Austin Wilde Dildo

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the folks over at Toys 4 Naughty Boys who asked if I’d be interested in doing a review for them. As tempted as I was by many of the products I saw on their site, once I discovered they had a selection of Fleshjack Boys I knew exactly what I was asking for. 
Today I’m going to be looking at the dildo of none other than gay porn star and 35-year-old founder of, Austin Wilde. This makes the 11th Fleshjack Boys dildo in my collection, not that I’m obsessed or anything, but I really do love them. 

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Kris Evans Dildo

Five months ago, back in May, I had the fortune of stumbling across some Fleshjack dildos on sale for a ridiculously low price, and such is my love for all things Fleshjack I couldn’t resist picking up the Kris Evans and Cody Cummings dildos for only £30 for the pair.   

Since then I’ve largely put off reviewing them as I find that unfortunately it all starts to sound the same whenever I talk about one, but as it happened this afternoon I saw a few photos of Kris Evans on Tumblr and had a sudden hankering to whip out his dildo, and I thought if I’m going to use it I might as well review it!

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Marcus Mojo Dildo

A couple of months back Fleshjack kindly offered to send me a product cast from one of their newer Fleshjack Boys, and while it was a tough choice choosing from all those lovely guys, I ended up picking out the Marcus Mojo dildo. Marcus is a model I’ve watched in porn a few times in the past, and I thought it might be fun to vary things up a bit and go for a dildo that was a little more modest, a la the Kevin Warhol.
Amidst a sudden inundation of other products this review did get put on the back-burner a bit, but a few readers have asked me when I was going to get around to posting it finally, so I’ve decided to make it a priority this week, and you can read it all below.

On first impressions the Marcus Mojo is a cute little thing to behold. I’d say that it’s not much to look at but that would be a lie; it’s actually quite an aesthetically pleasing dildo, and in fact that’s what drew me to it originally, it’s just that more accurately there’s not much of it to look at. From a purely visual standpoint it doesn’t do a great deal to get my size-queen motor running, and that’s a quirk of mine that I’m at peace with. Simply no matter how attractive and well proportioned it may be its diminutive size just doesn’t excite me in the way that pulling out one of the bigger guys’ dildos does, and that’s always been one of the major selling points of the Fleshjack range for me. The large dildos represent that porn star fantasy, from the moment you lay eyes on their burgeoning girth and towering length, to when you grab the shaft firmly with two hands that barely reach all the way around, and imagine what you’re going to do with it. The Marcus Mojo on the other hand is a little bit closer to reality; he may be a ripped porn hunk with muscles as far as the eye can see, but his manhood is more of a below-average Joe. This needn’t necessarily be a negative though, as for many a smaller-sized penis can be preferable, and as I’ll explain later there’s more to a dildo than just how big it is.
From a numeric stance the Marcus Mojo measures in at 6″ long, with 4 3/4″ insertable, and an average circumference of 4 7/8″, putting it pretty close in size to the Kevin Warhol, whilst still managing to take the spot as the smallest dildo that Fleshjack makes. The difference in size is most noticeable not only when you place them side by side, but when you hold them by the shaft one in each hand, and physically feel how much thinner the Marcus Mojo is, in part due to its less uniform shape.

The dildo is manufactured from 100% platinum silicone in Fleshjack’s standard pale flesh-tone. It’s the same softer silicone silicone that they’ve been using in all their dildos for the past few years, since moving away from the type I spoke of in my Pierre Fitch review. It’s a really lovely material to squeeze as it has a lot of give in the surface, and it’s easy to bend back and forth, and even twist or stretch slightly. It reminds me somewhat of that same feeling I get from the Tantus Amsterdam, and that’s part of why I like it so much. The quality of construction is also completely faultless, something which I’ve come to expect from these toys, and I cannot find a single flaw on it to complain about, nor is there a mould-line in sight.

As is the standard with any Fleshjack dildo the Marcus Mojo is exceptionally detailed, and unquestionably the closest anatomical replica you can currently get in a sex toy. I’ve yet to find any other company which has been able to duplicate a penis as faithfully as Fleshjack, and they really must be recognised for that. The silicone exquisitely captures all of the finer points of the human penis, including the grain of the skin, small veins along the surface of the shaft, and every wrinkle and hair follicle of the scrotum. You really could spend a significant amount of time examining every inch of its surface, and there’d always be a little something new there to see.

