Toy With Me Tuesday

Toy with me TuesdayRecently there was this whole “Cock in a Sock” trend going around, where hunky men were posting photos on the social networking site of their choice, wearing nothing but a simple sock to hide their modesty. Ostensibly it’s all in aid of raising awareness for male cancers, and after witnessing it all I decided it might be fun to pop a red gym sock atop my Dolph Lambert dildo and snap a quick pic, and then I promptly did nothing with the photo. I realised it’s been a while since I’ve done TWMT, so what better reason is there to finally put this image to good use? Oh, and incidentally, this is the photo Pinterest took down for moral panic.

Dolph Lambert Dildo

June is upon us and what better way to kick it off than with another Fleshjack dildo review? Better yet it marks the return of the Bel Ami boys as I check out Kevin‘s friend and scene partner Dolph Lambert.
This review comes a little overdue as I was originally supposed to review the dildo back in April, as part as my Fleshjack challenge (my self-imposed goal to review a different Fleshjack dildo every month of 2013), but unfortunately the company which originally offered it to me suddenly dropped off the face of the planet and ceased responding to e-mails. My subsequent attempts to secure one for review in May also came up against a brick wall, but thanks to a 20% off sale over at the wonderful Esmale I decided to splash out and grab one myself for a bargain price, after all it would be a shame to let all this lovely artwork go to waste.
Check out the review below.

The Dolph Lambert is another one of the big girthy dildos that we’ve all come to expect from Fleshjack, and proof that the men of Europe are packing just as much in the trouser department as all the stars of gay porn from across the Pond. The dildo measures in at 7 1/8″ in total length, with a maximum of 5 3/4″ of that being actually insertable. Around the middle of the shaft the girth comes in at an impressive 6″, and this thickness continues uniformly right down to the base.
The dildo is manufactured from 100% platinum silicone in a pale flesh-tone. As the Bel Ami range is relatively new all the dildos are made from the softer silicone, like with the Kevin Warhol and Brent Everett models which I reviewed, and I find this exhibits quite similar properties to the silicone used in the Tantus Pack ‘n’ Play line. It’s a really lovely material to squeeze as it has a lot of give in the surface, and it’s easy to bend back and forth, and even twist or stretch slightly. As always the quality of construction is absolutely impeccable, and I’ve examined the dildo with all five senses without being able to find a single flaw in it to complain about, nor a mould-line in sight.
The one thing which keeps bringing me back to Fleshjack dildos time and time again is their stunning realism and attention to detail, and naturally the Dolph Lambert is no different in this regard. It is incredibly life-like both to look at and to hold in your hands, in a way which other ‘realistic’ dildos seldom are, so Fleshjack clearly deserves kudos for whatever techniques they developed to achieve this. Were it not for the fact that it’s disembodied then it could more than easily be mistaken for a real body part, if someone were to lay eyes upon it inside a room where the lights were dimmed. There’s so much detail to pour over on it if you have the time, because even the most minute aspect is captured exquisitely, from the grain of the skin, to the small veins along the surface of the shaft, and even every wrinkle and hair follicle on the scrotum.

The dildo starts off with a nicely-shaped head which is quite well-proportioned. From the front it has a traditional bell shape to it, and it flares out at the corona leaving it slightly wider than the shaft. Looking at it from the side it’s actually not all that thick, so it does have the effect of leaving a nice taper in place for you to take advantage of during use. The glans is largely smooth, though it does have around half a dozen small raised bumps along the surface of it, which appear to be anatomical peculiarities particular to Dolph, though I can’t say I’ve ever noticed them when watching him in action. While they don’t really detract in any marked way, I think that possibly there’s such a thing as too much realism, and I can’t see anyone complaining had they just chosen to shave them off the mould. At the top of the head is a long deep meatus (the opening into the urethra), and it’s captured so well that you could really imagine probing it with your tongue were you fortunate enough to have the opportunity to give the real Dolph Lambert a blow job. Directly below the meatus a subtle frenulum connects the head to the shaft, as indicated by some folds in the skin. Given their European roots the guys from Bel Ami are some of the few Fleshjack Boys who aren’t circumcised, so you get the bonus of some extra detailing at the top of the shaft of where the foreskin sits. Dolph’s foreskin really seems to hug the rim of the head quite tightly when retracted, and it bunches up against the corona. In a way its close proximity does take something away from the head, as without that clear step down from head to shaft the impact and prominence of it is lessened. It’s different to on the Kevin model, where there was a good 1/8″ gap between the ridge of the glans and the fold of skin, and it does make you want to reach out and pull the foreskin down further, if only these things weren’t immobile on dildos. It also makes an interesting contrast with the Jason Visconti dildo, where the much looser foreskin smooths out over the shaft and is barely noticeable. Aside from around the head the whole shaft has a largely uniform thickness, and it curves upwards slightly towards the tip much in the same way as the Kevin Warhol dildo does. The underside of the shaft has a lovely thick and pronounced central column, which not only makes it look impressive and strangely mighty, but which also gives it an almost circular cross-section. At the base of the shaft is an impressive-looking pair of large and asymmetric balls. The left testicle is notably much larger than the right, and it sits higher and closer to the shaft, giving it more depth in the dildo too. On the whole it’s a pretty attractive dildo, but I think that largely I like it as a Dolph Lambert fan, rather than as an impartial observer. From an objective standpoint there are dildos with an aesthetic which better meets my perfect penis criteria, so perhaps it doesn’t entirely stand on its own, but then I am renowned for my fussiness. I certainly wouldn’t kick its owner out of bed.

