Doc Johnson American Bombshell – Rockeye

Doc Johnson recently released their new “American Bombshell” range of toys – a selection of vaguely military-themed dildos and butt plugs. The range features a number of completely new designs, as well as some old classics which have been re-branded and given a fresh colour scheme. One such toy is the Rockeye, which started life as the jet black “Intimidator” in Doc Johnson’s TitanMen product line.

Weighing in at just over 1kg of solid PVC, the Rockeye is a hefty toy which certainly lives up to the descriptor “bombshell.”
At an imposing 11” tall – 10” of which are insertable – this toy is aimed at those who truly enjoy a challenge in their anal play, yet this aside it’s also surprisingly versatile. The topmost bulb of the toy has a diameter of just under 1.9”, and while not best suited for anal beginners, it should be manageable by anyone with moderate experience. Beyond this point the toy narrows by 0.33” before gradually widening again until it reaches the maximum insertable thickness of 3.6” near the base. It’s not until you get down to 5” from the tip that the diameter returns to  1.9”, meaning that anyone who can insert the end can easily enjoy at least half of the toy right away, before they need to begin to worry about its size.
Due to the wide 4” base, and the kilo of weight, the Rockeye has a low centre of gravity which makes it perfect to be used when placed on a floor or chair, and by squatting over it without the need to hold it in place with a hand, or by obtaining a suction cup. I found this to be my favourite position to use it in, as the bulbous tip really hits the prostate every time you lower yourself down onto it, causing the sort of sensations that have you wanting to do it again, and again, and again.
The toy is made from Doc Johnson’s phthalate-free PVC, with their antibacterial Sil-A-Gel additive, and it comes in a beautiful shimmery grey colour which they call “gunmetal.” It’s quite a firm material on the whole, and while it does have a fair amount of flex in the top third for you to be able to bend it around, it doesn’t give very much when you squeeze it, meaning it’s not the most comfortable material upon initial insertion. The exterior surface is nice and smooth, so it glides easily in and out during use, and it’s completely free from mould lines. There is some shallow ribbing down the shaft, but this seems mostly cosmetic as you don’t feel it at all inside you; there’s no noticeable sensation of a bump going down. Unfortunately the PVC / Sil-A-Gel does have something of a plasticy odour about it, what my friends would describe has “new shower curtain.” I wouldn’t describe it as overly unpleasant – and I’ve encountered worse – but it’s not ideal either and is more tolerable than anything. It’s probably something you want to use in a large and well-ventilated room if you’re sensitive to odours, as the quantity of material creates a volume of aroma which could quickly overpower delicate olfactory senses. The material also seems to be quite hungry for lube; I found myself having to use more of a standard water-based lube than I would on other toys, just to get an even coverage over a comparable area. For this reason I’d recommend pairing this toy with a thicker cream style lubricant.
Due to the very gentle gradient of the toy it does make the perfect tool for training yourself to accept wider things, but in order to get the benefit of that you need to be able to first handle the length. At 10” insertable it’s around twice the length of the average rectum, which is really quite a lot, so you need to be prepared to take it deeper into the sigmoid colon. Due to the quite bulbous nature of the tip I’m not sure that this toy is the right one to use in an attempt to take that extra length for the first time, and personally I didn’t succeed on this front.
On the subject of the packaging there isn’t a great deal to say, it’s just a simple clear plastic shell which does its job of holding the item in place, but there’s really no hiding what’s inside. I found it quite convenient to store the toy in when not in use.
Overall I’m quite pleased with this toy; it’s a lot of fun to use, whether you’re ready to take the whole thing, or if like me you’re quite happy to just make use of the top half for now. The only downside for me would be the material, because it is a little firm, and I prefer toys on the odourless side.
The American Bombshell – Rockeye is available from UberKinky, and at Esmale right now with 20% off.

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Doc Johnson Double Header

A long time ago I watched a video on the Internet of a young guy inserting an entire 12″ long beige dildo into his body, and at the time I was strangely fascinated by the sight. Years later I recognised that that dildo had in fact been the Doc Johnson Double Header, so I thought it might be fun to get hold of one for a review.
I’m always intrigued by people who can get anal toys really deep, because my own body seems to have a natural limit of around 5 1/2″ for anything thicker than anal beads. If this dildo was bendy enough for one man to accomplish an impressive feat with, then who knows what my take on it might be. Read the review after the jump!

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Doc Johnson The Super 7″

I first started lusting after the Super 7″ at some point in late 2011. Around that time I was looking for a dildo that was really girthy and I spotted it over at in all its big blue glory. I ended up not buying it right away, then it went permanently out of stock, and as I began acquiring other sizeable dildos I steadily forgot about it, that is until now. I’ve finally got a hold of ‘Big Blue’ as I’ve dubbed it, and now its time to put it to the test.

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James Deen Dildo

It seems as though lately the whole Internet has been abuzz with talk of the new James Deen dildos, and naturally I felt that it was my duty to get my hands on one and review it. I’m no stranger to realistic dildos moulded from porn stars, but so far I’ve only tried out those made by Fleshjack, in the case of my Brent Corrigan and Pierre Fitch dildos, so I was interested to see how Doc Johnson’s attempts would fair.
The James Deen dildo comes in two varieties, a silicone model with a vibrating bullet, or a realistically-painted sil-a-gel model with a suction cup. As I’m a big proponent of safe materials I naturally elected to go for the silicone model.

After so many months of fevered anticipation the James Deen dildo undoubtedly comes with a lot of high expectations, and now the question remains to be answered: did Doc Johnson manage to live up to all the hype?

The presentation of the dildo sets it off firmly on a positive note. It comes packaged in a suitably tasteful and sturdy cardboard box, decorated with the blue and black signature colours that Doc Johnson have chosen for the line. It’s adorned with the usual product photos and information which you might expect, as well as a prominent image of James Deen himself, making one of the expressions for which he is known. The front panel of the box swings open like a door, revealing the dildo in all its glory, held there firmly in place by a plastic insert. This is a handy feature if you’re looking at it in a shop, but otherwise you can probably just skip right ahead to unpacking it. The big downside to the packaging is that it’s excessively oversized, it’s like having a whole shoe box for one dildo, so unless you want to keep it wrapped up like a collectable it’s probably not convenient as a regular storage option.

The first thing you notice about the James Deen dildo once you remove it from the box is that it’s big, and I mean really big. You probably think it’s one of those things that simply goes without saying, but no matter how many times you’ve seen images of it on the computer, or watched videos of him waving the real thing around, you can’t fully appreciate the size of it until you have it in your hands. From end to end the entire thing measures in at a jaw-dropping 8 1/8″ long, and of this a slightly more reasonable 6 1/4″ are actually insertable. It’s not just the length you have to worry about though, it’s the girth, and unexpected girth at that. Around the head it starts off with a relatively modest 5 1/4″ circumference, and I says “starts off” because from there on it just keeps getting bigger. The widest point of the dildo is actually at the middle of the shaft, where it measures a full 6 1/2″ around, something definitely not for the faint of heart. Thankfully after that it does begin to narrow again somewhat, and finishes off at 5 3/4″ just above the balls.

The shape of the dildo, aside from the obvious fact that it’s James Deen’s penis, is what I would describe as being organic. It’s definitely not one of these perfectly uniform dildos you can buy where someone has spent hours painstakingly carving out an idealised penis shape, in fact there’s nothing even remotely symmetrical about it. If I’m frank I don’t find it especially aesthetically pleasing, you might even say it’s a little on the ugly side. I’m no stranger to porn star genitalia and their sex toy derivatives, and I’m afraid this one isn’t winning any beauty contests, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this isn’t a major point of concern for most people considering buying it. The whole dildo is noticeably lumpy, with equal measure of depressions and knobbly bits across its surface, and the shaft twists and curves along its length, like the trunk of a tree desperately growing towards a faint source of light. The head of the dildo is remarkably small in contrast to the rest, and almost looks out of place. The tip is quite nicely rounded, but then quickly flares out into a very prominent coronal ridge which runs two thirds of the way around. Below the head the shaft steadily continues to get wider, bloating out in the centre, before tapering down again, rather like a gourd. From the side the angle of the shaft leans backwards away from the vertical, before steadily curving forward again almost in a hunchback manner. The base of the dildo is comprised by an impossibly large and cumbersome pair of balls, the like of which I have never encountered before. They measure 4″ x 3″ x 2″, so it’s not only that they’re deep and wide, but they’re also long. It’s a solid mound of silicone that suddenly makes it less of a dildo and more like a novelty doorstop for a bordello. Interestingly the balls serve a purpose as a counterweight of sorts, because the lean of the shaft gives the dildo terrible balance, and a slight push backwards makes it liable to start to topple. Personally I don’t think that this was the most suitable cast to be used to make a dildo. Had they at least tucked the balls up closer to the shaft then they could have reduced their size, as well as eliminating the lean, and created a more satisfactory result.

As you might imagine with any sort of dildo cast from a real person, the level of detailing is quite high, though in this instance it’s by no means the best example I’ve encountered. You can make out the major veins running along the shaft, as well as the follicles in the scrotum. The glans also features some noticeable creasing along its surface, and also a shallow groove where the opening to the urethra is. If you look closely you can make out some of the grain of the skin, but it’s not especially clear, and is often obscured by other faint marks which appear to have been left by the manufacturing process. If you were hoping for hyper-realism then it doesn’t quite live up to that, and next to the high quality of Fleshjack pieces it’s frankly sub-par.