The dildo starts off with a modestly-sized yet nicely-shaped head which sits perched atop the shaft, and which exhibits this quirky feature of an almost “pouty” meatus protruding from the opening to the urethra. The head itself has quite a lot of texture to it, both visually and to the touch, and especially when compared with far smoother-feeling Kevin Warhol, making it look comparatively older. Just behind the head there’s a little remnant of frenulum which joins onto the shaft and provides a small piece of raised detail. The shaft itself is rather a interesting shape because it does a lot of different things at the same time. It curves all the way around to the left hand side like a banana, whilst also managing to curve up slightly at the tip, and throughout its entire length it’s not even remotely uniform in thickness. Directly behind the head it measures as little as 4 1/2″ around, but it steadily increases in size until it’s almost 5 1/4″ right at the point where it joins up with the balls, and it’s very much this aspect of the shape that leads to it feeling smaller than the Kevin Warhol in hand. The surface of the shaft features a huge amount of detail, namely in the form of veins which cover a large proportion of it. These bulging blood vessels leave the shaft looking and feeling extremely bumpy and textured, far more so than any of the other dildos that I’ve encountered from this range, and that’s something to bear in mind depending on how smooth you like your dildos. The balls that sit at the base of the shaft aren’t exactly the most enticing shape I’ve ever seen, looking like one half of of a small avocado, but they’re a reasonable size and quite unobtrusive. Overall it’s a debatably attractive dildo, at least from my perspective; from some angles it looks cute, like an object that’s small but perfectly formed, and from other angles it just looks a bit lumpy and twisted about, but it’s definitely unique and definitely Marcus Mojo. I have a certain fondness for it, but I do prefer the Kevin Warhol, and that’s really an individual matter to consider when choosing a smaller Fleshjack dildo.

When it comes down to how the dildo performs in use it’s actually remarkably similar to the Kevin Warhol, just to draw that comparison again for only the half-dozenth time. When you pick up a dildo like this you’re not going to be under any illusion that it’s going to be the most filling toy in the world, but somehow dildos of this type hold the secret that they’re actually really good for prostate stimulation, and that’s a secret that I’m always overjoyed to uncover. Because of its size it’s especially well suited as a starter dildo, or just for someone who has no desire to ever go big, so it’s good to be able to pack all that stimulation into such a small package, and be able to offer it to a wider range of potential users.

The tip of the dildo eases gently into the body thanks to its shape, and you feel a small bump from the coronal ridge as the sphincter passes over it and down onto the shaft. As you push the dildo deeper into the body you become quite aware of the veiny textured surface of the shaft, but thanks to the soft nature of the silicone it’s not an overwhelming sensation, though it does help to use a little extra lube and keep the muscle fully relaxed at all times. Due to the modest length of the dildo it’s quite easy to insert the whole thing in one go, and even sit down on top of it like a butt plug without causing any discomfort to yourself.

As always there are a couple of ways that you can opt to use the dildo; the balls at the base give a nice low centre of gravity, so you can stand it upright somewhere and ride it without it toppling over, or alternatively they make a really nice handle to grab onto and manually thrust with, whatever suits you best. If you prefer the riding option then it can be handy to prop it up on a pillow or something first, just to give it a little extra height whilst you’re using it. The amount of flex in the material means that the dildo can bend around all inside the body and gives a really comfortable ride, but it also holds its shape well enough that if you accidentally slip off the end of it then you can sit right back down without having to worry about guiding it into place.

