The Butters

Happy Autumn, folks! This week as the leaves start to turn umber, and the shops begin to fill their shelves with everything pumpkin-related, I’m going to be looking at a small boy from South Park, Colorado an all new personal lubricant.
As you may know I tend to avoid reviewing lubes for the most part, as more often than not it proves to be a chore, but when Jerome from LTA Sex contacted me about his new product I was intrigued enough to agree to try it out.
Catch the review below!

The Butters is an all new oil-based lubricant, produced from 100% natural botanical ingredients. It’s the brainchild of fellow blogger Jerome Nichols, the man behind LTA Sex, and he hand makes every batch of the Butters, giving a uniquely artisanal / cottage-industry touch to a product line typically dominated by large manufacturers.
The Butters is made with just nine separate ingredients, all of which can be seen listed on its label above, with absolutely no hidden additives or mysterious substances included.
One of the primary ingredients of the Butters is coconut oil, and I don’t mind telling you that I’m ever so slightly obsessed with coconut at the moment. Whether it’s making coconut cake, coconut rice, putting coconut milk on my cereal, using coconut and shea butter shower gel and handwash, I’m doing it, but I never would have thought to use coconut oil as a lube. 
Interestingly, despite its ingredients, the butters has no discernible smell, coconut or otherwise. I was surprised by this revelation, but it does reinforce the fact that everything inside it is natural, with no added scent compounds. The only slight note of fragrance I picked up was something vaguely bitter, which I’m inclined to believe is from the aloe.
The texture of the lubricant is rich and creamy, feeling like it’s been whipped or gently churned, and you start to get the idea of where it got its name. Unlike most lubes it’s solid at room temperature, and comes packaged in a small tub like a jar of thick overnight moisturising cream. The advantage of this is that it sticks to toys incredibly well, which is especially useful in situations where you need a bit of extra lubrication, and reassurance that it’s going to stay there. 
As happens I’ve been trying to get back into using some of my larger toys as of late, which proved the perfect opportunity to test out the Butters. One of the big problems with using a regular water-based lube with a big shiny silicone butt plug, is that as soon as it reaches the point where the body needs to start stretching to accommodate it, the result is like dragging a squeegee down a rain-speckled windowpane. The lube gets scraped off and you’re left with the friction of a dry plug against your body. What I found with the Butters is that once you smear its thick creamy oil all over the plug, it actually sticks to the surface giving a nice even coating, and then when you go to use it a thin lubricating film always remains behind even when the body scrapes away the excess. Because of this it made the plug I was using far more comfortable to insert, and I was really impressed. To try to test this even further I brought out my largest plug, the Tantus A-Bomb, a toy which is such a struggle to insert that I’ve only ever used it a handful of times, and sure enough the Butters noticeably made a difference. By eliminating the discomfort of friction, it makes it far easier to concentrate on working through the sensations of being stretched, and the result is a far more pleasant experience.
Another nice advantage of using the Butters for anal play is that it doesn’t dry out like a water-based lube would, so if you’re considering wearing a plug for an extended time then it remains mobile and won’t tug on the skin. The only potential downside is that it can feel a little greasy between the buttocks, which some may not like. 
The Butters is also designed to be used as a masturbation lube if desired. Like most guys with a foreskin lube isn’t something I generally use for that particular activity, but it can be a fun change of pace if I’m varying my technique. What’s interesting about the Butters is that as you apply it to the penis and begin to massage it in, it almost appears to melt from the body heat, and leaves everything with a slick glossy appearance. This change of state really aids with its effectiveness as a lube, and as you start to glide your hand up and down the shaft and over the head it moves completely freely. It’s easily as effective as any silicone lube I’ve tried with this technique, and gives great-feeling and long lasting results. Because it’s also advertised as being a moisturising product you don’t need to worry too much about clean-up, as eventually the skin will absorb it if left alone. If you’re overly generous with it then soap will be required to rid yourself fully of lingering greasiness, but a little does go a long way.
I have to say I’m actually really impressed with the Butters. There are a lot of advantages to having a thicker cream-style lube to hand, and the Butters is especially effective during use. It’s a great performing lube, and its natural ingredients leave the skin feeling silky and moisturised after, so I’d recommend everyone gives it a try.
The Butters is available here

Give Lube Oral Pleasure Gels.

Recently one of my favourite lubrication companies, Give Lube – makers of the fantastic Premium Aqua Gel and Silicone+, sent me a couple of samples of their all new Oral Pleasure Gels, and you can find out what I thought of them after the jump!

