Tantus Prostate Play

A couple of years ago back in early 2015 an unexpected parcel arrived at my door from my lovely friends at Tantus, containing none other than what was then their brand-new Prostate Play, and I’ll admit that initially I was a little sceptical about it. You may be aware that in the past I haven’t had a great deal of luck with this type of toy, and naturally that has clouded my opinion of them.

When I did eventually get around to trying out the Prostate Play I was actually pleasantly surprised by what I felt, but I still didn’t quite know how to go about reviewing it, and so I set it aside waiting for the right time.

Today, while I’m still on a roll with reviewing, I’ve decided that I’m finally ready to tackle this one, so head below for more!

The Prostate Play is, as far as I can recall, Tantus’s first attempt at making a vibrating prostate massager, and as someone who loves this company I was really curious to see what twist they’d put on it. In my experience with Tantus they’re not an organisation that ever goes at things half-arsed, or is content to follow, so if they made this then it had to be because they were convinced they could do something better.

The shape and design of the Prostate Play is quite similar to what you’d typically associate with most prostate massagers on the market. It has that vague T-shape to it, with a lumpy shaft, and at the bottom it has Tantus’s anchor base, modified with the addition of a small nodule to apply pressure to the perineum. The only significant difference in the design is that the section at the very top of the shaft is more pronounced. It curls sharply forwards like the stinger on a scorpion’s tail, poised ready to strike. You can immediately sense that this is the portion of the toy that’s going to have the biggest impact during use.

The toy itself is made from possibly one of the firmest formulations of Tantus silicone that I’ve encountered, and that tells you something about how it will function. There’s not a whole lot of squish to it at all, and the only parts that remain significantly flexible are the wings of the base, so you know its going to retain its shape inside you. One other subtle feature to the design is the presence of three raised ribs around the neck of the toy, which presumably are intended to create a little more grip and prevent slippage whilst worn.
Inserting the Prostate Play is pretty simple and straight forward, and you don’t need to be an expert in anal play to do it either, as the thickest section measures only 4″ around. The exterior has a velvety-soft matte finish, which not only feels pleasant against the skin, but which clings onto lube nicely as it slides smoothly into the body. The toy pops into place easily, and immediately you do notice a firm pressure emanating from inside, undoubtedly from that hooked tip. At first it does almost border on discomfort due its unfamiliarity, but then as you become used to it this subsides. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where the pressure is coming from, and at times I was wondering if the 4 1/2″ shaft was overshooting my prostate slightly and instead hitting the bottom of my bladder, but it didn’t particularly produce an urge to pee, leaving things inconclusive.

The Prostate Play comes packaged with an RO-80mm style vibrator, and the first thing you should probably do is throw that away. Ok, so I know that sounds a bit harsh, but I really don’t have a lot of time for these buzzy little battery-powered bullets any more. The real centrepiece of the Prostate Play is the silicone sleeve, and while it’s nice that Tantus includes the bullet, if you’re going to want it to vibrate then I recommend picking up a We-Vibe Tango. This is advice that really that goes for any toy with a bullet hole, because a Tango is going to be your number one investment.
Most of the work done by the Prostate Play is mechanical, and how the vibrations complement this depends on which bullet you use. The included vibe does admittedly perform better than anticipated, and you can feel its effects more readily than is typical for a toy with this set-up, but what it creates is very much a background sensation. There’s pleasant tingling going on in all the tissue in the vicinity of the toy, but it’s still just window dressing for the main event, which is that pressure created on the prostate. If you use a Tango then the vibrations become like a secondary feature of the toy in their own right. That extra rumbling strength takes the whole prostate play up to another level and pushes it into that territory where it starts to become something special.

The downside to the Prostate Play being powered by a removable bullet is that it limits how you can use the toy. Personally I quite like to sit down while I’m wearing a prostate massager, but when any bullet is inserted it sticks right out of the base and makes this impossible. It really would have benefited from a custom bullet that was recessed into the base, similar to what Nexus used in the G-rider, but I can understand why it would have been less practical for Tantus to go this route.