My favourite discovery from thrusting with the dildo is that it works a treat on the prostate. This isn’t really something I should be surprised by, as it pretty much mirrors my experience with the Kevin Warhol dildo, but the truth is that I never really know how these toys are going to work out until I try them first hand. There was also a time not so long ago when I thought that I needed something big and bulbous to hit my prostate, so there are discoveries aplenty. I find that the best way to work on the prostate with the Marcus Mojo is to thrust quickly; it’s that constant back and forth action that has the flexible shaft bending around inside you and massaging the prostate with each stroke. It actually doesn’t even matter which way around you have the dildo inserted; with the tip curving backwards towards your spine it’s the middle of the shaft that rubs the prostate as you thrust, and with it facing the opposite direction it’s that coronal ridge that gets you on each stroke. I can’t help but feel that the veiny texture of the shaft also plays a part, much in the way that the crosses on the Tantus Amsterdam can be felt. Because it’s a fast thrusting dildo it also helps that it’s a short dildo, because with long dildos you always have to hold yourself back a little, just in case you slip and plough straight into the top of the rectum with it. The worst that can happen here is that the balls of the dildo bump into your perineum. Obviously the downside to the dildo is that it’s not all that filling. I admitted at the start that I am a bit of a size queen, but it’s not purely a visual thing, I also like to feel a bit of a stretch; the larger plugs are my friend. The thing is, the size is something you only really miss right at the start. Once you start thrusting and get that sense of what it’s doing to your prostate, you really don’t give any further thought to what it might be lacking. It completely captivates your attention with what’s good about it. That means that it’s going to be a treat for a beginner who needs it to be small, and equally for someone like me who typically goes bigger.

The dildo comes packaged inside a cardboard box, but something a little more than just an ordinary box. The box is black for the most part, and adorned with various brand logos and images of Marcus holding his dildo, but the front of the box is actually a door which can be opened. The flap is held down with velcro, but once opened you can see the contents of the box inside clearly through a plastic window. The dildo is held securely inside the box by a plastic tray which is moulded to the shape of it. On the whole the packaging is nice and it’s perfectly suited to storing the dildo in long term.

So for the inevitable conclusion. We’ve already proven before that smaller dildos can equal a good time anally, and this is no different, so I’m going to treat this as a bit of a weigh up of the Marcus Mojo versus the Kevin Warhol. They’re both in the same sort of size category, so I see this as the main choice that people will be contemplating. As far as I’m concerned they both perform pretty equally in the prostate department, so what decides it will be down to other factors. If you prefer a little more texture then go for the Marcus. If you prefer your dildos to be smoother then it’s the Kevin for you. If you prefer the look and feel of a circumcised penis then go with the Marcus. If you prefer a foreskin on your dildo then choose Kevin. What it’s probably going to come down to though is which porn star you prefer, because I know that’s what sways me when I buy these. Personally I’m drawn to the Kevin a little more; I think he’s the cuter guy and has the better-looking dick, but if you’re more a Marcus fan then I still give it my recommendation. It’s another fab dildo from Fleshjack, suited to everyone who likes their toys on the smaller side.

The Marcus Mojo dildo is available from Esmale where there’s currently 20% off everything, and you can get an extra 10% off by using the code ‘INCEND10’ at the checkout.

Alternatively you can purchase it directly from Fleshjack, along with the other Fleshjack Boys, and they ship from locations in the US, Canada, Australia, and Spain:


Mick Lovell Dildo

Apparently if there’s one thing more than any other that I just can’t get enough of then it’s these realistic dildos from Fleshjack, because it’s about to be that time again. Here is my seventh review of one of these toys, and this time the penis in question belongs to one of Belami Online‘s few American actors, Mick Lovell.

Mick Lovell is tall, athletic, baby-faced, and well hung, yet if I’m honest he probably doesn’t have the most attractive cock I’ve ever seen in porn, and typically aesthetics are what would draw me to a dildo of this sort. What he does have, though, is an interestingly-shaped penis, and after seeing it thrusting vigorously in and out of various perky European bums in countless porn videos, it was enough for me to really wonder how it must feel to be on the receiving end of that. One handy sale later and I’m the proud owner of this limb-like piece of male anatomy.
The Mick Lovell is easily one of the bigger dildos that Fleshjack makes, and pretty much in line with what you’d expect from a porn star. The dildo has a total length of 7 3/4″, and of that a maximum of 6 1/2″ are actually usable for insertion. The thickness of the dildo varies a fair amount throughout, starting at only 5″ just below the head. Around the middle of the shaft the girth comes in at an impressive 6 1/4″, and it maintains this circumference down to the base despite some variations in shape along the way.

