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I’m a single twenty-something gay guy from the UK, and I’ve been blogging about sex toys since way back in 2012, originally as “Incendiaire’s Reviews.”

I currently have reviews of almost everything you can imagine, from things you put your penis in, to things you put up your butt, and everything in between, including clothing, fetish toys, lubricants, you name it! In fact I’ve written over 200 of them across seven years, and they’re in depth and unerringly honest, so you can get the real facts that you need. I’ve even dabbled in a number of guides along the way, including on sex toy maintenance, choosing the right lube, and preparing for safe anal play.

Many of my reviews are for products which have generously been provided to me by retailers and/or manufacturers, free of charge, in return for my assessment. In these cases I’m always completely transparent about that fact, because I refuse to allow it to ever influence the outcome of a review, and I can guarantee to offer only my honest and unbiased opinion of any product, whether I like it or feel that it ultimately falls short.

If you have a question about anything that I’ve reviewed then please leave a comment on that page and I’ll endeavour to get back to you, or hit me up on Twitter.

If you’re a manufacturer or retailer who would be interested in having me review one of your products, then please visit the “contact” page for further details. I’m always happy to work with new companies, and full credit and SEO-friendly links are included in every review.