Tantus Gary O2

Onto dildo number two and this time we’re looking at Gary. I don’t know why but I just find that name funny. Gary. It’s a bit like in Family Guy when Mayor West remarks how silly it is that one of his cats is named ‘Paul.’ The name Gary seems to draw different associations for different people, but for me it always conjures up thoughts of Knots Landing, and Joan Van Ark yelling at her character’s husband – the other Ewing brother.
Putting all that aside, the Gary O2 is another one of Tantus’s new dual-density dildos, much like the Uncut #1 & #2. In fact I like to consider it an honorary member of the Uncut team just from looking at the design, as it has more wrinkled skin behind the head than I’ve seen on any other dildo. Perhaps it’s the Uncut #2’s secret alter-ego, we’ll never know.
Onward for the review.

The Gary is quite a modest and unassuming dildo at first glance. It’s not too big, not too small, mostly straight, no prominent bumps, ridges, or flared out sections, yet experience has taught me that often these are the toys that hold some hidden secret, so I was keen to try it out.
It’s another addition to Tantus’s line of dual-density O2 dildos, but it doesn’t look like any in the phallic range that came before it. The Max, the Luke, the Mark, the Adam, the Mikey, they all had a similar style that connected them, and the Gary departs from that, suggesting a new sculptor or a new direction. The dildo comes available in a choice of three colours: a warm beige “Cream”, a tanned bronze “Cocoa”, and for the first time a roasted coffee bean “Mocha” instead of the solid black. It occurred to me that all of my flesh-tone dildos to date happened to be of the paler hue, so I opted for the Mocha for the sake of variety and it’s really rather nice looking.
The Gary measures 8 1/4″ in total, which suddenly doesn’t seem quite so big after spending time with the Uncut #1, and of that around 7 1/2″ are insertable. The girth varies from 4 3/4″ near to the base, up to 5 1/8″ around the head, so again it’s following the longer and thinner theme we saw with the Uncut #1.
The dual density design of the dildo gives it a nice realistic feel, and it’s pretty hard to stop yourself from squeezing it all the time. The firm core extends to just below the head of the dildo, leaving the entire tip soft and squishy. Despite being a similar thickness to the Uncut #1 the Gary feels a little more rigid and stiffer when you try to bend the shaft. The finish to the silicone is entirely matte, and unusually this also includes the head which typically Tantus leave shiny. The surface of the shaft is richly detailed with veins and wrinkles in the skin, especially directly below the head, and in some respects this increases the realism of the toy, while in others it detracts, notably on the underside of the dildo where the detailing looks less like a frenulum and more like the pruney finger of someone’s who’s spent too long in the bath, but in all it gives the dildo character. 
When it comes to using the Gary it’s every bit as much the joy that the Uncut #1 is to use, but it is a different experience. To start with the Gary is far easier to insert; the tip is still quite blunt and rounded, but it’s smaller and less bulbous, and when coupled with the straighter stiffer shaft it slips in with no fuss and no warm up. The squishy tip ensures the maximum comfort when it’s pushed up against the sphincter, and provided you don’t rush there should be no discomfort, even for someone with minimal experience. Inside the body the dildo feels pleasant, it’s nice to have it there and it feels natural and not out of place, but it does lack that added sense of greater fullness that comes with the Uncut #1.
Once you start thrusting that’s when the Gary unleashes its full potential, because it really is a little powerhouse, and interestingly enough the secret is down to the texture. Once the thrusting gets going not only do you feel the size of it moving in and out of the body, and the shaft bending and flexing around, but each time the shaft rubs against the prostate and applies pressure, those grooves and wrinkles are enough that they apply a massaging action to the gland. It’s surprising that something seemingly so subtle would have any impact, but compared to a dildo of similar size and shape that’s completely smooth, the Gary feels wonderful whereas the other one just feels bland. Admittedly it’s a less intense sensation on the whole than the bulbous tip of the Uncut #1 muscling up against the prostate, but sometimes you want less intense. It’s still a lovely stimulating sensation, and one which I find can be enjoyed for a more prolonged time. It also doesn’t seem to matter which way around you orientate the Gary, or even which position you use it in, as it performs well all around, even holding it up against a wall. I still tend to favour squatting over a dildo, and one perk I found is that the Gary is very good at staying in place, so you can ride it completely handsfree without the need of any other equipment, or the fear of it falling over or shooting off. 
On the whole I have to say that this is another little winner from Tantus and I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it. It’s a really nice mid-sized dildo that does a great job on the prostate. It’s squishy, it’s comfy, and most importantly it’s pleasurable. I would happily recommend this as a quality toy that’s guaranteed to deliver.
Thanks to Tantus for sending me this fantastic product, and it’s available to purchase directly from them.

It’s also available from the fine folks at SheVibe, and now from CloneZone in the UK!