By itself the Prostate Play doesn’t do a whole lot, and what I mean by that is that it’s not a toy that you wear for the sake of wearing it. It’s not like a plug that you walk around wearing because you enjoy the fullness of it, or the feeling something rattling inside you, and it’s not the same as one of those Aneros devices which claim to be able to do almost magical things just from you flexing your pelvic floor. What it is is a practical toy; it’s a toy you’re going to want to put inside yourself when you intend to have an orgasm. It’s only once you begin to have sex or masturbate that you really notice the effect of the toy pushing so firmly on your prostate. It changes the sensation slightly, elevates it, makes it feel more intense. As that orgasm starts to build inside you it’s accentuated by that pressure on the prostate, all working in unison. If you couple it with a strong rumbling pulse pattern from an appropriate bullet, then it raises the bar again. It’s what I’d consider an orgasm enhancement tool, and it takes what your body’s already capable of, and just pushes it a little further. When you finally do hit that moment of release, it’s like one of those moments when a climax is unexpectedly greater than usual, and then you fall back feeling drained and content.

I think that it is ideal for use with a partner, because it’s something that you can set up and then just go about your business. You can focus all your attention on them, while the Prostate Play takes care of things on its end. There’s nothing to get it the way, distract, or require constant tinkering with, so it’s very convenient. If you are playing alone then you’ll find that it’s a toy that encourages you to use it with others in your collection. If you have a Pulse, a Cobra Libre, or a magic wand that gives you incredible sensations from your penis every time, then couple it with that action from the Prostate Play inside you and see where it takes you.

So what’s the verdict? If I’m honest, it’s still not 100% my type of toy, but that’s ok because that’s just me. What I do know though, is that it performs so much better than the likes of your Prostimulator, or Nexus, etc. That in itself is saying a lot. I definitely did enjoy my experience with the Prostate Play in the end, and while it’s never going to challenge something like the Lelo Hugo, it does make a pretty damn good budget alternative. On this basis I’d happily recommend the Tantus Prostate Play.

Thanks to Tantus for sending it over, and it’s available from their website!

It’s also available from the fine folks at SheVibe

Tantus Vibrating Progressive Beads

This month my new customer service friend at Tantus, Captain Sparkle Bunny, has sent me their brand new Tantus Vibrating Progressive Beads which are due to launch officially any time now, and you can get a early preview right here with my review!

As always, follow the link below for more.

The Vibrating Progressive Beads are an interesting new product concept from Tantus, a company which is never afraid to shake things up in the world of sex toys. When I first heard about them admittedly I was a little on the fence; I don’t have a great deal of experience with anal beads, but enough to know that I find them somewhat underwhelming, so I was intrigued to see where Tantus was going with this idea. These aren’t the company’s first foray into the world of beads, in fact I reviewed their older product a little over two years ago, but these are their most traditional set of beads yet, no longer employing that almost rigid style and marking a break into new territory.
The beads are 11 1/2″ long in total, with 11″ that can actually be inserted and the rest comprising of the base. The design features four ovoid beads of gradually increasing diameters, connected together by thin and flexible bridges of material. The first bead at the tip has a circumference of 2 1/2″, the second  3 1/4″, the third 4″, and the fourth and final bead 4 3/4″, so it’s a steady journey up to something which still is pretty manageable for most people. Attached to the final bead is straight neck-like section with a 3″ circumference which adjoins the anchor-style base that can be found in many of Tantus’s latest designs.