The nice tapered head allows the dildo to slip quite easily into the body, in spite of its overall size, and the soft silicone feels gentle and comfortable against the sphincter. As you pass over the coronal ridge, and the fold of foreskin below, you feel a slight bump initially as the head pops inside, and then as the shaft follows you become aware of how wonderfully filling the girth feels. Due to the high level of realism in the dildo all the minute detail of the skin and veins that’s captured in the surface creates a small amount of texture, which in turn causes a degree of drag. It’s a level of drag which is more noticeable on this dildo than the others, but you’re only really aware of it at the start as the more your sphincter relaxes during use the more the slight texture fades into the background. Use of a thick, high-quality, anal lube also helps minimise this feeling further if you’d rather avoid it.

You have a couple of options of how you can choose to use the dildo; the balls at the base make a convenient handle to grab onto and manually thrust with, but their size and broad footprint also give the dildo a low centre of gravity, so you can stand it upright somewhere and ride it without it toppling over. Because the dildo has a nice thick shaft, without too much curve, it has enough structural integrity to allow you to squat over it and insert it without having to guide the tip in by hand. This is quite useful in case you get too energetic during play and slip off the end, as you can just drop back down again and have it inside you without fussing around. At the same time the material still manages to maintain enough flex to allow the dildo to bend around all inside the body and give a really comfortable ride by adapting to the internal shape of the anatomy.

The total insertable length of the dildo is such that most people will probably be able to make use of the majority of it straight away, and that leaves you with just under an inch or so to play around with and try to get inside as you progress. Because the tip of the dildo is quite nice and soft you can afford to be fairly rough when messing around with it, without worrying about discomfort, and a vigorous thrusting session is likely to result in you inserting the dildo deeper than you expected to be able to. It doesn’t really matter that much which way you insert the dildo, as the subtle curve doesn’t affect the performance greatly, but it can be fun just to play around and see if you discover a slight preference for one way more than the other. Either way it’s a pretty nice toy for getting some prostate stimulation, as the thick shaft rubs back and forth across it you thrust. I really do enjoy this dildo for thrusting; the girth of it just feels wonderful, and you get that nice little bit of stretch in the sphincter, as well as a full feeling which extends deep inside you. It’s probably not the ideal dildo for a beginner, simply in terms of its thickness – Kevin is a much more suitable candidate in that regard. For any Dolph Lambert fan out there though, it’s definitely a size that’s worth working up to, as it feels great when it’s in, and you get that bonus mental factor of knowing just who it is who’s inside you.

The dildo comes packaged inside a cardboard box, but something a little more than just an ordinary box. The box is black for the most part, and adorned with various brand logos and images of Dolph holding his dildo, but the front of the box is actually a door which can be opened. The flap is held down with velcro, but once opened you can see the contents of the box inside clearly through a plastic window. The dildo is held securely inside the box by a plastic tray which is moulded to the shape of it. On the whole the packaging is nice and it’s perfectly suited to storing the dildo in long term.

Overall I’d have to say that I’m just as impressed with this dildo as I have been with every other product I’ve tried from Fleshjack in the past. When it comes to making highly-detailed realistic dildos Fleshjack really are the master at this. There are currently 13 in total to collect, and I’m almost halfway there now with my 6. The Dolph Lambert is a lovely dildo which will appeal to both fans of the man, and fans of girth, especially those looking for something filling to please the prostate. It may not quite make it into my top 3 if I were to rank them all, but that doesn’t mean that is still isn’t a great piece, and I can happily give my full recommendation to it.

The Dolph Lambert dildo is available from Esmale where you can get an extra 10% off when you use the code ‘INCEND10’ at the checkout.

Alternatively you can purchase it directly from Fleshjack, along with the other Bel Ami boys: