Changed Product, Unchanged Product Page

I shop a lot on Amazon, and if you’re someone who reads the reviews there you’ll often notice a little notice above some of them, such as “this review refers to the hardback edition” or “this review was written for a previous version of the product.” This is because every time a publisher or a manufacturer brings out a new version of a product Amazon creates a brand new product page for it, along with new photos and a new blurb, but instead of letting the reviews go to waste they just port them over with an added disclaimer. This is  great for the consumer because it keeps the information accurate and up to date.
Now, this post isn’t supposed to be just some big love-fest for Amazon, no, where I’m going with this is that I’ve never encountered a sex toy retailer that does anything similar to this. I’m always having to find out of my own accord that products have changed, because these websites never seem to update their information or photographs. Take the Tantus Echo for example, Tantus decided that they would make the base thicker in order to strengthen it and have it work better in a harness. Good on them I say, yet you wouldn’t know it from looking at any sex toy website; the photos are all out of date, and when you read the assortment of reviews the majority still complain about the old base, with only a few in between praising the new. Today I discovered that Fun Factory have changed the base of the Tiger dildo and others in the line. It used to be a thick, sturdy, base which incorporated a hidden suction cup, but now it’s thin, flat, and flimsy. The product photos on every website still show the old design though, and most of the reviews praise the now absent suction cup, so unless you do independent research you don’t know what you’re getting.
I’d really like to see all sex toy retailers take note: if a supplier informs you that they’re changing a product design in even the slightest, then pass this information on to your customers. Create a new product page, take new photos, write a new description, and do bring the reviews over, but clearly label them as being written in reference to an earlier variant.