Tantus Alan

This month Tantus have kindly sent over their two newest dual-density dildos for me to review, the Alan and the Sam, and it was tough to decide which to review first as they’re both a treat.

One of the interesting questions I often ask myself about dildos is “exactly how many variations do you need?” because I constantly find myself being impressed with all the new designs coming out of companies like Tantus.  It certainly can’t be an easy task to maintain creativity when working within a fairly narrow theme – such as penis shapes – and yet somehow they still manage it, as this latest toy can attest to.
The Alan is, by my reckoning, a sort of Jack of all trades of dildos; the product of years of dildo evolution. It’s mid-sized, dual-density, harness-compatible, suction cup compatible, and with space for a bullet vibrator inside. It’s a dildo packed with features, all aimed at being a great first dildo for someone who wants it all, or even just a first quality dildo for someone looking to finally divest themselves of a drawer of toxic materials.
The Alan, as it happens, is one of Tantus’s smallest dual-density dildos, second only to the shorter Mark. It’s 7″ long in total, with 6 5/8″ insertable, and a circumference of 5″. It’s smack bang in the middle of that realistic territory, offering a size that’s more akin to the man down the street, rather than the man on your computer screen. It’s ideal for anyone looking for a comfortable everyday dildo that they’re not going to have to prepare to use, or someone curious to start experimenting with anal play before they move onto a real person.
The design of the Alan is probably best described as “subtly phallic.” It’s clearly a penis, but it’s not in your face about it with masses of exaggerated detailing and accentuated features. The shaft is perfectly straight throughout its length, and topped off with a low profile glans which barely adds anything extra to the girth. There are a few wrinkles in the skin, and hints of veins, but nothing major, making it a nice middle ground for anyone looking for a dildo which is distinctly anatomical, but without being hyper realistic.
The Alan is available in a choice of three skin tone mimicking colours: cream, cocoa, and mocha, allowing you the option to find a match for yourself, your partner, or even just your fantasy. I got mine in the cream variant for what’s probably the first time since I reviewed the Adam in 2013, and what’s interesting to note is that they’ve actually changed the hue of it quite significantly. It used to be a very pale, solid, ivory sort of colour, but now it’s a slightly translucent fleshy-pink tone. From a personal standpoint I much preferred the old colour, and am slightly off-put by the aesthetics of the translucent silicone, so it’s worth bearing that in mind when considering your choice. The cocoa and mocha colours are just as sumptuous as ever though, as I can confirm from the Gary and upcoming Sam review.

As always the Alan is made from Tantus’s own formula of premium platinum silicone, an odourless, non-porous, and 100% body-safe material. As it’s a dual density toy the dildo is constructed from a firm-yet-flexible silicone inner core, coated with a layer of a much softer silicone, all to create a more realistic feel. The inner core extends only about halfway into the head of the dildo, leaving it comprised largely of the softer silicone, and giving it a wonderful squishy feel similar to the spongy nature of the glans penis. Along the shaft the soft layer is much thinner, making it less noticeable when you squeeze it. The surface of the silicone is entirely matte throughout, making a departure from earlier Tantus designs which featured a glossy head in contrast to the matte shaft. 

Concealed beneath the base of the dildo is the opening to a short channel within the core of the shaft, which allows either a bullet vibrator or suction cup to be inserted, and because Tantus are wonderful they include both of these with the dildo. Personally I’m not one to pair vibrators with dildos, but the suction cups are invaluable. 
In terms of quality of construction the Alan is impeccable. You won’t find a mould line on it anywhere, nor any air bubbles or other defects in the material, and this is especially impressive considering how many things the dildo has going on, from bullet holes to dual layers of silicone. 
When it comes down to use the Alan is a lovely all round dildo which does just enough to keep you satisfied. I’m not going to say that it blew me away, because I already have my go-to toys for when I want something that’ll really hit my prostate hard, or provide a real sense of fullness, and the Alan isn’t designed to specifically target any of these things. What it is is almost a blank canvas of a dildo, waiting for you to impress upon it what you want from how you use it. The squishy tip makes it very comfortable to insert as it presses against the sphincter, with the soft material cushioning the force as it steadily passes through the muscle. It doesn’t “pop” as it enters the body, but as it glides deeper you can feel that subtle matte texture to the silicone, and mild stimulation from it adds a touch of interest to the experience. Inside the body it feels satisfying; it doesn’t especially stretch you or create a strong feeling of fullness, but you’re aware of its presence there and it doesn’t feel alien. The size of it, the flexibility of the material, and its ability to suck up body heat and radiate it back out, all contribute to a very natural and comfortable sensation of it being there. One thing which I do like about the slightly smaller dildos is that it’s easier to insert them deeper into the body, to the point that it’s possible to sit down with the Alan fully inside. This is aided by the squishiness of the tip, with again cushions the force of the dildo as it pushes against the top of the rectum. 
Thrusting with the dildo is a really lovely experience, and there are plenty of options of how to do it, whether by hand, riding it, or held to the wall with a suction cup. Personally the best way I found is by riding it with it stuck to the floor with the suction cup. This method gives you the maximum amount of control over the dildo, as well as freeing up both hands for other things. Once you get a good rhythm going there are three main sensations to be derived: the basic sensation of this delightful dildo moving its bulk in and out of you, the added sensation of the matte surface gently stimulating the sphincter with each pass, and finally prostate stimulation. I did say earlier that it’s not specifically a prostate toy, but when you’re squatting over it and riding the shaft you can angle your body so as to maximise pleasurable contact with the dildo. The ideal technique is go down so that the head hits the prostate directly before deflecting on its route deeper, and then on the way out again it bends and flexes as it pulls hard back against the gland. It’s actually very satisfying, especially once you get a good rhythm going. It may not be as intense as the best prostate toys are, but you can really ride it for a long time and keep getting a steady stream of pleasure, without feeling like you’ve overloaded yourself. It’s actually the sort of dildo which I wish had been around years ago, because the level of stimulation it delivers would have been ideal right when I was starting to experiment with toys.
All in all I have to say that this is another great little toy from Tantus, and an all round winner. As much as dildos tend to be a very personal thing, it’s one of those few that I think would be suited to the vast majority of people. It’s perfect for anyone who’s simply looking for a realistically-sized and feeling toy, as well as having the potential to make a great starting point on anyone’s dildo journey. I’d happy give my recommendation to it, especially for anybody considering picking up a first time dildo.
Thanks to Tantus for sending it over, and you can grab one directly from them.

It’s also available from the fine folks at SheVibe