The dildo is made entirely from 100% platinum silicone, which is one of its big selling points, as silicone is one of the safest and most superior materials a sex toy can be made from. The silicone seems to be the same formula which Doc Johnson use in many of their other products, and while I’m usually a fan of it, in this instance it’s a shame. The problem is that for this type of toy it’s just too firm. It has a reasonable amount of flex to it, and give in the surface, but when you factor in the shape and the size it could really do with being a lot more plush. The other stickler is the colour; it’s a slightly translucent beige colour, the same as The Original, and it doesn’t especially add to the realism. Personally I would have hoped  that Doc Johnson would have gone the extra mile for this toy, and developed a new silicone formulation with a hue and suppleness which lived up to all the hype, but sadly that was not the case. I’ll say once again, if you want an example of how to do realistic silicone dildos properly then you need only look to Fleshjack.

When you actually get down to using the dildo it’s an interesting experience to say the least. The head begins to go in with relative ease due to its modest dimensions, but it’s not long before you feel the prominence of the firm corona scrape somewhat uncomfortably over the sphincter. As you continue to insert it you can keep feeling it growing wider and wider, seemingly unendingly, but the steady taper makes it a gentle process until finally it begins to narrow again. The surface of the dildo has a rough feeling about it due to the texture, and it creates a lot of drag, so even with plenty of lube it doesn’t slide in and out of the body that smoothly. You are somewhat limited in which positions you can use the dildo in, as the balls tend to get in the way when you’re lying back and thrusting, as well as adding weight which will quickly tire your arm. Squatting over the dildo and riding it is a good option, though the angle of the shaft makes initial insertion a little difficult as any downward force tends to knock the dildo over, requiring you to hold it in place. The sensations of thrusting with the dildo really weren’t that pleasurable I found. The strange shape and firm material mostly poked uncomfortably at my insides and made me want to stop. The best way I found to use the dildo was to insert it as far as it would go, then thrust by only ever pulling it half way out, and this was moderately satisfying, though not enough to convince me to keep doing it for long.

The dildo comes packaged with a vibrating bullet which can be inserted into a cavity in the base. Despite being 5″ in length the bullet still only extends halfway down the length of shaft, meaning the vibrations are focused nowhere near the tip. The bullet has 3 vibration modes which is better than most offer, but they’re still pretty buzzy and overall I don’t think they add much to the toy. Probably the biggest problem with the bullet is trying to remove it, as the cavity is completely smooth and will form a vacuum once it’s inserted. They supply some powder to be used with it, but this mostly makes a mess, and it still took me 10 minutes of frantic tugging to remove the thing again. Unless you’re certain that you’re going to want the bullet in there permanently then I wouldn’t risk inserting it at all. Your best option might be to re-purpose the bullet hole entirely, and fit in the Vac-u-Lock suction cup which Doc Johnson sell.

Also included with the dildo is a black drawstring bag for storage. It’s exceptionally large so there’s no struggle fitting the toy inside, but unfortunately the cheap material does leave black lint all over the surface of your freshly washed silicone.

Overall I have to say that I really wouldn’t recommend the James Deen dildo. It’s ugly, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s overpriced. Unless the fan in you really must have a piece of James Deen to own then I’d avoid this toy. There are far better dildos on the market for your money, that will bring you much more pleasure.

The James Deen silicone dildo is available from NiteTimeToys

Doc Johnson “The Big Man”

I’m a big fan of the stranger looking toys out there, so when I saw the Big Man I instantly started wondering how that shape would feel inside, and it wasn’t long before it inevitably found its way into my possession.

