BS is Nice Capsule Plug

The lovely Donna from Vibrator Kingdom got in touch with me recently and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing a product for her from BS is Nice. BS is Nice is a quirky little Spanish company which makes an assortment of unusual 100% silicone toys, including this Capsule plug, so I was quite eager to try it out.
Before I get onto the review I just want to make a quick mention of the packaging from Vibrator Kingdom because I was so impressed by it. Usually there isn’t a great deal to say about how sex toy retailers ship their merchandise; you’ll just get the standard discreet brown box with the item inside, so it’s not really worth addressing. With Vibrator Kingdom it’s a little different because they go to that extra effort with everything. The plug came to me carefully wrapped up in a sheet of decorative paper like a gift, complete with ribbon tied around it and a customised company tag with a handwritten “thank you” on the back. This in turn was bundled up in bubble wrap along with a heart-shaped lollipop and an embossed rubber bracelet, and placed inside the final layer of plain packaging. I couldn’t get over how lovely it was; it felt like a really personal touch, and these are the sort of things which really draw me to shop with great independent companies such as Vibrator Kingdom

The Capsule is a completely handmade butt plug, poured from the finest 100% platinum silicone. It features a two-tone design and is available in an assortment of different colour combinations. I was fortunate enough to receive mine in red and white, which is exactly the one I would have chosen for myself. My frequent readers will know about my slight love affair with red toys, and I’m happy to say that this one rather expertly matches the colour scheme of my blog. It’s called the “Capsule” (or “Capsula” as it’s originally known in Spanish) because of the way in which the shape and design of it resembles a medicine capsule that you might take when suffering from the flu, for example. What it reminds me of even more are those little jumping beans that you could get from joke shops as a child, and from some angles the silhouette even looks similar to an old-fashioned microphone which you might see on a podium during a press conference. One thing which really impresses me about the whole design is how crisp and sharp the border is between the two colours of silicone. There’s absolutely no blending of the colours, or unevenness along the join, and I can’t imagine how they’re able to hand pour something so perfectly; they must be real artisans of toy production.

The construction quality of the toy really is exemplary and you won’t find a single mould line or defect anywhere on it. It’s right up there in the same league as products from other great manufactures such as Tantus. Silicone is by far one of my most favourite materials for sex toys; it’s odourless, tasteless, non-porous, and completely body-safe. The silicone on the Capsule plug has a nice smooth glossy finish, and it also has a good amount of flexibility to it and give in the surface if you try to bend or squeeze it.

The plug is actually surprisingly small, and as a direct result of this I have to say that I find it incredibly cute. I’m not sure that that’s the right reaction to have to a sex toy but it truly is adorable. As silly as it sounds I could imagine it coming to life like something out of Toy Story, or one of the candlesticks in Beauty and the Beast. The whole plug is only around 4 3/8″ long (11cm), and of that I’d say that 3 3/4″ (9.5cm) are actually insertable. It has a very modest circumference of 3 7/8″ too, which is about a 1 1/4″ diameter, so overall it’s going to be an ideal plug for someone in the beginner stages of anal play. I don’t think anyone could really be intimidated by a plug which garnered the descriptive “cute”, and frankly it does just look like a fun little toy to play with.

Tantus Ryder and Capsule plug size comparison 

The plug is nice and easy to insert; it has a rounded end as part of the design, rather than a tapered one, but as it’s not especially thick this shouldn’t be a problem. Seasoned anal-players won’t have any difficulty with it at all, but the more novice ones will just want to make sure that they use plenty of lube and stay completely relaxed, and the rounded tip will gently pass through the muscle and into the body without a hitch. It a very comfortable plug to use thanks to the slight squishiness in the surface of the silicone, and this helps to cushion the initial pressure during insertion, and also gives you something soft to squeeze against if you decide to clench the muscle around it. Because of the shape of the plug, and the angle it leans to, you do have a couple of choices on how you insert it. If you insert it with the angle leaning backwards towards the tailbone then it will follow the natural shape of the rectal cavity, but if you swivel it 180 degrees and have the tip pointing forwards then it will apply a nice gentle pressure to the prostate.

Once you have the plug inside the body it’s a great fit; there’s a 3/4″ long neck between the bottom of the capsule section and the base itself, which is plenty of room for the sphincter to rest along and hold the plug securely inside the body. The base is 1 7/8″ wide – significantly more than the narrow neck – and thick enough to be quite sturdy, which makes the plug completely anal safe, as well as it fitting comfortably between the buttocks. The base is circular and quite discreet when being worn, so you could wear it under clothing without anyone noticing. It’s also possible to sit down whilst wearing the plug without the base getting in the way, which is a very welcome aspect. The only slight downside to the base is related to its shape. As the base is circular the plug can rotate whilst inside the body, and you’ve no way of knowing which way it’s presently orientated without removing it. You could start off having it angled towards the prostate, then move around a bit, and find that it’s ended up sideways or facing the other direction altogether.

As it’s not the largest plug in the world correspondingly it doesn’t feel that filling, but you wouldn’t expect that either. When buying a toy it’s always about picking the right size for what you want and need, and for the more novice user it probably will provide a good sense of fullness in line with their level of experience. Even if you are used to bigger it does feel pleasant still, and you’re definitely aware of its presence, so it’s quite nice for a change I found. What makes it great regardless of what size you’re used to is the option to angle it into the prostate. That small amount of firm-yet-gentle pressure on the prostate is always pleasurable, whether you’re just walking around and enjoying that sensation, of if you’re wearing it during sex/masturbation to enhance your orgasms. The fact that it’s a small toy really doesn’t affect its performance in this regard.

The plug comes in some wonderfully simplistic packaging which I really love. It’s essentially a type of Ziplock made from a thick clear plastic, and it’s really all you need to keep the toy clean and away from dust. It has the company logo printed on the front alongside the words “100% silicone” and on the reverse is a little paragraph of marketing blurb about the toy in “Spanglish.” I definitely like this trend towards more minimal packaging as it reduces both costs and what you have to throw away. Because it is quite a small bag, and resealable, it’s useful to store the toy in if you don’t have a cloth pouch to use instead.

Over all I really do love this little plug. It’s a fantastically well made piece and has a great design in terms of both appearance and functionality. It’s probably best suited to the more beginner end of the scale, and that’s who I’d recommend it to most, but it does have something to offer everyone thanks to its shape. If BS were to come out with a larger version of this design as well then I’d certainly snap that up in an instant because that’s how much I like it. Everyone should definitely have their own Capsule plug to enjoy, and I would urge anyone considering it to get one to try.

You can buy the Capsule plug straight from Vibrator Kingdom, and while there check out their campaign about safe toys for everyone, which really is a worthwhile cause. My thanks go to them for sending me this lovely toy.