Fun Factory Bootie

March is proving to be a jam-packed month on the review front, and I still have a couple more to squeeze in before Easter. This week Adult Sensations have kindly sent me the Fun Factory Bootie butt plug to review for them.
Adult Sensations is a Canadian company, so a big shout out to my Commonwealth buddies over in the Great White North.

The Bootie is one of a pair of similarly-shaped plugs that Fun Factory makes, with the other being the Boosty. It’s obvious that they purposely chose names which were alike to indicate the close relationship, but it can be ever so slightly confusing trying to remember which is which.
The Bootie is the smaller of the two toys and features a much smoother design. If I were to categorise the plugs then I’d say the Bootie is intended more as a starter toy, while the Boosty is something designed to appeal to the more comfortable anal user, with its larger size and bumpy shape.
In terms of dimensions the Bootie has an insertable length of 2 3/4″ and a maximum circumference of 3 1/2″, so it really is quite tiny. In fact, depending on your monitor settings, it’s almost identical to the size shown in the image above. If you’ve never tried using an anal toy before in your life then you’re certainly not going to look at this with any trepidation, and it should really suit beginners.
Like all Fun Factory products the Bootie is manufactured in Germany from 100% food-grade silicone, giving you a toy which is not only completely body-safe, but non-porous and odourless too. Because it is quite a small toy the silicone is a little on the firmer size so that it holds its shape, so don’t expect too much give in the surface when you try to squeeze it. There is, however, just the right amount of flex in the neck and base, so it’s clearly a case of expertly tailoring the right material for the job. The construction quality of the plug is very high overall, and it has a velvety-soft matte finish on the surface. The only slight complaint I can pick up on is that there is a mould line running the full length of the toy, as well a small divot in the base indicating where the raw silicone was injected into the mould. I say it’s a “slight” complaint because the mould line is barely raised at all, and you can hardly feel it when running your fingers over the toy unless you’re specifically looking for it.
The plug is available in a selection of two colours: there’s a lovely blackcurrant shade of purple like the one in the image I chose for the review, and also a rather less interesting black which I ended up receiving. I must say that both purples and blacks are fairly common colours for sex toys, so Fun Factory aren’t really rocking the boat here, which is a shame when you compare it to some of the reds and turquoises they’ve made use of elsewhere.
The Bootie has a fairly simplistic shape, but also with a couple of subtle quirks thrown in. My favourite aspect of the design is the base, which is actually quite similar to that of the Tantus Twist, but I dare say I prefer it slightly. The base isn’t that much wider than the shaft of the toy itself, but it is long and surfboard-shaped, which makes the plug completely anal-safe, all while being quite discreet. Atop the base is the neck of the plug; this is about an inch and a quarter long, and with a 2 1/4″ circumference, and you’ll find the words “Fun Factory” embossed lightly on one side. Beyond the neck the plug widens and curves over to one side, forming the main body of the toy, and looking rather like the bud of a bulb that’s just poked its head above ground in the early weeks of Spring.
I must confess that when I first got the plug I was a little disappointed, mainly because I’d overestimated the size of it, and wasn’t confident that anything so small could really be of any practical use to me. I’m glad to say that I was wrong about that, however, and I shall explain why. The Bootie is actually a truly lovely plug to use, and it starts off by being easy to insert. The slightly matte surface clings on to water-based lubes well, and the rounded tip slips into the body without resistance. For a complete anal-novice it really shouldn’t be any sort of a struggle to get it inserted, so I imagine that it would be a nice introduction to butt plugs. As soon as you push the widest point through the muscle the neck and base of the plug immediately slide into place. The neck is long enough to give the muscles plenty of space to sit and grip onto the toy, while the slimline base slots itself between the buttocks and feels incredibly comfortable. The base couldn’t be less obtrusive if it tried; the rounded edges don’t poke you or dig in at all, and you can sit down on it and walk around with it all while barely being aware of its presence. I’d guess that you could even sleep with it in and not be disturbed.
The plug sits securely in the body for two reasons, one because the neck is narrower than the widest point, and two because of the way the tip of the plug hooks over and almost anchors itself in place. I felt no slippage whatsoever, and this is coming from someone who’s fully inserted the Tantus A-Bomb in the past, so I think that says something. This gives you the freedom to wear it during sex, or go out with it in, all without worry of it suddenly escaping. Clearly, when you consider the size of it, the Bootie isn’t going to be the most filling plug in the world, but what I like about it actually comes down to the shape of it. That little curved tip just pokes you nicely in the base of the prostate, in a way which is enough to feel pleasant for users new and experienced alike. The design even seems to work better than some of the rigid specialist prostate toys I’ve used, which always seem to overestimate the depth of the gland and instead poke you in the bladder. Undoubtedly the more novice users will get more out of it, and I think the added dimension of subtle prostate stimulation will definitely make it make it worth their while, but my overriding fear had been that I’d just insert it and feel empty and bored, but that simply wasn’t the case. That little prod in the prostate was enough to make the plug interesting for me, interesting enough for me to wear it the whole day. More experienced users would still probably want to look first to the larger Boosty, but that doesn’t mean that the Bootie should be ruled out altogether; it definitely has something to offer, especially for couples sharing toys who are at difference stages in what they’re able to insert.
Once you’re done with the plug it comes out nice and easily again; the broad base makes a convenient handle to grab onto and help remove it, while the gentle curving shape of the shaft ensures no discomfort as it travels in reverse. After that it’s simply a matter of popping it in the sink with some anti-bacterial soap and hot water to clean it, though as it’s silicone it can also be sterilised with boiling water or a mild bleach solution.
The packaging for the plug is nice and small and discreet, which is what I like because it’s not bulky or wasteful. I’m not sure I’d really keep it for storage purposes, but it is an option. Fun Factory handily include a multilingual instruction pamphlet and a sachet of their water-based lube, so you can get going straight out of the box.
I have to say that I really would recommend the Bootie plug, especially to novices and beginners, but it really did exceed my expectations as someone who’s used dozens of different plugs. It’s well constructed from a great material, it stays in place, it’s easy to insert, it feels comfortable for long term wear, and it has a great little shape that will stimulate the prostate. It has all the key elements you want in a good plug, so you can’t really go wrong.

You can buy the Fun Factory Bootie from Adult Sensations in Canada and the U.S.