Latex Soccer Shirt

Hello kinksters! Today we’re going to be looking at something a little bit different, and in the process broadening my horizons: a brand new Latex Shirt from!


I must confess, I’m not as into the whole fetish scene as I know many people are these days. Sure I like a bit of bondage porn as much as the next guy, and harnesses are pretty much mainstream in the gay community now, but I still feel a little uncomfortable around grown men dressed as puppies, and the head-to-toe rubber gimp suit I fear will always remain a mystery to me. I do like to stay open minded about pretty much everything related to sex though, so when Honour got in touch and asked if I’d like to review their Latex Soccer Shirt I thought it would be a great opportunity to try something new and share it here.  


The shirt comes in an assortment of sizes, from Small all the way through to XL, and it features this wonderful tapered cut. It starts off wide around the shoulders, but steadily narrows inwards as you move down to the waist, resulting in a really fitted look which emphasises the V-shape of the male body. 
The shirt is quite long, which is great for anyone who has a long trunk to their body, but if most of your height comes from your legs then you’ll find the shirt coming down a little too far past your hips and sitting around the top of your buttocks. Because of how the shirt’s made there’s nothing to stop you from very carefully trimming some material off the bottom to get the perfect fit you want, so it’s quite customisable in that regard. 
The shirt comes unpolished as standard, which means that it looks quite different out of the packet to the shiny product image at the top, but I’m actually quite partial to the standard matte look. The advantage to this is that you can finish the shirt exactly how you want it, and Honour also kindly supplied me with some Skin Two Dress & Shine Serum which is available on their site. 
Putting the shirt on for the first time was actually surprisingly easy I found. It comes with a light dusting of talc on the inside, which helps it to slide over the skin. Once it’s on it has a nice-snug fit, but there’s still plenty of room to move about without feeling overly restricted by it. The sensation of having your whole upper body encased in latex is really quite a novel one at first, like wearing a giant marigold washing up glove.
The look of the shirt is actually something I loved. It’s really flattering, from the fitted shape to the v-neck, and the big panels of colour. As someone who’s been too lazy to go to the gym in the past 18 months, I felt amazing in a garment that was essentially vacuum packing me.
One thing I slightly worried about with the shirt was body temperature, because latex is the opposite of a breathable fabric, but somehow I didn’t end up feeling too sweaty or overheated after wearing it, even with my central heating cranked up to the mid 20s this Winter. 
The only difficulty I did have with the shirt was when it came to taking it off. I don’t know if there’s a special technique that I’m missing, but it was a bit of an ordeal. I was especially conscious about the possibility of damaging it after reading some warnings. You can’t really roll it up over itself, or stretch it too hard, so it becomes a case of inching yourself out of it slowly bit by it. If you’re gonna go out clubbing in a latex shirt, then don’t get drunk, because I can’t even imagine trying to go through that at 4am, with the co-ordination skills of someone who tried every cocktail on the menu and really wants to just go to sleep.
The quality of the shirt seems great to me. The latex is sturdy and sufficiently thick, the seams all seem to be secure and heat-bonded, and I haven’t been able to find any defects on it, so I feel pretty-assured that it’s a well-made piece of clothing. 
I’m hoping I’ve covered all the bases here. If there’s something I’ve missed out then let me know in the comments, and likewise if you have any tips about latex clothing then leave them below!
Many thanks to Honour for sending me the Latex Soccer Shirt to review. I think it’s a great piece of beginner fetish gear if you’re looking to ease yourself into the scene, and it definitely gets my recommendation. It’s available right now from their website