Adam by Godemiche

There’s a new UK-based manufacturer on the scene, and this week they’ve asked me to review their very first dildo, the Adam.

Godemiche – literally French for ‘dildo’ – is a small two-person operation based in Leicester, owned and run by Monika and her partner Adam – whose name does amusingly appear to have been lent to this product – with a focus on making affordable silicone toys.

I’m always keen to promote British business wherever I can, so let’s take a look at the Adam!

The Adam started off as Godemiche’s sole product when they made their splash into the world of sex toys in 2015. Originally available in just one size, it now has a slightly larger version, an incarnation which comes mounted on a wooden stick, and it can even me made to house a bullet vibrator or suction cup in the base. I’m going to be looking at where it all began, however, with the signature model of the Adam.
It measures in at 6 1/2″ in total length, with around 5 3/4″ which can be comfortably inserted, making it a fairly modest dildo, but it certainly doesn’t look that way. Around the middle of the shaft it measures 5 1/4″ circumference, increasing to  5 1/2″ around the widest part of the head, and it’s this generous girth which fills it out to an impressive overall size. In terms of proportion I think they’ve got the length to thickness ratio just right, and I can see it suiting a lot of people, especially those who are scared off by a lot of the larger dildos on the market and seeking something more natural. I would stress caution to complete beginners over the girth though, as it is a little beyond the average penis thickness.
The Adam is a quite beautiful dildo, and this is not a point that I make lightly, because the secret is that out there on the wider sex toy market there is an incredible assortment of really rather hideous penis-shaped dildos – thankfully none of which I own. I’m aware that I’m fussy (to put it mildly) but I challenge you to go to any sex toy retailer and not find some twisted facsimile of a penis which looks barely human, let alone desirable to put inside your body. This is a lot of what drew me to the Adam, the aesthetics, because a pretty penis makes me happy. It’s a dildo that looks like it was made by someone who understands the human body, and who actually took the time to lovingly carve it / sculpt it / mould it into the best product they could achieve. It starts of with this nice broad head which is suitably plump and proportionate to the size of the shaft, and which also features an impressively-deep urethral opening moulded into the tip. Just slightly below the head is a ridge representing a retracted foreskin, which sits there rather like an Elizabethan ruffled collar, and which follows all the way around the shaft and connects to the underside of the head with a delicate frenulum. The shaft itself is pretty straightforward: it’s almost perfectly straight, largely uniform in thickness, and has a pretty circular cross-section. There isn’t actually a lot of detail on the shaft, apart from one slightly raised vertical column which runs the length of where the urethra would pass, giving the dildo a nice bit of added realism. Finishing off the dildo is a nice chunky base which makes it anal-safe, harness compatible, and also serves as a handle during use. 
The Adam is available in a vast assortment of colours, starting with your basic flesh-tones, and then continuing with pretty much any colour you could pluck out of the spectrum. I was sent a yellow one, which I find pretty cool because you never seem to see yellow sex toys anywhere; it’s actually my first one. It’s this lovely vibrant lemony colour, but it’s ever so slightly translucent around the edges making it look almost wax-like. What I think is really cool though, and what originally drew me to the brand, is the colour combinations and custom effects they make. As everyone knows I love bright unusual looks for sex toys, such as the things you see in the Tantus Grab Bags, but Godemiche have really taken this to the next level. They have marble effects, colour fades, glow-in-the-dark, glittery silicone, and if you don’t see precisely the combination you’re after then you can made a custom request and they’ll fulfil it. They even go one step further with dildos for specific occasions such as Valentine’s Day and Halloween, which impressively contain designs embedded within the material. My personal favourite has to be this red and orange one which looks almost like fire, or a Tequila Sunrise. They’re turning dildos into art and that excites me. I feel as though I could take a dozen of them and decorate a mantelpiece.
All Godemiche products are handmade from 100% platinum silicone, which is fantastic as it’s a non-porous, odourless, body-safe material, that can be sterilised and shared with a partner. You can even toss it in the dishwasher to clean it. The silicone is available in two different firmnesses depending on the type of toy you choose. The more complex colour combinations are available only in “medium,” but the solid colours also come in “hard,” so whatever suits your preference. The finish on the dildo is smooth and quite glossy, but it’s not a really high shine, and you can compare the look and feel with the underside of the base which does have that really polished look to it.
