Tantus Echo Super Soft

One of my all-time favourite dildos has to be the original Echo from Tantus. It seems hard to believe that it’s been five years now since I first reviewed it here on this blog, so it’s fitting that I finally come back to it now. For all that time it’s steadfastly remained one of my go-to toys, that I regularly whip out whenever I’m in the mood for some guaranteed prostate satisfaction, so when I heard recently that Tantus was bringing out a version in their Super Soft silicone, I naturally clamoured to get my hands on one.

Now let’s see if they’ve improved on perfection!


The Echo Super Soft is something of a dream combination for me. On the one hand you have my absolute favourite material, and on the other one of my favourite dildo designs; a match made in heaven if ever there was one. If I had the power to convince Tantus to make all of their dildos, past and future, from the Super Soft material by default then I would, but it’s also worth noting that silicones of different firmnesses do all have their own applications. You wouldn’t want to make an overly-squishy buttplug, for example, so how is that softer silicone going to affect the performance of the Echo’s design?

The Echo is one of the mostly uniquely-shaped dildos around. I class it as semic-phallic, but really it’s like a penis on steroids. It starts off with that classic penis shape: a nice big bulbous head, with a flared coronal ridge that wraps around the shaft, before tapering down to a narrower girth, but then here’s where the fun begins. Rather than simply having a smooth shaft, the Echo replicates that coronal ridge a further four more times down its length, and frankly it’s genius. Forget about “ribbed for his/her pleasure,” the Echo takes the most satisfying part of any dildo – that big prominent ridge – and gives you five of them to contend with, the result of which should be immediately apparent. Instead of one long stroke with a delightful nudge at the end where the head hits your prostate, you’re met with a swift succession of bumps and judders in every direction, as the Echo ripples back and forth across that sweet spot. This is why I first fell in love with the Echo.

As you would expect the Echo Super Soft is more or less a direct copy of the original Echo, even down to the old-school Tantus logo stamped on the heel of the base, but that’s not to say is doesn’t have a few physical divergences.

One thing that’s interesting about the Echo SS is that it’s ever so slightly smaller than the original Echo, not in terms of insertable length, but in the girth. I would have put money on them being cast from the same original moulds, but somehow the Echo SS is 1/4″ less around the circumference at the widest point. It could just be a quirk of the softer silicone, that it shrinks as it cures, rather than an intentional manufacturing difference, but it’s worth noting if thickness is important to you.

The only other significant change is that the Echo SS no longer incorporates a bullet hole in the base, which means it’s not compatible with the Tantus suction cup.

In terms of use, differences between the original Echo and the Echo SS are most notable when it comes to sensation around the sphincter. The firm pronounced ridges on the original Echo can be felt strongly with each thrust, and require a good level of relaxation the entire time, whereas the Echo SS is that much more subtle. You still feel each sequence of bumps popping in and out, but it’s like a soft massage, and doesn’t draw your attention quite so much. The benefit of this is that it allows you to focus more on what you’re feeling internally, and the Echo SS is every bit as good at what is does as the original Echo was, if not better. Those ridges rippling across the prostate feel every bit as good, and lose none of their impact through the material change. The added flexibility in the softer silicone allows you to bend the dildo and angle it so that the ridges push firmly into the prostate as you build a good thrusting rhythm, and it truly feels fantastic. In a side by side comparison it was Super Soft Echo that I found myself the most drawn to, and I even noticed that it seemed to warm to body temperature that much faster during use, giving an even more pleasurable experience. What’s fascinating is how is manages to be incredibly stimulating and incredibly comfortable at the same time, and that squishy tip now makes it even more comfortable to insert.


There’s a reason why I love Tantus’s Super Soft silicone, and this new Echo is testament to that fact. Not only does it feel great, but it’s non-porous, 100% bodysafe, and just about the best thing you can put inside yourself. Oh, and did I mention the amazing new colour it comes in? This deep shade of burgundy that they’re calling Wine, and it looks truly stunning.

Without a shadow of a doubt I’d recommend this new Echo, whether you’re coming to this anew, or you have an old model like me; you really can’t go wrong with the Super Soft.

Thanks to Tantus for sending me one to review, and you can grab one directly from them!

The Echo Super Soft is also available from the fine folks at SheVibe

Now available from CloneZone in the UK!