The Oral Pleasure Gels are a new concept from Give Lube, designed to add a little extra flavour to oral sex, be it with a male or female partner. It’s the sort of thing you can use just for a bit of fun, or even to disguise your partner’s natural taste if you’re not so keen on it.

The Gels are available in two different flavours, Raspberry Kiss and Cheeky Cherry, and come in nice big 100ml bottles with tasteful packaging. 
I don’t have a great deal of experience with flavoured lube, aside from the odd sachet I’ve picked up here and there, but I was honestly blown away by how the Oral Pleasure Gel tastes. It doesn’t taste anything like how you might imagine a flavoured lube to; there’s nothing artificial about it nor any strange undertones or aftertaste. It just tastes like a really high quality fruit syrup that you might pick up to pour over your ice cream in the summer. It has this deep sweet flavour to it that’s very prominent, rather than just an after thought, and it’s accompanied by this delightful aroma that emanates from the bottle as soon as you pop the cap, giving you a treat for all your senses. I never thought I’d describe a lube as being “moreish” but honestly it is, and that can really only mean good things for the person whose bodyparts you’re slathering it over, after all no one ever asked for less time to be spent performing oral sex on them.
Of the two flavours the Raspberry Kiss is my favourite, but that’s simply because raspberry is my favourite fruit flavour in general, and the Pleasure Gel replicates that unmistakably. The Cheeky Cherry is the slightly less sweet of the two, and has that familiar cherry tang to it, rather reminding me of the cherry sweets you get in packs of Haribo.
The gels are moderately thick, allowing you to give your partner a good coating with it, rather than it being too runny and dripping down the shaft and congregating in the public hair, so it’s going to stay in the places you most want to suck and lick it of off. In terms of it being a lube it actually functions really well in that regard too, which is perfect if you want to give your mouth a little rest and stimulate your partner by hand for a while. It feels really smooth and slippery and is quite long-lasting, provided you don’t get too enthusiastic during the oral stage and devour it all. The only time it starts to get sticky is if you leave it on the skin for too long and it begins to dry, but realistically I can’t see that happening because it tastes too good to waste any.
In keeping with Give Lube’s philosophy of creating high quality safe products the Oral Pleasure Gels are paraben-free, dermatologically tested, CE marked, and of a medical quality. They’re as natural as possible and contain no superfluous ingredients. One thing they do contain is glycerin, but this is not the same as sugar, so it’s perfectly safe to use with female anatomy without any risk of sugar-induced infections. Personally it’s not something that I’d use primarily for penetrative sex, just because it seems like a waste to use something flavoured where you can’t taste it, and because of that slight stickiness that develops in the later stages. If you’re going straight from oral to penetration then there’s no need to wash it off, and you can just top up with some Premium Aqua Gel or Silicone+, of course if you’re in a pinch and you’ve run out of both of those then the Pleasure Gel is a fine alternative.
I always like to mention that Give Lube is a local British company, based in Bristol. Personally I’m very into localism, and I try to support companies as close to home as much as possible, and with such a fantastic range of products as Give Lube you really can feel good about doing so. So many of our sex toys and lubricants originate in the United States, so it’s nice to get behind people looking to pioneer something in the U.K.
Overall I have to say that I’m a big fan of these new Oral Pleasure Gels, and if I had to recommend one flavoured lube to someone then this would be my choice. I honestly can’t wait to see what the guys from Give Lube come up with next, because so far everything they do seems to be a winner. I have to thank them for sending me the free samples too, even though I took longer to review them than I would have liked.
You can buy the Oral Pleasure Gels from in both Raspberry Kiss and Cheeky Cherry.

Ultimate Lube

Recently the folks at Planet Earth Wholesale asked if I’d be interested in reviewing some sexual enhancements products from the “Ultimate” range, including this stimulating lubricant. Normally I’m not a huge fan of reviewing lubes because there’s only so many different ways to describe how slippery something is before it all starts sounding the same, but these products seemed interesting enough for me to make an exception. 

The Ultimate Lube is a condom-safe water-based lubricant, described on the packaging as a product designed to “boost sexual potency and male prowess” which is certainly quite a lofty claim to be made for a lube, and not one which I’m sure can be definitively put to the test, but it certainly should be fun investigating.

