and the lime green bottle, the product is actually odourless, and doesn’t possess the zesty hints of citrus which you might expect, but this is great for anyone sensitive to perfumes.

It would be remiss of me not to briefly mention the other goodies I got. Lovehoney sell toy pouches in two sizes now, the large measures 33cm x 14cm and the small 20cm x 14cm. The small is great for butt plugs and other short toys, while the large will fit most dildos, except the truly long double-enders, and anything with really oversized balls. They’re really good quality satin bags, and they don’t leave lint on your toys. If you’re just buying one or two for your most prized pieces then the price of £3 doesn’t seem so bad, but if you have a collection like mine, exceeding 70 items, then that would soon add up. I’d love to see them stock them in bulk packs at a discount, as then I’d snap up a load instantly.

Lovehoney also do beautiful gift boxes now, with a selection of designs to choose from. They’re absolutely perfect if you want to surprise your lover with a new toy or some new lingerie from Lovehoney, as presentation plays a big part.

I have to say a big thanks to Lovehoney for sending me all this as it was greatly appreciated. Lovehoney has always been a store than I can recommend using without reservation, so go check them out and sample some of their new products for yourselves.

Tenga Flip Hole Red

This month the kind folks over at Lovehoney sent me the Tenga Flip Hole Red to try out. I was very excited by the prospect of this, because as a big Fleshjack fan I’ve been eager to try out a Tenga product by way of comparison, and also because it does look undeniably stunning in my favourite sex toy colour, red.

The Flip Hole is the top of the line masturbator offered by Japanese manufacturer Tenga. It’s intended to be a durable multi-use product, and rival to the American-made Fleshjack. What’s interesting about the Tenga Flip Hole masturbators is that the colour of the case isn’t simply a matter of aesthetics, each one in fact has its own completely unique texture inside.

The Flip Hole is quite compact, standing at 7″ in total, and with a 9″ circumference, so it’s easy to grip onto and feels nice to hold in the hand. It’s made of two separate pieces, the major of which is the main body of the toy. The body is made from solid plastic, with an oval-shaped viewing window cut out of each side. These windows allow you to see and feel the soft clear material which the interior of the masturbator is made from. The problem I found with this is that the material is very sticky in nature, and I wasn’t too keen on having to touch this during use. The simple solution to remove the stickiness is to dust the area with a thin coating of corn flour, much like you might with a Fleshjack, but it’s an inconvenience. (Update: this stickiness was not present in the later White Flip Hole that I reviewed, and I believe it may have been a result of the way the product was treated before I was sent it to review, as I received it sans packaging and it may well have been exposed to a cleaning solution.) Inside the material on either side is embedded a thin sheet of white plastic, which protrudes from the surface in the form of six buttons. These “buttons” can be squeezed during use to apply pressure. The other piece of the Flip Hole is the end cap, which serves a number of functions. When the Flip Hole is not being used the cap covers the soft orifice and protects it from damage and also dust, but when the Flip Hole is being used the cap fits onto the opposite end of the toy, and helps hold the two halves of it together.

Both the strengths and the weaknesses of the Flip Hole lie in its one key feature, the ability to completely open it up by unfolding it into halves along a hinge at one end. This seemingly clever adaptation unfortunately causes as many problems as it solves.The first issue surrounds the orifice of the toy. The opening is only 2cm in diameter, which isn’t incredibly wide, but this only extends into the toy for a depth of 2cm, before it is completely blocked off by a section of material which acts like a diaphragm. When you insert yourself into the toy, instead of the material stretching to accommodate the girth of the penis like it would with a Fleshjack, it stretches slightly and then the two halves split apart, with the material around the opening bursting outwards and down the shaft. This doesn’t affect performance, but it does look unusual, and like it’s not supposed to happen. The next issue is with the interior of the Flip Hole itself. Inside it has a good 6″ long cavity, but when using it you don’t get a sense of the penis being fully enveloped. There is sensation on the top of the penis, and on the bottom, but none along the sides. Due to the way the raised texture is laid out there’s no real canal moulded into the material, and combined with the propensity of the two halves to divide towards the edges, the overarching sensation is that of having your penis being sandwiched between two halves of something, rather that it being fully encompassed. The final drawback is that the toy leaks air all along the divide, reducing the sense of suction that you get when using it. The benefits of having the toy open up are obvious when it comes to applying lube; instead of having to squirt some through a tiny aperture, you can simply open the Flip Hole and spread lube copiously over the interior. Likewise when it comes time to remove any lube from the inside you can simply open the Flip Hole up and rinse any fluids from the inside under a tap, without the worry of submerging it. In this instance the end cap can also be used as a drying rack to balance the toy on.

