Tantus Champion

Last week I quietly celebrated the 7-year anniversary of starting this blog, and today we’re taking a look at a blast from the past, with the “newish” Tantus Champion.

Anyone who’s been reading my blog for a while might remember my review of the Max O2 from way back in April of 2012, and if you think that these toys look similar then don’t worry because your eyes aren’t deceiving you.

The Champion is one of the latest in Tantus’s ongoing project to tweak and re-release some of their popular toys from the past, and I thought it might be fun to do a little comparison seven years down the line.

Come see what I made of it.


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Quick Guide to Anal Play: douching, lubes, and more!

Anal sex. If only it all happened like in a porn scene. You know the one: boy meets boy, boy takes boy home, boy bends boy over the bed, enters him in one swift motion, then enjoys 20 minutes of pristine romping, interrupted only by the occasional change of position. Yeah, that one. That’s the ideal of sex that’s sold to gay men the world over, but really we all know that it’s just fantasy, and the reality is a little more involved.  
So what are some key tips to make your bum-fun run a little more smoothly? Well I’ve got you covered below!

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