The dildo is like a towering obelisk of a sex toy, starting off with a reasonably-sized head which somehow still manages to appear too small for the gargantuan shaft it sits atop. It’s a fairly nice looking head with a deep groove by the meatus (the opening into the urethra) which almost clefts the underside of the glans in two, but it does have a slight leathery texture to it which detracts from the appearance. The shaft directly below the head is quite narrow, making the coronal ridge appear rather pronounced on all sides, projecting out as much as 3/16″ in places, and there is some detailing in the immediate vicinity, such as frenulum remnants on the underside and a few raised veins. From its modest beginnings the shaft steadily continues to increase in size with an even taper, broadening out like a cone until it reaches the widest point at the very middle of the shaft, after which it begins to narrow again slightly as the remainder of the length makes its way down towards the balls. What’s interesting about the shaft is how much the shape changes depending on the angle from which you’re looking at it, because this broad middle section is only apparent when you’re looking at the dildo from the front or back, and when viewed from either side it appears that the widest point is right down at the base where the shaft sprouts from the balls. This is because the shaft has a very irregular cross-section; near to the base the third column of erectile tissue is very prominent, giving the dildo a width measurement of 2″ from left to right and 2″ from front to back, but by the time you reach the middle of the dildo this central column has all but disappeared, reducing the front to back measurement to only 1 3/4″, while the left to right measurement grows to 2 1/4″. It’s like going from an almost circular cross-section at the base to a wide flat oval in middle, which then continues as a narrowing oval up towards the head. I think of it almost like a cobra with its hood expanded, the way the middle is so broad and flat below the head and the whole shaft curves forwards ever so slightly, but I’ll spare you a trouser-snake joke. At the very base of the shaft is an impressive-looking pair of large and asymmetric balls. The right testicle is notably much larger than the left, and it hangs lower and further away from the shaft, giving it slightly more depth in the dildo too. On the whole it’s a slightly odd-looking dildo, more attractive from some angles than others, and perhaps the least pretty of the seven I own. I suppose if I were more of a Mick Lovell fan than I actually am then I might feel otherwise about it, but from a completely objective standpoint it doesn’t turn me on considerably by itself. I’m sure that were he my favourite porn star then I’d feel differently about it, as the thought of owning a part of someone you really like is a strong part of the appeal of these toys, but I certainly wouldn’t kick its owner out of bed had I ever the opportunity to get my hands on the real deal.

The one thing which keeps bringing me back to Fleshjack dildos time and time again is their stunning realism and attention to detail, and naturally the Mick Lovell is no different in this regard. It is incredibly life-like both to look at and to hold in your hands, in a way which other ‘realistic’ dildos seldom are, so Fleshjack clearly deserves kudos for whatever techniques they developed to achieve this. Were it not for the fact that it’s disembodied then it could more than easily be mistaken for a real body part, if someone were to lay eyes upon it inside a room where the lights were dimmed. There’s so much detail to pour over on it if you have the time, because even the most minute aspect is captured exquisitely, from the grain of the skin, to the small veins along the surface of the shaft, and even every wrinkle and hair follicle on the scrotum.

The dildo is manufactured from 100% platinum silicone in a pale flesh-tone. As the Bel Ami range is relatively new all the dildos are made from the softer silicone, like with the Dolph Lambert and Kevin Warhol models which I reviewed, and I find this exhibits quite similar properties to the silicone used in the Tantus Pack ‘n’ Play line. It’s a really lovely material to squeeze as it has a lot of give in the surface, and it’s easy to bend back and forth, and even twist or stretch slightly. As always the quality of construction is absolutely impeccable, and I’ve examined the dildo with all five senses without being able to find a single flaw in it to complain about, nor a mould-line in sight.

When it comes to using the dildo the initial insertion is a mostly effortless experience thanks to the nice tapered head and its modest size, but it quickly becomes apparent that the pronounced nature of the coronal ridge is going to cause some quite intense feelings against the sphincter. Normally the soft silicone is quite gentle and comfortable, cushioning things as the toy enters the body, but here it’s not quite enough to accommodate the shape, and you wish for a softer Vixen dual-density coating as it almost scrapes its way through. Once you are over the corona you feel a slight bump of relief as the head pops completely inside, and because the top of the shaft is narrower than the head itself it gives you a place to pause briefly before going further. The taper of the shaft is quite gentle, allowing you to go at a steady pace, slowly stretching yourself out to what is quite a significant thickness at the widest point. Due to the high level of realism in the dildo all the minute detail of the skin and veins that’s captured in the surface creates a noticeable level of texture, which in turn causes a degree of drag. In the stretching phase you really do feel every little bit of this texture and drag, so it doesn’t glide in completely smoothly, and it’s necessary to have a thicker anal lube to help with this. As the dildo goes deeper the thickness becomes more and more apparent and it feels like it’s going to keep on getting wider forever, but at the same time something feels slightly wrong about the way that it’s stretching you out. The issue actually comes down to the shape of the dildo, and that broad flat central section. The anus itself is actually an oval, but it’s a tall thin oval rather than a short wide oval, so when you try to insert the dildo it stretches out the sphincter too much in the wrong direction. The only way to really get around this fact and make things feel more comfortable is to rotate the dildo by 90 degrees and insert it sideways, which isn’t really ideal.