The texture of the inside of the Flip Hole is very bumpy; the best way I can describe it is with an unconventional analogy. It’s a little like when you’re driving down the motorway, and you drift out of lane, and all of a sudden you feel a bumping rumbling sensation throughout the vehicle, as the tyres rapidly hit against the row of cat’s-eyes. This is immediately what I thought of when thrusting into the Flip Hole, and my penis travelled across the closely-ribbed interior surface. The material inside is lovely and soft, so even though it is very bumpy it never felt as though the sensation was too intense. I have to say that I wasn’t especially crazy about the texture. One of the selling points of the Flip Hole is that there’s a different texture on either side, so you can vary the experience depending on which way up you use it, but from my perspective the difference wasn’t that great, and it all felt like a variation on a theme – bumpy. I found long deep thrusting with the toy not to be satisfying; my best experiences came when I found an area of the texture that I liked best, and I just massaged the head of the penis with it in that region employing short strokes. Using the Flip Hole did feel nice, as using any such toy would, but it didn’t feel special or amazing. The texture didn’t tickle, tease, or titillate any part of my penis, in fact it wasn’t very memorable at all, and all the lumps and bumps just blended into one.
During use of the Flip Hole quite a surprising amount of the inner material does bulge out of the windows cut out of either side of the case. In this way the material displaces itself rather than stretching to make room for what’s inside. For this reason if you want to get a significantly tight sensation then you will need to squeeze the aforementioned “buttons” on either side. This works quite effectively, and the ability to adjust the pressure is an enjoyable feature compared to a standard hard-case Fleshjack. It does require a certain level of constant adjustment during thrusting though, as you endeavour to keep the balance of the pressure just right.
The Flip Hole isn’t a toy which pretends to offer any sense of realism, as should be apparent just from looking at the texture. The whole design is geared towards functionality, rather than replication, so it feels nothing like sex. It’s not even a case of whether it feels better or worse, it just feels very different, and ultimately it’s a personal preference whether one likes that difference or not.

The toy is perhaps a little more awkward to warm up than a Fleshjack, because the material inside is permanently attached to the hard outer case, so you need to submerge the whole thing in a basin of hot water. Personally I wouldn’t bother as they never seem to hold their heat for long, and it just creates more hassle and mess.

As was touched on earlier the Flip Hole is very easy to clean. You want to avoid using soaps with the delicate material, so a simple rinse under hot water will suffice. As the inside can be left open to the air any moisture can more readily evaporate, and it dries faster than a Fleshjack. There’s also no need to cover every inch in corn flour, which significantly reduces maintenance time.
I have to say that on the whole I’m rather disappointed with the Tenga Flip Hole. Being a fan of Fleshjacks, but hating having to clean them, I felt sure the Flip Hole would be the answer to my prayers, and that I’d love it, but sadly it wasn’t so. It’s a well-built quality product, but I just didn’t enjoy the texture at all, and some of the design features seemed to act like a double-edged sword, helping and hindering in equal measure. I wouldn’t write off the Flip Hole completely, however, as it may just be a case that I haven’t found my perfect match yet. In fact I’ve since reviewed the White and came to a much different conclusion.
The Tenga Flip Hole is available in red and other colours from Lovehoney UK and Lovehoney USA.