Like all Tantus products the Vibrating Progressive Beads are made from 100% platinum silicone, guaranteeing you an odourless and completely body-safe product. In this instance it’s quite a firm silicone that’s been chosen, as you’ll notice if you try to squeeze one of the beads, but in the bridge sections between the beads it’s very flexible, and you can even stretch it a little if you pull gently on the beads. The surface of the beads is matte, and has this lovely soft velvety finish, which not only feels lovely against the skin, but all helps lube to adhere to the surface. As always the Beads are made to Tantus’s impeccably high standards and there’s not a defect to be found anywhere. There is evidence of a slight mould line running around the toy, but it’s almost imperceptible and wouldn’t bother even the most sensitive person. Trying to find it by touch is harder than finding the end of a roll of sticky tape.  
Because of the progressive design of the Beads it makes them incredibly easy to insert, and fun too. You simply press each one up against the anus and the body seems to readily swallow them up with very little fuss or resistance, as though you were feeding it series of hors d’oeuvres, from a small olive, to a grape, to quail egg, to a medium chicken egg. Each one pops in and then paves the way for the next size up moments later. The downside though is that when you take them back out again they have less of an impact. That first big bead comes out with a pop, but then because you’re already relaxed to its size as the series of smaller ones follow they barely elicit any sensation from the sphincter. This even tends to be the case if you made a concerted effort to clench your sphincter tightly as you remove them. You just don’t get that sequential “pop-pop-pop-pop” like you do with some other beads, which may result in disappointment if that’s something you were specifically looking for.
The Vibrating Progressive Beads do have another trick up their sleeve though, and that lies in the other part of their name: they vibrate! If you examine the base of the beads you made notice that it’s very similar in design to the Tantus Perfect Plug Plus, and indeed you can wear the beads just as though they were a butt plug. With all 11″ inserted and gently snaking around inside your colon, the flat neck section provides the perfect place for your sphincter to rest up against, while the anchor base nestles comfortably between the buttocks, and then with a press of the button you can turn on the 7-speed vibrating bullet. Because of the nature of the toy you’re only going to feel the vibrations in the immediate vicinity of the bullet, i.e. the sphincter, a little in the prostate, so don’t go expecting them to travel all the way to the farthest bead, but they do provide a lovely bit of added sensation. It gives you the ability to play around inserting them like beads, then wear them all day like a vibrating plug, and finally go back to that bead experience again when you remove them. I can’t think of any other product that offers that, so it’s a nice mash-up. There’s also the option to pop out the vibrating bullet and replace it with something stronger, such as a We-Vibe Tango, or even not use a bullet at all, so there’s inbuilt flexibility.
On the whole I do quite like the Vibrating Progressive Beads; they’re not enough to sway my mind on anal beads in general, but the fact that they’re a combination toy means that they have a little more to offer, which is perfect for anyone just building their sex toy collection and looking to experiment with as many different sensations and modes of play as possible without breaking the bank. On this basis I could happily recommend the product to someone; you get an assortment of sizes to insert, something that goes deep, something you can wear, something that vibrates, and something you can pull back out and see how you like the sensation.
You can get the Vibrating Progressive Beads right now, directly from Tantus.
It’s also available from the fine folks at SheVibe


