Tenga Flip Orb Blue Rush

Just when you thought I was done with one Tenga review I’m back with another!

This time I’m going to be looking at one of Tenga’s exciting new Flip Orbs.

Many moons ago I reviewed a couple of Tenga’s original Flip Holes, and I loved the design of them. The way they took a traditional masturbator design and then allowed it to open up like a book for ease of cleaning was genius. The Flip Orbs are the next evolution of that concept, and as always I’m eager to see how they stack up.

The Flip Orbs come available in two versions, the Orange Crush and the Blue Rush, and today I’m going to be looking at the latter. What sets the Flip Orbs apart from the Flip Holes is the “orbs” themselves – small marble-sized plastic beads embedded in the material of the toy – and If you read the review of the Spinner then you might be sensing something of a theme here.

The choice between the Orange Crush and the Blue Rush was a tough one for me, because not only do they vary in texture, but also in the placement of the beads. The Orange Crush has an interior filled with little nubs and nodules, the type of texture I absolutely love, and the beads are arranged with one centrally at the very tip, and then four more farther down laid out like the dots of number 4 on standard dice. It almost reminds me of the configuration if someone had two frenum piercings and a prince albert, all with barbels. The Blue Rush on the other hand has a ribbed texture, diving up and down like waves, and the beads are laid out in an alternating fashion, staggered with three on the left and two on the right in each half. Ultimately it was this bead pattern which swayed it for me as I felt they would be more noticeable, and it also seemed wise to choose something other than a nubby texture right after the Hexa.

The design of the Flip Orb is really quite pleasing to look it. The exterior is comprised of panels of white plastic, broken up by coloured rings, and it gives off this fresh, breezy, Summer vibe. It comes in essentially two pieces, the main body of the toy and then a matching end cap which keeps out dust and dirt when it’s not in use. An interesting change from the Flip Holes is how the Flip Orb actually opens, because it’s hinged on the opposite end. For this reason once you’ve removed the end cap from the opening it clips over the top of the toy to hold it closed.
To open it you simply remove the end cap and squeeze the seam near the top and the two clips spring apart, allowing you access to pre-lubricate the interior, or for clean-up afterwards.

In terms of use it’s a familiar story at the start, because the Flip Orb does initially feel very tight, and you might wonder if you’re ever going to get inside. Once you’ve started insertion though you’ll notice that suddenly the side panels of the toy pop out giving you more than enough room to make your way fully in, which is one of the really nice features of the Flip range.

As you go deeper into the toy you really do notice those alternating beads, nudging you first from the left, then the right, then the left again. It’s like having your penis being knocked around inside a pinball machine, and it’s pretty novel. It’s exactly the reason why I thought that this bead layout would be the more interesting of the two.

The texture of the actual interior feels great too. The soft TPE brushes over the penis in soft massaging waves. You get less of that tickling pin-point stimulation that you find with a nubby toy, but the soft ridges are like a comforting caress enveloping your penis, and they feel great.

The more that you start to thrust with the toy the more stimulation you feel. There’s that gentle stimulation from the texture, and then the firm sensation of the beads knocking your penis back and forth, and the combination works really well. You can even customise exactly how much of it you feel by squeezing those panels which popped out, giving a firmer / tighter sensation in different areas, or at different times.

It’s one of those toys which for me is worth investing a little time with. Sure you can knock one out pretty quickly with it, and it’ll feel great, but it’s worth really drawing it out into a long edging session and playing around with all the different sensations and rhythms you can get from it. The resulting orgasm will be well worth it.

When it comes to clean-up, again that’s one of the big selling points of the Flip range. You crack it open, rinse it out, and leave it to dry out somewhere warm. Because it’s not enclosed the moisture doesn’t hang around on the material, and you can have it fully dry and safely put away again in no time at all, without the worry of mould growth or anything ruining it.

I’ve got to say the Flip Orb Blue Rush is another great product from Tenga and I can fully recommend it if you’re looking for a really great high-end masturbator. Hopefully at some point I’ll be able to compare it with the Orange Crush for you. Many thanks to Tenga for sending this to me to review!