The Big Man is a new and unusually-shaped butt plug from Doc Johnson’s platinum silicone range, and it comes available in a choice of either purple or black. I opted for the purple version and I can’t help but think that it reminds me of “Grimace” from the McDonald’s family of characters, but I’m sure there would be numerous complaints if this particular toy ever showed up in a Happy Meal. The plug features an angled tip that leans off-centre, and which is pointed approximately 45 degrees away from the vertical. On one side of the plug the contours following on from the tip form the shape of a tear drop, or a droplet of water, while on the opposite side the outline shows three pronounced ridges which wrap around before softening and blending into the rest of the shape. The final third of the plug is quite traditional with a gently-rounded underside to the bulb, which adjoins the neck and then the base.
The Big Man is a rather large plug, especially considering that it’s the middle-sized model of this particular toy design. Usually with Doc Johnson plugs when there’s a size option I go “Super”, as in the case of the Super Big End and the Super Big Guy, but I did a little checking first and realised that going any larger than simply “Big” would be a mistake in this circumstance. The Big Man stands at a shave over 5 5/8″ tall, which as you can see from the photos below makes it taller than the Super Big End, although not by a great deal. Of this length 5 1/4″ are insertable, which is 1/4″ more than with the Super Big End. The first place where the plug is smaller than the Super Big End is in its circumference around the widest point, which is 1/4″ less at 7 1/4″, and it also has a comparatively narrow neck size at only 3 3/4″ around. On the whole the two plugs are in a similar league, but what the Big Man falls short on in width it makes up for with extra length, so it’s important to be mindful of this. It’s definitely a plug for the advanced user.
The base of the plug is 2 1/2″ wide which is a nice big size to make it anal safe. Oddly the base of the plug is completely round instead of oblong. I can’t really see any justification for making the base this shape, other than that someone in charge of the designs felt bored and decided to try something different that week. I suppose arguably it could be said to add something to the aesthetics of the plug, but I’m not sure that I’d buy that. I’m not a huge fan of round bases simply because they’re more bulky. Oblong bases are slimline and nestle more comfortably between the buttocks, whereas round ones are ultimately more noticeable, especially for long-term wear. The other issue with a round base, especially on a plug of an asymmetric design such as this one, is that they can swivel. It’s possible for the plug to rotate inside you whilst you’re wearing it, and there’s no way for you to know which way it’s facing other than to remove it. If you have a strong preference towards the plug facing a certain direction then this could prove bothersome. This wouldn’t be an issue with an oblong base as they become anchored in place along the cleft of the buttocks. The upside is, of course, that if you do actually wish to rotate the plug inside you then it’s much more easily done with this shaped base.

The Big Man is made entirely from a platinum silicone like a number of Doc Johnson products. It’s a really high quality material which is odourless, non-porous, and completely body-safe. Unusually the silicone that’s used in this product is much firmer than that which Doc Johnson typically make their toys from. It’s the same as the silicone used in the Super Big Guy and is really stiff and hard to compress, so it’s definitely something worth noting. The toy is constructed quite well out of a single piece of silicone, so there are no mould-lines present anywhere along the surface. The only niggle I have is with a portion of the base where a little piece of silicone seems to be flaking away. One would have hoped that quality control would have spotted this, but it isn’t a major problem.

Inserting the plug requires a little jiggling around due to its shape; you can’t simply squat over it and lower yourself down onto it, as is often easier with larger plugs, due to the angled tip getting in the way. The tip itself is quite small and easy to get inside, so it helps to insert that first while you’re in a more comfortable position, then shift and lower yourself onto the rest of it. The size of the plug means that it’s going to be a stretch even for someone with decent anal experience, and this draws more attention to the ridges on one side. The bumps are definitely noticeable going in, especially because of the firm material which prevents them from being so readily flattened under pressure, and this makes a nice change from your typical conical plug. You have a couple of options about which way you wish to orientate the Big Man, but I found the best one was with the tip pointing towards the backbone and with the ridges facing the prostate. Once the plug is fully inside it feels surprisingly big which seems to be a by-product of the firmer silicone. It’s definitely less comfortable inside than the Super Big End, and I couldn’t imagine keeping it there for extended periods, but the upside is that the ridges really press firmly against the prostate and provide constant stimulation. For the most part the extra length of the tip didn’t prove bothersome, and I can be quite sensitive to these things as I found with the Super Big Guy, so I was pleased about that. Rotating the plug so that it was facing the opposite direction was something which I found much less enjoyable; while doing so did relieve some of the intense pressure on the prostate, having the tip angled forwards felt less comfortable and as though it was poking me inside. The base was reasonably comfortable to wear and made a nice handle to grab onto when it came to removing the plug. Thankfully when it was time to pull the plug out it was very easy to do so due to the rounded underside of the bulb, even with the neck being slightly narrow, so there was no discomfort to be had there.

As silicone is one of the most hygienic and non-porous materials a sex toy can be made from cleaning is an ease. The plug can be washed with antibacterial soap and hot water, sprayed with a specialist toy cleaner, as well as being boiled, wiped down with a 10% bleach solution, or popped in the dishwasher to sterilise it Remember to only use water-based lubricants with a silicone toy.
The packaging for the Big Man is of a very simple plastic clamshell design, and is a little too bulky to be convenient to store the toy in on a day-to-day basis.
Overall I think the Big Man is a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand I really like the shape and the colour, and then on the other I’m just not a fan of how hard the material is, nor the design of the base. What it really boils down to is that there are plugs of this size that I like more than the Big Man, and that I can comfortably wear for longer periods, so it’s probably not going to see that much use in the future.
You can buy the Big Man from EdenFantasys.
Platinum Silicone anal toys have a curvaceous tip and waved body that are absolutely perfect for all of you prostate stimulation fans out there.