Tantus Sam

This week I’m looking at Tantus’s latest dildo, the Sam, and what a beast of a dildo it is. If you like your toys both big and very realistic then stayed tuned, because this one’s for you. 
As always, head below for the review.

Much like the Alan that I reviewed a month ago, the Sam is another of Tantus’s “next generation” O2 dildos, incorporating everything that they’ve learnt in almost 20 years of being in the business, and still continuing to build on it.
With the Sam you get more than just a simple dildo, you get a whole self-contained pleasure kit, bundling together a bullet vibe and suction cup alongside the dildo, providing you with all the things you’ll need to get the most out of the toy.
The dildo has a strongly phallic design to it, and gives off a strangely commanding presence. It’s long, it’s thick, and the shaft is criss-crossed with bulging veins which suggest that you could feel the whole thing throbbing were you to grab it. It’s a dildo that looks like it means business; it’s a dildo which signals that it requires your submission to it, and yet challenges you to wrest back control and conquer it. The overall shape of the Sam is pretty uniform: the shaft is straight and the head gently tapers to a rounded tip without ever really flaring out along the coronal ridge. In total it measures 7 1/2″ from end to end, with 7 1/8″ insertable, and around the middle it has a circumference varying between 5 3/4″ – 6″.
The base of the dildo is 3 3/8″ in diameter, making it both an anal-safe toy and compatible with a standard O-ring harness. Beneath the base of the dildo is a small cavity into which either the bullet vibe or suction cup can be inserted, depending on how you wish to use the toy. One downside to the base is that the material does naturally warp slightly over time, causing the base to become convex, and thus rather unstable when attempting to stand the dildo upright.
As always the Sam is made from Tantus’s own formula of premium platinum silicone, an odourless, non-porous, and 100% body-safe material. As it’s a dual density toy the dildo is constructed from a firm-yet-flexible silicone inner core, coated with a layer of a much softer silicone, all to create a more realistic feel. The inner core extends only just into the head of the dildo, leaving it comprised almost entirely of the softer silicone, and giving it a wonderful squishy feel similar to the spongy nature of the glans penis. Along the shaft the soft layer is much thinner, making it less noticeable when you squeeze it. The surface of the silicone is entirely matte throughout, making a departure from earlier Tantus designs which featured a glossy head in contrast to the matte shaft. 
The silicone of the dildo is available in three different colour choices: cream, cocoa, and mocha, depending on what takes your fancy. I have mine in the cocoa and it’s easily my favourite; it’s this wonderful rich caramel tone that reminds me of toffee or butterscotch sweets. 
In terms of quality of construction the Sam is impeccable. You won’t find a mould line on it anywhere, nor any air bubbles or other defects in the material, and this is especially impressive considering how many things the dildo has going on, from bullet holes to dual layers of silicone. 
When it comes to using the Sam this is one dildo that I’m really going to recommend a warm-up toy for first. It is possible, and even fairly comfortable to insert without one, but when you take into account the large girth of the toy, and the heavily textured nature of all the protruding veins, it’s one of these instances where thrusting is most comfortable when you’re pre-stretched to slightly larger than the toy’s size. 
Inside the body the Sam feels wonderfully filling, and this sense of fullness continues the deeper you insert it. Because of how thick and blunt the dildo is it is more difficult to insert it deeper, and can require a little patience and some extra lube depending on how far you wish to go, but this preparation early on can lead to a more comfortable thrusting experience. 
When it comes to thrusting you have your usual choice of either thrusting by hand or riding the dildo, and with the dildo’s extra size and the option of the suction cup I find that riding works best. The whole experience can feel quite intense, and the dildo delivers a lot of stimulation. The sense of the thick girth moving in and out of the body is very apparent, but you want to be careful not to overshoot the depth you’re comfortable with, otherwise it can cause discomfort, even with the cushioning action of the squishy head. Alongside this there’s a lot stimulation to the sphincter from the veiny design. This is great if you love a lot of texture on your toys, but does require a very relaxed muscle and a good thick lube, or else it can verge on feeling scratchy. The final sensation, and arguably the most important one, is that of prostate stimulation, and with a dildo of this size you can’t help but achieve it. The thick shaft of the dildo bludgeons the prostate gland with every passing stroke, and once you get up a good rhythm and find the perfect angle to thrust at it’s very enjoyable. It’s still not the most targeted prostate stimulation though, so depending on how strong you like it it may disappoint, but it does seem to balance itself out with an array of complimentary sensations rather than being a toy which focusses just on the prostate. 
If you’re someone who loves size in their dildo, who loves realism – both in look and feel -, and who loves good assortment of stimulation during use, then the Sam could just be the perfect toy for you. It is a great dildo, and it comes packed with all the extras you could want, but hand on heart it’s not my favourite of my larger toys. I would be more inclined to recommend the Tantus Duchess as a good girthy dual density dildo, as it packs much more of a punch when it comes to prostate stimulation. This is the beauty of having options though, and you can’t fault the quality of a Tantus product.
Thanks to Tantus for sending it over, and you can grab one directly from them.
It’s also available from the fine folks at SheVibe


Now available from CloneZone in the UK!