You have a couple of options of how you can choose to use the dildo, questions of orientation aside. The balls at the base make a convenient handle to grab onto and manually thrust with, but their size and broad footprint also give the dildo a low centre of gravity, so you can stand it upright somewhere and ride it without it toppling over. Because the dildo has a thick shaft, without too much curve, it has enough structural integrity to allow you to squat over it and insert it without having to guide the tip in by hand. This is quite useful in case you ever get too energetic during play and slip off the end, as you can just drop back down again and have it inside you without fussing around. Some of the advantages of the dildo come in terms of how much you can insert. It’s a little bit longer than the average rectum, but because of the narrower tip it makes it easier to get it deeper into the body if you’re determined to try and use every last inch, and the flexible silicone will help curve around in the body to a degree too, further aiding the process. Because the tip of the dildo is quite nice and soft you can afford to be fairly rough when messing around with it, without worrying about internal discomfort, and a vigorous thrusting session isn’t likely to result in you experiencing an unpleasant poking feeling inside.

Actually thrusting with the dildo wasn’t a terribly pleasurable experience for me, no matter what technique or orientation I tried with it. Despite having experience in the past with toys larger than this, the wide middle section always left the sphincter feeling overly stretched with every thrust, and pretty much discouraged me from wanting to keep repeating the motion. Even after the sphincter had relaxed enough to allow thrusting the texture of the surface still aggravated the soft tissues around the muscle. The other issue was that the section that was inside me didn’t seem to be doing anything. The slight curve, the ridge on the head, none of it was having any effect on my prostate, so I was failing to get any enjoyment out of the experience. The shape of the toy places the narrowest part inside the body and the widest point further out where the sphincter is, which is actually the reverse of what I find works best. Compare it to the fantastic Tantus Duke which has the opposite arrangement and is one of my favourite toys. It feels a little strange criticising the design of this toy because it wasn’t really designed at all, it was copied from nature, but this is one penis which really should never have been made into a dildo, at least not after someone tested out the first prototype. It’s sort of a shame really because I’ve yet to be disappointed by anything in the Fleshjack range (especially something coming from a cute guy like Mick), but if it’s taught me anything it’s that I prefer a more traditional penis shape, with a big bulbous head and a uniformly thick shaft. In fact now that I think about it, this comes close to being as bad as the shape of the awful James Deen dildo I tried a while back. I can hardly stress enough how much I did not like using this dildo.

The dildo comes packaged inside a cardboard box, but something a little more than just an ordinary box. The box is black for the most part, and adorned with various brand logos and images of Mick holding his dildo, but the front of the box is actually a door which can be opened. The flap is held down with velcro, but once opened you can see the contents of the box inside clearly through a plastic window. The dildo is held securely inside the box by a plastic tray which is moulded to the shape of it. On the whole the packaging is nice and it’s perfectly suited to storing the dildo in long term.

Overall I’d have to say that this is probably the first dildo from Fleshjack that I wouldn’t recommend. When it comes to making highly-detailed realistic dildos Fleshjack really are the masters, and this is undoubtedly up their usual standards, but the problem just appears to be the source material. Unfortunately Mick Lovell‘s penis just isn’t a very comfortable shape to ride when reproduced in silicone, and every time I’ve tried it I’ve been disappointed. There are simply better toys out there in terms of sensation, rather than wasting your time and money on this one. Unless you’re a die hard fan of Mick who wants to see and feel his dick up close (and store it in a display case, because using it will wreck any fantasy), then I’d suggest you steer clear and try one of the other six of these that I’ve reviewed and would recommend over this.

The Mick Lovell dildo is available from Esmale where you can get an extra 10% off when you use the code ‘INCEND10’ and the checkout. 

Alternatively you can purchase it directly from Fleshjack, along with the other Bel Ami boys: