Silicone Cum Stopper

It’s February already and I’m back with another review for my German friends over at This week I’m going to be looking at something a little bit different in the form of the Silicone Cum Stopper. It’s essentially a combination product designed to be worn on the penis: part glans ring and part urethral plug, offering you the full experience of both. As always head below for more.

The Silicone Cum Stopper is quite an intriguing little product, and as so often is the case that’s what originally drew me to it. I’ve dabbled with urethral play over the years, but I’ve never had anything before which was truly wearable in that respect. Indeed one of the drawbacks of typical urethral play is that it always seems to take up a hand; whether it be a full length sound or just a plug, you always need to hold them in place lest they pop out of their own accord, and that can restrict what else you’re able to do at the same time. The idea of a toy which takes care of that for you is something which definitely appeals to me.
The basic design of the toy really isn’t all that complex. You’ve got your basic 1 1/4″ wide O-ring designed to fit over the head of the penis, and out of the 12 o’clock position comes a horseshoe-shaped hook with an 8.5mm wide ball on the end, which is to be inserted into the urethra. The hook is rather sensibly angled slightly inwards, so it follows the natural contours of the head of the penis, allowing for a better fit.
As name suggests the Silicone Cum Stopper is unsurprisingly made of platinum silicone, and this is especially important when it comes to urethral play, as you want to be using a material that can be sterilised so as to minimise the chance of any infections. Like all silicone it’s not the most stretchy material, but it’s elastic enough that you can easily expand it to double its diameter when putting it on or taking it off. It comes available in a simple choice of red or black, and it has a nice smooth finish to it. It’s not a shiny high-gloss surface, but it’s such a subtle matte that there’s no discernible texture to it, unlike with the Oxballs sounds I reviewed a few years ago.
Using the Cum Stopper is a pretty straight forward affair as you might imagine. You simply stretch the silicone ring wide enough to pass the head of your penis through it, then release it so that it nestles closely behind the corona, and with the hook lined up with the frenulum on the underside of the glans. The final step is to apply a little sterile lube to the tip of the hook (I would recommend Meo’s own “Very Deep” for this purpose) and then slip it into your urethra. 
The glans ring feels quite snug around the shaft, but not uncomfortably so. Like any cock ring it acts to hold blood inside the penis, but in this case only the head rather than the full shaft, so you may notice some increased plumpness to the glans, or a deepening of the colour. The urethral plug section offers quite a subtle sensation, it’s not that thick, nor does it go that deep, and it lacks the cold hardness of a steel toy, so it feels rather unobtrusive. It just gently tickles the inside of the head as it makes small motions back and forth across the sensitive urethral lining. It’s similar to how I imagine it must feel to have the jewellery from a Prince Albert piercing inside you. The act of the glans ring being in place can be to inhibit the movement of the foreskin, causing it to remain retracted even during masturbation, which can lead to a modification of your technique for better or worse depending on how you choose to look at it. One downside though is that the external portion of silicone from the hook blocks access to the sensitive frenulum region, making it difficult to stimulate. I did find that a lot of the time the hook didn’t want to stay inside my penis, and it would spring straight out of my urethra, forcing me to reinsert it, or attempt to hold it in place with a finger during masturbation. Part of this is in no doubt due to the flexible nature of the silicone; were it a rigid toy then it would stay in place, but there’s also a good likelihood that its ability to stay in place is affected by the shape of the user’s penis. Unfortunately knowing whether or not it’s going to stay in place for you is something you can only find out by actually trying it. 
In terms of whether or not I found that wearing it enhanced my sexual experience, I’d say that the effects were probably negligible. When the hook stayed in my urethra it was nice, but it was also too subtle to make a real impact. The pressure from the glans ring and the extra blood trapped inside the head really didn’t cause me any extra sensitivity, and while adapting my masturbation technique was novel, the blocked access to the frenulum made it more difficult to deliver the sensations I wanted.
Overall it’s quite a fun little toy, and I feel inspired to try more products in a similar vein, but I don’t really see myself using this particular one all that much in the future. 
Thanks to for sending me the Silicone Cum Stopper, and you can buy it directly from them.