In the second of two reviews for Blush Novelties this week I’m going to be looking at the Prostimulator – a vibrating prostate massager for men.
Get the run down after the jump!

The Prostimulator is the first vibrating prostate massager in Blush’s collection of toys aimed at men, and like many products of this kind it’s made in two separate parts, with a silicone outer shell and a removable vibrating bullet housed inside.
The design of the Prostimulator will immediately seem familiar to anyone who’s spent time looking at prostate massagers, as they all largely adhere to the same basic shape, whether it be something from Nexus or Aneros. Just comparing it to the G-Rider I reviewed last month and the resemblance is indisputable, though it does look a little more like that toy’s cousin the Nexus G-Play.
Like with the Purity 2 the exterior portion of the Prostimulator is made from silicone, which is fast becoming one of my pre-requisites for reviewing at item. I’m a big fan of silicone because of its properties of being odourless, non-porous, and completely body-safe. The silicone in the Prostimulator feels identical to that of the Purity 2, so again it’s a little bit on the firmer side, and comes with this nice velvety-feeling satin finish, which is quite appropriate for a toy of this type. The only other thing to comment on about the finish is that the surface of the toy does have a mould line running around the length of it, but it is a very subtle one and feels quite smooth. I can’t imagine anyone being able to notice it once it’s inside the body, so it’s worth mentioning but not worth worrying about.
In comparison to other products of this type the Prostimulator is actually quite small, as you’ll notice if you put it next to something like the G-Rider. This almost seems to be a running theme with Blush products so far, but in this case I’m going to say that it can actually be viewed as a positive. I’m sure that many men are put off the idea of trying prostate stimulation due to fears of having to insert something large into what was previously only an exit, but in this case the toy really isn’t intimidating and shouldn’t discourage anyone. It measure 5″ in total with 3 3/4″ actually insertable, and the average girth is only 3 1/2″, so it’s pretty compact.
The Prostimulator does unfortunately incorporate into its design one of my pet peeves with vibrating butt plugs, prostate massagers, and the like, and that is the protruding end of the vibrator. The end has to stick out because that’s where the button to operate it is, and where the end cap unscrews to access the battery compartment, but the issue is that this means there’s no possible way to sit down when wearing it. Personally I enjoy using anal toys in a seated position, so this does present something of an inconvenience to me. The other slight issue with the design is with regard to the cavity for the bullet. The bullet can of course be removed, but the inside of the cavity is completely smooth which helps to form a vacuum within, making it rather difficult to pull out the bullet. Once the bullet is out it’s actually equally hard to get it back in again, because a pocket of air becomes trapped in the bottom of the cavity, and continually forces the bullet part way back out again. Eventually with some wiggling you can get it back in properly, but thankfully as the whole thing is waterproof my advice would be just never to remove it at all.
The vibrating bullet has seven different modes, two more than on the Nexus. There are three power settings, low, medium, and high, followed by four different patterns, erratic pulses, fast pulses, slower pulses, and fast & erratic pulses. The modes are cycled through by pressing the button on the end, and you have to go through all seven before the toy turns off again. This could prove a problem if you need to turn it off very quickly, but otherwise it’s fine. Like with the Nexus, and indeed most other bullet-powered toys, the vibrations are very buzzy and surface-focussed. Because the bullet only extends around halfway into the silicone portion, the vibrations can be felt most strongly around the middle of the toy, rather than at the very tip.
When it comes to using the Prostimulator it’s a very comfortable object to insert, with the satin finish holding water-based lubes well, and the small size passing into the body without much resistance. It positions itself quite well, with the flared base comfortably sitting between the buttocks whilst preventing over-insertion, and the slightly narrower section above the base acting like a neck to help the toy stay put and avoid slippage. As it is a smaller toy it’s not the most filling thing in the world, so its presence within the body is quite subtle and it doesn’t draw a great deal of attention to its being there. You do feel some pressure against the prostate initially following insertion, but it’s not that firm and becomes much less apparent over time. With it inserted the button to turn on the vibrations is easy enough to locate and operate, allowing you to start trying all the different settings and finding one which suits you best. When it is turned on and vibrating you feel a pleasant enough tingling sensation within the vicinity of it inside the body, but it’s not really that special. I’m not a great fan of buzzy vibes when used anally as I find that really only a strong rumbly vibration can penetrate deeply enough into the prostate to produce the desired effect. If you’re not looking for anything too strong though then this may appeal to you, and there is always the option of replacing the bullet with something more powerful later down the line, like the We-Vibe Salsa.
The Prostimulator can be used in a variety of ways, including during sex and masturbation, or even while just walking around the house, and I’m happy to say that it will stay in place during all of this. The only thing you can’t do with it, as I mentioned before, is be seated, so this does limit your positions somewhat. The vibrating motor is reasonably quiet, enough not to be heard through a closed door, but I wouldn’t leave it turned on if walking around in public, as the faint buzzing could draw some strange glances.
The packaging for the toy is of a simple clear-plastic clamshell design, and is nice and tasteful. It’s not ideal for long term storage so I’d probably suggest recycling it to save space.
Overall I’d say that the Prostimulator is a pretty good toy. It has a couple of design flaws, but it’s made from a quality material and is of a size which will suit first-timers to anal play. The buzzy vibrations do let it down, but that might just be a personal preference. If you’re looking for a big powerful prostate massager then I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you want more of a casual vibrating plug then it’s worth considering.
You can find out more about the Prostimulator and other products over on the Blush website.

Jimmyjane Hello Touch

Sam from Simply Pleasure got in touch the other week and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing the new Jimmyjane Hello touch for them. It’s a type of toy that I’ve never tried before, and I’m always keen on indulging in new experiences, so I readily accepted. It also happens to be my first item from this particular manufacturer. 

