Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

Happy New Year everyone! To kick off 2016 I’m starting with an all-new Fleshlight review, courtesy of my friends over at Fleshjack. Towards the end of last year Fleshlight unveiled a brand new product called the “Quickshot“, immediately catching everyone’s attention with its two different designs, and they were kind enough to send over the vantage model for me to review. I was lucky enough to have mine arrive just before Christmas, which goes to show that it’s not only Santa who knows exactly what every boy wants to play with on those long Winter nights.

Catch the review below!

The Quickshot marks the most significant change to Fleshlight’s masturbator design since the company’s inception back in the 90s. It eschews the traditional large bulky case for something much more compact, and akin to some of the other “pocket pussys” you see on the market. The first time I saw it though, I couldn’t help but think back to a viral video from last year where a lady by the name of “Auntie Angel” taught the world how to turn a grapefruit into a sex toy, and gave everyone watching it a good laugh in the process. I like to think of the Quickshot as the professional evolution of that concept.
The Quickshot is available in two different versions: the Vantage and the Boost. The difference between them is largely cosmetic, with the Boost having a black case and a metallic-grey insert, while the Vantage has a clear case and a clear insert allowing you a clearer view of the action, but there’s also a slight difference to the internal texture. One of the things that might come to mind if you have any prior experience with Fleshlights / Fleshjacks is how the clear inserts tend to be more tacky to the touch compared to other colours. In this case I can say that it’s a moot point when comparing the Vantage to the Boost, as the grey insert is equal in its stickiness, so it needn’t be a factor in your purchasing decision

The basic design of the Quickshot looks a bit like a barrel, and with its caps on it measures 4 3/8″ tall by 2 3/4″ wide, making it the sort of size you can conveniently store in the top drawer of your bedside table. With an end cap removed it does look a lot like a traditional Fleshlight, only sans the anatomical orifice, so if you prefer the more discreet Flight approach then it’ll appeal to you. The Quickshot does in fact have two end caps, both of which are intended to be removed during use, and the orifices are identical on each side, though this does seem a little bit like a missed opportunity to incorporate some variety. In the absence of the caps the body of the toy is reduced to essentially a band of black plastic, with the Superskin insert held inside rather like an elongated doughnut. The openings in the insert are around 3/4″ of an inch in diameter, promising to be nice and snug, and this size continues through the internal canal of the toy, with the exception of the textured areas. The texture is formed by columns of semi-circular nubs, separated from each other by shallow channels, which gently spiral down the length of the canal. There are five columns in total, each comprised of five individual and evenly-spaced nubs, for a total of 25 overall. It’s quite a unique texture compared to the others that I’m familiar with, seemingly crafted especially for the Quickshot.

Using the Quickshot is very straightforward and requires no special preparation other than a bit of waterbased lube. It’s worth applying a squirt of lube to the exterior of the orifice, as well as internally, as this’ll aid with initial insertion. The Superskin is a wonderfully soft and stretchy material, and you can feel it expand as you enter the toy, but it still feels pleasantly snug. The thing that restricts just how much the insert can adjust to accommodate you is the diameter of the plastic band, as this is where the toy feels tightest. What was interesting to me was that on the whole the Vantage felt less tight than the Boost, and in my case that was a bonus. Thrusting felt much more fluid and not as though I was having to fight against something, so I’d say the Vantage is far more suited to anyone packing a little more girth.

There are a number of techniques you can employ to make the most of the toy’s design: you can focus entirely on the head of the penis, leaving it in the toy at all times, you can employ long strokes so that the penis goes in one side and pops out the other, or you can use the toy mainly around the shaft, occasionally teasing the head. It’s also very well suited as a couples toy if you wish to incorporate it with a blowjob. The texture of the Vantage is highly enjoyable during thrusting, and with every stroke I could feel the semi-circular nubs flicking up and down across the head of my penis, and especially along the all important frenulum. It even created a rather nice massaging action when used solely against the shaft. Again it’s a significant difference to the Boost which really didn’t impress me all that much. To be realistic it’s still not up at that incredible level that you can expect from the long and varied textures inside something such as the Flight, but it’s still very very enjoyable, and those stimulating little flicks from the nubs will have you regularly coming back for more. The other factor of course, and a unique point for the Quickshot, is that sensation of the head emerging out of the end of the tight orifice, and then being pulled back through it in reverse. It really does encourage you to make long strokes to get that whole combination of sensations in sequence as that really magnifies the pleasure.

In terms of prolonged use the Quickshot does have some drawbacks over the traditional Fleshlight, namely with regard to lube. Because the Quickshot isn’t a closed environment, a significant area of your lube-covered penis will be exposed to the air at any time, where the moisture will rapidly evaporate. For this reason it really is important to experiment with the lubes you own to find which lasts the longest under these conditions. Naturally the longer you use the Quickshot the more times you’re liable to find the need to reapply lube, as it will get a bit stubborn when things aren’t slick enough. The other thing to consider is that when you climax with the Quickshot you’ll want a tissue handy, as it doesn’t catch anything in the way that a regular Fleshlight would, but that does bring me onto my next point.

One of my favourite things about the Quickshot is that it’s so easy to clean, and that’s not something you’ll hear anyone say about Fleshlight’s other masturbators. It’s as simple as popping the SuperSkin insert out of the plastic case, submerging it in a basin of warm water, and agitating it a little to remove any lube etc. After that it’s just a matter of leaving the insert somewhere to dry before you reassemble it, and it dries ever so quickly thanks to the open-ended design and relatively short body. It has to be the most hassle-free product that Fleshlight have come up with, and that’s a major selling point for it. You’re able to use it as frequently as you like because there’s no need to worry about the clean up afterwards. As much as I love my other Fleshjacks, there’s always a debate that goes on before getting one out “do I want a really good orgasm enough to go through the washing, cornstarching, and days of mould-preventing ventilation afterwards?” On the subject of cornstarch, it’s entirely optional with the Quickshot. As I mentioned earlier the material is sticky, but it still pops back into the case easily enough that it’s not a big deal. Personally I don’t bother.

In terms of quality I do have one minor point to raise, and that would be that the internal texture of my Vantage is slightly deformed in places. Two and a half of the semi circular nubs are missing off the bottom of one of the columns, and one and a half off the top of another, leaving those areas almost completely smooth. The reason I classify this as minor is because I wasn’t even aware of it during use, I only noticed it whilst washing it prior to writing the review, so it clearly had no impact on how it felt. The other reason would be that it’s actually the first time I’ve encountered anything like this in all the many Fleshjack products I’ve reviewed, so they have a very good track record in my book.

Overall the Quickshot Vantage is a great little toy, and I love the fact that they’ve incorporated all the Fleshlight technology into something so convenient and much more accessibly-priced. Somewhat amusingly my two main criticisms of the Boost were the tightness and the texture, both of which have been fixed with the Vantage, so it’s simply a matter of picking the right model, and I’m grateful that I was able to try both. If you’re looking to upgrade your masturbation session to something beyond just your faithful hand, then the Quickshot Vantage is a great way to do that without a lot of hassle and without breaking the bank. It’s really pleasurable and well designed, so I’d definitely recommend it.
Thanks to Fleshjack for providing me with the Quickshot Vantage. You can grab one now from their website, and they’ll ship it directly to you direct from their Locations in the U.S, the E.U., and Australia.