The Spank from Boneyard Toys

Recently I discovered a new sex toy brand on Instagram, and instantly fell in love with their skull-emblazoned products. After I happened to “like” one of their posts they got in touch and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing a few things for them, and today I’m going to be looking at the beautiful Spank paddle. 

The Spank is a gorgeous 100% silicone paddle, much in the same vein as the range put out by Tantus back in 2013, and recently expanded on. What makes it interesting to me is that it’s my first textured paddle. 
The design is quite similar to the Tantus Wham Bam, in that it has this long slender spatula shape, and it’s similarly proportioned at 15″ long by 2 1/4″ wide. What I really like about it compared to the Wham Bam is that it has a much more ergonomic handle. The whole thing is rounded, so it fits nicely within your grasp, and avoids any sharp corners which might lessen the comfort. 
The whole surface of the paddle is covered in these adorable little skulls which stand proud from the surface, and which also appear on many other Boneyard products. I’ve always been a person who loves anything with a skull on it, be it t-shirt, a pirate flag, or even the Cock Skull dildo I reviewed a few years back, so it’s right up my alley. 
In terms of use it packs an impressive thwack, and you don’t have to use to great deal of force to produce a satisfying sting. What’s nice about the paddle is that it actually does a lot of the work for you. Because it’s so flexible as you swing it away from your target it bends backwards, and then as you change direction and go to make impact it snaps back forwards automatically, hitting the target without you needing to physically drive the paddle against the flesh like you would with something solid. The key to using it is all in the wrist action, and doesn’t require a lot of motion, so you can get great results even if you aren’t very strong, all the way from a cheeky tap to zinging wallop. Comparing it to the Wham Bam, when used with equal force they produce a very similar level of sensation, which should be enough to punish even the naughtiest of boys or girls.  
One thing I’m sure that everyone is wondering, is do the skulls leave a mark? Well I’ve been sat here beating my pale skin with as much force as I can reasonably tolerate, and as I slowly turn a shade of red you can faintly see the impression of a skull or two, but not significantly. Now there may be a difference if you’re less of a wimp than I, or have a victim who’s open to a good beating, but I can’t say. 
What’s great about the Spank, as with any silicone toy, is that it’s completely non-porous and can be sterilised after use. So whatever you get up to with it, and however many different bodily fluids end up in its nooks and crannies, you can always boil it, bleach it, or run it through the dishwasher, and it’s safe to use with your next bedroom playmate. 
I’m definitely a big fan of the Spank. It’s really well made, it gets the job done superbly, and it looks great in the process. I’d happily recommend it to anyone, and I’m looking forward to reviewing the other toys they sent me. 
Check out the Boneyard Toys website, and you can pick one up today!