The Hello Touch is a rather unique product on the market today; it’s a vibrator designed to be worn on the fingertips, so you can touch yourself in a more natural way while still getting that vibrating sensation that you’d want from a sex toy.
The unit consists of a plastic powerpack, about the size of a disposable cigarette lighter, connected to two vibrating pods by a thin 8″ cable. The whole unit is permanently sealed, so the pods can’t be removed from the battery pack, and I actually see this as a bit of a missed opportunity. As it only comes with two pods it might have been an idea to sell another two as an optional accessory which could be plugged in alongside the existing ones. Each pod contains a small silver vibrating motor, about the size and shape of a watch battery, and is sealed within a clear plastic housing. The pod in turn fits inside a silicone holster designed to be worn over the fingers. The powerpack has just two buttons on it, one for ‘on’ and one for ‘off’, neither of which is labelled, so it’s up to you to remember the positions.This comes with a small grey cuff, designed to be worn on the wrist, and the powerpack fits into a pocket on the top.
The vibrators themselves aren’t that strong, and are quite buzzy. In terms of intensity I’d put them at a low medium, and they have that high frequency feel to them. They’re the sort of vibrators which are good for shallow surface stimulation, but not for deeper penetration. I’m almost certain that one of them is stronger than the other, though I don’t think that this was ever intentional. There are no real options with the vibrators, just one strength and no patterns, so you have to be hopeful that they’re set to a speed which suits you.
The Hello Touch is powered by two AAAA batteries, and no that wasn’t a typo. Thankfully they do come included with the product as they’re not the most easy to find items, and unless you’re in the habit of taking 9V batteries apart you’re unlikely to have ever encountered them. The manual states that you can get 6 hours of use out of the batteries, which seems reasonable, but I’m not sure how wise it is to power your toy with such an uncommon battery. The logic is clearly centred around keeping the device small, but I can’t see that going up to a standard AAA would have been that much detriment to the device.
When it comes to using the toy for the first time your fingers will slip quite easily into the silicone holsters as the material does stretch out nicely. The only thing is that this is quite deceptive, because while it does stretch easily once you let go and the material contracts it feels rather snug around the fingertips. Quite rapidly you can start to feel the circulation being cut off by the tightness, and the tips of your fingers begin to turn a shade of crimson. The Straps manage to position themselves across the nail bed as well, which isn’t the most comfortable position to experience a feeling of constant pressure, so before you’ve even begun to use the toy you do start to wonder “how long am I going to have to leave this on for?” Steadily the fingertips do begin to throb a little, and I’m sure that the following sensation would be pins and needles, though the presence of which is quite hard to distinguish once the device is turned on. 
The fabric cuff fits quite well I found; it was a small struggle to pull it over my hand but it felt snug around my wrist. I should point out at this point that I am a slender man with mere 6″ wrists, so I do question how well this snug one-size-fits-all cuff would fit larger people. The powerpack slips into the pocket which holds it firmly in place, and conveniently the material has marked on it the locations of the buttons, so you know exactly where to push. What is strange, however, is that the fabric shows three buttons, while the Hello Touch only actually has two, so you’re left with this interesting traffic light design where the middle marking serves no purpose. The cuff doesn’t look bad while it’s on, if aesthetics were a concern for you in this situation; it just looks like a sweatband with a strange lumpy box on the top. I can see that they were trying to keep it small, but they could have made a bit more of the shape, and there’s plenty of room for it to be wider. A quick look into modern watch design would have been beneficial for the person behind this I feel. I’ll admit that when I first put it on I did have visions of looking like Seven of Nine from Star Trek Voyager, in the way in which she had Borg technology all over one hand, but instead I look more like I was assimilated by an Apple knock-off.
Actually turning the device on and off is awkward because of the way in which the buttons were made. They’re stiff, ever so stiff, and require an awful lot of force to depress. You can’t simply tap a button on your forearm and have it respond, instead you need to rest your wrist atop a surface, then come down on the buttons with the full force of your other arm for them to react. I’d consider this a design flaw, because heaven forbid you need to turn the thing off in a hurry. It’s actually easier to operate the controls when the device isn’t within the cuff, which rather defeats the point of it.
For the most part the Hello Touch is quite quiet; I can turn it on now and hear only a faint buzzing above the whirring noise of my laptop fan. The problem is that it’s not consistently quiet; sometimes you’ll move your hand in a certain way and suddenly it starts making an almighty racket. For such a small toy it’s surprising how much noise it can kick out, and once it starts it can be difficult to make it stop. It can really throw you out of the moment when the noise starts; it’s a gentle vibe so you want to couple it with thoughts of relaxation, but when it sounds like a miniature road crew is digging up your fingertips with tiny jackhammers it ends up being quite disruptive.
