Tantus Adam Super Soft

Following up from last week’s look at the Tantus Champion, this week I’m going to be checking out the new Adam Super Soft.
The Adam Super Soft is another one of Tantus’s re-released old designs, and I originally reviewed the Adam O2 back in April 2013.
Hop on board because it’s time for another comparison review!

The original Adam O2 was a bit of a surprise hit for me back when I originally reviewed it. When I first got it I wasn’t all too sure that I was actually going to like it; the curve was very severe, and the shaft wasn’t that flexible, and in fact the first time I used it I had no success. It wasn’t until I’d played around with it for a while and discovered the trick of how to use it that I really became a fan of this unique toy, but despite that it hasn’t seen a great deal of action in the intervening years.

You can put that down to the fact that as sex toy reviewer I’m spoiled for choice, and it takes a lot for a toy to earn a coveted spot in the bottom drawer of my nightstand, rather than being organised into one of the many storage crates I have, but I liked the Adam enough that when I saw the Adam Super Soft I was eager to try it out. 
As with the Champion Tantus have taken the design of an old O2 toy and updated it by replacing the dual-density silicone with their SuperSoft version, and switching out the flesh tone colour palette for something a little more interesting, this time a choice of Midnight Purple or a rich burgundy Wine.  
In most other respects it’s essentially the same toy; it has the same curving shape, the same veins along the shaft, the same details around the head, and the same Tantus logo that was retired a few years ago in favour of a more-funky replacement.
Interestingly one difference is that the Adam Super Soft is actually smaller than the original Adam, having an insertable length of 6 3/8″, and a girth of 4 7/8″. This is especially curious as much like the Champion it’s clearly made from the same original mould, and all that I can attribute this to is the fact that softer silicones have been known to shrink to a degree after curing. 
In terms of the material I have to say that the Adam Super Soft does not disappoint. Unlike the Champion which I found unusually solid the new Adam is gloriously squishy and flexible. I think this simply comes down to the difference in size, and the point I was making about the importance of pairing the right material firmness to the specific toy. With the thickness of the Adam this silicone works perfectly and lives up to the “SuperSoft” name, feeling great to squeeze in your hand, and bending about freely without feeling too floppy. 
When it comes to use the Adam Super Soft is far more versatile than its predecessor. Because of the firm core of the Adam O2 I found that I could only comfortably insert that strong curve in one particular way, but due to the newfound flex in the Super Soft you can insert it any way you like. 
The traditional way for me to use the Adam was always with the curve pointing backwards towards my spine, so that the outside bend of the shaft would rub against my prostate, rather than attempting to have the tip of the dildo hook forwards and into the gland, and this arrangement works equally well with the Super Soft. What you really benefit from though is flipping the Super Soft around. 
Because the Super Soft is so flexible you can ride it as though it was a completely straight dildo, paying no special attention to the fact that it’s curved, and this is a real contrast to the O2 whereby you had to follow that curve of the shaft with your body completely. What this means in practice is that as you use the dildo the shaft of it straightens inside you, and in the process the elastic action of the material pulls it firmly into your prostate as it fights to return to its original curved shape. The result is that you get some really fantastic prostate action. With a lot of dildos you have to attack them at an angle and really pull them into the prostate to get maximum stimulation, but the Adam Super Soft just does the work for you. You can really feel the curve and the big bulge of the head with every stroke, and it just feels fantastic, and also quite natural.
If we’re comparing like for like then using the O2 and the Super Soft in the same orientation has the O2 marginally coming out ahead, possibly because of that extra thickness, and/or the solidness causing it to make more prostate contact with slightly greater pressure, but the O2 also has more of that feeling of being a foreign object than the Super Soft. Flip the Super Soft around though – in a way that just isn’t possible with the O2 – and the Super Soft beats anything the Adam O2 can offer.
Another thing I like about the Super Soft is that it’s good for manual thrusting. This isn’t something that I generally do a lot, but I found that it worked really well and was comfortable too, and this isn’t something I’d ever consider doing with the O2 version.
Despite its smaller size the Super Soft does deliver a nice fullness, and because it is that little smaller I imagine it’ll have a wider appeal to people. For me I’d never say no to a little extra thickness, but the loss of girth doesn’t really bother me here. 
There is a slight difference in texture between the O2 and the Super Soft. For one the Super Soft doesn’t have the same glossy head as the O2, but that matte finish on the shaft is just slightly different somehow. I don’t think it has a great effect on performance, though the O2 might have a touch more drag.      
I have to say I really am I big fan of the Adam Super Soft, and I can see it earning a coveted place in my toy drawer that the original never quite managed. For me this is the definitive version of the toy, and it is superior in every way. I’ve really enjoyed everything about this toy, from its great performance, to the high quality that you’d expect from a Tantus product, and I would absolutely have to recommend it to anyone looking for a good prostate toy.
Many thanks to Tantus for sending me the Adam Super Soft to review; it’s available directly from their website, and also from CloneZone in the UK.