Tantus Zing

The people at Desire & Pleasure recently sent me a Tantus Zing to review for them. Desire & Pleasure is a new company set up by the Family Planning Association (FPA), a British charity involved in promoting sexual health and sex safe practises. All the proceeds from purchases go directly towards funding the FPA, and it’s a really great cause. If you’d like to know more then I’m going to be writing a detailed blog post about them later in the month, and meanwhile you can check out the review below.

The Zing is a vibrating butt plug from Tantus. Like all Tantus products it’s made from 100% platinum silicone, and is completely free from odours or mould lines. Silicone is really one of the best materials that a sex toy can be made from as it’s high quality and completely body-safe, so you can feel completely reassured when using it.
Tantus B-Bomb
The current revision of the Zing features broadly the same design as the B-Bomb, only with the inclusion of 4 subtle ridges along the bulb. Overall the plug is quite a modest size at only 4 3/8″ in total length, and with 3 3/8″ of that being actually insertable. At its widest point around the middle the plug has a circumference of 4 5/8″ which is suited to someone with only modest experience with anal toys. The plug starts off with a nice tapered tip which gently expands out down the length of the bulb and into the ribbed section, before narrowing in again as it approaches the neck of the plug. The neck of the plug is one of the unusual design features of  the Zing because it’s hard to tell where it is. There’s no section of straight material which is clearly defined as the neck, and instead the lower half of the plug is shaped like an hourglass, narrowing down after the bulb and instantly flaring out again into the 2 1/4″ wide base. The narrowest point along the neck measures 3 1/4″ around, which actually isn’t a great less that the widest point of the bulb, but this is understandable considering that the neck is hollow and has to accommodate a bullet. If you flip the plug over and insert a finger into the bullet hole then you can feel that the walls around it are actually quite thin, and in places thin enough that if you hold it up to the light you can see  a glow coming through the material. Surprisingly the plug doesn’t actually feel too weak and floppy along the neck area, and it can actually withstand compression even when the bullet isn’t inside it, though it will bend laterally with relative ease.
Inserting the toy is nice and simple to do and the tapered tip slides easily into the body. The silicone has a nice amount of give to it to create a comfortable experience, and the shiny surface helps to avoid friction. Once the tip is in you begin to feel the ridges, and these are far less pronounced than in the Dipper. The ridges are a really nice feature and produce just enough stimulation to add some interest to the plug, but without being too intense and risking putting anyone off. At this stage is can be nice to just slide the plug back and forth, and feel the ridges softly brushing across the sphincter. Once the plug is fully inserted the muscles will naturally come to rest around the narrowest point of the neck, which leaves a surprising amount of the base protruding from the body. The narrowest point is about 1 1/4″ away from the base, so that’s more or less what you’re left with sticking out. You can attempt to insert the plug deeper but it’s reluctant to remain in that position, and will always work it’s way back out to where it was before. The base is fairly wide, and it’s not so much that it nestles between the cheeks of the buttocks, but it actually seems to extend beyond and sit just outside. For this reason the neck/base is probably my least favourite aspect of the Zing, as it’s really not the best design I’ve ever encountered. The plug does seem to remain inside the body fairly well once inserted, but you always want to remain mindful that it’s there. Because there isn’t a huge size difference between the neck and the bulb there’s nothing to really anchor the plug inside the body, and allowing the muscle to relax too much can result in the plug starting to slip out.
The vibrations in the plug are powered by a 2 1/4″ long vibrating bullet which can be inserted 1 1/2″ deep into the plug. Because the bullet protrudes from the plug it means that it’s not possible to sit down whilst wearing it. The bullet is quite a basic single-speed battery-powered vibrator. It’s reasonably powered but it does produce fairly buzzy vibrations. The bullet fits snuggly into the bullet hole under the plug and can be a little tricky to remove, so prepare yourself for a small tug of war. Luckily the bullet is waterproof, so you needn’t remove it when washing the plug. When the plug is inserted and the vibrations are turned on it does produce quite a pleasant tingling sensation inside. The vibrations can be felt most strongly around the neck of the plug, but they do travel all the way down to the tip, and you can feel them everywhere the plug is touching inside, including the prostate. It’s not an intense vibration, but it does make for a nice change of pace compared to a non-vibrating plug. If you want to really crank up the sensation then you can replace the standard bullet with another of your choosing. I tried the We-Vibe Salsa and the difference was remarkable, practically reinventing the whole toy. It’s really useful to have that option available to you, so you can purchase it just for the silicone shell alone.
On the whole the Zing is a really nice toy, and lives up to Tantus’s usual quality. I really like the top half of the plug and the ridges along the body, and the vibrations aren’t bad either, the only thing that spoils it a bit for me is the oddly designed base, and that could stand to go through another revision. Out of the couple of vibrating butt plugs I’ve tried so far, this would be the one which I’d recommend, definitely over the Ass-Berries.
You can buy a Tantus Zing from Desire & Pleasure, and be sure to use the code BLOG012 for a 15% discount!