The Hello Touch can be used anywhere on the body, and the key really is not to think too much about what you’re doing. Just keep in mind all the places you typically touch on a partner’s body, or where you like to be touched yourself, and then just proceed as if the toy wasn’t even there. For most areas it’s best to wear the pods on the index and middle finger, and then you can let your hand start to wander, stroking across the arms, chest, nipples, the inner thighs, and wherever else takes your fancy. It’s best to use a light touch I found, because then the vibrations can be felt more across the surface of the skin, whereas with a firmer pressure they become absorbed into the body and are less noticeable. The downside of the silicone cases if that they do grip and drag a bit across the skin, rather than sliding easily, so it’s not a seamless action.
The main focus of the Hello Touch is obviously going to be the genitals, and it does feel quite nice just to slide the vibrating fingertips all around the pubic region, across the scrotum, along the perineum, and around the anus. For penile simulation it’s best to switch the pods to being located on the thumb and forefinger, then starting at the base of the shaft you can lightly grip the penis and run your fingers slowly up towards the head. This delivers quite pleasurable sensations, and gently repeating this action up and down can be a nice way to gently tease yourself or someone else. The most effective area to stimulate in this way is the highly-sensitive frenulum, and to make things a little easier it’s worth applying a little lube to the area to reduce the drag. Another good idea is to place one finger on the frenulum, then the thumb on the other side of the penis, and squeeze the head between the two. The combination of the pressure on head and the vibrations coming from both directions delivers quite a satisfying experience. I’m not certain that I could ever climax from this alone, as while it is a pleasurable sensation, it’s not a strong sensation, but I’m not certain that I’d ever really want to use it to that end either, as I don’t really see that as the purpose of this toy.
There are of course other uses for the Hello Touch, both the manual and the Jimmyjane website suggest that it can be used anally, with fingers inserted whilst wearing the device, but I don’t feel that that’s something I completely agree with. I decided not to put it to the test for a few reasons, 1.) I know that buzzy vibrations do absolutely nothing for me anally, without exception, 2.) as a matter of hygiene; when you think of all the other places your fingers can go whilst wearing these, is it really worth the time spent trying to scrub them clean again after they’ve been inserted there? 3.) as a precaution; the silicone holster portion can be removed from the vibrating pods, albeit with some force. While personally I believe this is highly unlikely to ever happen, the silicone portion could feasibly come off whilst inside you, and then you’d be left fishing around trying to retrieve it from within your body. I can understand why some people might want to try this, that “come hither” motion with the fingers is highly regarded as a prostate-milking technique, so the curious may think that doing it with vibrating fingers would be a good idea. My only suggestion is, douche thoroughly first to make sure everything is as clean as can be, and put on a rubber glove over the device before you insert any fingers, that way you can’t lose anything.
One alternative use I do quite like involves taking the two pods (sans silicone jackets), placing them on either side of the head of the penis, then sliding up the foreskin to hold them in place. That way you get a nice constant vibration on the penis, and your hands are left free to do other things with.
I get the impression that it’s designed to be more of a couples toy, and that’s certainly how I’d use it. Outside of testing the product I can’t really see myself spending a lot of time sitting around touching myself with it whilst trying to masturbate, but at the same time I would use it with a partner. I primarily see it as a tool for foreplay, something for teasing another person with as you slowly explore the nooks and crannies of their body with a gentle vibrating caress.
When you are done with the Hello Touch for the day it’s quite easy to clean as the vibrating pods are waterproof, so you can give them a good wash, you just want to be certain not to submerge the battery pack as this would surely damage it. The Hello Touch even comes with its own rather unusual cloth pouch for storage, which actually works fairly well once you figure out what you’re doing with it.
The hardest part of this review has to be the summary, because would I recommend the Hello Touch? I think that probably a lot of what it’s going to come down to is the price. It currently retails for around £40 / $65, and when you think about what else is available on the market for a similar price it’s just not worth it. If it was £25 then yes, I’d probably tell you do go for it; it’s a fun bit of kit and that sort of price would take into account the flaws I highlighted, as well as the slightly cheap-looking insides which greet you when you change the batteries. For £40 you can simply get more bang for your buck, that’s the same price as the We-Vibe Salsa, a rumbly rechargeable toy, with multiple powerful settings, almost guaranteed to satisfy you. Would I recommend this toy for personal use? No, it just won’t hold your interest. Would I recommend it for use with a partner? Yes, it certainly has its role here, but you have to think of it strictly as a foreplay tool. If you know exactly what you’re going to be using it for, and you don’t mind paying over the odds, then go for it as it does bring something new to the table. 
One thing I will say for the Hello Touch is that it does have potential, it just should have spent longer in R&D. Give me version 2.0, with a watch strap, easy to use buttons, the sort of tiny rechargeable battery that Lelo fit in their Tor cock rings, and vibrators which are quieter and more powerful, and maybe then we’ll be talking.