In terms of usage the Adam really does deliver, and I can’t tell you how relieved I was to discover that, because it’s entirely possible to get all hyped up about the look of a toy and then find out that it’s a flop in practice. Not here however. The slightly-tapered tip to the Adam helps it to slip into the body with relatively little issue, though given its size you may be inclined to opt for a warm-up toy first if you lack experience. The smooth surface helps it to glide in comfortably, and all you’ll really feel along the way is a slight bump as you pass over the coronal ridge of the head and the foreskin section. It may not be the hugest dildo in the world, but it still gives off that sensation of being pleasantly filling, especially as you go deeper. The girth of the shaft is enough to give a nice little stretch to the sphincter, but you can also feel it filling you internally, and that contour to the head helps it to get further inside you in a way that a blunter dildo would not. I was sent the firmer version of the dildo, and while typically I tend to prefer my toys with a little more squish to them, I actually find the hardness here perfectly enjoyable. There’s no sense of it being too solid, and it still bends and flexes about pretty well, so at no time did it really enter my consciousness that I’d prefer something different. In fact I think the fact that it’s a little more robust makes the ridges feel more apparent.
My yellow Adam
When it comes to thrusting with the Adam it’s a great experience, and the shape of the dildo actually helps a lot with that. If you orientate the dildo so that the coronal ridge points forwards towards the prostate, then the narrowest portion of the head taper naturally follows the curve of the rectum back towards the spine, so it finds its own path free of resistance. You get a really smooth thrusting experience, with very little sensation of drag from the silicone against the sphincter, and you can feel the fullness from the bulbous head moving back and forth with each stroke. With regard to prostate stimulation it’s not something that you notice immediately, but once you start to get up a good rhythm with the thrusting you can really begin to feel the effect of those ridges against the prostate. I found that by doing really long thrusts and almost pulling the head of the dildo out of my body that it made the greatest impact. You get this great combination of the moving fullness, the ridges hitting the prostate, and then a slightly increased stretch on the sphincter as the wider head hits it. I really loved the experience and felt like I could allow myself to get carried away and spend half the night with it, as often is the case when something is working your prostate really well. You have a couple of options on how you can use it, either thrusting by hand or riding it, and personally I’d go with the riding option. The nice broad base keeps it stood upright, and in this position you can get a good regular rhythm going, as well as angling the direction of your thrusting to pull the dildo more into your prostate if you desire. It’s a really great dildo for prolonged use because it hits that Goldilocks spot in terms of size and shape. It’s big enough to make you feel pleasantly full, but it’s not so large that it’s a hassle to get in, or will leave you feeling sore, and it offers enough prostate stimulation in each stroke to feel delightfully satisfying, but without being overly intense and requiring you to regularly pause. I can really see it becoming one of my regular go-to dildos in future, when I just want to sit down and have a good time.
The quality of construction in the Adam is absolutely top notch, especially in areas where you might expect problems to arise, such as that deep meatus. I honestly couldn’t find a flaw on it anywhere: no seams, no bubbles, no moulding marks, no leftover lumps of silicone. What really impresses me is that this is a toy that’s made right here in the UK, and for a small family-run operation it’s a really professional-looking product. I absolutely love to support British manufacturing, and it’s one of those cases where from humble beginnings I hope that great things will come.  
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the price, but it’s not something I usually bring up. The Adam is £25, and quite frankly that is a steal. Silicone toys can set you back a pretty penny, especially the imported ones, but for £25 you’re getting a good-sized dildo, with a great design, and made from the best material you can put inside your body. I can honestly say that the Adam is worth the price, and great value for money. 
If you’re at all interested in packaging then the Adam comes in a branded resealable plastic pouch, similar to that used by BS in Nice for their Capsule Plug and other products. It’s simple and it does the job. My only slight point of concern is that the Adam was 20% cheaper before they switched to this particular packaging, so essentially you’re paying £5 for something you’re just going to chuck in the bin anyway, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.
So let’s get to the crux of the matter; would I recommend the Adam? In a word, yes. It’s affordable, it’s body-safe, it looks fantastic, and it feels great too. It’s the whole package, and it’s made right here in the UK, so you can feel good about boosting the local economy a little. 
Thanks to Godemiche for sending me an Adam to review. You can grab one right now from UberKinky, ThatPosition, and SheVibe