DOXY Butt Plug

What do you get when you combine a pandemic, an unseasonably warm April, and a 30% discount code at Lovehoney? Why a brand new buttplug review of course!

2020 was a strange year for everyone, and people around the world responded to national lockdowns quite differently. Some sang from balconies, some baked enough loaves of banana bread to feed the 5,000, and I sat under a sunshade in my garden – occasionally wiggling the mouse on my work laptop – and concluded that I needed a commemorative buttplug for the occasion.

Maybe it was the heat, maybe it was the sharp uptake in wine consumption that I was undergoing, but I’ll leave you to make your own judgements on my sanity…

Doxy is a company that I’ve been a big fan of for a long time. They’re based right here in the UK and they make what has to be the most popular range of wand massagers around today. Personally I love my No.3 and would put it high up my list of recommendations to anyone, so when I saw that Doxy had turned out a new buttplug on their lathe I knew I wanted it.

Having been effectively out of the blogging game for 9 months at that point, and not sure that I was even going to review the thing, it didn’t seem right to reach out to them for a sample, so I stuck my hand in my wallet and finally ponied up some well-deserved cash for their shiny new creation.

The first choice facing you with the Doxy plug is smooth or ribbed? At least those were the options at the time as Lovehoney no longer appears to stock the ribbed. It so happened that the ribbed was my choice as I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a little bit of extra texture, but it’s quite subtle so I wouldn’t fret if the smooth is all you’re able to find.

Size wise the plug is quite modest. The total thing is only 4 1/2″ long, with a maximum girth of 4 1/4″ around the middle, so it’s definitely more of a beginner / intermediate plug. What it lacks in size, though, it makes up for in weight, and it has a pleasant heft to it when you pick it up and toss it around.

One of the things I really love about the plug is actually the packaging, and I’m not a packaging person. I stopped churning out dull paragraphs about cardboard boxes in my reviews years ago, but the Doxy plug has something special. It comes fitted snugly inside a machined aluminium tube and it looks gorgeous. It’s also incredibly discreet, with only the Doxy logo stamped on the screw cap to give any indicator of its contents. Inside it’s lined with two coin-sized pieces of thin foam, and a roll of white cardboard, which prevents scratches and rattling. The design seems to have been such a hit that now they appear to be selling a new cordless wand in the same style of packaging, which is not only incredibly cool but such a unique way to do things.

Because the plug has such smooth mirror finish, and a gentle taper to the tip, it’s a complete breeze to slip in. Anyone with the slightest bit of buttplug experience should have no problem at all, and even a novice will get there in very little time. Once you get past the widest part of the plug you’ll find that it almost gets sucked into the body, and that’s when you’ll notice the pleasant sensation of the muscle gliding over the subtle ridges. One unique feature of the plug is the skinny neck; it’s no thicker than a pencil, making it the Glenn Quagmire of sex toys. This feature is something that’s geared more to comfort, because it lets you experience that sensation of wearing a plug internally, but while allowing your muscles to relax back to almost their natural resting position. It’s definitely not the sort of plug that you’d wear to train yourself for other toys, or for a large partner. In terms of fullness it does well for something of its size. You can’t escape the fact that it’s small, but when you take the firmness of the material, the weight of it, and the shape, it does noticeably press on the prostate and almost amplify the sensation of what’s there. That’s actually something that I really like about it; the absolute ease of insertion combined with how it out performs in terms of sensation. It’s something that’s fun to pop in one afternoon and then walk around as you go about your business. The low profile base is also another great feature because it nestles discreetly between the buttocks, never feeling uncomfortable, never being visible through clothing, and you can sit down on it too without issue.

There are tons of fun things you can do with this plug, temperature play being the obvious one, and part of the reason why I found it so appealing in a heatwave. Just pop it in the fridge / freezer for a bit, or even a bucket of ice water, and experience a delightful chill. You can even sleep in it because it’s not something that’s going to overwhelm your senses, and because metal is fine to use with a silicone lube you don’t have to worry about it drying out during prolonged wear. It’s also great to use during other sexual activity if you’re someone who enjoys that extra bit of internal pressure on the prostate. I find it can really dial up an orgasm a notch.

When it comes to removing the plug, again, nice and easy. You can use the base to gently pull it out if you want, or you can just allow your body to push it out. If you have the ribbed version then you’ll notice slightly more resistance on the exit because of the increased friction from the texture, but it’s really not an issue. I actually quite like the sensation of the bumps as I take it out. One thing I will say is that the plug feels incredibly secure while you’re wearing it. Despite that weight the neck to bulb ratio means that it’s going nowhere. I’ve had plugs in the past where I was afraid that one cough, or other brief relaxion of the muscles, and it was going to fall right out, but not here.

So what more is there to say? This truly is a great little toy and it certainly livened up my Summer last year. Doxy, you will always be the plug of my pandemic, and I recommend it to anyone. Christmas may have just passed, but banish the January blues by buying your butt a bauble!

The Doxy plug is available from Lovehoney.