The lube is quite a thick, clear, gel with a strong aroma of menthol, very reminiscent of Wrigley’s Airwaves chewing gum. When you couple this scent with the blue packaging it immediately gives the impression that it’s going to be a cooling lubricant, the idea of which rather appeals to me. I’ve never actually tried a cooling lubricant before, but ever since one day in childhood when I spent an awful lot of time in the shower thoroughly washing myself with Lynx Glacier Water & Deep Sea Enriched Mint shower gel, I’ve been a fan of a refreshingly chill sensation around the genitalia.
The directions for use suggest applying a “small amount” of the lubricant and massaging it into the “desired area”, namely the penis, and so I duly did as such. Shortly after application you begin to experience a cool tingly sensation in the mucus membranes with make up the head of the penis and inner lining of the foreskin, and this is actually quite pleasant, and indeed refreshing. At this point the natural inclination is to begin masturbating, and the combination of the physical stimulation with the cool sensations of the lube produce a very pleasing result. Unfortunately as time progresses the pleasant feeling begins to wane, instead being replaced by one of discomfort as the sensation from the lube continues to intensify, moving from a cooling sensation to more of a burning one, and eventually in my experience something quite unpleasant. I left the lube on for as long as I could stand, hoping it might eventually die down, but in the end I was forced to wash it off, which thankfully eliminated the discomfort entirely and left no after-effects. I spoke to someone from the company about my experience, and apparently the lube is intended to have an effect which causes blood to be drawn to the surface of the penis, in order to increase arousal and improve erection quality. I can’t say that I noticed that particular result amidst my discomfort, but perhaps my experience was typical, and I was merely extra sensitive to the effects. I can only speak to my own experience, and it seems perfectly feasible that others may react less strongly to it than I.
Setting aside the physical sensations of the product for a moment, there’s also the question of how it performs as a lube. It’s quite thick so it does adhere nicely to the skin, or indeed any toys which you may wish to use with it, and it starts off feeling quite slippery. My primary complaint about how it performs as a lube is that it doesn’t last long at all. Even when using quantities far more liberal than those suggested by the packaging, after a short while the lube becomes gummy and tacky, causing skin to stick to skin, and increasing friction, rather than giving a smooth gliding action. Were I a fan of how it worked in other regards, then I’d probably apply only a small amount of this first, then couple it with one of my favourite lubes, rather than using it by itself.
Normally I would include a section on how it performs with insertable toys, but you’ll forgive me if I decline to put into my rectum something which caused irritation to my penis, as the former is far less easy to rinse than the latter, and the outcome seems almost predictable anyway.
In summation I’d have to say that it’s not a lube that I’d give my recommendation to. While not everyone will experience the same bad reaction as I did, the fact is that it’s just not really a great lube to begin with. Were it a fantastically slippery product which lasted for ages then maybe I’d suggest taking a chance and trying it, but right now essentially what you’re looking at is a lube which is tacky, which won’t last long, which needs to be mixed with something else in order to make it usable, and which has as least some chance of causing you discomfort / irritation.
If anyone else has tried this then I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below, whether they be similar or completely different.

Lucky Bloke


I was contacted recently by the people behind Lucky Bloke, and asked if I would be interested in doing a review for them. Lucky Bloke provide a rather ingenious service: they supply packs of assorted condoms, allowing you to sample a wide variety of different shapes, sizes, thicknesses, textures, etc, without spending a small fortune. Buying condoms can be a bit like Russian roulette: you walk into a pharmacy, grab a pack of something off the shelves, and have no real idea whether they’re going to be any good or not. If it turns out that they’re terrible you’ve still got half a boxful that you’ve paid good money for, so either you use them up to the detriment of future sexual experiences, or you throw them out and say goodbye to that cash forever. Even if you’ve found a condom that you think you like, chances are there may be something even better out there which you just don’t know about. Lucky Bloke‘s solution is both simple and effective: you get a pack of different condoms, you try each one out, and eventually through a process of elimination you determine which works best for you and you need only ever buy that brand again. No more wasted money and half-full packs of condoms lying around, what could be better?
As a single man I don’t have much scope right now to be trying out dozens of different condoms, which is where Lucky Bloke’s other service comes in, lube samples! Picking the right lube is just as tricky as it is picking the right condom, possibly more so, and to make matters worse lube can be expensive and come in great bottles full of the stuff. As a sex toy reviewer lube is my best friend, and so I’m especially loathed to risk making a mistake when buying some, which is why this is such a fantastic idea in my mind.

Lucky Bloke offers two different lube samplers, a regular selection and a flavoured selection, depending on your preference. The flavoured one is an especially useful thing to have considering that while you may be able to make the best of mediocre lube at any other time, when it’s going in your mouth you really don’t want to risk an unpleasant taste.
Each sampler contains 6 sachets of different lubricants, ranging in size from as little as 1.5ml, up to 3, 4, 5ml depending on the brand. The larger 5ml sachets are definitely preferable, and give you a better indicator of what the lube is like, but obviously Lucky Bloke have no control over how large the companies decide to make their individual sachets, even though uniformity would be preferable.
The assortment of lubes you receive contains a nice mix of well-known brands such as Sliquid and Pjur, as well as some smaller companies which you may never have heard of before, so you’re sure to get the opportunity to try something new, and may even find a hidden gem that’s yet to become mainstream. 
The lubes are a mixture of silicone and water-based, and so are all condom safe, though if you’re looking to experiment with toys then remember as a rule not to use a silicone lube with a silicone toy unless you’ve done a patch test and are confident that there’s no reaction. One thing that all the lubes do have in common is that there’s a full list ingredients on the back of each sachet, so you can check that they don’t contain anything which you’re known to react badly to. The only downside though is that if you do react badly to something then there’s no way to avoid getting a sachet of that in your sampler, so you may end up with a couple of unusable ones. It may be an idea in the future for Lucky Bloke to consider offering a paraben-free sampler for example, to cater to people who are sensitive to such things. 
Each lube sampler sells for $7.99, + $0.99 for shipping within the United States, or $1.99 worldwide, so that works out at about £6.53 or €7.60 including shipping, which seems perfectly reasonable to me considering what you’re getting. Orders are despatched from Oregon via first class mail, and it took only a week for me to receive it in the UK which is surprisingly efficient, though delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods for mail. The sachets are packed into a small thin plastic box, slightly smaller than the size of a DVD case, and this in turn is placed into a jiffy bag / padded envelope, which all serves to protect the sachets well during transit, so you won’t end up with a leaky bag of burst lube.
I was sent 12 sachets in total, and to give you an idea of what you might receive they were: Sliquid H2O, Sliquid Sea, Sliquid Silk, Sliquid Sassy, Pjur Original Bodyglide, Uberlube, Good Clean Love Almost Naked Lubricant, One Oasis, One Move, Delicious Encounter peach lubricant, and two sachets of Pleasure Works Please Cream. I’m not quite certain about the reason for the duplication of the last one, but other than that it’s a really good selection and has introduced me to lots of lubes that I haven’t had the opportunity to try before. 
I’m tempted to review each of the lubes more thoroughly on an individual basis at a later date, but for now I will say that a couple of the ones which really stood out were the Sliquid lubes which are lovely and completely free from “DEA, gluten, glycerine, glycerol, parabens, PEG, propylene, glycol, sorbitol and sulphates” as well as being vegan-friendly, and also the Pjur lube which is the only brand of silicone lube which Tantus certifies as compatible for use with their silicone toys (though the Pjur sachet was the most stingy, at only 1.5ml of product).
I have to say I’ve had a lot of fun trying out all these lubes, and I’d definitely recommend the Lucky Bloke service to everyone. You get a great variety, for a great price, shipped securely and speedily; what more could you ask for? I’d definitely use them again myself in the future, especially when the time comes for me to find the perfect condom.
Go ahead and check them out at, you’ll be glad that you did, and thanks to Lucky Bloke for generously sending me these samples.

Spunk Lube

I’ve been wanting to try out Spunk Lube ever since I heard about it a few months ago, and I finally went ahead and bought a bottle.