If you’d like to try the Jimmyjane Hello Touch you can buy it from Simply Pleasure.

Nexus G-Rider

This week the friendly folks over at (the now defunct) SweetFun.co.uk have sent me a Nexus G-Rider vibrating prostate massager to try out. It’s a toy I’ve been interested in for quite a while because of its rather appealing shape, so I relish the opportunity to put it through its paces. This is only the second product from Nexus that I’ve tried, after the Nexus Glide which I reviewed last year, but I do have my eye on the Nexus Revo 2 in the future.

The G-Rider is one of different 8 vibrating prostate massagers currently manufactured by the British company Nexus, and it’s been on the market since around 2009. The design of the toy has it assembled from two separate parts: there’s an exterior sleeve manufactured from 100% silicone, and inside this is a removable-battery operated vibrator. Part of what drew me to the toy initially was the fact that it was made from silicone, as silicone is one of my favourite materials due to its properties of being odourless, non-porous, and completely body-safe.  
The G-Rider is available in an assortment of colours, varying from retailer to retailer, including a delicious red which strongly appeals to me as you might imagine. Mine came in a nice simple black which, while not always my favourite colour for a toy, actually quite suits it in this instance.

The Silicone portion of the toy is almost completely seamless, with only the faintest visible hint of how it may have been moulded, and which you would need the eyes of an eagle to spot. I really can’t fault its construction at all, and it’s entirely free from any defects or raised mould lines. The surface of the silicone has a matte finish which feels velvety-soft to touch and almost begs you to caress it with your fingers. On the scale of sex toy silicones it is one of the slightly firmer ones, and it doesn’t have a great deal of give in the surface when you squeeze it, but it’s pliable enough to bend and flex in the right places.

The shape of the toy may seem familiar as all Nexus products tend to use broadly the same design for their insertable portion, and you’ll also notice similar offerings from companies such as Aneros. This section of the product has been ergonomically designed to correspond to the internal contours of the male body. At the top is a bulbous section which protrudes forwards and is intended to apply pressure to the prostate, then below it the shaft waves in and out a couple of times before meeting the base. In all the insertable length is around 4 1/8″. Unlike the the Glide the shaft of the G-Rider is a good thickness, and measures 4 1/2″ around the widest point. By far one of my favourite aspects of the design is actually the base of the toy, which is shaped rather like a kayak or surfboard, only with upturned ends like the tip of a Persian slipper. Towards the rear of the base the surface is completely smooth, while at the front the top area is covered in raised nodules designed to stimulate the perineum. Underneath the base is gently curved and the removable vibrator sits completely flush with it when inserted. I really like this particular feature because it’s unlike a lot of similar products where the vibrator protrudes awkwardly.

The G-Rider is a nice easy toy to insert, and thanks to the matte finish on the silicone it holds water-based lube incredibly well. Because it is a slightly thicker toy you want to be careful with what you’re doing if you’re a beginner, and remember to relax and take it nice and slowly, but I wouldn’t say that it’s a toy which a beginner should feel the need to avoid. Initially there is something about the shape which makes it not quite the most comfortable toy to insert, at least compared to something with a completely straight shaft, but once you get over that first bump then the rest of it slides smoothly and effortlessly into the body without a hitch. When the toy is inside the body it does feel incredibly comfortable to wear, and also pleasantly filling, but at the same time you can feel the tip pressing firmly against the prostate. The whole toy settles into quite a secure position, thanks to the thinner neck-like section of the shaft above the base, so there’s no need to worry about slippage. Meanwhile the shape of the base itself allows it to slot perfectly between the buttocks where it nestles quite discreetly – enough not to be noticed under clothes. At the front the upper surface of the base all makes contact with the perineum, while the pointed tip applies some light pressure to a pleasant effect, and this can be increased slightly by clenching the sphincter and drawing the toy marginally further into the body. The G-Rider is quite versatile in how it can be used, from in the midst of sex to simply wearing it while walking around, and there’s nothing in the design which would make any of this even remotely awkward. One the best parts is that you can even wear it while sitting down, which is why I’m so glad that the vibe doesn’t protrude at all. When sat down you can really feel those nodules in the base pressing into the perineum and stimulating it, and the rounded underside allows you to rock back and forth to generate extra stimulation from the toy both inside and outside the body.

The vibrating aspect of the G-Rider is powered by a small bullet specially designed to slot into the base of the toy. The bullet is only 3″ long and therefore doesn’t extend all the way down to the end of the silicone portion, stopping around 2″ from the very tip. When the bullet is inserted the only part of it which is visible is the flat base, which is where the power button and battery compartment are located, making it unnecessary to remove the bullet when changing the battery. The bullet is powered by a single AAA battery, but as it’s not waterproof it probably is best to remove the whole thing prior to washing the silicone section, and thankfully this is easy to do so.

Operating the bullet is done by depressing the button on the base. A single press activates the vibrator and an additional press cycles the setting. The bullet has only one level of intensity, but there are 5 different modes of vibration to choose from: 1.) a constant vibration, 2.) a long vibration followed by a long pause, 3.) a constant vibration again, 4.) a short vibration followed by a short pause, and 5.) a medium vibration followed by a short pause. Audibly mode 1 sounds slightly different to mode 3, as though it’s intended to be a sequence of very rapid pulses whereas 3 is a true constant, but in practice they both feel much the same during use, and would be indistinguishable if you were unable to hear it.

The vibrator feels reasonably intense, similar to a RO-80mm bullet, and is also on the more buzzy end of the spectrum, verging slightly towards a medium. It’s not really my ideal vibe in an ideal world, but the position of it within the insertable portion of the toy immediately improves its performance, and the vibrations travel through the silicone well without much noticeable dampening. Inside the body you definitely get a pleasant feeling from the vibrations, similar to using the Tantus Zing, but the fact that you have patterns to choose from is a big bonus. Because it’s not even a remotely rumbly vibe you don’t get that targeted penetration of vibrations into the prostate, but you do get a nice tingly feeling all throughout the rectal cavity.

One big plus about the bullet is that it is whisper quite during use, and at most you hear a slight buzz from coming beneath the bedsheets, so you’re not going to cause a disturbance with it. Once you’re done with it for the day you simply hold the button down to turn it off, but you do have to hold it for a good 3 or 4 seconds, significantly longer than with other toys, so you can’t kill the power in a rush. In the case of being interrupted it’s just as well that it’s quiet.

I have to say that unfortunately the quality of the vibrator just isn’t that fantastic, and it does let the toy down somewhat. As soon as you pop it out you can tell just from a first glance that it’s a little run of the mill, and a closer inspection reveals things which don’t build confidence, such as loose wires floating around inside the battery compartment. I dare say I could overlook things like that to an extent if everything worked perfectly, but in my experience the vibrator can be quite temperamental. One of the electrical contacts for the battery is in the cap to the compartment, and if it shifts and isn’t aligned quite right then the whole thing can just cut out. I spent quite a while trying to figure out why sometimes it wouldn’t turn on and other times it would turn off without explanation. Once you know the reason why it’s not too much hassle to deal with, but the fact that it happens at all is annoying. The other issue is that the battery gets stuck inside the compartment and isn’t at all easy to remove. You really have to shake it and tap it for a while in order to dislodge it, so if you like to remove the battery before you store a toy away then it will frustrate you. When you consider how great the rest of the toy is you really feel as though it deserves a little more than this cheap looking bullet; something which enhances it rather than detracting from it. They could easily have made it a little longer, a little thicker, a little more powerful, and a little better quality.

Overall I’m going to say that on the balance of things I probably still would recommend the Nexus G-Rider, flaws and all. The shape of it is something which I absolutely love, both the insertable portion and the base. It’s comfy, you can sit on it, you can walk with it in, you can wear it during sex, and through all that it gives you some good firm pressure on the prostate. The vibrator admittedly isn’t amazing, but it is adequate. If you like big rumbles then it doesn’t have much to offer you, but if you’re happy with something less then that buzzing/tingling sensation which it creates should satisfy. I do wish it had more ‘oomph’ but when you compare it to something like the Bad Boy from Rocks Off then the Nexus G-Rider has the better shape, the better feeling material, the better bullet position, and the better choice of vibration modes. It’s the clear winner in its price bracket, and on that basis I’d say it’s worth trying.

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