Spunk Lube, in case you hadn’t guessed already, is a lubricant designed to look like semen, but before I begin the review I have a small confession to make; I hate cum. Well, that is I hate the reality of cum, sure watching the cum shot in porn is one of the best parts, but actually tasting cum or feeling its warm slimy texture on my skin is something I just can’t stand. So why then would I buy a lube that tries to mimic cum? Well quite simply because it’s everything I like about cum, i.e. the visual aspect, but with none of things I hate.
The first question to be answered is does it look like cum? Well yes, and no. The fact is that there is no single universal appearance for semen, some individuals have whiter semen, others more watery, etc. People often find that their semen changes colour and consistency depending on their diet. Quite frankly there can be a lot of variation. The second question then is does it look the way we expect cum to look? and that unequivocally gets a big thumbs up. Spunk Lube is thick, it’s white, it’s slightly translucent. Pump a load into your hand and you could easily mistake it for the real thing. It looks just like the creamy stuff you expect to see gushing out of one porn star and onto the chest of another.
Appearance isn’t everything, however, and when it comes to a lube you want to be sure that it’s up to the job. Spunk Lube is a hybrid lube, meaning it’s a mix between a water-based and a silicone lube, and as such it incorporates the qualities of both. One thing that toy lovers out there will be happy to know is that hybrid lubes are completely safe for use with silicone sex toys.
The consistency of the lube is like a gel, but it feels rich and silky against the skin. It spreads around easily so you can get a good coverage, but the thickness of it means that it flows very slowly, so you won’t find it dripping off and landing on places where it shouldn’t be. I’ve never tried a hybrid lube before so just rubbing it between the thumb and forefinger was an interesting experience; it doesn’t feel quite as slippery as a silicone lube, but it does more so than with a water-based one.
I don’t really use lube for masturbation but I had to urge to do so with the Spunk Lube. It’s a funny sight to to see your penis covered in what appears to be ejaculate before you’ve even started. The lube felt nice against the penis and it didn’t take a lot to get going, though I found it more fun to use extra. One of the things I liked was when I briefly stopped masturbating while my foreskin was covering the head of my penis, and then squeezed all of the lube out from under it, so it sat on the top and looked like a blob of cum perched there. There’s just something vaguely erotic about that.
For the most part Spunk Lube isn’t sticky, though it does get a little gummy before it dries completely, at which point you’re left with a small amount of residue which can be brushed away. The lube does last for a reasonable amount of time, but not as long as a pure silicone lube; if you’re using it in an open environment then the water content in the lube will evaporate and require you to add more. For this reason I’d suggest applying it more liberally when masturbating in order to forestall this. I masturbated with it all the way up to the gummy stage to see what happened, and at this point my foreskin began sticking to the head of my penis and I got a chafing sensation, so it’s best to avoid this during normal use.
Spunk Lube is great to use with insertable toys; it adheres to the surface of any material really well, whether it be glass, metal, silicone, etc, and a little bit really does go a long way. It’s especially good to use with larger  toys where you need a lot of coverage, and anal toys where you want something thick. I tested it with a few toys and they all slipped in like a charm and glided smoothly during thrusting. Once the lube is inside the body it doesn’t really feel different to any other lube, it’s just pleasant. Sometimes when you pull out your favourite phallic dildo and see Spunk Lube dripping down the side of it, it can make the experience seem that bit more realistic.
The lube is completely tasteless, so if you’ve slathered it all over your partner before going down on them then the experience won’t be unpleasant. It also has a smooth texture that shouldn’t offend.
The lube cleans up nicely once you’re done. If the lube is still wet then you can just rinse it off under a warm tap, though a little soap and some gentle agitation can help things along due to the silicone content. If it’s dried then you can just brush away the residue easily, or again rinse it off. I have to say that I find the residue from Spunk Lube a whole lot more pleasant than I do the residue from actual semen, and a whole lot easier to wash off.
Spunk Lube is supposed to be safe for use with Fleshjacks, though I haven’t yet tried this myself, my reasoning being that just as a matter of personal preference I prefer a thinner more watery lube for use with a Fleshjack, rather than a gel, and secondly I’m lazy when it comes to clean up, so those extra couple of seconds it takes to rinse a hybrid lube off rather than a water-based would discourage me. I have no doubt that the two would make a very good combination, and I will try it at some point for the sake of making this review completely comprehensive.
One good use I can think of for Spunk Lube is to enhance safe sex. Many people enjoy ejaculating inside their partner, and then withdrawing to see the result of their work dripping out, but this can’t be achieved by people who are using condoms during sex. A simple solution is to squirt your partner full of spunk lube before sex, and then enjoy the same visual afterwards as the lube oozes out.
Possibly the only downside to Spunk Lube is that you’re going to get through it quickly. With most lubes you might feel the urge to use it sparingly, but with Spunk Lube it’s so much fun to look at that you could find it hard to resist the urge to squirt large quantities of it everywhere and then need to buy more. I suspect that this is the reason why the manufacturer also sells it in gallon-sized bottles, for people who can’t get enough of it.
Spunk lube is the brainchild of a man named Jeff, an entrepreneur who handles all the sales and marketing by himself. For me personally this only makes the product that much more appealing, because not only is it a great lube, but it also represents personal innovation which I admire, and I love to support such endeavours.
Overall I must say that I really like Spunk Lube, and not just for the novelty factor. It’s a really good lube that’s really good value for money, and I can happily recommend it. I know that in the future it’s going to be one of my lubes of choice.
Spunk lube can be purchased directly from the manufacturer.
Spunk Lube is also available at UberKinky, ThatPosition, and from Esmale where you can get 10% off when you use code ‘INCEND10’ at the checkout.